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June 9, 2017

David Beckhams Deal Jeopardizes Public Safety Because of Miami-Dade Countys Greed

Dear Honorable City of Miami Commissioners:

On behalf of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, I want to thank Commissioner Francis Suarez in
passing a resolution with the support of all of you in regards to Miami Police/Fire on David Beckhams
Stadium deal. As you are all aware, Commissioner Jose Pepe Diaz feels that since Miami-Dade is
selling a piece of land, he mandated a restriction that only Miami-Dade Police can provide services inside
the private stadium. We understand that Commissioner Diaz is looking out for Miami-Dade. A
spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Mayor Gimenez states that he supports the restriction. Alvaro Zabaleta,
a Miami-Dade detective and agency spokesman, said that Were like family.

The fact of the matter is we are family when it comes to any police officer that needs assistance.
However, when it comes to Special Events, Miami Police Officers and Miami Firefighters are treated as
redheaded step children of the family.

There is absolutely no reason why Miami-Dade should be dictating any affairs especially in a private
venue within the City of Miami. Furthermore, Id like to point out just a few facts that will show that this
is all about money and puts public safety in harms way:

Miami-Dade County is arguing that they have the right to place this restriction because they sold a
piece of land. If this is the case, why is Miami-Dade Police handling the entire interior of the
Marlins Stadium which is 100% City of Miami land from the Orange Bowl? Its quite simple:

Miami-Dade cherry picks the areas they want to service in the City of Miami. The Miami Fire
Department responds to the Richard Gerstein Criminal Courthouse, the Domestic Violence
Courthouse, the Dade County Courthouse as well as Jackson Memorial Hospital which are all
county facilities. Since there are no overtime/extra-duty revenue to be made, Miami-Dade isnt
For years, Miami-Dade Police doesnt answer calls for service within the Miami-Dade Liberty
Square Housing Community leaving the burden entirely on the City of Miami Police Department.
This also includes all other Miami-Dade Section 8 housing areas within the City of Miami.

Mayor Gimenez has been quite vocal in the past of having the City of Miami Gardens Police
Department taking over the Hard Rock Stadium for all extra duty assignments. For some reason,
he is taking a different position with this stadium in the hopes of securing this soccer venture.

Miami-Dade Police does not have the resources readily available if there is a critical incident at a
stadium such as the Miami Marlins Stadium. The closest resources are the Port of Miami or Miami
International Airport which are very important infrastructures that should never have their first
responder resources depleted. On February 6, 2016, the City of Miami Police Department
performed a joint exercise with the Miami-Dade Police Department called Operation Heat Shield.
The purpose of the exercise was to run a mock terrorist attack at the Marlins Stadium. Due to
security reasons, I will not get into specifics of the weaknesses of the incident. The bottom line is
it was a disaster. If any public official says otherwise, Ill look them straight in the eye and tell
them theyre wrong. The City of Miami Police/Fire Department has all the necessary resources
within our jurisdiction. Having Miami-Dade there only muddies the water when an agency must
take command of a critical incident. Miami-Dade Police is an excellent law enforcement agency.
They have enough on their plate protecting the Port of Miami, Miami International Airport and the
rest of the county. Miami-Dade Commissioners have no clue on how a critical incident is handled
and how their careless actions endanger the City of Miami.

Thank you for taking a stand against Miami-Dade. If they are so concerned about public safety, please
have them handle all of their county buildings as well as affordable housing projects to take the strain off
the Miami Police Department.


Javier Ortiz
Javier Ortiz, President
Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20

A Proud Tradition in Law Enforcement