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Few companies do as much to apply the societal marketing

concept and to build relationships with customers as Ben &
Jerry’s, now a subsidiary of Unilever. One of the early
members of the societal marketing movement, today the
premium ice cream maker continues its commitment to a wide
range of ecological and social causes. The company directs
more than 7 percent of its profits to causes that benefit
communities all over the world. Although such policies benefit
society, do they also build relationships with customers and
ultimately benefit Unilever stockholders.


1. Visit the Ben & Jerry’s Web site at www.benjerry.com. What impresses you
most about the site? What marketing efforts are evident?
2. What are the company’s social and ecological mission statements? Whatsocial
and ecological causes does the company support?
3. What values does the company communicate? Do these values appear tohelp
or hinder its marketing efforts?
4. How does this company seem to balance profits, consumer wants,and
society’s interests?
5. Give an example of how Ben & Jerry’s uses the relationship building
blocks(customer value and satisfaction) to keep and attract customers.
6. How does the company build relationships or “connections” with customers?
Which of the three connecting technologies described in Figure 1.6 are
compatiblewith these strategies?

Most ads include a picture of the product being promoted, but not the Energizer

1. What demographic segment does this ad appear to be

targeting?How do you know?
2. What attitudes are reflected in this ad?
3. How would other segments be likely to respond to it?
4. If you were Energizer, what magazines would you choose
to run these ads?

Explain your choices.

Assignment-1 Solution
Q1.Visit the Ben & Jerry’s Web site at www.benjerry.com. What impresses you
most about the site? What marketing efforts are evident?

The greenery and cows give the impression that the ice cream is made of pure
natural milk. It is fresh, hygienic, and delicious. Benjerry try to focus on the
quality of their products, which most of the customers demand from these type
of products. And also the website reflects that benjerry cares for their customers
and the peoples by participating in social activities. They shows their social
mission, not the company mission which again confirms their loyalty for their
customers. The focuses on the children’s and families who are the most profitable
customers for them.

Q2. What are the company’s social and ecological mission

statements? What social and ecological causes does the
company support?

The company’s social mission is

“ To operate the company’s in a way that actively recognizes the central role that
business plays in society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of
life locally, nationally and internationally”.

Product mission is

“To make, distribute and sell the finest quality all natural ice cream and euphoric
concoctions with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome, natural
ingredients and promoting business practices that respect the earth and

Economic Mission is

“To operate the company on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth,

increasing value, for our stakeholders and expanding opportunities for
development and career growth for our employees”.

The above three mission statement shows that the company is much more
committed for the improvement of the quality of peoples irrespective of race,
religion, area etc. They are contributing by protecting environment, and making
innovative ways to improve all the three parts and holding a deep respect for the
individuals inside or outside the company and the communities lies in the world.
Hence thy also want to capture, and participate internationally. Their focuses on
sustainable agriculture on the farms.

They protect environment by putting efforts to minimize the bad effects of the
waste which creates through manufacturing. They reduce or eliminate the use of
toxic substances in their products that are biologically non degradable, or slow
degradable, therefore protect our earth. The support for the rural communities.
They are against the use of government resources for making weapons. They are
in favor of using these resources for the use in human beings.