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Serving the Southern Tier


This is Minnie a 3-year-old
long-haired Dachshund who joined our welcoming team
Dates to Remember at Grandmas Pretties in
4 Pentecost Whitney Point 2 months ago.
6 D Day, Normandy (1944) She is a rescue. She loves her
8 World Oceans Day new loving home and her
14 Flag Day new brother Benny, who is
18 Fathers Day a Yorkie and also a rescue.
21 First day of Summer
24 St. John the Baptist Day (Quebec)
25 Eid al-Fitr begins at sundown TCRM SEEKS USED BIKES
Norm Westervelt, aka Mr. Bike Man,
is at his trade once again. Norm will
DID YOU KNOW refurbish used bicycles and Tioga
Three women are murdered every day in America by County Rural Ministry will then
an intimate partner. happily pass them on to children and
Five times more women are victims of domestic adults who need them. Call Norm at
violence than are men. 687-2616 and he will pick up and
Five percent of victims of murder are women. transform your former treasures.
In the U.S, 100 women per hour 24/7 are beat on by an
intimate partner.
cuts, perms, color,
highlights, manicures,


56 North Ave Owego, NY
Dr. George C. Trachtenberg, DPM, Vestal, NY Were hiring!
(40 years) 687-5505 Cosmetologists
Nail Technicians
Loris Hairstyling, Maine, NY (34 years) Where its all about you!
Finishline Automotive, Candor, NY (16 years) Open Monday Saturday Stop in to see Jenn
Dessert First Bake Shop, Waverly, NY Call For Appointments
(14 years) Walk-Ins when available
VISA / MasterCard Gift Certificates
Ice Cream Works, Owego, NY (4 years)
Aunt Beas Furniture & Primitives, Owego, NY (3 years)
Creekside Diner, Newark Valley, NY (2 years)

Kalis Klub House at Fargnoli Farms
4041 Pennsylvania Ave, Apalachin, NY
Petey & Butternuts Doggy Day Care
52 State Route 96, Owego, NY

Congratulations to all
Class of 2017 graduates!

June 2017 The Moonlighter 2

By Hazel Goodrich

Living in the middle of a sea of unpacked Let us show you the difference
boxes and unanswered mail is not a new a caring neighbor can make.
experience for us but it is different every time.
This time it seemed a little harder. I am beginning to
struggle with IMSLyou know instant, short term, memory The Cooley Family
loss! A little more of room to room, but not permanent. My
favorite or most used term is, Now where did I put that? MacPherson Funeral Home Sutfin Funeral Chapel
www.macphersonfuneralhome.com www.sutfinfuneralchapel.com
followed by I must have a new safe place!
Im sure youve been there at one time or another and as soon
as I find my mind, it will just be a fading memory (maybe). We
are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel; licenses,
address changes, that kind of stuff is done and thats the
hardest and most time consuming. A bit of advice: if you are
planning a move, big or small, make a list of address changes FRIENDSHIP STAR QUILT SHOP
and do that first. First before you pack, and first before you get 131 Center St., Sayre, PA
involved with settling in. 570-886-2296
One of the worst choices I made was to re-pack some things Friendshipstarquiltshop.com
at the last minute and not add them to the label already on the
For your sewing needs
box. Do not over-estimate your space! Boxes can be made to
look like furniture by throwing pretty covers over them, but Over 2500 bolts of fabric in stock
then you cant see the label. Seasonal stuff needs to be in the
We are now a Necchi Sewing
bottom box, not the top one, trust me!
Machine Dealer.
On the plus side, being among old friends and loving family, Stop in and check out our
the grass smells sweet after its cut and the spring flowers are new sewing machines!
so lovely. That makes the confused state of things more fun
than work. Looking forward to tomatoes from the garden and
Certified Necchi Repair
familiar faces in the grocery store!
Mon-Wed 10-5
A special thank you to the father of my children. This could Thurs & Fri 10-6
have been the disaster of my lifetime but he stayed in control,
Sat 10-4
moved the boxes and kept me calm in the midst of all my self-
inflicted trauma. Dont take your husbands/fathers for granted.
Sometimes they are the glue, sometimes they are the frosting
but they are always important!
Happy Fathers Day, stay well and God bless.

Black Confidence, Strength, Elegance, Mystery Hair Salon
Blue Peace, Calmness, Faith, Power at
Red Love, Energy, Passion, Anger
Green Soothing, Natural, Balance, Restful, Envy
The Styling Corner
Yellow Cheer, Warmth, Energy, Optimism 127 Spencer Ave.
Orange Health, Attraction, Wealth, Happiness 607-321-1759
Owego, NY
Pink Tenderness, Caring, Emotional, Love 607-687-5525
Purple Power, Mysterious, Arrogant, Creative

June 2017 The Moonlighter 9

done. Within a few weeks, Jack
rescued another swimmer, this time
with witnesses in attendance. And
then another. And another. And so
on. Over the course of the next
decade, Jack was reported to have
saved at least 27 people from,
presumably, the most dangerous
river and docks in Wales.

For his efforts over the course of his

lifetime, Jack was given a silver
Kitty Quote Swansea Jack was a black retriever who collar by Swansea council, the
Kittens are wide-eyed, soft, and sweet, lived with his owner William Thomas near Bravest Dog of the Year Award, a
with needles in their jaws and feet. the River Tawe in Swansea, Wales, silver cup from the Mayor of
~ Pam Brown during the 1930s. One day, Jack saw a London, and his very own statue.
small boy drowning in the river and ran in, Thats more accolades than your
pulling the boy to shore by the scruff of his average Batman. And hes still
neck. There was no one around to see it, recognized todayhe was probably
and had circumstances been different, the the inspiration for the nickname of
boy would probably have spent the rest of Premier League football team
his life telling the story to people who Swansea FC, The Swansea
would never believe him. But Jack wasnt Jacks.


Just over a year ago, winter storm Goliath ripped through the southwestern U.S.
and claimed the lives of tens of thousands of dairy cattle, calves, and other farm
animals in western Texas and eastern New Mexico. With 18 of snow on the
ground, drifts as high as 14, and wind pushing animals into fenced corners where
they were literally buried alive in drifts, an estimated 40,000 cows and calves
Animals who live on dry lots year round without adequate shelter were subjected
to 80 mph wind gusts and were buried under snow for days, most suffocating,
many freezing to death, and still others suffering from frostbite only to die in
WARD & VAN SCOY, INC. subsequent days and weeks.
Owego, NY Berkshire, NY Instead of providing the shelter needed to protect vulnerable farm animals,
1-800-676-2712 producers merely chalked up the number of those who perished and then were
rewarded with a government check. Each year, millions of cattle, sheep, pigs,
horses, and other farm animals in the U.S. are provided little or no shelter from
THE FEED SPECIALISTS severe weather. Receiving checks for neglect does nothing to give producers
incentive to protect their animals from harsh, lethal weather. Compensation should
FEED FARM SUPPLIES only be given to those who have put protections in place to shelter the animals in
Documents uncovered under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that in
SERVING FAMILY FARMS AND the last three years, the USDA issued payments of well over $134 million to
BACKYARD HOBBYISTS farmers and ranchers for animal deaths due to severe weather. If not for this
compensation, livestock producers would be compelled to provide the necessary
SINCE 1925
care for their animals. Instead, massive numbers of neglected farm animals are
dying painfully and needlessly while taxpayers are footing the bill.
June 2017 The Moonlighter 10
By Diana Oliver and Sallay Fionti
Indigenous People of the land
The Perils of Spring who never became citizens
It is a beautiful, June day and there are errands
to be run. Just a quick trip to the hardware store and another stop for IROQUOIS DIPLOMACY
feed. As usual, Duke, the family dog, is right by the door, waiting to go Both the French and the English
along. It's 72 degrees out, perfect for a ride with Dad. No need to open believed that the Iroquois held the
the windows or turn on the a/c, at 72 degrees. Dad was only in the balance of power on the continent. Their allegiance
hardware store 10 minutes. He noticed that it was 94 in the car when could determine the fate of empires in North America.
he returned from the hardware store, but the drive to the feed store As the French governor at Quebec wrote The five
cooled the car down again. Outside, it was now 84 degrees, and when Iroquois villages are more to be feared than the
he got back to the car from the feed store, in only 10 minutes, it was a English colonies; experience has convinced me that
death sentence for Duke at 120 degrees inside the car. If Dad had left war with them is bad for this colony.
the a/c running, or if he had been driving the motor home with a
generator, it is possible that Duke would have been fine. But cars stall, After 1713 the English claimed sovereignty over the
and generators fail, leading to disaster. Iroquois, but it was a paper sovereignty
unacknowledged in practice by the Iroquois and
What do you do if you find a dog or cat locked in a hot vehicle? State unenforceable by the English, who continued to seek
laws vary widely, but speed is most important, so quickly write down a Iroquois support through negotiations and gifts.
description of the vehicle: make, model, color, license plate number,
and the location, and call 911. The temptation to break a window may The Iroquois protected and enriched New York, but by
be great, or may even be the only alternative if you are going to save the 1740s the pressure on their lands and the
the pets life; but keep in mind, the pet may be injured by flying glass, parsimony of the New York legislature in providing gifts
and in many states you may be facing charges. Remember, a dog can to the Iroquois had begun to sour the relationship. The
die in a hot car in only 15 minutes. French never gave up their efforts to win over the
Iroquois. They drew Iroquois converts off to their
****************************** Canadian mission towns, and they influenced chiefs on
By now many have already seen fleas and ticks on their pets. Quick the council, creating a strong French faction in the
action to get rid of these external parasites is needed to prevent politics of the League.
discomfort, illness, and even death to your pet. Both fleas and ticks eat
blood so to young, sick or elderly pets, hungry bugs can cause extreme The League of the Iroquois was a league of tribes
blood loss (anemia). Biting fleas may activate allergies which can lead whose original ambition was to halt blood revenge
to skin infections and ear infections and also give your pet tapeworm. among themselves. It existed for peace rather than
The Black Legged Tick (Deer Tick) often carries Lyme Disease and war. The mechanism for the League was fairly simple.
serious co-infections, which have become an epidemic for our pets (not In most respects Iroquois towns and villages were
cats) and people in the Northeast. autonomous. Senior women nominated the men who
represented the clans at the village and tribal councils.
Treatment for these parasites is necessary for the good health of your
They also nominated the 49 council chiefs who met at
pet and may be collars, topical liquids, powders, dips or baths for the
Onondaga to conduct the affairs of the League as a
pet and bombs or powders to treat the home. We recommend that you
whole. Both women and younger warriors had
talk to your veterinarian to determine the best course of action as there
considerable influence on the conduct of Iroquois
are advantages and disadvantages to each treatment method. Another
business, but the major political actors remained older
option is to purchase an over-the-counter medication, but be sure to
males. The council considered, but did not necessarily
follow label instructions as incorrect application of these products, or
follow, the opinion of the women. Ultimately men
use of a dog product on a cat, can cause serious illness or death for the
dominated politics. The neutrality of the League was
animal being treated. Treating fleas and ticks quickly will keep your pet
not perfect, but as long as the League itself stayed
comfortable and healthy so you both enjoy summer.
neutral, much of its bargaining power remained.
Diana and Sallay
Note: To ask questions of Diana and Sallay, please send your The more you give, the more you get.
questions to moonlighterpress@gmail.com The more you do unselfishly,
(put pet questions in the subject line). the more you live abundantly.

June 2017 The Moonlighter 11

The bells were very loud. The bell tomes were
done to the eight notes of the musical
scaledo, re, mi, etc. Quite neat, but noisy!
Once the ringing ended, we began our descent.
It was slow as the stairways are narrow and
We finally made it outside. The 70 temperature
warmed us quickly. Another look and several
pictures were taken. We were still amazed that
we had been to the top and back.
Visiting the Leaning Tower of Piza was an
exciting and memorable visit. Our visits to many
other cities in Europe were equally memorable,
but those visits are another story.
Driving up and down the Swiss and Italian Alps
was challenging, and it is not remembered as
being fun. Our Beetle did a lot of coughing and
Three Amigos sputtering that day.
Compiled and submitted by Roger and Esther Guimond
In memory of Sharon E. Lounsbury P.S. Be advised that we had no hotel
reservations anywhere. All our stays were done
(This is the second travelogue that describes a 1968 vacation in Europe by winging it. It was that attitude that made our
enjoyed by Roger, Esther and Esthers cousin, Sharon. The first, A Visit to European vacation a lot of fun!
Rome, was in the May issue.)
The Three Amigos
One of our many stops (besides eating and potty breaks) was Piza, which Roger, Esther and Sharon
was a most interesting place to visit. It was around 10am when we arrived at
Piza. The Leaning Tower of Piza was an awesome sight. As we were
standing there and looking at the tower Im sure the thought in our minds
one of The Worlds Most Famous
waswhat keeps it from falling down? It was amazing!
Sharon and I decided that we were going to the top. Esther, who is
squeamish with heights, elected to stay on the ground and be satisfied with
an insects view of the tower. Being brave as we were, Sharon and I went to
the entranceway of the tower where we were promptly and courteously
greeted by a local who wanted so many lira (cant remember the amount) of
which we paid. It was 70 outside, but once inside the tower it was about 50
and very damp. We began our ascent on a circular stairway. It was very
steep and it seemed like forever before we got to the top. We did make it to
the top. The view was spectacular! You could see for miles around. We went CIMETIRE DU PRE-LACHAISE
to one of the many windows and we waved to Esther not sure if she saw Paris, France
Perhaps the most star-studded cemetery of
There were eight large them all, Pre Lachaise is a shady green
bells around the top of expanse with paths winding through
the tower. We were not mausoleums and graves where you can pay
aware that at chosen your respects to artists that changed the world.
times these bells would
Notable Ghosts: Jim Morrison, Honor de
be ringing. Sharon and
Balzac, Marcel Proust, Gertrude Stein, Alice B.
I (along with other
Toklas, Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt, Maria
tourists) got caught in
Callas, Frdric Chopin, Camille Pissaro,
one of the chosen
ringing moments. Georges Seurat, Amedeo Modigliani, Eugne
Delacroix, Molire, Edith Piaf
June 2017 The Moonlighter 12
. . . For cars, Service, insurance, tires, trailers & hitches, bodywork


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Auto Home Business Commercial Life

Celebrating 16 years in business!

(continued) The Tenth Amendment

Thirty-three amendments to the United States Constitution have Reinforces the principle of federalism by stating that the federal
been proposed by the U.S. Congress and sent to the government possesses only those powers delegated to it by the
states for ratification since the Constitution was put into states or the people through the Constitution.
operation on March 4, 1789. The Eleventh Amendment
Article Five of the United States Constitution detailed the two- Makes states immune from suits from out-of-state citizens and
step process for amending the nation's frame of government. foreigners not living within the state borders; lays the foundation
Amendments must be properly Proposed and Ratified before for sovereign immunity.
becoming operative. This process was designed to strike a
The Twelfth Amendment
balance between the excesses of constant change and
Revises presidential election procedures.
(We will cover one or more of the ratified amendments in each The Thirteenth Amendment
issue.) Abolishes slavery and involuntary servitude, except as
punishment for a crime.
The Eighth Amendment
Prohibits excessive fines and excessive bail, as well as cruel The Fourteenth Amendment
and unusual punishment. Defines citizenship, contains the Privileges or Immunities
Clause, the Due Process Clause, the Equal Protection Clause,
The Ninth Amendment and deals with postCivil War issues.
Protects rights not enumerated in the Constitution.
~ more next month
June 2017 The Moonlighter 19
1 Interiorscaping
Nursery &
Garden Center
Before you Reflections
Event Venue
Is it kind? 2217 State Rte. 17C
Is it true? Owego, NY 13827 (607) 687-5522
www.tiogagardens.com Follow us on facebook
Is it

~ Dave,
father of

Curious Origin - RED LETTER DAYS

In the Middle Ages saints days were marked in red in
calendars. People did not work on some saints days or
holy days. Our word holiday is derived from holy day.

The average number of
people airborne over the U.S.
Propane Fuel Oil Kerosene Diesel in any given hour: 61,000.
Call for Competitive Prices
Vestal Delivery Conklin
748-3989 available 217-7472
diesel (on/off road)
Water Conditioning
WOOD PELLETS AND COAL by the bag or the ton and Purification
Sales & Service
Bar-B-Q tank Chemical-Free
We carry a
refills FULL LINE
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Sulphur & Iron Removal
MENT We still work on general ionics
Motor Homes
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Customer Service Centers
116 Vestal Road, Vestal, NY 748-3989 Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-2 607-589-4333 607-589-4322
992 Conklin Ave, Conklin, NY 217-7472 Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 9-4

June 2017 The Moonlighter 20

Dont measure success
or failure by what
youre doing.
or failure
by what
you are
or who
you are.

He smiled, gave me a pat on the shoulder, and said goodbye

to the nun and my classmates.
SCHOOL Then she turned on me. Well, he was very gracious about it,
By Junkyard Smith but Im not going to be! You will stay after school and write
100 times in your notebook: I will not talk back to my elders,
Catholic elementary schools in the 1960s nor will I waste food.
had well-deserved reputations for being
punishment camps for children. The one The writing took longer than I thought, but I had to write
I survived actually had ice cream day sometimes in the carefully or Id be punished further for not being neat.
sweltering heat of June.
Ma was waiting for me when I got out. As I closed the car
What came as a huge, welcome relief to most in my class door, she asked, Ok, what happened?
resulted in my being yelled at and being held after school. What I told her.
was my offense? I love chocolate ice cream, but other flavors That nun likes to make a mountain out of
make me sick. We were served the tri-flavored cups; well, I ate a molehill. I think you need a chocolate
the chocolate and tried to give the rest to people around me. Of milkshake to calm you down.
course, no one wanted it so, being the good boy I was, I tried to
dispose of it in the trash can. Well, the nun/prison guard saw me Naturally, Ma knew me better than
and asked what I thought I was doing, and I explained my anybody, and Ill tell ya, that shake hit
actions. Her anger and vitriol filled the room! How dare I throw the spot!
away food, a precious gift from God, when there were children
starving in Africa?! EVER WONDER
Why nurses wear white, and why surgeons wear
Now, I was approaching my teens, and had endured as much of blue or green when operating?
the Catholic school brutality as I was going to. I dont like it, and Florence Nightingale always wore a white
Im not going to eat it! uniform. White, being a symbol of purity, was an
Well, Im going to call the principal right now, and you will eat this appropriate and practical choice, as it would quickly show any
like everyone else! dirtiness.
Surgeons wore white until 1914, when a surgeon
By the time she showed up, the ice cream had melted and the
decided that red blood against a white uniform was
pink glop was leaking through the waxed cardboard. I was
rather repulsive and needlessly graphic. The
reprimanded severely for not only wasting food, but also for
spinach color he chose instead helped to neutralize
making a mess. I cleaned it up as best I could, but the janitor still
the bright red.
had to be called, and I was made to apologize to him in front of
At the end of World War II, the lighting in operating rooms
the whole class.
was changed, and most surgeons switched to misty green.
Im sorry, Mr. Eddie, I didnt mean to do this.
Since around 1960, most surgeons have used seal blue,
Thats ok, sonthings go wrong sometimes. Thats why Im
which contains a lot of gray. This latest switch was made
because seal blue shows up better on TV monitors being
Thank you for understanding, Mr. Eddie.
used to demonstrate surgical techniques to medical students.
June 2017 The Moonlighter 21
Colchester Reef Light National Park
Burlington, Vermont in the Guadalupe
Mountains of
The Colchester Reef Light
southeastern New Mexico
in Vermont was a lighthouse
off Colchester Point (north- The primary attraction of the park is the show cave, Carlsbad
west of Burlington, VT) in Cavern. Carlsbad Caverns National Park is open every day of
Lake Champlain. It was the year except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.
moved to the Shelburne Visitors to the cave can hike in on their own via the natural
Museum in Shelburne, VT entrance or take an elevator from the visitor center.
in 1956. In 1869 the United States Lighthouse Service
commissioned the building of the Colchester Reef Lighthouse Carlsbad Cavern includes a large cave chamber (The Big
on Lake Champlain to protect ships from the Middle Bunch Room), a natural limestone chamber almost 4,000 feet long, 625
Reef, comprising the Colchester Reef, the Colchester Shoals, feet wide, and 255 feet high at the highest point. It is the fifth
and the Hogback Reef. largest chamber in North America and the twenty-eighth largest
in the world.
In the mid-nineteenth century, due in large part to the
booming lumber business, which relied on easy shipping of Approximately two thirds of the park has been set aside as
raw timber from Canada to planing mills in western Vermont, a wilderness area, helping to ensure no future changes will be
commerce on Lake Champlain significantly increased. To made to the habitat.
protect ships in potentially hazardous waterways, the
Until 1932, visitors to the cavern had to walk down a switchback
Lighthouse Service held a national competition for lighthouse
ramp that took them 750 feet below the surface. The walk back
designs, and Albert R. Dow, a Burlington native from the
up was tiring for some. In 1932 the national park opened up a
University of Vermont, won the commission. The Lighthouse
large visitor center building that contained two elevators that
Service implemented Dows designs in building the Colchester
would take visitors in and out of the caverns below. The new
Reef Lighthouse, which marked the reef consisting of several
center included a cafeteria, waiting room, museum and first aid
groups of exposed rocks northwest of Colchester Point. It was
completed in 1871.
Because the lighthouse needed to endure the lakes strong
winds and heavy winter ice-floes, Dow pegged and bolted TELESCOPE
together the lighthouses twenty-five-foot square stone
foundation, post-and-beam frame and tower, and slate and tin When Black Holes Collide
roof. Dow then secured the entire building with one and a half Though there isn't an actual
inch thick iron rods to assure its stability. Despite Dows focus picture of a supermassive
on the buildings framework, he ornamented his lighthouse black hole (yet), this image
with a mansard roof and scrolled window frames typical of the possibly captures two of them swirling together and shooting off
then-fashionable French Second Empire style. jets of particles into the universe. Each of these jets, which
travel at nearly the speed of light, stretch for thousands of light-
years as two galactic nuclei blend together.
Przewalskis horses are the only truly
wild horses left on the planet. In 2013, REEF CONSERVATION
scientists at the Smithsonian The Coral Triangle in the western
Conservation Biology Institute Pacific Ocean contains more than
celebrated the birth of a female 75% of the worlds known coral
Przewalskis horse the first to be species. And it is home to vibrant
born via artificial insemination. SCBI Reproductive and lively fish like the emperor
Physiologist Budhan Pukazhenthi and the Przewalskis horse angelfish. Coral reefs are being
husbandry team spent seven years working closely with destroyed by climate change,
experts at The Wilds and Auburn University in Alabama to illegal fishing, pollution and
perfect the technique of assisted breeding. unsustainable development.
June 2017 The Moonlighter 22
Hello, this is Rev. O. Armstrong.
I am calling you today to smell the
roses. 3 Railroad St. 25% OFF
Why? Because of the stench in the Whitney Point, NY 13862 EVERYTHING IN THE STORE
world. Whats causing the stench? Open Weds-Sun 10am-5pm Unless marked firm
Mon & Tues by app't. Sale expires 6/30/17
The toxic water in Flint.
Who put the mess in Gods best?
Dont stop the protest. We Buy & Sell Quality Antiques & Collectibles
Antiques, Collectibles, Linens, Buttons/Beads, Lamps, Jewelry,
Wake up, people! Tools, Knives, Fishing, Pottery, Glassware, China, Crystal,
Toys, Dolls, Advertising, Postcards, Furniture
You say dump Trump.
I say, let him keep stacking the lumps.
For info or appointment call 607-862-9795
Hes causing havoc; its tragic. Marlene & Ed Pittsley
Everything is coming to light. People gprettie@stny.twcbc.com
are finally waking up because of the www.grandmaspretties.com
destruction. The insanity has been
revealed because the world pressure is
on its heels. Featured Young Artist Fantasia Fields, Trumansburg, NY
Trump has dumped in peoples back
yard. Thank God people are fighting
This has been going on for hundreds of
People were stuck in their fears.
But now its a new kind of energy that
has been released by the Infinity.
No more hiding, while people are
People are taking back their rights
and standing up to fight.

Wake up calllets stand tall.

Only we can stop the fall
of America, if only we stick together.

Doctors have just
identified a food that
can cause grief and
suffering years after Artist Statement: Im a 15-year-old high school student. This picture
its been eaten. was hand-drawn and painted with acrylics. I am hoping to become an
Its called wedding cake. artist, author, and a profiler for the FBI.

June 2017 The Moonlighter 29

Health & Fitness
Respiratory conditions like bronchitis and pneumonia
symptoms are often hard to differentiate, but this guide
can help. Bronchitis and pneumonia both affect the
lungs and share some common symptoms, but they
are different diseases that require different treatment.
Here's how you can tell the difference.
(Note: Bronchitis covered last month)
An inflammation of the lungs, pneumonia has many of
the same symptoms as bronchitis, including:
x Persistent fever (often high)
x Cough, often with yellow or green mucus
BLOOD PRESSURE SPIKES (continued from last month) x Chills, which sometimes cause shaking
Is your blood pressure higher (or lower) than usual? x Shortness of breath
Certain activities and/or habits can cause this x Sharp chest pain
Your Dinner The Night Before x Confusion (occurs primarily in older people)
Eating a salty meal the day or night before can temporarily Though many of the signs may be similar, pneumonia is much
lead to an elevated reading. You should also be mindful of more serious than acute bronchitis. It's more often caused
what you eat on the day of the exam; stick to a healthy, by bacteria than by a virus, which means that antibiotics can be
balanced diet with plenty of whole grains, lean protein, and used to treat it. However, bacterial pneumonia can be a fast-
fruits and veggies. moving disease that needs attention right away.
When to see a doctor

Health Beat
Older people do worse with respiratory infections (whether viral
or bacterial), especially if they have other health problems such
as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease,
NATURAL FOODS & DELI, LLC diabetes, kidney disease or cancer. If you have symptoms, like
214 Main Street Johnson City, NY 13790 a fever or cough, or you feel bad in general, see your doctor.
Your doctor will listen to your lungs and, if necessary, take an
Tel. 607-797-1001
X-ray of your chest, which will identify pneumonia infection.
Mon-Fri 9-8 Sat 10-6 Sun 10-4 To protect yourself against bacterial pneumonia, there are two
pneumonia vaccines recommended if you're 65 or older. If you
have underlying health problems, like COPD or diabetes, or if
Saturday, June 10 10:00am-6:00pm you smoke, you will likely need one at an earlier age.
You can reduce your chances of getting acute bronchitis by
practicing good hygiene, such as hand washing, especially
around kids with colds, and washing your hands before you
Food Sampling touch your face.
Raffles Finally, if you have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD),
you should get it treated. The acid [produced by GERD]
irritates the airways in the lungs, which makes them more

15% OFF susceptible to viruses and bacteria.

non-sale items
Did You Know
Doctor-prescribed opioids have caused more deaths than
heroin and cocaine combined.

June 2017 The Moonlighter 30

Myths and Lies
FALSE: Single-payer is government-run
health care.
Under single-payer, you get a health care card
and you can go to any doctor or hospital in the
U.S. Hospitals remain in private hands. You get
free choice of doctor and hospital.

FALSE: Single-payer will lead to rationing.

Right now in the U.S., the private health
insurance companies ration care. If you dont
have health insurance, you dont get health care.
More than 30 million Americans currently lack
health insurance. Every day, 120 Americans die
from lack of health care.

FALSE: Costs will skyrocket under single-

Single-payer is the only health care reform that
will save enough money to insure everyone. By
eliminating the health insurance industry, we
save $500 billion a year or more in
administrative costs and profits. That money is
then used to insure those who lack insurance
and cover those who are under-insured. More
people will seek health care because they would
now have insurance.

FALSE: Drugs will be more difficult to get.

The single-payer.
drug industry wants us to believe that there
will be less research and development under a
single-payer system. Drugs would be cheaper under a
single-payer system. This is the main reason why other
countries drug prices are lower than ours. This is why
the drug industry is so opposed to single-payer.

FALSE: Single-payer will cover less than the

insurance we now have.
For the majority of Americans, single-payer would be a
vast improvement. All medically necessary care would
be funded through the single-payer, including doctor
visits, hospital care, prescriptions, mental health
services, nursing home care, rehab, home care, eye
and dental care. No more bills. No more deductibles. No
more co-pays.

FALSE: Single-payer would cost more than what

youre paying now for private health insurance.
The vast majority of Americans would pay about the
same or less than they are paying now. Instead of
paying premiums to a private health insurance
company, most will pay a similar or smaller amount in
taxes. There is no deductible.
June 2017 The Moonlighter 31
Putting ICE on Your
Phone Can Save Your
Info from BottomLine
1. Choose one or more
people to be your
emergency contact(s).
(Be sure to let them know,
so they understand what to
do in an emergency).
Edit your phones Contacts
list to add the word ICE (In
Case of Emergency) in front
of your emergency contacts
2. Write your emergency
contact and medical
information on the Medical
Alert Card below.
3. Take a picture of the
Medical Alert card with your
cell phone, and set it as
your wallpaper or as the
lock screen image, so
even if the phone is locked,
emergency personnel can
view the ICE information
and summon help for you.

$1 Parking Fee No dogs, bicycles or skateboards allowed

4. Cut out and keep a copy of the

completed Medical Alert card in
Whatever you may look like, marry a man your own your wallet or in the glove box of
age - as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight. your car in case you dont have
your cell phone at the time of an

Store Hours:
82 Main St. Mon-Fri 8-8
Candor, NY 13743 Sat 8-6; Sun 8-3

Redemption Center Hours: Saturdays 8-1

June 2017 The Moonlighter 32

Poetic License
By Rev. Stanley L. Moody, Sr.

He died in the garden among his flowers:

The spot he loved the best
A place of joy and comfort
In the May issue we included the poem Lady In
Of God, of peace, of rest!
White and inadvertently left off the name of
the author, Kathy Ostrander, who is a regular
A place of bulbs and bowers,
contributor of poetry. We apologize for this
Of colors and fragrance rare;
oversight. We sincerely appreciate all who
A place of many happy hours
submit poetry!
Mid the gardens perfumed air!

A hallowed spot, a temple fair,

SPRINGTIME From plant to bush he trod;
By Kathy Ostrander He saw the Heavenly Fathers care
He worshipped there his God!
As morning sun crept up in the sky
The world and everything in it sighed
Could death lurk in that garden fair?
The beauty of the glowing warm golden rays
No! It was only a step
Promised the beginning of different days
With God to another garden
Where his flowers are blooming yet!
The anticipation of a change was in the air
Giving hope that spring at last was here
The grass was turning a different green
Birds sang new songs on the wing
By Katharyn Howd Machan
Winters scarred landscape beginning to change
Smoothed away gently with a warm spring rain I wanted you to see this necklace.
Sprouts of green were popping up everywhere I wanted you to feel me dance
Bringing promise of color and thankful tears in my peacock-dappled turquoise veil,
the moon above my reaching hands
All the colors of the rainbow were seen
Across the landscape a most colorful scene a solid door from sorrow.
Reflecting the promise God made a long time ago I wanted you to hold my gaze
Of the covenant He would and did on us bestow as I moved toward you in undulation
slow and fuller with each step

the music called forth softly.

(UNTITLED) FIRE The simple path beneath my feet
By Bruce Christ would have brought me right to you,
is our only true connection
light and dark in perfect balance,
Jah is watching to that which is not us.
Talking and listening both an equinox of dream. I could
and He isnt laughing. at the exact same time have swept my hair across your shoulders
lashing, licking yet nourishing bending back, my throats small pulse
The sidewalk act suffers,
and its siphon has drawn more warm with dragons blood perfume
needs a little polish.
secrets and dreams
from the human soul for you to lean towards, kiss.
I'd show you if you'd let me--
than anything there is. I wanted your lips on my lips
if you dare.
Fire is an old friend above this woven golden chain,
How bright the dream, the tiny emeralds shaped like stars
so dark the night. John Gardner Hazard
a taunt, a wish, a promise.
Jah vigil;
not amused.

June 2017 The Moonlighter 39

Simply AMAZING!!!
What can you say about the humble toilet? After all, the party is about
the food! Its about the people! Its about the occasion!
But lets face it; everything else takes a back seat to the toilet seat when youve
gotta go! When planning the next event, keep your priorities straight, and give the
toilet the respect it deserves! At Amazing Portable Toilets, were all about
ensuring your guests enjoy their stay AND their go!

We flushed the
that portable
have to be
stinky or
unattractive! AmazingPortableToilets.com

Well show you where to Go!

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June 2017 The Moonlighter 40

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