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SAP - HTML5 Foundations for SAP SAPUI5


Code: SAPX04-v095
Lengt h: 2 days
URL: View Online

Skills Gained
Create web pages using basic HTML5 and CSS3

Develop web pages that are more interactive through JavaScript programming

Further improve web page development by using parts of jQuery and jQueryUI

Who Can Benet


Technology Consultant


-Basic web skills and experiences such as working with a browser

-Experience with les and folders, editing source code, using an integrated development environment like


-Basic knowledge on what programming is about and willingness to write code


-Some basic web design experience

Course Details

Course Content
Overview of HTML5

Creation of HTML and CSS styles

JavaScript Development

jQuery Development

This course version is currently in production.

This course can be delivered both in a classroom and virtually.

This course version is currently in production.

Course based on software release

SAP Fiori & SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 latest SPS & NW7.40 latest SPS (with latest SAPUI5 component)

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