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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region III Central Luzon
Shools Division of Tarlac Province
Concepcion Central District
Concepcion ,Tarlac

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Student Teacher

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Principal III

Student Teacher Supervisor
I. Objectives:
Locate or recognize a few famous constellation
Create a simple stories behind their location at the night sky
Appreciate the works of God or the beauty of the night sky

II. Subject matter: Constellation Star

Concept: group of stars

Process Skills: Observing, Communicating and Classifying

Reference book: Science Blast 5

Materials: Puzzle (star),cotton, Picture, Instructional Device
Value Focus: Appreciate the Works of God,

III. Instructional Procedure:

A. Preliminary Activities
3.Checking of Attendance

B. Presentation of the Lesson

Teachers Activity Pupils Activity


Class do you still remember our

previous lesson?
Yes maam.
Then what did we study
We studied about the Stars and its
Very good then what is a star?

Maam A stars is a ball of fire that can

be seen during at night.
Thats right, aside from that?
Stars are huge ball of gas made of
hydrogen and helium.
Exactly. then can we consider a sun
a star?
Yes maam.
Why do you think so?

Because the sun is the nearest star in

our planet
Okay. Any other answer?
The sun gives off light and heat to our
Very good answer! planet

Now we all know what is a star is.

How about the characteristics of the

What are the characteristics of the

The characteristics of the stars are
Color, brightness and size
Again! Everybody!

The characteristics of the stars are

Very good! Color, brightness and size

So the first characteristics of the

stars is Color

Then what are the colors of the

Maam there are blue, white yellow
and red star the bluish in color is the
hottest star and red stars are the
Goodjob! coolest stars
How about the brightness of the

The brightness of star can be vary

through their distance the nearest star
looks brighter and bigger than the
Yes and what are the factors that farthest star.
determine the brightness of the
Luminosity and distance

And what are luminosity and

distance? Luminosity-measures how much the
energy it gives off per unit in time.
Distance-measures how far the star is
located from us
Very good! And the third
characteristics of the star is size
so What are the sizes of the star?
Stars have different sizes there are big
stars, medium stars and dwarf stars

Very good! So everyone already

knows what is a star and its
characteristics so lets give everyone
a good job clap! (GOOD JOB CLAP)
Okay, now for our discussion may I call
a volunteer?
Yes__. Come here in front I want you to
dip clean the solution in the bowl then
gently rub the moisten cotton to the

What word/words came out of the box

after rubbing the cotton from it?
Constellation stars

Here is the thing all of you knows what

is a stars , what do they do. and their
characteristics but what if a bunch of
stars bend together to form a super
group of stars? Then their called?
Today well going to talk about this
groups of stars and why theyre so
important to astronomers

So what exactly is a constellation?

Maam Constellation are a cluster of
stars in the sky that are grouped
together in a particular pattern and
have been given a name next to a
mythical stories, legends, Greeks
,heroes and animals
But before we take a closer look to
constellation let us first watch this
video carefully

So if you know the music you can sing

along but be sure that you are looking
at the screen okay?

(Video Presentation)

Now ,what have you seen from the


Maam I saw a lot of stars/group of

Verygood! You saw a lot of stars right? stars
Do you think you can memorize all of
this stars individually?
No, right

That is why astronomers use

constellation to help them better map
the night sky
Think of stars like a cities on a map and
constellation as countries dont you
think it is easier to locate the stars than
trying to find a single spec?

Yes. How many constellation do you Yes maam, because they are in group
think we have? Any guess?

Answer: 88 constellation
Do you know any constellation?are you
familiar with any constellation?

What else? Yes maam

Like,leo the lion,
Very good! Okay everybody look at the pisces,big dipper
clouds outside have you ever thought
that the clouds looks like a crocodile,
flower or someone that you knew?

yes maam
Then it is also the same to the
I have here an example of a
constellation one of the famous one
This is?

Yes. How many stars a big dipper has? Big Dipper!

Okay let us count..

How many stars?
Then if I connect this 7 dots what can
you perceive or what can you imagine?

Yes but for some reason they called it Rosary!/spoon/kite!

big dipper because they thought it looks
like a bear and if you live at the
northern sphere you can easily spot the
big dipper

Other thought it looks like a spoon or a

kite means that constellation looks
different to different people.

Next is the Orion

Orion is very popular and easily to spot
because of its 3 stars or its belts

I have here a story once Orion is known

as a great hunter but one day he bragg
that he could kill any animals he likes to
kill on earth but Gaea/mother earth the
mother of all creatures got angry then
one day he ask Scorpio to kill Orion but
scorpio could not killed Orion easily
since Orion is a hunter ,but then one
day when the two died Zeus the King of
the Gods put them into the night sky.

Next is Cassiopeia-Referring to the

Egyptian Queen

Cepheus , husband of Cassiopeia

Draco found near the North Pole and

beneath the Ursa Minor.

Group Activity : Puzzle

Application: (asking someone) can anyone go here in front and show to us or

point where the Orion is ? And other constellation they see they will point it to
the big Picture/example.
Identify what is being described in the given items below.

1Known for its belt and shield ,easily seen in a star-sprinkled field.
2. The stars who swear to protect and hold on and protect his queen
3. A gaseous ball of fire made up of helium and hydrogen.

Assignment :
Observe the sky during night time. or search to the library or use internet and
Answer the following on your notebook.

What color of the star has the majority in the sky?

do all stars shine the same?
Stars from figures and patterns called Constellations which are used to tell when a particular
season is coming and also for navigation. The names of the constellation comes from the Greek
who used to tell stories about their god and goddesses and mythical creatures.