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BGLC Education Fund- FAQs

What is the BGLC Education Fund?

The BGLC Education Fund provides a grant which aids students at tertiary level. It is paid directly
against the students annual tuition fees.

Who is eligible to apply to the BGLC Education Fund?

All Students enrolled in or accepted to a Jamaican tertiary institution, accredited by the UCC.

When is the deadline for application to the BGLC Education Fund?

Applications may be submitted starting May 1st 2017-July 14th 2017

How will successful applicants be notified when selected?

Successful applicants and institution will be notified via email by August 31st 2017.

What is the timeframe and method of disbursement of funds upon selection?

Disbursement will be made before the beginning of the school term and will be made payable directly
to the tertiary institution.

What can the BGLC Education Fund grant be used for?

Grant monies may be used towards TUITION only.

Do I need a reference?

Yes, 2 are required for all applicants. Referee Affidavit Forms are available for download from The
BGLC website. Forms must be signed stamped or sealed and delivered in an unopened original
envelope. Envelopes must be addressed to The BGLC Education Fund Committee.

Do I need a certain GPA?

Yes, successful applicants must have a Grade Point Average of 2.75 or above to qualify for the grant.

Can the award be deferred?

No the award may not be deferred to a later date or time

Do I need a TRN?

Yes all applicants must have a TRN.

Can the award be shared?

No the award may not be shared. It is issued to a single applicant and paid directly to the tertiary

Where do I get an application form?

Application forms are available for download from the BGLC website.

What accompanying documents will I need for my application?

Completed application form

Passport sized color photo
A copy of a national or student ID
New students must submit high school transcript and acceptance letter from tertiary
Returning Students must submit a transcript advising of their promotion to the next school
year along with a letter of good financial standing from their tertiary school bursars office.
Two (2) referee affidavit forms completed, signed and sealed by 2 referees. Forms available
on BGLC website.

How do I submit my application?

Completed application package should be hand delivered or mailed by post to:

BGLC Education Fund

Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission
78cef Hagley Park Road
Kingston 10