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Meditation as Medicine

HL Dhar

Meditation as medicine is a new concept using ancient techniques. In recent decades, mind
body medicine has been an important field in health care where physicians consider that
process of mind has a major impact in influencing the health of the body. Still recently, interest
has been created amongst chronically sick individuals in spiritual healing either through re-
ceiving bleesings from highly spiritual person and/or through practice of meditation and medi-
tation has entered the mainstream of health care as a method of stress and pain reduction.
Yoga of which meditation is a major component has been known for decades as a remedy for
various psychosomatic disorders. Currently, clinical meditation (CM) has been introduced as a
new psychological discipline. Of late, Medical meditation has been claimed to treat various
diseases but one requires to learn different techniques for different disease conditions. How-
ever, its effect as anti aging medicine has gained some foot hold. Medical meditation directly
rejuvenates the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the pineal and other endocrine glands. It has also
been claimed as effective counter measure against stress and specific for ailments associated
with aging.
But Transcendental meditation (TM) with its simple technique to be practiced morning and
evening has been widely studied and found to be effective in wide variety of illnesses covering
almost all body systems. It has been shown to increase intelligence, performance, reduce ten-
sion and illness and reverse aging process having all round effect on quality life. However, Saral
meditation, a simplified version of TM but without mantra has been shown to be as effective as
TM including reversal of aging. Very recently, Quantum meditation which works at conscious
level has been claimed to cure incurable diseases like cancer and prevent foetal abnormality
through mother, however, it requires mantra and prolonged practice.

Introduction of spiritual practices (and their secular

M editation is the oldest self-help

technique available to human beings
to bring the mind under critical observation
analogues) which emphasize mental activity
or quiescence. In some religions, the
meditation is regarded as a special form of
and control to achieve harmony and dynamic the prayer. By meditation one can understand
health. Meditation as medicine is a new each unintentional concentration on an
concept but the techniques that it uses are activity or an article. The concentration is
an ancient part of the wisdom tradition of steered thereby not by the understanding but
India. 1 arises as consequence of sinking.
Neurologically, a meditative condition often
Meditation refers to any of a wide variety
accompanies with a change of brain wave
sample. 2,3
Director Research, Medical Research Centre, Bombay
Hospital Trust, Mumbai 400 020. In the tradition of the yoga, different body

620 Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol. 50, No. 4, 2008

attitudes and exercises become as well as and Meditation Therapy
other kinds of the Askese chamfered used in In recent years, interest has been created
order to support meditation. In some amongst chronically sick individuals in
tradition, for example with the so called red spiritual healing either through receiving
tantra, also sexual actions and attractions are blessings from highly spiritual person and/or
inserted to the meditation. In more recent through practice of meditation. 8 Meditation
time (starting from the end of 1970) Bhagwan therapy has entered the mainstream of health
shree Rajneesh developed cult meditation care as a method of stress and pain reduction.
techniques in its Ashram in Pune on For example, in an early study in 1972,
Western humans. 4 By this the dynamic Transcendental meditation was shown to
meditation, the Kundalini falls meditation, effect the human metabolism by lowering the
the Natraj meditation and Nadabrahma biochemical byproducts of stress such as
meditation. 5 A further meditation schedule lactate (lactic acid) and by decreasing heart
well known in the west is the Transcendental rate and blood pressure and reducing
meditation (TM). .6 favourable brain waves. 9
Meditation for Physical, Mental and Yoga
Spiritual Health First scientific evidence of meditation as
In recent decades, mind body medicine has medicine came from yoga which ends in
been an important field in health care where meditation. In classical yoga, meditation
physicians consider that the process of the serves as mirror image leading to therapeutic
mind has a major impact in influencing the meditation. Hypnotherapy belongs to this
health of the body.6 Among the various types category. Many substances like cannabis were
of mind-body medicine therapy, meditation used for religious or meditative purposes e.g..
remains one of the most practiced techniques North American Indians used particularly
and many scientific studies carried out have psychoactive plants containing hallucinogens
proven the positive effects of meditation on in order to dive in-connection with a dance
both mental and physical health. 7 It is a or similar ritual, into a Trance condition. 10
supreme self help method using ones own
Integrated yoga of which meditation is a
power of concentration to overcome the
major component has been known for decades
mental hindrances and reach the tranquillity as a remedy for various psychosomatic
and harmony within. One of the famous
disorders. 11 Currently, Kundalini yoga
examples of meditation is Transcendental
meditation has been found to be specific for
meditation individuals, report feeling
treating obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD),
refreshed both physically and psychologically
fourth common disabling disorder world
following meditation and the mind becomes
wide. 12
more alert and calm, thinking process is
smooth and clear and the energy level of a Clinical Meditation
person is increased. 6,7 The second type of The term Clinical meditation (CM) has been
meditation (Vipassana) practiced, is introduced in recent years as a new
mindfulness meditation. In this type of psychological discipline. 13 It is defined as a
meditation, the main function of the mind is sub-field of clinical psychology and
to understand the way things are. 7 complementary counterpart of psychotherapy.

Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol. 50, No. 4, 2008 621

It is based on the academic knowledge anti-aging state. 15,16
gathered from the second half of 20th century
Meditation as Anti-aging Medicine
on until now about the clinical application of
While you see the visible signs of aging on
meditation techniques originated in the East.
the surface of your body, beneath the skin
Its goal is understanding and helping
there are tell tale signs as well. Physiological
individuals to practice meditation in order to
alleviate existential emotional suffering, studies have shown that your cardiac,
pulmonary, musculoskeletal and brain
attain state of and beyond pure emotion to
functions are also declining as you become
ultimately realize a level of consciousness.
old. One of the first systems that wears out
CM supposes to be a health profession that
is the endocrine system, the glands that
respects the cannons of empirical science and
secrete hormones. Further more, the
endorses a holistic biopsychosocial and
spiritual outlook of existence. Outcome function of the immune system generally
follows the function of the endocrine system.
studies reveal that a selection of medical
For example, production of critically
techniques required favourable results in the
important hormones such as growth
areas of health promotion, prevention, care,
hormones, begin to chop off around age 35
healing and managerial functioning. But as
which is vitally important in helping you feel
yet, CM although capable of mitigating and
extenuating clinical symptoms cannot make energetic, to repair your muscles and other
tissues and to retain strong immunity. Other
adamant claims for cure. 14
endocrine glands are especially vulnerable to
Medical Meditation aging. The pineal gland which produces sleep
Meditation that deals with specific medical hormone melatonin, quickly declines with age
problems is called Medical meditation. It is until it generally becomes calcified and
so specific because it balances and completely dysfunctional in most elderly
regenerates the bodys etherical and physical people. Melatonin is also a powerful
energies forging an extra ordinary healing antioxidant and free radical scavenger.
alliance. Medical meditations have the power Similarly extremely important steroid
to cut through the negative thought patterns hormone, DHEA drops off considerably
which so often accompany illness, thus causing innumerable problems. DHEA is vital
triggering the activation of our own natural for maintaining a stable body fat ratio and a
healing. high level of energy. It is also important to
Meditative techniques are sought protect against the ravages of the stress
frequently by patients opting with medical hormone cortisone which when elevated can
and psychological problems. The five unique lead to a decline in immunity, memory loss
attributes that endow this type of meditation and accelerated aging. Unbalanced stress also
with tremendous power are special postures causes the hypothalamus, a gland considered
and movements, exact positioning of hands as the brains brain to decline in function
and fingers, particular mantras or sounds, resulting in loss of elasticity and flexibility.
specific breathing patterns and a unique focus Skin loses its suppleness, memories fade,
of concentration. The combination of these immunity wanes, sex drive declines and aging
elements can change your entire profile of runs rampant resulting in depression and
endocrine neurotransmitters and hormone obesity, which are now at their highest rates
secretions, easing you into calm, healing, in history among the young.Remember old

622 Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol. 50, No. 4, 2008

age doesnt suddenly swoop down at 60; aging Transcendental meditation (TM) bring about
starts early especially subject your body and a state of deep relaxation in which body is
brain to physical and emotional assault. 17 totally at rest but mind is highly alert. The
Meditation is the true anti-aging medicine technique is a simple, natural, effortless
because it activates our bodies own natural procedure practiced for 20 minutes in the
anti-aging healing force.18 Medical meditation morning and evening in comfortable sitting
directly rejuvenates the hypothalamus, the position with eyes closed.20
pituitary, the pineal and other endocrine Many studies have been done on TM
glands. In addition, Medical meditation is also showing it reduces tension and incidence of
the single most effective counter measure illness, increases intelligence and
against stress and that it is specific for performance and reverses aging process. 21
ailments including those associated with Currently, Saral meditation a simplified
aging. However, medical meditation utilizes version of TM but without mantra; its
an array of remarkable techniques that innumerable studies have also shown to be
revolutionise how doctors and patients effective as TM22-24 including reversal of aging
approach the healing process. Each medical process. 25 However, TM is a concentrative
meditation has a specific physiological effect meditation technique which makes
targeting afflictions from arthritis to ulcers individuals awareness settle down resulting
to cancer. 19 Here are the value of medical in a state of restful alertness, distinct from
meditation, a form of therapy based on the commonly experienced state of walking,
Kundalini yoga a discipline. 12 Medical dreaming and deep sleep having common
meditation is an adaptation of kundalini yoga cure from wide variety of conditions: CNS
combined with meditation, using specific (headache, depression, multiple sclerosis,
breathing patterns, postures and movements, epilepsy, stroke, digestive disorders;
mantras and mental focus. Different medical Addictions (smoking, alcoholism); Respiratory
meditations focus on different specific (asthma), Reproductive (premenstrual
conditions, so once you have learned the syndrome, impotence), Skin (acne), Immune
basics, you can choose a specific Medical system (AIDS) and Inter-body system
meditation for high blood pressure, to improve (cancer). 26
digestion, or to strengthen the immune TM as Anti-aging Medicine
system or the heart for example.
Unlike Medical meditation 17,19 which
Transcendental Meditation requires specific techniques for particular
There are hundreds of meditation disorder, TM is unique in pursuing a simple
techniques, most of which fall into one or two technique20 having effect on various disorders
categories concentrative and mindfulness. including cardiac and overall anti-aging effect
During concentrative meditation attention is having long-term endocrinologic changes. 27
focused on a single sound, an object or ones Still recently, Saral meditation has been
breath to bring about a calm tranquil mind. reported as anti-aging. 30
During mindfulness meditation, the mind Quantum Meditation for Complete
becomes aware of but does not react to the Reversal of Aging Process
wide variety of sensations, feelings and
Very recently, a revolutionary meditation
images with a current activity. However,
called Quantum meditation has been
much research has been done on
introduced, first of its kind anywhere claiming
Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol. 50, No. 4, 2008 623
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624 Bombay Hospital Journal, Vol. 50, No. 4, 2008