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Hit Points
q Roll 3d6 six time and

assign each result to these
6 statistics, in order
Smashing, lifting Precision, agility Knowledge and Insight and Persuasion and
d20 < achieves Stamina and endurance
and opening and deftness interpretation detection performance

d20 < avoids

Paralysis and Falling and Fatigue, poison and Forgetfulness and Confusion, fear Enchantment and r Determine Armour Class (AC= Dexterity + Armour),
petrification explosive energy draining effects puzzlement and deception compulsion Hit Points (roll one class die, max. 1 class die per level)
d4 Abilities Powers Backpack
d10 die Description Class abilities Armour
+1 CON See in the dark; add level to (STR score) items can be carried
1. Dwarf mining and stone/metalwork Berserker Add level to total hit points and each
+1 WIS 1. Barbarian d8 +2 STR Any
checks;, and damage vs. orckind warrior damage roll, only if unarmoured 1.

See in the dark; add level to Wandering Add level to INT and CHA checks; earn 2.
+1 DEX 2. Bard d4 +2 CHA Light
2. Elf detection checks; bonus class dilettante (level)d4 gold for paid performances
+1 INT 3.
die to magic pool if spellcaster Holy +1 WIS Holy Magic (protects, guides and heals),
3. Cleric d6 Any 4.
See in the dark; add level to Spellcaster +1 CHA banish undead of (level)d6 power
+1 DEX
3. Halfling stealth checks; bonus +1 to AC, Nature +1INT Nature Magic (controls animal, plants 5.
+1 WIS but -1 to all damage rolls 4. Druid d6 Light
Spellcaster +1 WIS weather), loyal pet of (level)d6 power 6.
Reorder +1 STR
4. Human None Veteran 7.
as desired 5. Fighter d8 Add level to attack rolls Any
Warrior +1 CON
w Roll 1d4 or pick a race e Roll 1d10 or pick a class Spiritual +1 CON Add level to acrobatic skills; attacks may
6. Monk d6 None 9.
and modify statistics if and modify statistic as Martial Artist +1 WIS stun opponents (CON check avoids)
appropriate appropriate Holy +1 STR Add level to damage against unnatural 10.
7. Paladin d8 Any
Crusader +1 CHA and evil creatures 11.
t Pick a name. You are level 1. PLAY!
Survivalist +1 STR Add level to stealth, exploring, hunting 12.
8. Ranger d8 Light
I want to...
Rules warrior +1 DEX and tracking checks
Burglar +1 DEX Add level to thieving checks, add (level)d4
Tell your DM what you want your character to do and, if needed, 9. Thief d4 Light 14.
assassin +1 INT damage against unaware opponents
agree against which statistic to check. Examples are given for which 15.
statistic is relevant in which situation. To succeed at a task, you must Versatile High Magic (Any effect, except healing),
0. Wizard d4 +1 INT None
roll under the relevant statistic, plus any class or situational modifiers, Spellcaster add level to INT checks 16.
on a d20. Difficult tasks confer a statistic penalty of -2 or more. The CHALLENGES
amount by which the d20 roll is under the statistic determines the
Spellcasters can cast up to their level in number of spells per day and have Monsters are created like characters but 18.
degree of success. A roll of a 1 always succeeds, and 20 always fails.
a magic dice pool equal to level class die. A spell can have any effect classes are Grunt (class die: d4), Tough
Successful check may also give bonuses to attack rolls in combat.
within the themes listed above, with power of level class die. A spell (d8) or Scary (d12). Scaries have one 19.
can effect up to your level in targets with your class die in power, or your resistance or special power per level. 20.
Combat class die in targets with your level in power e.g. 2d6 heal/damage d6 Traps are detected, avoided
To strike an opponent, you must roll equal to or over their Armour targets for 2 points, 2 targets for d6, or 1 target for 2d6. For non-damage, or resisted with stat checks. Treasure::
Class (AC) on a d20, plus any class or situational modifiers. If use the dice roll to determine potency or duration of effect. Some effects XP is gained from spending
successful, you do damage equal to your class die, plus any class require trading some of the dice from the pool to activate; level is lowered treasure you find. To go up
modifiers. Using a weapon two-handed grants a +1 bonus to damage. by 1 to detmine spell pool for mental control effects, 3 for summoning or a level, spend 1000
Armour grants a bonus to AC as follows: Light +2, Heavy +4, Shield +1. conjuration, and 5 for death current level in gold.
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