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2017611 HostControllerInterface|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite

speci cations

Host Controller Interface

Assigned numbers are used in the Host Controller interface for version number, LAP, and AMP key length, AMP/PAL version, manufacturer name, AMP
test commands and controller types.

The HCI Version

This is the HCI_Version parameter used in the HCI_Read_Local_Version_Information command.

Parameter Name
Assigned Values

HCI_Version 0
Bluetooth Core Speci cation 1.0b

Bluetooth Core Speci cation 1.1

Bluetooth Core Speci cation 1.2

Bluetooth Core Speci cation 2.0 + EDR

Bluetooth Core Speci cation 2.1 + EDR

Bluetooth Core Speci cation 3.0 + HS

Bluetooth Core Speci cation 4.0

Bluetooth Core Speci cation 4.1

Bluetooth Core Speci cation 4.2

Bluetooth Core Speci cation 5.0

10 - 255

Table 1: The HCI Version

Coding Format (1 Octet)

Assigned Meaning
https://www.bluetooth.com/specifications/assignednumbers/hostcontrollerinterface 1/3
2017611 HostControllerInterface|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite

Assigned Meaning
Number Note

000 u-Law log

001 A-law log

002 CVSD

003 Transparent
Indicates that the controller does not do any transcoding or resampling.
See the command description for restrictions on the use of this value.
This is also used for test mode.

004 Linear PCM

005 mSBC

006-0xFE Reserved

0xFF Vendor
Speci c The codec is vendor-speci c, as de ned by the following 4 octets in the full
coding format.

Table 2: Coding Format (1 Octet)

PCM Data Format (1 Octet)

Assigned Number Meaning

000 N/A
This value does not apply to the coding format in use.

001 1's complement

002 2's complement

003 Sign-magnitude

004 Unsigned

005-0xFF Reserved

Table 3: PCM Data Format (1 Octet)

Transport Layer (1 Octet)

Assigned Number Meaning

000 Disabled

001 WCI-1 Transport

https://www.bluetooth.com/specifications/assignednumbers/hostcontrollerinterface 2/3
2017611 HostControllerInterface|BluetoothTechnologyWebsite

001 WCI-1 Transport

002 WCI-2 Transport

003-0xFF Reserved

Table 4: Transport Layer (1 Octet)

MWS Channel Type (1 Octet)

Assigned Number Meaning

000 TDD

001 FDD

002-0xFF Reserved

Table 5: MWS Channel Type (1 Octet)

https://www.bluetooth.com/specifications/assignednumbers/hostcontrollerinterface 3/3