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SHAKIRA Isabel Mebarak Ripoll


She was born at February 2 at 1977 in Barranquilla.

She is a singer but too is a writer, producer, dancer ,model,
actress , empresarial and a good ambjador of the Unicef
and a Colombian philanthropy.

Her first debut was in Hispano-American market in

1955 with the album Pies descalzos with collaboration
of Luis Fernando Ocho in the composition and production
in the songs Estoy aqu, Dnde ests corazn? y

Shakira is the international women artist with the

most number of sales in the time of 2000 and the unique
who have simple 5 (Hips Don't Lie, Loca, Whenever,
Wherever, Underneath Your Clothes y La tortura and
in the list of the most 20 sales in the past time of 2000
and the song Hips Don't Lie correspondence between the
first forty in the history of the music

And is talk about Shakira sell 70 million of her

musical production. She is the most sudamerican artist of
the history and one artist with the most sale of her discs
In 2013 Shakira become the second woman with most
prizes she won 4 Grammys ,7 billboard music award , 7
American music awards and 12 prizes Latin Grammy and
others the live nation empress consider she is the most
important of her generation because for her global
impaction and she contract the reference between the
most important artist of the world