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We have pleasure in appointing you as Deputy Manager in M2-Grade with effect from 27 June 2009 or
from date of joining whichever is earlier. The terms and conditions are given below for your acceptance.

1. You shall perform duties in company primarily consisting of sales promotion work
and shall perform such other duties and exercise such power that the company and/or
any of its subsidiary or its associated companies within the company may delegate or
assign to you by or with the authority of Earth infra.
2. During engagement you shall devote the whole of your time, attention and ability to
the business and affairs of Earth infra and will use your best endeavors to promote its
interest..You shall not during your employment hereunder, be concerned or interested
directly or in directly in any way in any business competing with to the Earth infra.
3. You will be paid a salary of 3, 00,000 Rs Per annum.Monthly Break up would be as
Monthly (Rs)

BASIC 10,100
HRA 5050

Total 23,788

4. You will be entitled to leave only on completion of six month from date of joining or
after your successful completion of probation period.

Registered office: A-1, C& D, SECTOR-16, NOIDA, UTTARPRADESH

0120 3999300
5. It is agreed between company and you that the incentive, payable if any, based on
your performance and productivity is in lieu of any other bonus including bonus based
on profit payable under any law.

6. You will not during your engagement or there after except in proper course of your
duties, disclose any information concerning any business or affairs of the Earth infra its
subsidiaries or its associated companies or of any of its customers which may come to
your knowledge during the course of your engagement or otherwise howsoever and
you will use your best endeavors to prevent any disclosure.
7. You will perform your work at NEW DELHI BRANCH or such other place or place in or
outside India as the Earth infra or its associated or subsidiaries may from time to time

8. Notwithstanding the provision of clause 11 is hereof in the event of any willful or

continued neglect by you of your duties, any serious misconduct or any breach of this
contract on your part the Earth reserves the right to terminate your employment
forthwith and without any notice or payment in lieu of notice, and you shall be bound
by such decision and shall not question the same.

9. You shall in course of employment with Earth infra shall not without the previous
written consent of Earth infra and which consent the company may be absolute
discretion and without assigning any reason therefore withhold and or refuse to
accord directly and or indirectly solicit and/or engage in the collection of donation for
any trust or other organizations and /or institutions for charitable and or any other
purposes from person and or any bodies corporate/institution with whom you came
into contact and or have dealing within the course of your employment with earth

10. This engagement may be terminated by either party giving to the other not less that
one months and not more than third day prior notice to that effect expiring at any
time after the commencement of your service hereunder or by the earth infra paying
you one months basic salary in the lieu of notice. The Earth infra shall be entitled
whether such notice of termination is given by you or Earth infra to require you to
proceed on leave at the time of receiving or giving such notice of termination or at any
time thereafter.

Registered office: A-1, C& D, SECTOR-16, NOIDA, UTTARPRADESH

0120 3999300

11. Policies and terms of services as applicable to you will be made available to you on
joining and any alternations or variations therein will be intimated to you from time to
time, and you will be bound by the same.

Senior manager (Human Resource)

Registered office: A-1, C& D, SECTOR-16, NOIDA, UTTARPRADESH