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BEC HIGHER 4 td ‘CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL PUBLISHER OF EXAMINATION PAPERS FROM, Pie eet uC oe ee ao ee eee ee ee eas Saree en oars eer eer ee eae es etree near bee seca oe RO ee ee en ee 2 1 ceed cnet re ied Pace ee reenter tutes UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE. SOL Examinat eal. td Cambridge BEC Higher 4 WITH ANSWERS Examination papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations: English for Speakers of Other Languages CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS {Cambridge New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, So Palo, Delhi Cambridge Univrsiy Press The Edinburgh Baling, Cambridge CB2 8RU, UK woewcambvidge ns Information on thi ile: wwwcambideng9780521739207 © Cambridge University Press 2009 nm inde publication ein copyright. Subject osarutoy exception the provisions of elvan collective lensing apecnents to eprdrton of any part nay take place without the writen Perminion of Cambridge University Pes. Prins inthe United Kingdom atthe Univesity Press, Cambridge ISBN 9780521 forexteral or thin-party internet welts cefered to ths publication, a this book is availabe from the Bris Library 978 0 521 739207 Stadenes Book with answers 1 Salty Pack idge University Pres has no esponsibility forthe persistence or acuracy of ure “bcs not he acuray of such information theta Test 1 Test? Test Test 4 Contents ‘Thanks and acknowledgements 4 Introduction Reading 22 Writing 32 Listening 34 Speaking 38 Reading 40 Writing 50 Listening 52 Speaking 56 Reading 58 Writing 68 Listening 70 Speaking 74 Reading 76 Writing 86 Listening 88 Speaking 99 Key (including tapeseripts and sample answers) Teel 94 Tee 2 102 Tee} 110 Tex 4118 ‘Speaking test interlocutor frames 127 Sample Answor Shoots 128 Thanks and acknowledgements ‘The authors and publishers acknowledge the following sources of copyright material and are grateful for the permissions granted, While every effort has ben made, ie has not always been possible to identity the sources ofall the material used oF to trace all copyright holders. f any omissions are brought 10 ‘our notice, we willbe happy to include the appropriate acknovsledgements on reprinting Financial Times forthe adapted text on p. 26 from ‘Small parts that pa vical role’ wrteen by Peter March, Financial Times 14 June 2001. Copyright ‘© Financial Times Limited; Eileen Sheridan for he adapted text on ps 42 "High fliers ofthe future head for specialist fairs’ published in The Guardian 28.10.2000, Reproduced by permission of Fileen Sheridan; The Guardian for the adapted text on p. 62 from "The man the Pru had to buy” wetten by Lisa Buckingham, The Guardian 13 March 1999. Copyright © Guardian News and Media Limited 1999, Introduction ‘TO THE STUDENT ‘This book is for candidates preparing for the Cambridge Business Ex Higher examination Ie contains four complete tess based on past paper. ‘The BEC Suite The Business English Certificates (BEC) are certificated examinations which can be taken on various dates throughout the year at approved Cambridge BEC centres. They are aimed primarily at individual learners who wish to obtain a busiress related English language qualification, and provide an ideal focus for course in Business English. Seti a business context, BEC tests English language, not business knowledge, BEC is availabe at three levels ~ Preliminary, Vantage and Higher, Tine BEC Suite is linked to the five ALTE/Cambridge levels for language assessment, and tothe Council of Europe's Framework for Modern Languages. Its also aligned ‘with the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authorty’s National Standards for Literacy, within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) I Tilers Main Sie | Counc of wap BEC fam Framework Level | UKNQF Lee ‘Cerise of Proficiency | 2 in English (CPE) (ALTE Level) EC Higher (Coste im Advanced | Ch Tad ralsh AE) (ALTE Level BEC Vantage Firs Cerefitsin ‘BR Todt | Bncish (ECE {ALTE Level 3) "HEC Pelininary Preliminary English Tee |B Eney3 [wen (BUTE Level 2) Key English Test(RET) | a2 I (LTE Level) foc plot pl secondary ection nthe UR BEC Higher The BEC Higher examination consists of four papers Reading Those Weiing howe 10 ines Listening 40 minutes (appeoximah Speaking 1S minutes - save tig the cel cnet lamb Introduction Test of Reading (1 hour) “This paper consists of six pars with 52 questions, which take the form of two rmuleiple-matching task, ew multiple-choice tasks, acloze test and an error identification task. Part 1 contains five shore texts or a longer text divided into five sections, and Parts 2,3, 4, S and 6 each contain one longer text. The texts, are taken from newspapers, business magazines, business correspondence, books, leaflets, brochures, etc. They are all business-related, and are selected t0 testa wide range of reading skills and strategies, Test of Writing (1 hour 10 minutes) For this paper, candidates are required to produce two pieces of writing, For Pare 1, they weite a short report based on graphic input. For Pat 2, they ‘choose whether ro write a shore report, a piece of business correspondence or a proposal. Candidates are asked to write 120 to 140 words for Part | and 200 to 250 words for Part 2, Assessment is based on achievement of task range and accuracy of vocabuiary and grammatical structures, organisation, content, and appropriacy of register and format. Test of Listening (approximately 40 minutes) This paper consists of thee parts with 30 questions, which take the foem of a not completion task, a maliple matching task and a multiple-choice task. Pact 1 contains 4 monologue in a work-related situation, Part 2 contains five ver short monologues, and Part 3 contains one longer conversation between two or more peopl, The texts are audio recordings based on a variety of sources including interviews, face-to-face ‘conversations and documentary features. They ae all business-related, and are Selected to rest a wide range of listening skills and strategies. Test of Speaking (16 minutes) The Speaking ret consists of three parts, which take che form of an interview section, a short presentation ona busines topic, and a discussion, In che standard test format, candidates are examined in pairs by two examiners: an interlocutor find an assessor, The assessor awards a mack based on the following four eitera Grammar and Vocabulary, Discourse Management, Pronunciation and Imeractive (Communication. The interlocutor provides 2 global mark for the whole test, Marks and results ‘The four BEC Higher papers cotal 120 marks, after weighting. Fach paper is weighted co 30 marks. A candidate's overall grade is based on the total score {gained in all four papers, Irs not necessary to achieve a satisfactory level in all four papers in order to pass the examination, Certifcates are given to candidates who pass the examination with grade A, Bor C. i the highest. The minimum succesful performance in order to achive a grade C.coreesponds 0 about 60% fof the total marks. You wl also be informed if you do particularly well in any individual paper D and Eare failing grades. Every candidate is provided with a Statement of Results, which includes a graphical display oftheir performance in 6 Introduction ‘each paper. These are shown against the scale Exceptional ~ Good ~ Borderline ~ Weak and indicate the candidate's relative performance in each paper. TO THE TEACHER Candidature Each year BEC is taken by over 120,000 candidates throughout the world. ‘Most candidates are either already in work or studying. in preparation for the world of work Content, preparation and assessment ‘Material used throughout BEC is as far as possible authentic and free of bias, and reflects the international flavour of the examination. The subject matter should not advantage or disadvantage certain groups of candidates, ror should it offend in areas such as religion, polities or sex ‘TEST OF READING ~ No. of Part | Main Skill Focus Input Response Questions 1 | Reading for git and lobal | Authentic businesrzelated vex | Matching ¥ ‘meaning tither a single text of five short related eas (approx. 450 words in eel) 2 | Reading for structure and | Authentic business-related wot | Matching 6 deal (approx. 450-500 words) with sentence-length gaps 3 | Understanding general points | Longer tex based on authentic | option 6 and specie details soaree materal (approx. 100-600 | maltipe choice words) 4 | Reading vocabulary and | Single business-related vex with | 4option 10 seructre primarily lexical gaps (appeox. | multiple-choice 250 words) doze 5 | Reading -seoctureand | Single businessrelaved vexe with | Rational delesion | 10 iscouse features structure and discourse gaps Open cloze (approx. 280 words) 6 | Reading — understanding | Shore ex appeox. 150-200 rook reading | 2 sentence strucure; error | words). Wdentifcation of addtional idenciication unnecessary word in text Reading Part One ‘This isa matching task, The texts approximately 450 words long, and is made up of five related shore texts of authentic origin. Examples cou! be a set of related product descriptions, a set of advertisements (for instance, ior Introduction Ulifferent types of services), notices or messages, book or video reviews, shott newspaper items on related topics, Texts may be edited, but the source is authentic. They are identified as texts ACE “There ace eight statements each of which is one sentence long, numbered 1-8, Each statement ean be matched with only one ofthe texts. The candidate's task isto read the statement and then sean the texts for the one to which each statement applies. Candidates are tested on whether they can understand the language ofthe statement and relate it to the meaning ofthe text, which is expressed indifferent language Preparation f Present students with sets of related short texts (e.g, jab advertisements, hotel information, et.) from newspapers, magazines, brochures; Longer texts may also be divided into subsheaded sections; € Students should be encouraged to identify facts or ideas within each text, describing how the texts are similar and what differences they contains 1 The register of syle ofthe task sentences is ikelyto differ from that ofthe texts, and students should be given practice in recognising the same information in differen styles, e.g. by rewriting advertisements into objective prose: 1 The task is designed to go heyond simple word-matching, and students will reed to practise paraphrasing ‘Activities thac help students to identify target information among otherwise superfluous text (4 choosing what ro watch from TV listings) would be hentia ‘Above ally students should teat the task as an example of information- processing skills which are frequently employed in socal and professional ie Reading Part Two ‘This is a gapped text with six sentence-length gaps. The ext is about 450 t0 500 words long, and comes from an authentic business-related source, lchough it may be edited. Sources include business articles from newspapers or magazines, books on topics such as management, or company literature such a8 annual reports. Candidates have co read the text and then identify the correct sentence to fil each gap from a set of eighe sentences marked AH, Sentence H is the example, and one other sentence i a distractor which does not fi any of the gaps. Understanding of not only che meaning ofthe text but some of the features of its structure is tested. Preparation «© This ask requires an overt focus on cohesion and coherence, to which many students may not be accustomed; «Ir would be helpful for students to reassemble texts that have been cut up, discussing why’ texts fi together as they dos «# Ir would also be useful for students ro discuss why sentences do or do not ft togethers 4 Students could benefit from altering the cohesi that do not fc together do so, and vce versa; ‘of texts ro-make sentences Introduction «© Since culture affects discourse, including the order of argument development, dliscussions exploring this would be beneficial; «The cut-and-paste functions of word-processing, where available, could be exploited for this ask Reading Part Three ‘This task consists of a text accompanied by four-option multiple chive items. The stem of a multiple-choice item may take the form of a question or an incomplete sentence. There are sx tems, which are placed after the text. The texts about 500 to 600 words long. Sources of original texts may be the general and busines pres, company literature, and books on topics wich as management. Texts may be edited, but the soutce is authentic Preparation ‘@ Multiple-choice questions area familiar and long:standing type of est; hers, they are used to test opinion and inference rather than straightforward facts ‘¢ Correct answers are designed not to depend on simple worsbmatching, and students" abiliy to interpret paraphrasing should be developed; ‘8 Students should be encouraged to pursue their own interpretation of relevant parts ofthe txt and then check their idea against the options offeed, rather than reading al the options fest, «# Iecould be useful for students to be given perhaps one of the wrong options ‘only, and for them to try to write che coreect answer and another wrong, option Reading Part Four ‘This task isa modified cloz:in other words, a gapped text in which the gaps are carefully chosen. There are en multiple-choice items, most of which test vocabulary. The text is approximately 250 words long and is based en uthentie source material of one ofthe text types listed above. The candidate's task is wo choose the eovteut option, fro die tou available, 1 fill eah wap, Preparation «@ Ieis important for students to appreciate tha the correct answer ir each case Js correct in relation tothe gap itself, rather than in relation to the other three options; ¢¢Ieis worth emphasising that this task rests lexical and collocational knovsledge, and that the hest route o this knowledge isto read willy within the kinds of texts thatthe task employs; « Itis worth discussing what aspects of linguistic knowledge are tested {collocations, xed phrases, register et.) «It mighe be useful to give students gapped texts and have them provuce alternative words which fi and which do nor fi the gaps; «Any vocabulary bung acti is key be bp preparing for his Introduction Rat “This task isan open cloz: a gapped text in which the candidate has to supply the word coil each gap. There are tem items. Gaps are formed by ational ‘eleton, being chosen rather than being simply those which occur if (for example) every seventh word is deleted, The focus ison structure, and ‘oherencelcohesion inthe text. ems tested may inlude prepositions, auxiliary verbs, pronouns, conjunctions, etc. The text is based on authentic material, and itis approximately 250 words long. A title is usually included, 19 Part Five Preparation 1 The kinds of words which are gapped may well correspond to the kinds of, errors students make, and therefore discussion of photocopied examples of students" compositions could be helpful, ‘¢ Students should be encouraged to circle che word or words in the text chat dictate what the answer will be, inorder for them to see that such clues to the answer may be adjacent to the gap or several words distant ‘8 Students should brainstorm various likely words which might fica particular 2p, and then discuss why the ones that do not fit do not do so; ‘¢ Students could be given several possible answers fora gap and discuss why the correct answer is correct; ‘6 This task tests grammatical and structural aspects of language, and any practice in these areas should he beneficial Reading Part Six ‘This is an error correction oF proof-reading task based on a text of about 150 0-200 words, with 12 items, Candidates identify additional or unnecessary ‘words in a text. This task can be related tothe authentic task of checking a text Tor errors, and suitable ext types are therefore letters, publicity material, et. ‘The texts presented with 12 numbered lines, which are the lines containing the items, Further lines at the end may complete che text, but these are not ‘numbered, Student shoul be reminded that has presents 2 Kind f ing thats Common pace, even inher fie language «any wor om eso anys kl oe ell for hicks if tay well be har photocopies of snden own wring cou provide an duthenne sure for practise f Arevere of the exec ving sade ets wth ising word) might prove bene Marks ‘One mark is given for each correct answer. The total score is then weighted t0 ‘30 marks forthe whole Reading paper. Introduction ‘TEST OF WRITING Functions/Communicative ] Pact | Task Input | Response Regier 1 | eg: descbing or comparing | Rubric and gaphicinpor | Shore por (medium | Newall figures from graphic input, may be nemo or ena) | formal making inlerences (120-140 words) 2 | Repore: describing, | Rubric, possibly “Candies choose from | Neutra’ summarising supplemented by bef inpur | eporemedium could | formal Coreespondence: eg explaining apologising, bsiness correspondence essuring complaining (rmdir nay Be ene, Proposal desering, fax or email of summarising, propos medium could recommending, persuading fremems or email) ee tine | Eee For BEC Higher, candidates are requited to produce ewo pieces of writing: ¢¢ a shore report based on graphic input; ‘one of the following ff the candidate’ choosing) ‘report: the report will contain an introduction, main body of ndings and conclusion; itis possible that the report may be delivered through the medium of a memo or an email, «# a piece of business correspondence: this means correspondence with somebody outside the company (eg. a customer or supplier) on a business-related mate, and the delivery medium may be a letter, fax or email, + a proposal: cis has similar format toa report bur, unlike the report, the Facus ofthe proposal ison the future, with the main focus beingon recommendations for discussion; itis possible thatthe proposal may be delivered through the medium of a memo or an email Writing Part One ‘This isa guided writing task, in which the candidate produces a brief (120-140-word) report. The task provides a realistic situation in which itis necessary to analyse some sor of graphic input and express the information it conveys in words. Graphs, bar charts and pie charts ofthe eype frequently used in the business pages of newspapers, company reports and brochures may [provide a seartng point. The graphic input is taken from an authentic source, hut may be modified inthe same way that a text may be edited. The rubric aces ‘0 amplify and clarify the situation, as well as making clear what the ask involves Writing Part Two ln most pars of the BEC Writing tests, al candidates are required to perform the same tsk because there is no danger of individuals or groups of candidates heing disadvantaged by thar task. The exception is BEC Higher Writing Part ‘Twor in order to generate the range of language which i characteristic of this (200-280 words) u Introduction level of language learner, the task contains no input or minimal input, resulting ina relatively high background knowledge requirement from the candidate. In the absence ofa choice of tasks, this would be likely to disadvantage some candidates, soa choice of tasks is given Candidates choose from three options: a report, apiece of business correspondence or a proposal. The task is supplied bythe rubric, which provides an authentic reason for writing, and indicates who the piece of ‘writing is being produced for. The inputs therefore more detailed and specific than that of the traditional essay question’ task type. Preparing for the Writing paper The fist Weiting task involves the kind of graphic input of information which is common in the business world, and students should be exposed to a wide range of examples of graphs and chars from newspapers, magazines, company literature, etc. The interpretation involved is che translating of che graphic input imo prose, rather than the recommending of action. Students should have practice in the clear and concise presentation of writen information. Specific vocabulary and phrasing should also be developed. The second Writing task requires students to plan carefully in onder to be able to produce successful answers, They should be given practice in ‘considering the target reader «the purpose of writing 1 the requirements ofthe format (eter, report, et) {the main points to be addressed {the approximate numberof words to be written for each point ‘suitable openings and closings 1 the level of formality require. Exposure 0, and discussion of, as wide a range as possible of relevant texts ‘would be beneficial Assessment {An impression mark is awarded for each piece of writing, The General mpeession Mark Scheme is used in conjunction witha task-specifi mark scheme, which focuses on criteria specific to each particular eask. This summarises the content, organisation, egister, format and target reader indicated inthe task. ‘The band scores awarded are translated to a mark out of 10 for Part and a mark out of 20 for Part 2. A total of 30 marks is available for Writing “The General Impression Mark Scheme is interpreted at Council of Europe Level Ch ‘A suminary of the General Impression Mark Scheme is reproduced opposite Examiners work with a more detailed version, which is subject to regular updating. 2 Introduction General Impression Mark Scheme - Writing ‘Band S| Fillion of the ask ee fAllcontent points included Controle natural we of language; minial errs Wide range of sractore and vocabulary ' Efectvely organise, with appropiate use of cohesive devices. & Repater and format consiently appropiate Very postive effec on the read | Good raison of the ak se 1 Almac content point inlaeds posbly minor omissions {Natural eof langues rors ony when complex anguage is arenpeed. 1 Good range of straceures and vocabulary + Generally well onnised, with attention pid to cohesion 1 Register and format onthe whale appropit, Poste eft the reader 3 | Reasonable ackioement of the wake ‘All majrcomtent points inlets poly nor oniesions 1 Reasonable control, although a more ambi atemp atte tskimay lead wo a number of nom impeding ero. 4 Adequate rang of strates and vocab. ' Organisation and cohesion are satisfactory, 1 Register and format ratonale hough ot ently successful Sattetory fect on the reader Inadequate auemp aie ask set 1 Some major content points omited o inadequately dealt with posi some relevance {Error somesiney obscure communication and are likely ta be numerous, 1 Limited ange of rocturs and vrsbuleys lnguage to cena for his evel 1 Content eno clely organise, Usoccessfal temp a appropriate reper and format. Rega effec on the rend oor atempe a the rank et. «Notable content omissions andor considerable relevance Serious lack of conl fequent base ers Narrow eange of seractuts tnd vocabulary. 2 Leck of organisation 1 Linleatempr at appropriate eter an format. ery negative eflcom the reader ‘Achiever noting ther Fewer than 25% of he eguted numberof words or vouly lege or toxalyirclevant 3 Introduction ‘TEST OF LISTENING information, aticaes, | discussion berween 0 oF sore poole T Roof tar | Main st ros | tp Reponse Qe 7 | Cinesing rand eoing | Informational montage | Gaping eniving | 12 wae Moras led wees expos {iesomore thane | weds | Kisningsoteniy Fre show monologue] Matipe mcg w | topcomnens neon, | by he or opiron re treleveniomer,” | diner sealer 7] Liseing ogi speci | Conesutolineniw? | Boyton nai dase | ‘This is a sentence-completion, gap-filing or note-taking task. The candidate has to supply only the key words ofthe answer, which will not he more than thee words per item. “The spoken text lasts about two or ehree minutes and is a monologue. The text is heard twice. Itis informational, and focuses on a series of identifiable facts. Topics might involve instructions, changes in arrangements oF instructions, the programme for an event or meeting of some Kind, ora presentation about a company. The setting fr the task could he someone {iving information over the telephone, ora speaker addressing a roomful of delegates ata conference oF people on a training course. Listening tasks may be based on recorded material taken from authentic sources or more usually on seripted material. There are 12 items, which are distributed evenly throughout ch text, so that candidates have time co record thei answers. Answers to items may be numbers or amounts of money, but these will nr involve the candidaee in any calculations. ems of information fare tested in the same order in which the information occurs in the text. Listening Part Two “This is a matching task based on fve shore extracts linked by theme or topic and spoken by five diferent speakers, in monologue form. The texts last a total ‘of approximately three to four minutes. “There are two tasks for each of the five extracts, These tasks relate ro the content and purpose ofthe extract, and candidates are asked to do aay combination of the following: identify speakers, interpret context, recognise the function of what is said, identify the topic, understand specific information, identify a speaker’ opinion or felings. "The series of extracts is heard twice, and candidates must attempe both tasks luring this time, Is for the candidates to decide whether they choose to do the first task che fist time they listen tothe text, and the second task the second time, or whether to deal with the two easks for each extract together For each task, they havea ist of eighe options to choose from, “4 Introduction Materials fr this task are scripted, and relate to a business topic ct Listening Part Three ‘This task consists of a dialogue, usually with two or more speakers. There are ight items, which ace three-option multiple choice. The task relates 10 atopic of incest or concern in the world of work, The text is heard twice, Proparing forthe Listening pape Allistening practice should be helpful for students, whether authende or specially prepared. In particulay, discussion should focus on «# the purpose of speeches and conversations or discussions 1 the speakers roles the opinions expressed 1 the language functions employed ¢ relevant aspects of phonology such as stres, linking and weak forms, ete In addition, students should be encouraged to appreciate the difeting ‘demands of each task type. Ie will be helpful not only to practise the task types in order to develop a sense of familiarity and confidence, but also to discuss how the three task types relate to reali skills and situations: «the frst is note-taking (and therefore productive), and students should reflect, fon the various situations in which they ake notes from a spoken input; they should also be encouraged to try to predict che kinds of words or numbers ‘hae might go inthe gaps: ‘the second is a matching (with discrimination) exercise, and reflees the ability to intereelate information hetween reading and listening ant across dlfering styles and registers; ‘the third involves the correct interpretation of spoken input, with corcect answers often heing delivered across different speakers. Inall three tasks, succesful listening depends on correct reading, and students should be encouraged ro make fll use ofthe pauses during the tes to check the written input. Marks (ne mark is given for each correc answer, giving a roal score of 30 marks for the whole Listening paper. Introduction TEST OF SPEAKING ar | Formad/Comtan Time Tnveracton Focus _| 1 | Conversation Between the interlocutor | About 3 minutes |The ieclocutor encourages he and each candidate «alates oie information about themscies and to express personal Giving personal information talking opinions a about present circumstances, past ‘experiences and fue plans ‘expressing opinions, speculating, ec 2 | Amin preseoration by each ‘Aout 6 mines | ack candidate given prompe which candidate ons busines theme ‘hey wet prepare and pve a shore talk ona busines lated tpi Onganisng age unit of discourse Giving information and expressing opinions 3 | wo-way comenaton baween “About 7 minutes | The candidates are presented with « andidates followed by farther busnesrelted itation o discs. romping fom the iterator “Te interlocutor extends the discussion Expressing and nstiying opinions, wit rte spoken prompts. speculating comparing sid onrastng, agresing sd disagresing, ss | ‘The Speaking testis conducted by two oral examiners (an interlocutor and an assessor), with pairs of candidates, The interlocutor is responsible for Conducting the Speaking test and is also required to give a mark for each tandidate’s performance during the whole test. The assessor is reponsible for providing an analytical assessment of each candidate's performance and, After being intcodiced by the interlocutor, takes no further part in the ‘The Speaking testis designed for pairs of candidates. However, where a centee has an uneven number of candidate, he last thre candidates will be examined together ‘Speaking Part One For this part ofthe rst, the interlocutor asks the candidates questions on a number of personal or work-related subjects ‘Speaking Part Two In this part, each candidate’ task isto choose one topic from a set of ee, and to talk on i for about one minute. Candidates have one minute in which to prepare, and should use this time to make brief notes. While one candidate speaks, the other listens (and may make notes), after which they ask the candidate who gave the tlk a question 16 Candidates are again advised to keep in mind the business orientation ofthis test eis wise to structure the one-minute tale, for example, as pots, with an introduction and conclusion {however brief chese must, of necessity be), and t0 sake the structure explicit when giving the tlk in order to show some evidence of planning, Candas soul approach the ask asi vg presentation in a business environment. Examples of topic areas forthe individual Speaking task include the following: advertising, career planning, communications, custome telations, finance, health and safery, management (personnel, production, tansport, et. marketing, recruitment, sales technology, training and travel Speaking Part Three ‘This isa cwo-way collaborative task based on a prompt, which is given to both candidates. The prompt consists of several sentences stating a business-related Sitmation followed by two or three discussion points. Candidates are given time toread the prompe and then they discuss the situation together ‘Candidates need to approach the task asa simulation, imagining themselves ina work environment, faced with areal situation to discuss and on which they should try to reach some decisions. The opinions they express, 10wever, are their own. They are not instructed, as in some kinds of roe plato assume particular attitudes or opinions Preparing for the Speaking test ‘Students should he made familiar withthe seating arrangements ané paired assessment procedures thatthe Speaking test employs. Any speaking practice should be of benefit, in particular paired and small-group work. ‘¢ For Part One, students should be familiar with the topics that the rest covers. Activities designed ro develop fluency willbe of considerable bent, a the students need to demonstrate as wide a range of language as possible within the time limits of che rest It should be nored not ony thatthe testis esigned to minimise the possibilty of attempts to use echearsed speech, but also thae examiners will quickly identify it « For Part Two, they need to develop the ability to prepare effectively for the Tong turn they are eequired to take. They should be given help in developing the skill of long-tumn-taking, and in building up a range of discourse features to make ther speech both coherent and cohesive eis also important for them to listen to each others talks, and be ready toask felevant questions «For Part Three, students will henefic from practice inthis kind of simulation, where they have o pur themselves nto a work environment, and collaborate to discuss and decide issues. They should be helped to build up a range of resources for turn-taking and the general negotiating of ideas and opinions. Introduction 7 Introduction ‘Assessment (Candidates are assessed on their own performance and not in relation to each ‘other according tothe following analytical erteria: Grammatical Resource, Vocabulary Resource, Discourse Management, Pronunciation and Interactive ‘Communication. These criteria are interpreted at Higher level. Assessment is based on performance in the whole test and is not related to particular parts of the test. Both examiners assess the candidates, The assessor applies detailed analytical scales, and the interlocutor applies a Global Achievement Scale, which is based fom the analytical scales. The analytical criteria are further described below, Grammatical Resource “This refers to the accurate and appropriate use ofa range of both simple and complex forms, Performance is viewed in terms of the overall effectiveness of the language wsed in spoken interaction. Vocabulary Resource This refers tothe candidate’ ability to use a range of vocabulary to meet task reaquirements. At BEC Higher level, the tasks require candidates to speculate and exchange views on unfamiliar topics Performance is viewed in terms of the overall eectiveness of the language used in spoken interaction. Discourse Management “Tis refers to the candidate’ ability co link utterances together to form coherent speech, without undue hesitation. The utterances should be relevant {the taske and should be arranged logically ro develop the themes or Arguments required by the tasks, Pronunesiation “This tefers to che candidate's ability to produce intelligible utterances to ful the task requirements. Ths includes stress and intonation as well as individual Sounds, Examiners put themselves inthe position of a non-FSOL specialist and fssess the overall impact of the pronunciation and the degree of effort required touunderstand the candidat, Interactive Communication This refers to the candidate's ability to take an active pat in the development ‘of the discourse. Ths requires an ability to participate in the range of iimeractve situations in the test and to develop discussions on a range of topics by initiating and esponding appropriately. This also refers tothe deployment ‘of strategies to maintain interaction at an appropriate level throughout the test So that the tasks ca be fall. 18 Introduction Global Achievement “This refers to the candidate's overall ffctivenes in dealing with the tasks in the three separate parts ofthe test. The global mark isan independeat impression mark which reflects the assessment of the candidate’ performance from the interlocutor's perspective, Theowghout the Speaking test, candidates are assessed on ther language skills and, in order to be able to makea fair and accurate assessment of each candidate's performance, the examiners must be piven an adequate sample of language to assess. Candidates must, therfore, be prepared to provide full answers ro the questions asked by ether the interlocutor or the other candidate, and to speak clearly and audibly While it isthe responsibilty of the interlocutor, where necessary, to manage er direct the interaction, thus ensuring that both candidates are given an equal ‘opportunity to speak, itis the responsibilty of the candidates to maintain the interaction as much as possible. Candidates who take equal ruens inthe interchange will utilise o best effect the amount of time available. Grading and results Grading takes place once all seripts have been returned to Cambridge ESOL and marking is complete. Ths is approximately ive weeks aftr the examination. There are two main stages grading and awards Grading ‘The four papers rotal 120 marks, after weighting. Each paper represents 25% ofthe coral marks available, The grade boundaries (A,B, C, D and F) are set, using the following information: 4 statistics on the candidature 1 statistics on the overall candidate performance «statistics on individual items, for those parts ofthe examination fee which this is appropriate (Reading and Listening) f shesadvice ofthe Prinepal Examiners, based on the performance of candidates, and on the recommendation of examiners where this i relevant (Writing) ‘© comparison with statistics from previous yeass' examination performance land candidature, AA ceandidate’s overall grade is based on the total score gained in all four papers. Ieis not necessary to achieve a satisfactory level inal four papers in order to pass the examination, Awards ‘The Awarding Committe deals with all cases presented for special consideration, eg. temporary disability, unsatisfactory examination conditions, suspected collusion, etc. The Commitee can decide to ask for scriptsto be remarked, to check results, to change grades, co withhold results, etc. Results ‘may be withheld because of infringement of regulations or because further investigation is needed. Centres are notified if a candidate's results ave been scrutinised by the Awarding Committe. Introduction Results Results are reported as thre passing grades (A, Band C) and two failing ‘grades (D and E). The minimum suocessfal performance which a candidate typically requires in order to achieve a Grade C corresponds to about 60% of the total marks. Candidates are given a Statement of Results which, in addition to their grades, shows a graphical profile oftheir performance on each paper. ‘These are shown against che scale Exceptional ~ Good ~ Borderline ~ Weak and indicate the candidate's relative performance in each papet. Certificates are issued to passing candidates after the issue of the Statement of Results and thee i no limiton the validity ofthe certificates. Further information For more information about BEC or any other Cambridge ESOL examination University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Hills Road Cambridge CBI 2EU United Kingdom “Tel: 244 1223 553997 Fax: +44 1223 5536. email: ESOL Helpdesk@ucles.org.uk ‘website: www.CambridgeESOL org, In some areas, ths information can also be obtained from the British Council 20 Test 1 READING = 1 hour PART ONE: Questions 1-8 ‘© Look at the statements below and atthe five summaries of articles about stratagie change from a journal on the opposite page. '¢ Which article (A,B, C,D or E) doos each statement (1-8) refer to? {3 Foreach statement (1-8), mark one letter (A,B, C,D or E) on your Answer Sheet. «© You will need to use some of these letters more than once. ‘© There is an example atthe beginning (0) Example: © itacvises against the use oftechnolosyfor == ['g A BC D E ‘communication within a company. *|Saecom 1. Itproposes some views on management thatthe editors fee! might be considered controversial by readers. 2 explains who the communicators of initiatives within @ company should be, 3 Itmakes reference tothe fact that some people may try to hinder Innovations. 4 Itconsiders the need to streamline commercial activities in order tohave aclearer focus. 5. Iteriicises the control of policy:making by cartain key personnel 6 It questions the validity of certain accepted management-training approaches. 7. includes practical, real-world examples ofthe ideas being put forward, 8 It stresses that itis vital to exclude obsolete views when drawing up company policy. 2 Reading a “Those serving in industry today have to options they can surende the futuro revolutionary companies or they can revolutionise the wy their companies ete strategy. In Revolution and Sate) Gary Heath ‘ngs that any approach that docs no challenge the sats qua is not a sategy at all Tn 100 many companies, the statesy-planning press s manopolised by senior managers and what pases fr strates) js sterile and uninspiring. To cfeate truly revolutionary stleses, « statey-making process must be ‘demanding and inclusive: i must id isl of tied, outdated perspectives aad uncover the revolutionary ‘eas that re ying deep in an organisation Companies often stem to implementa major change in strategy. Determined managers go forth with the pls, nd hey expect enthusiasm snd commitment rom thet sobordinates. But esta employees drag thei fet and gue out ways to undermine the proces. The change effort gets hogged dow and results I short. In Why Resist Change? Pal Song explains bow corporate leaders can overcome employees concems aout change by evsing the mutual obligations and coamitnens, bo ated and implied, tat exist between them, The author presents two case stds of his ideas in at, © ‘Business unit offen take charg of formulating stategy in todays envionnent bat they can easily get lostinathicket of weeds ~ too many customers, products and services. In Souteple Businest Unit Renewal Jolin White provides method for business units co prune thei gardens and eegan perspective. His strategy-reneval process lads managers through the undergrowth ofa business unit's complexity and compels them to ask whether all of the unit's customer, products and evies are truly srateiclly important, significant and potable. Unis that do not meet hese criteria mst cut back tallow a greater smeentaio on cultivating their most worthy projects ‘Which came fis, HaryJ Mindenberg wonders Musings om Managemen Satay: our misguided ideas of whit makes «good manager and a good organisation, rth programmes that lim to create them? A professor of management himself at McGill Unversity in Canada and at INSEAD in France, Mingenbere fakes on management fds, management education and the worship of management gurus ~ ad offers some peovoeative alteatives. The next time you ae planning a major change effort, forget the huge meeting the speeches relayed by satellite, the videos and special publications. JK. and Sandra Parkin argue tat Changing Frontline Employees requires giving up the image of the charismatic executive rousing the troops Frniine employees may accept change, but they won't accept empty words delivered impersonal. If you need to fonvey & major stratepe change, remember that froine supervisors ~ ma senior managers ~ are the people whom employees tus the most 2 Test 1 PART TWO. ‘Questions 9-14 ‘¢ Read this text taken from an article about future developments in advertising, ‘© Choose the best sentence from the opposite page to fill each of the gaps. «© For each gap (9-14), mark one letter (A-H) on your Answor Sheet. «Do not mark any otter more than once. f There is an example atthe beginning (0). ‘Tne explosion of new med ranging from the ire wo digital television, means that people ‘working in advertsing wil have to devise more cunning ways to eatch the publi'satenton in the future. The tational TV advertising campsign will not reach the whole family any nore 10)... The advenising indsty will have Wook “harder and smarter to cut hough ‘he “ltr ad noise of def with his vast array of new medi, al competing to catch the People have Become more individ in their ‘consumption of averting (8) nnsnn New technology’ his made expeimenting with Dew forms of advertising a possibiliy. The ‘monologue where the advert tells howseves that hiss the washing powder they should buy js just cliché now. Te terns, fr example, has made sich ads look old-fashioned co ‘A mach closer relationship with ‘he consume is gradually being forged, "The definition of what consitates advertising wil expand well beyond the conventional mass mw Future Developments in Advertising media. Shopping environments wil themselves become a part of the advertising, process (11) ssn De aim wl be to warm’ people towards thse places so that they wil rerun to purchase goods there agin, Inspite of these and other changes, itis highly wnikely that TY, prin and odio will disappear altogether as advertising media. 12) But other marketing disciplines, soc as public relations and direct marketing, wil ecome a5 important as advertising. Advertsing agencies wil have 4 reinvent themselves, They will no longerbe abe simply o produce advertisements and tien support these tough PR, ale ‘marketing oF he internet (1) "Thus, creativity will be the most valuable commodity in the fore. (24) wns Hv ‘continue tobe so inthe ature. Bu there will be fan increasing premivm on the advertiser's bilg 0 be imaginative, an think laterally bout engaging the consumer in broaer varity of media Reading Example: | 0 A. Ontthe contrary, there is almost certain. 10 be an increase in every form of advortising in future years. B Increasingly, they will exist not simply to sell goods, but also to entertain people F ‘and to make sure that they enjay their time there, © Originality of thinking has always been in short supply 6 D_ Theres, consequently tle hope of ‘thom surviving for more than another 20 years, This fragmentation has already shown the need for a more sophisticated understanding of where and how to reach people in the most effective way. Instead, they will have to change the whole way they look at communication and start thinking about ideas which are not specific to one discipline, thas made possible a situation in which customers can tel advertisers what they think, and the edvertisors can supply information. No longer will all members be watching the same programme: some will be ‘watching differant channels on their own TVs, surfing the net or doing both at the same tire. 25 Test PART THREE Questions 15-20, Read the following article about Grasmore, a small British company that manufactures steel components, and the questions on the opposite page, For each question (15-20), mark one letter (A,B, € or D) on your Answer Sheet. In a tun crate for UK| long we fom tose pen ibs some | Gmeres business hs spread maniacs Malem Oren | he erg machrery ste | re wie 10 other parts of he hs ton away fr tcp | the recente aa memento of | Exrope the pa iw ears gh Grametosxcentbybecomnea te compan/sro0s Onyinthea rot braze of any debate bespoke marc The inokee | years te company reed fom | sre to pun pepe Ae working very dose wth cstomers the canoed and my wertshop &| Drake ports oa. fa company xh produce pete wha hey wart | mowedtoin910sbameorermeen 5 hs skeen to yokr tal to ‘Ava resit Gram fis bucome | and oper-pin bling on the | sxceufl compas that fink indiperaie to ts tig citomer | cunirs of | Brringam, a | srgeayinevay fi wl ren wiih we bared rand Eire operon tat inked 3 maior more omen les rey SGeamere mots 8 rege of sma logizal emrcse to mow. te | fig dion ofthese busrses0 re ters tht ae tlre 0 | machinery The new te es lowed | mest fie om cand fr the imo much ger produc nd its |Gramere to male ts mare | components Cranes cn prodice Caterrerspte big ecroncad | fire The compary ba sa crcl pooch mance. 150 to 125 by sig low | Me Company depends on hig "Wenwe sar takrgto comers died enpoyes without reducing | trial ete pepe who en about on ocr hey ofen hae ony | uo acetate Hens 2 rout idea what ey war as asec enploees e Date We sont them dogg Malem Onke sie tht 19 of engnesserpoyedinarangfiobs ind apeting Pe mocks an |rcmeres— cisorers eae |incrg mang. prods, ss, She henton he bat vay mo commbste reeves of more thn | mareng and purchasing, While werhacn te ater Tn we EIC0O00 a year wth hal of a | abot ICD of he aaf we dec Steir wir coud che aerconmgen reste | moked mur pen Those nea mleneerpars Wearever | ounrtergros nah akgta pen with hem and provide em | eatomers abo sen oF Geaeres min to ae press | tha ot of tema efoto | manag Se bemnpm pete |mush why scan ve me Ma, Dre asp he Company was started by Dre | kd to do someting at soo | COMPENS Ser oe he iretarndter 103 when ts | et or expense, we say rr, | sates tht cst wnt estat rodiswere pen nib | We eae the ste aso what | Sul Pedder ey tn the erpmy pies fu on | spose fyousow yursetobe | 394 ow ce AS a rh, the fever “hning en dow te | dented inet a paren | COME ourhng ‘acing sancirds whieh tat hen | Re rong Wile todays range has moved 26 6 16 ” 2 ® 20 Reading What do we learn about Grasmere inthe first paragraph? a 8 c D Itconcentrates on working in a particular sector. Itholps customers to formulate their own requirements. It makes a range of products for a small number of applications, It designs produets then looks for suitable customers for them. \What links Grasmere now with when it was founded? A B ce D ‘The company has always operated in the same premises. Some of the original machines are still used for manufacturing, The present range of products includes the original lines. The company has always had the same attitude to qualiy. Grasmere's workforce has fallen because ‘A productivity has improved. B itis difficult to recruit sklled staf. © new machinery has been introduced. 1D some staff chose to leave the company. What does Malcolm Drake say about the company's relationship with its customers? A Grasmere works on equal terms with its customers. B Grasmere has a better rolationship with some customers than others. © Grasmere can learn a great deal from its customers. Grasmere is expected by some customers to provide too much information ‘The company’s exports are rising because A itis following a strategy of promoting its products abrosd, there isa growing demand abroad forthe types of products it makes ‘overseas sections of its client companies are buying from Grasmere, itis gaining access to the overseas clients ofits awn customers. Itis part of Grasmere’ policy to ensure that A 8 © > every customer's allocsted to a specific salesperson, many of its engineers deal directly with customers. ach activity is carried out by dedicated staff. ithas @ department which designs new products. y Test 1 PART FOUR. Questions 21-20 ‘¢ Read the article below offering advice to job-seekers. '¢ Choose the correct word to fill each gap irom A,B, C or D on the opposite page. ‘For each question (21-30), mark one letter (A, B, C or D) on your Answer Sheet. 1 There is an example atthe beginning (0) ach time you ty fora more)... Postion, the seleton process gets ew ‘Your abies, personality tus, you lifestyle, vas and aspieatons will all be vigorously (22) by your prospective colleagues and aso yourboses. Do you kno how (2) sn yourself when you are under the microscope? If you are to (24) your ambiions, now isthe ime to earn how to do (25) youself and Prepare fr formal selection peocesses [Lean about the various methods you can employ o find your way into a Aitferent institution, gain a more sophisticated (26) of how headhunters work and lam o position youself so that you can be found easily. Taking (27) ‘ofan station to maximise your visibly is ‘very useful, Even when you are not offered «particular jb for which you have been considered, do leave an impression which wil remain inthe You (29) it to yourself to do the best you can. Make sure you form in such away that you can be satisfied thatthe decision about you hasbeen made with the (30) amount of uptodate and accurate information bout your capabiiis.Do you know whatthyareand do you have some stories prepared which wil lsat ther well? a 2 a 28 26 2 a Example: A. responsible stronger contemplated realise Fight Intelligence benefit deserve biggest B- authoritative tougher reflected deal succeed information advantage open require fullest © liable sharper regarded cope obtain justice ‘understanding profit center carectest D_ commanding firmer scrutinised handle capture fairness comprehension gain widest Reading | Test PART FIVE, ‘Questions 21-40 ‘¢ Read the article below about computer printers ‘ For each question (31-40), write one word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer Sheet. ‘¢ There is an example at the beginning (0). exampte: [0] [@] [F Printing at a tes e Sarr an Maton < ad pola hey wll Price pacioa ind mato a conmraion bk ht treated addtional media rather (31)... replcng existing oes. Therefore, pape is hee to stay and the priner ean be sure of keeping (82 un place alongside ‘the computer. fx and telephone asa basi tam ofoffce equipment fundamental to the feof most companies. However ike many other base tems, the printer is often 5669 (38) so ripheral and insfcene attention is {sven foie selection Ie worth remembering tht the equipment thar you attach to your compucer Is just as Important as the computers technical spectfeavon. You wil 000 find that (28)... you ae using a priter that jam and sme your work or abs geting rarer and Aaddrezres onto envelopes feem an imposible atk, then (35)... supersone speed of your microprocessor wil be no great advantage Printing technology has developed apldly over the (26) non few years, and ie Seems Set co Eontnue t0 (97) cna 80. Finding the best princes for your parse needs depends on many factors not eas (38) —--hich Is coseYer even before cost comparisons come (8). Consideration, the questions of brand, colour volume, speed and quality ef euput al need careful thought The best mot i'ey before you buy That way. you wil get the best printer for your company. and it wil be (40) non the best posibl pice 30 Reading PART Six ‘Questions 41-52 «© Read the text below about a small business which makes and cells clothes and other items for weddings. « In most of the lines (41-82) there is one extra word. It ther is grammatically incorrect oF {oes not fit in withthe sense of the text. Some lines, however, are correct. «If aline is correc, write CORRECT on your Answer Sheet, «If there isan extra word inthe line, write the extra word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer Sheet «© The exercise begins with two examples (0 and 00) Examples: © Last year, Jonny Salwyn soent several month through pondering how to expand her se yea: (00 old business, JS Couture, Mora than hall of har annual turnover was tied up in stock to 41 show to prospective brides, her retail cumworkshop was siusted down # beck street 42 in a tiny tow, and advertising was not boosting sales up. One way to expand would have “43. been to do more wholesling, but this seam inaperopriate for her ustomibed design service 44 The marine tom wholesslors and who might alka be slow payers iam nok stention ar 45 better would it bo to open a second tall hop with much higher marging snd bator 46 cashitow, thanks In part to payment by customers of 2 20% depos Unies thers ware 447 worries sbout the signing 4 five-year lease on another reall shop, and essing and then 448. managing second site, a6 well done as coping withthe extra wosload. However, withthe 49. support of her loyal fourstong workforce, Jenny took on a charea, and business growth 150. proved not tobe too much stressfl Within a yaar, turnover has mare than doubled, ad net | 51 prost improved dramatically. There is litle Hf anything to siggeet that this success ‘52 lnotsetta continue, andthe message comes trom JS Coutreis le small businssea should st Test 1 WRITING — 1 hour 10 minutes PART ONE Question 1 ‘¢ The bar chart below shows the forecasts of unit sales by Tolle Electrical Ld forthe four quarters of next year in each of its three main product areas. ‘© Using the information from the bar chart, write a short report describing and comparing the salos forecasts forthe three product areas for next year. ‘¢ Write 120-140 words Toller Electrical Lid Sales forecasts for next year 25 32 5 Distr £* andar 80 830 ot e Danan 55 Toller Electrical Products 2 Writing PART TWO \Write an answer to one ofthe questions 2-4 inthis part. Write your answer in 200-250 words Question 2 ‘© The number of staf using the company canteen at mealtimes has been falling, and the Managing Director has asked you to find out why this isthe cas. «© Write a report for the Managing Director «¢ explaining how you found out the opinions of the staff ‘= summarising the reasons staff gave for not using the canteen + suggesting possible ways of encouraging staf to use the canteen. Question 3 «© The company you work for is investigating the possibilty of opening a new branch abroad. Your lina manager has asked you to contact a business advisory service in the country the company is considering ‘# Write a letter to the business advisory service « briefly introducing your company + explaining your company’s plans + outlining the points you would like advice about «© suggesting a mesting with your company. Question 4 ‘* A member of your section wants permission to take a course which will mean he/she will be absent from work fora long period of time. Write proposal to your line manager recommending that the person be allowed to ake the course. ‘¢ Write the proposal for your line manager, including the following information 8 brief description of the course contents ‘why this particular person should be allowed to do the course how the course will be of benefit to the company how any problems caused by the employee's absence will b cvercome. 3 Test t LISTENING — Approximately 40 minutes (including 10 minutes’ transfer time) PART ONE Questions 1-12 «© You will har Jack Lester, founder of Hinde Instruments Corporation, a telescope ‘manufacturer, giving a talk about the development of his company. «© As you listen, for questions 1-12, complete the notes using up to three words or @ umber «© After you have listened once, replay the recording HINDE INSTRUMENTS 11 ne nserument en rein Calfornia. 2 Hinde nsruments ced the rik of. in 1991. | Founding the company 3 Jack Letter worked for WAC 2 4 -Acfrst Hind Instruments telescopes were avaible through The nnonnnennf Hinde Instruments telescopes mide them popula with ‘The problem years In February 1991, Hinde Instrumens faced demands for repayment of es 17 -Amtex sold Hinde Instroment entire of telescopes and its labile for $1,000, Progress being made BH OOK AY 10 clear Hinde Instrument! debe 9 Hinde nstrumenes els to about ies producs. 10. The major strength of Hinde Instrument is advanced telescopes. {V1 Hinde instrument im £9 UE nnn expand nko new markets, 32 HIT Networks Buys nee {rom Hinde Ins-umens Ea Listening PART TWO Questions 13-22 ' You will hear five different people talking about the Master of Business Administration courses (MBAs) which they have taken, + For each extract, thare are two tasks. For Task One, decide why each person {cided to take that particular course from the list A-H. For Task Two, decide ‘what the main benefit ofthe course has been for each speaker from the lst A-H. f Ater you have listened once, replay the recording, ‘© For questions 18-17, match the extracts with the reasons given by the speaks « For each extract, decide on the appropriate reason © Write one letter (A-H) next to the numberof the extract. 2B A. excollent coverage of developments in business law B good on project management i © personalised attention strong focus on marketing E good reputation ofthe teaching sat fe F convenient location ofthe insttuton 6 9000 coverage of e-commerce ” H. inclusion of courses on financial management ‘Taok Two ~ Main benefit ofthe course for the speaker '¢ For quostione 18-22, match the oxtracte with the main benoft forthe apeakor, ated A-H, ‘For each extrac, choose the main benefit each speaker describes. ‘© Write one letter (A-H) next to the number ofthe extract, 8 ‘A. | have broadened my understanding of monetary issues, 1B What learnt is useful in my current workin human- resource management. 19 © 1am much more comfortable working as part of a teem, | have changed my attitude to senior management. » wed my 0 E Other participants gave me batter understanding of how customers fee! a = F Ihave a better understanding of my own limitations. My time management has improved 2 H_ Work | did on the course was useful when | applied for the job Inow have, 3s Test 1 PART THREE Questions 23-30 «© You will ear 8 Business Studies tutor and a student, Martin, discussing Raleona, 8 UK-based soft-crinks company. «For each question (23-30), mark one letter (A, B or C forthe correct answer. « After you have listened once, replay the recording 23 Why did Ralcona decide to expand their product range? ‘A Demand for their core product was falling, B Their competitors were increasing their market share. © They wanted to build on the success of hole core product. 24 Ralcona’s senior management thought thatthe new product range should be ‘A imited to the European market B introduced in planned stages. sold under a different brand name. 25 What was Ralcone’s strategy with regard to their new products? ‘A toprice them ata higher level than their existing products, B _tocopy their competitors’ successful products © toterget them atthe younger end of the market 26 How did Raleona find designers for the packaging of the new products? ‘A They headhunted personnel from their competitors. B They recruited newly qualified young designers. © They subcontracted the design toa specialist agency. 27 What unforeseen problem delayed the introduction of the new range? ‘A Ralcona’s marketing department was understaffed. B__Ralcona’s competitors introduced a new marketing campaign. © Communication with Ralcona’s retail outlate was poor. 28 Ralcona’s executives were surprised to find that the new products were ‘A bought by a wider range of people than expected. used in more ways than anticipated, € more popular than Ralcona's core product. 36 2 20 Listening How did the success of the new product range affect Raleona? ‘A The markoting department was restructured B__ Employees were rewarded for being more innovative. © The company developed closer inks with its retail outets ‘According to Martin, what can other businesses learn from studying Ralcona’s ‘A that companies must take risks to beat their competitors B that products can be markotod in diffrent ways to cifferent groups © that ongoing market research is essential to effective seling ‘You now have ten minutes to transfer your answers to your Answer Sheet. 4 7 SPEAKING 16 minutes 7 In this part the interlocutor asks questions to each of the candidates in turn, ‘You have to give information about yourself and express personal opinions. PART TWO. In this part ofthe test, you are asked to give a short talk on a businoss topic. You have to choose one ofthe topes from the three below and then talk for about one minute. You have one minute to prepare your ideas. Marketing: the importance of advertising slogans in promoting a brand or product 8 Information management: the importance of keeping staf informed about ‘company policies and plans PART THREE In this part ofthe test, you are given a discussion topic. You have 20 seconds to look at the task prompt, an example of which is below, and then about three minutes to discuss the topic with your partner. After that, the examiner will ask you more questions related to the topic. Fortwo candidates Project Abroad ‘Your company is proposing to send a team of staff abroad for six ‘months to set up an office and tain local employees. You have been ‘asked to make some recommendations for the project. Discuss and decide together: ‘© how to select appropriate staff to manage the project, ‘¢ what preparation and advice the staff would need before leaving. 38 Speaking For three candidates Project Abroad ‘Your company is proposing to senda team of staff abroad for six ‘months to setup an office and tran local employees. You have bee asked to make some recommendations forthe project. Discuss and decide together: 1 how fo select appropriate staf to manage the project, «© what preparation and advice the staff would need before leaving «© how to maintain effective communications between the new ofise and the company headquarters, Follow-on questions ‘© What advantages would there be in working abroad for period of time? short ‘© What kinds of problems could staff encounter working abroad? (wy?) «© How can people get information while they are working abroad? ‘© What effect does the increase in international contacts have on the ‘way companies operate? (Why?) ‘¢ How important sit for businesses to have their own offices abroad? (Why?/Why not?) Test 2 READING 1 hour PART ONE ‘Questions 1-8 ‘© Look atthe statements below and the five news items on various companies on the opposite page. ‘¢ Which report (A,B, ©, D or E} does each statement (1-8) refer to? ¢¢ For each statement (1-8), mark one letter (A,B, C, Dor E} on your Answer Sheet. «You will need to use some of these letters more than once, 1 Thore is an example at the beginning (0) Example: 0. Some new premises are going to be opened. ° 1 This company roports not being able to pass on higher costs to its customers {2 The sale of par ot a company has has an adverse affect on prot 3 This company's response to fluctuations in soles has not had the desirad eect. 4 Jobs have been lost because a company has ended one ofits activities. 5 There ae fears about the impact of internal competition within the company. & This company has reported contrasting results from different parts of its operations. 7 This company has spent money on moving part ofits operation, 8 Efforts are to be made to turn around sales ata store, 40 Reading a New Store Parkins Search for ste forts next store hasbeen ended by Mardon'smisftunes, with Parkin agreving| to bay half ofthe laters Birmingham store for £m. Pains main stor isin London, but it pened it second in Birmingham, tree years ago, and hasbeen seckng sitesi the ge cites. There was surprise at the new store, likely to open next yer. i 0 closet the existing one, whet profits have so fr beaten Parkin’ ales targets, in cas it draws customers vay fromthe exiting outlet Capacity Cut The packaging industry has typically suffered fom a vicious cycle, with ring prices leading to excess capacity, hich in wm leads oa collapse in pies, and Jonson Keithley is no exception The company as boon atempsing 1 smooth the boonybas cycle by better eapaciy management, but it mited ester day that it has ben forced to make significant cuts to capacity because of a suprisingly sharp downtur in| demand, The group now expects ts second-half results to fll below expecstions, and warned of futher Problems on the horizon © Hit by Higher Costs Higher raw-material costs have reduced fullyear profits at Bonne's, the plates manufacturer, wit Prices of polyethylene, the main component ofits busines, rising 8% since last year. Profs were also held back by the disposal ofits packaging division, which accounted for over half of twmover the Previous year. Additonal costs were incured by relocating the head ofie finn Wresham o Cadi and om romganistion and redundancy in its pastes business. Borers sid tht ang in the curent year has stared slowly particulary in its European makes Surprise F Shas in epional supermarket cain Couldson el steply yesterday afer the retailer warned of loses at its biggest out, n Bristol. The warning was in stark contrast its trading statement three months ag, which reported a is in ke-orike sales of 5% in the preceding month. However trading across the rest ofthe chain, including seven outlets bought ast year frm Laxon, showed ahelthy improvement, The company has promised to doll it canto stem the dectne ofthe last four weets atthe Bristol tet. E Modest Improvement _Doceas Foods has posted a mes ss in interim profs, However, the company says it has had o absorb increased costs at its Quality Sugar substiay and the impact of « margin squeeze atts Australian baking operations In sugar, the continued stength of sting has capped profs ant with Dosea’s move out of| sugu-bet refining, expenditure on redundancy is having a serious impact. AC the same tine, floods in| Australia have led to higher wheat pies, which a turn have reduced margins inthe company’s baking ‘operations. 4 Test2 PART TWO Questions 9-14 «Read this article from the business pages of @ newspaper ‘© Choose the best sentence from the opposite page to fill each ofthe gaps. ‘© For each gap (9-14), mark one letter (A-H) on your Answer Shot «© Do not use any letter more than ones. «© There is an example atthe beginning (0) Despite the secent development of online recmitng, graduate job fis are still proving hugely popu in Britain with both employers nao antes. (O fl. Amy graduate with big 'mbions could be forgiven frdhinking thatthe rnor-west of England is the conte of the universe next Week. (9). AS Usual hey will all be looking forthe brightest, best and most suitable eraduates to employ. November 2 sces Expo Management (he finance, business and management fi), and on November 3, Technology’ fo the Fate (he I, science and’ engineering fi). wil be Bel 0, Expo Management has also ‘expanded, to incorporate abroad range of ‘cares in business and management 36 Well the finance sector. Tere ae excelent transport Tinks from al parts of the country to where the fairs re being held. An accommodation Docking service is availble, and thee is plemy of entertainment on offer, 2 High fliers of the future head for specialist fairs [Employers are keener than ever to take pat (19) sous Having sai that, employers use the faire inorder to make contact with the specific kinds of graduates they ae looking 10 recruit, (92) er However, all graduates visting the fais withthe right skills and motivation are likely to got a very positive response from employer. Preparation isthe key to geting dhe most from these firs and visitors should have done thet homework (78) sun Its sensible to exploit this opportunity by coming armed with a good this year the fais” organisers have intodoced a new support facility. (4) son By visting hype netword.covgrdirs, they wil gt instant access 10 the full ist of exhibitors and thee vacancies, as well a links to their company websites. With the world of business changing and expanding so. rapidly, ambitious graduates wil ind that ime spent at the fairs makes an excelent investment in their future Example A c ‘They are keon for graduates to make use of this innovation belore they attend the fais, Graduates can take advantage ofthese to {ensure thal they know how to make the best applications possible inthe weoks ol lowing the fais. “The later, only afew years ol, has proved so successful that this year thas doubled in size: itnow plays host to moro than 40, employers. In particular, tis those with technical qual- fications who are most sought ater. Reading ‘Alter al, hey mey not have another chance tosee such a huge range of prestigious ‘employers under one root “The reason is that ie where a 170.stong list of employers wll be seting up their stands a the start of November's round of ‘graduate fais “This enthusiasm means thatthe prospects {or graduate job-hunters are excelent at the moment ‘As a result thoy are getting bigger and bigger each time they hit the road again 4a Test2 PART THREE ‘Questions 15-20 ‘¢ Read the article below about management styles and the questions on the ‘opposite page. «For each question (15-20), mark one letter (A,B, C or D} on your Answer Sheet. recite ute of ay iweb meio wo dienes can be desc principally in sunon and pope ‘ctor, pooped cae ETM! Syeces peopled ol eee pete aes erie om Haden at xii tends to emphasise ane of 3 Pople to be ready wo ake thetic approaches tolefentip poe andthe inves the tn management ‘ihe Sock ims dle eon Sly down afar as posible In sucess where leder- ‘They te ot te “oi heck Stipisaton vette cate recheck, double shesk tad hen ie peneraly even by one er 4 check tpin to be sue pos af anata of managers who preset a clue. Thy empower inal Song vis forthe frm and lead people and tst them 10 bud by example, The emphasis is cfu They sk pope tomake sting tgs done on ivng for vss a expect hem oo flange Such leaders connnty Ifthe deisns prove wrong te infisecnerey throughout te fen experience i sod the ass oF sd enforce hough tring Imig ate than for ism 7 hat enphasises individ seton, panitment. The emphasise cm sowing inate, taking cos” itent and tl Soporte fred ih and esting inv foe tough ining tt ces ‘ouput and sus. 138+ dame on ow and when ode re fale that ests 09 nals poms, on endersanding sd ting mote se tothe chal rotening ht poople ae mo el lenges of te basins and being the sae, esi ow fo he sling to take on esponsles, bestoutef everyone, ten Beyond what it considered ees omever, peop oie cues aye tat warm and coy They ‘The downside tat the approach respect pole support them an fem be somewhat “oside’, develop thm butte expen ‘overlooking he need for jst o to perm peopl fave pt andl wouine mates, and taking expesttons af proper eiing fergraedutpeople ae lldrven ivemet,appropeite sep at yams of challenge leanfeak taken The sme of pope inthe song and quick ring ononaed cues osu when roophsbodoverhemarecomidered responsi i not appopately ‘ad toil, When overdone, dese tiie challenge for ‘Sowarentaion becomes “are” igh ine pope eas poor 4 france. Bly giving people Fee than ty can hale witht fropety preparing them, tnd wiht providing aut spot i they ily aller lead oe tues focus 00 ung 10 deat systematically with recap have ther feet on the ground in ost npnstons, I of whats ‘vented fim Kaows this. So ts precsdsres handle the coe, Feaving managers tose te eet 0 a 20% af he on tht trode ther expertise ‘Theessenoe of sues sytem viens ce abi ad issptems Soc oyanistins end to have song corporat clus thal peony efor being len the igh to soesion an! cree. Bu sven alton and proves! The ralebook rely mates, butts at st stone ay frm the le book, inative i a Key hare ‘eis tits inve in astong team exvreament. People const ‘whee posible and ae inl Asin only hen tim, ” 6 19 Reading According to the text, a company that has an action-orientated approach to ‘management i ikaly ‘A accept that some initiatives will be more successful than others, B view staf in terms of their personal achiovernents © emphasise the importance of staff input into strategy. D__ expect staff to work extra hours without remuneration. Which of the following doos the writer consider 2 disadvantage of action- tated management? attracts people who aro unreliable. It focuses too heavily on controversial issues. Ie gives out the wrong kind of message to new recruits. Itmakes a questionable assumption about human behaviour. coaD Unlike action-oriontated companies, those who favour people-orientated ‘management oop a watchful eye on what their employoes do, ‘are unwilling to tolerate errors of judgement. {are sensitive to individual ditferences. see indecision 9s a postive feature cooD According to the text, which type of person may under-perform in a people: tated company? {an intelligent person who lacks stimulation ‘2 new member of staff who is keen to learn new s ‘2 new employes who is given a challenging role {2 individual who learns less quickly than others A 8 ce D Inthe writer's vow, the systom-orientated approach is visionary. realistic. uninspiring, outdated. Ina system-orientated culture, employees are A encouraged to share ideas. B not expected to criticise colleagues. © trained to focus on sel-impravement D not allowed to challenge company policy. Test2 PART FOUR. ‘Questions 21-30 ‘* Read the article below about customer relationship management ‘© Choose the correct word or phrase to fill each gap from A, B, Cor Don the ‘opposite page. ‘¢ For each question (21-80), mark one letter (A,B, C or D) on your Answer Sheet. ‘© There is an example at the beginning (0). In today’s fast-moving market, it is a simple (0)... that products are con- stantly being replaced by something new. For companies large and small, the most important real (21) soon with measurable, long-term value is loyal, one-to-one customer relationships. However, despite their importance, they do not (22) ‘on any company’s balance sheet. If company lost 10% of its inventory to theft, it would react, swifly, but ifthe company loses 10% of its customers, this may not be 23) In this age of product (24) veo 5 in Which the market fails to perceive any profound difference between products or companies, effective management of customer relationships is critical in achieving a competitive (25) Delivering quality service and achieving hiigh customer satisfaction have been closely (26) to profits, and consequently the 27) nn all 46 Customer Relationship Management companies are uying to make is 10 provide more internal and extemal customer relationship focus. By (28) sw available information tech- nology, leading companies have already shortened process and response times, increasing customer satisfaction. But companies must make a profit © survive, so telling a chief executive to feus more on customers, through the use of expensive information technology, may fall on deaf ears unless it can be demonstrated that such investments will be (28)... in terms of revenue, market share and profits Certain companies are responding to this new customer focus by completely (30) their traditional financial~ only” measurements of corporate performance, and seeking new ways of measuring customers’ perceptions and expectations, Sees PRR eR worth turn out tected coincidence ‘authority joined shit profiting reinstated modifying point value make up regarded similarity command linked fluctuation capitalising restored mending asset write out conceived agreement advantage associated exploiting roplaced refurbishing Reading property show up distinguished connection preference combined displacement benefiting recouped overhauling v7 Test 2 Reading PART FIVE, PART Six Questions 31-40 (Questions 41-52 ‘© Read the article below about working abroad for your company. ‘© Read the toxt bolow from a report about sales figures. ‘© For each question (31-40), write one word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer «la most lines (41-52), there is one extra word. I either is grammatically incorrect Sheet ‘or does not fitin withthe sense ofthe text. Some lines, however, are correct. ‘© There is an example atthe beginning (0) «© If line is correct, write CORRECT on your Answer Sheet. ¢ If there is an extra word in the line, write the extra word in CAPTAL LETTERS on Your Answer Sheet, exams [2] [a] [=] «Tha eerie bagi with two examples (and 00, ‘These day.a great many companies require more staff to JUST HOW FAR WILL. imei vv senor ps arr YOU GO FOR YOUR | goniiitlon JoB? ‘Neatly (31) senior managers believe dst itis going £9 be more important than ee (22) ‘cies tobe goby meble over the nex year ‘Arbour young managers are ls ncensiglyreling thatingernaonal experince ese they want get anywhere near the boardroom of a moder, success cempny. Be 9) nna donee to thi Amory atop managers thy are ow uvling to ake he persona ‘Revered ia mectng ths demand’ Severe examples: [0] [e] [5] [e] [R] [z © After six successful querters of sales in the Seatle ares, results for 00 the last quarter were disappointing too. Genera sales were down Sorngts Gil the py of foaly ote 41°18 per cont, on average, acrons our nine eee sires. While as | noted Secaes are err on heres | att to es 42 in ast opartis my view tht some of tis downturn can hen be atlbted tot agar here hee et tere 43-10 lyote ot IMP pl, which, a6 you know, its the anes lergest employer Seon engrave erat Soong “hn ‘sor crema emer semi ig 4 using the quater, IMP ple gave lay noties to somthing in the ralon of world — Is mow the norm for many managers. A 45 5 per cent part of its workforce. But it would be dangerous, | believe, {Ste enpanes tre on ino py rk Sat co home ater soak on wept 46 to asume that our ele slump i due simply to such lays, In the some patiod of tine, two powerful competitor ~ e8 Sa/eMarts and Bergan trober coubwre hie he opi eect | ‘ Set capo otc octannoa ae. | demands ofstexdly increasing numbers of businesspeople 48 Buys ~ opened a total sum of sight stores within our main catchment traeling 0 shortcemm assignments, fr (98) se BY eta aera ao eee ge 49 area. However, the grand openings of these stores were accompanied However itremains tobe se6n (9)... Ornot even 50 by their heavy advertising of sales items. | recommend that @ thorough his en make interasonal commuting strate to those employees (40). are already strugling to balance 51 assessment of how the impact of such competition upon our sles. | the compesing demands of wor and fay ie, 52 Equipped with this detailed knowledge, we would scarcaly be in @ position to —— — — oS review our current sta ae a = 3 strategy. | 48 0 Test 2 WRITING 1 hour 10 minutes PART ONE Question 1 «© The chart bolow compares the numbers of male and female executives in different ago ranges in Star World, a large IT company. ‘© Using the information from the chart, write a short report comparing the ages of the male and female executives within the company. ‘¢ Write 120-140 words. STAR WORLD EXECUTIVE STATISTICS - AGE AND GENDER. « au = Femme 3 BB errcuives i 5m FF 1 oft ne20 ado” 4050” soe” eo-70” 7O80 ‘Age Group 50 Writing PART TWO Write an answer to one of the questions 2-4 in this part, Write your answer in 200-250 words, Question 2 «You recently attended an annual conference related to your company’s line of business. Your Managing Director has asked you to write a report on the conference and its usefulness to the company. «© Write the report for the Managing Director, including the following information: + 8 brief overview of the conference content and speakers + an assessment of the opportunities to make business contacts at the conference + recommendations concerning the company's participation inthe conference in future years. Question 3 «© This is part ofa letter your organisation has received from students at a local college | tnour research project we are staying how hs cy bones om the | presonce of organisations such as yours. Wo would be grateulfor some | |__ Infermation from you inthis connection. a ‘9 Write your letter of reply to the students: + thanking them for thoir letter and introducing yourself + explaining some ways in which tne ety benefits from the presence ot your organisation + outlining ways in which your organisation aims to help the city more inthe future ‘+ suggesting a visit to your organisation and why such a visit would be useful Question 4 ‘© The company you work for has decided to join a scheme in which members of staff exchange places for six months with people from other companies ‘overseas. The Chiaf Executive has asked you to suggest which members of staff ‘should be the frst to take part in this scheme and why. ‘2 Write your proposal forthe Chief Executive: + suggesting which members of staf should be chosen and why they are suitable + describing what thai current responsibilities are + explaining what these staff could learn from the exchange scteme + outlining the benefits to the company as @ whole of its participation in the ‘scheme. st Test 2 LISTENING — Approximately 40 minutes (including 10 minutes’ transfer time) PART ONE: Questions 1-12 ‘¢ You will hear a speaker giving a group of managers advice on how to run a project ‘¢ As you listen, for questions 1~12, complete the notes using up to three words or umber. «After you have listened once, replay the recording. JNNING SUC UL PROJECTS 1. tis important to allow sufficient time for the 2 Make sure that you establish a that is both sensible and ‘manageable. 3. Always focus on the situation, 4 Persuade your staff of the value of .. to the project. 5 Competent... important for monitoring the project. 6 Keeping staff informed will enable them to understand the 5 they have made. 7 Meetings with staf from different departments May aecunwnnwn tHE project. 8 Ensure that you when things go wrong, You need to be ready to adapt if your client's are modified. 10 Encourage a8 MUCH cn as possible. 11 Be prepared 10 nnn 88 the market shift 12 Hire people who can be easily... it necessary. 2 Listening PART TWO ‘Questions 13-22 + You will hear five different people talking about the companies :hey work for «@ For each extract, there are two tasks. For Task One, choose the cent change in ‘the company the person mentions from thelist A-H. For Task Two, choose the. strength of the company the person mentions from thelist A. «© Aftor you have listened once, replay the recording, ‘Task One ~ Recent change in the company ‘* For questions 13-17, match the extracts withthe recent changes, listed ACH. ‘© For each extract, choose the change in the company the person mentions 1 Write one letter (A-H) next to the number ofthe extrac. 13 so ‘A. Anew section was established, B Existing premises were re-designed “ © A now manager was appointed, Oo DA training programme was expanded. E The sia recruitment process was revised. 16 F Some technology was update. G_New accounting procedures were httoduced, " Employees were given input into a sompany system, ‘Task Two - Strength of the company «© For questions 18-22, match the extracts withthe strangths af the enmpany, Tisted A-H, ‘* For each extract, choose the strength that each person mentions ‘© Write one letter (A-H) next to the number ofthe extract. 1B ssn [Asal promotion and incentives prodctnnovation 19 © publicity techniques 0 ange o services E pricing policies a F customer relations 6 financial planning 2 recruitment and induction 33 Test2 PART THREE 2 ‘Questions 22-20 ‘© You will har two managers, Peter and Sarah, who are taking an MBA course, discussing their experiences and views of business. ‘2 For each question (23-30), mark one letter (A, FG forthe correct answer, 0 «After you have listened once, replay the recording, ey a 2 26 2 sa Peter and Sarah agroe that the purpose of ther current assignment isto ‘A analyse failed strategies. B evaluate existing strategies © formulate new strategies. Listening Peter believes that working from home would A ead to greater creativity. B increase productivity. © suit some people more than others. Potor and Sarah agree that businesses willbe incressinglyalfected by ‘A technology-based knowledge management. B changes in customer expectations. © regional differences in markets. ‘What aspect ofthe course is Peter impressed by? You now have ten minutes to transfer your answers to your Answer Sheet. ‘A the balance of theory and practice B the focus on individual needs © the expertise of lecturers What feature of the course does Sarah find unsatisfactory? ‘A group discussions Beading requirements © timetable arrangements What does Serah enjoy about her current job? A working as part of a team B having contact with clients © running a series of projects In the future, Peter would like to be involved in ‘A improving the quality of branded products. B planning strategies for creating branded products © increasing the appeal of branded products. ‘Sarah says the good thing about recruitment consultants is that they ‘A facilitate understanding ofthe jobs market. 1B maintain diverse contacts among potential employers. © encourage people to aim high 5s Test 2 SPEAKING — 16 minutes PART ONE In this pan, the interlocutor asks questions to each of the candidates in turn You have to give information about yourself and express personal opinions. PART TWO Inthis part of the test, you are asked to give a shor talk on a business topic. You hhave to choose one ofthe topics from the three below and then talk for about one. ‘minute, You have one minute to prepare your ideas. ‘Time management: the importance of planning work time effectively B Project development: how to ensure inter-departmental co-operation on new projects © Purchasing: hovr to evaluat nd select new projects PART THREE In this part ofthe test, you are given a discussion topic. You have 30 seconds to look at the task prompt, an example of which is below, and then about three ‘minutes to discuss the topic with your partner. After that, the examiner will ask you more questions relate 6 te pie Fortwo candidates Customer Base ‘The Finance Director of your company is concerned that the majority ‘ofits income comes ftom one main client. You have been asked to make recommendations on ways to expand your company's customer base, Discuss and decide together «© what the potential dangers are of having only one main cient «© how the company could try to gain aditional clients, Speaking For three candidates Customer Base ‘The Finance Director of your company is concerned thatthe majority ‘ofits income comes from one min client. You have been asked to ake recommendations on ways to expand your company’s customer bese. Discuss and decide together: ‘© what the potential dangers are of having only one main client ‘© how the company could try to gain additional clients ‘© how the company could ensure it maintains good relations with its main client. Follow-on questions ‘¢ What advantages could there be for companies of having @ latvely small customer base? (Why?) ‘© Whon attracting new customers, how important is it for companies 1 give information about their existing clients? (Why/Why nat?) ‘¢ How can companies strengthen customer loyalty apart from ‘offering good customer service? ‘+ How con companice which operate globally enaure consiatortly high levels of customer satisfaction? ‘¢ How can companies respond to increased compatition from other companies? 7 Test 3 READING 1 hour PART ONE Questions 1-8 «Look at the statomonts bolow and the reports about five different companies on the opposite page. {¢ Which company (A, B, C,D or E) does each statement (1-8) refer to? « For each statement (1-8), mark one letter (A, B,C, D or E)on your Answer Sheet. «¢ You will need to use some of these letters more than once. «© There is an example atthe beginning (0) Example: © This company has outlets in new types of location, D> i lo le [Im 1 This company has expanded at time of high demand. 2 Good results in one part of this company made up for disappointing results in another part. 3. tiscificuttto predict future prospects forthe kind of products this company sells 4 Profits for this company are likely to be different from those that were earlier predicted. 5 This company produced more goods than were needed for certain markets {6 This company has denied rumours about its future plans 7. Arecovery in this company's financial postion is expected. 8 This company is likely to benefit from charging more for its products. 58 Reading Following the company's poor annual results in November, the she price plunged and has since remained around 200p, Analysts now believe thatthe company is Seriously undervalued by the stack market The company’s biggest problems were in Germany and France last year where supply outstripped demand, leading to a £20 million loss forthe year. However, the ‘company has recently appointed anew chairman wh has a first-rate track record of reviving failing companies. It is helieved that he will be suecessfl in turing round the company’s fortunes. Analysts are impressed withthe company’s recent performance. In he last six months, it has ‘managed to increase prices by 3 per ceat without adversely affecting sales. In such a low ‘margin, high-sales sector, this ought to translate directly into inreased profits. The company’s recent sale of its packaging division has eliminated all its debs, Shares have risen inthe past ‘month from 80p to 100p. Despite these promising signs, it must be remembered tha the ‘company is trading in an extremely volatile market For some weeks, there has been widespread expectation thatthe company will announce the sale ofits troubled newspaper-and-magazine distibution arm. Speculation came to an end when this was firmly raed outa possibilty a the annual general neting last week. Pris from this division were down from £13 million £8 million. However, this drop was more ‘than offsetby an improvement in the company’s real division, whict has taken the innovative step of opening sores in places such as hospitals and colleges. Profitsin this division rose from. ‘The company has had steady growth prospects since it opened four more upmarket hotels and several health and fitness clubs, This move has come at time when he market is pariculazly buoyant. Thre were rumours thatthe company might Become the subject of a takeover bid by ‘one ofthe large American corporations. However, this has not materalised, and it now seems unlikely dht any such bids will be made inthe immediate future. Tis is expected to lead 10 ‘The company has always been popular with shareholders as, forthe past ten yeas, it has ‘consistently provided them with above average relums, Profits for thefist hal ofthe year were Uunby IS percent, Development profits from some 30 projects aroune the country will provide a balanced stream of earnings in the second half of the year. Given tis, and the sale of loss ‘making division in Bradford, pre-tax profit forecasts have been increased to £21 million and 39 Test 3 Reading art wo mae [| ver EW aan e558 «Read his tx ttn om tha este ofa suveyon employee pre at wrk inthe ‘A. Top executives find that they can no E Moreover, whe it comes to choosing a « Chow ha best sorte rom he oppet page ofl exch fh pe Toner dupes prone ata iba womens evar mash & Farasc gop il uc onolotor tea over nmr Soe iso { bosoteaenyter more an noe 8 Thatisposiy bout they ae most Tharsis on orompl ate boning) Tatton ater oe FAs nut theropor conde that {focusing on the top performers can be © What the report did conclude though, eae ccounterproductve because it can cause WHAT EMPLOYEES SAY THEY WANT. | rato ing estes nddonotain arate ae profit-sharing. . P_ Inodeltion, companis need: motivate © The report reckons hat inorder to ‘Employeessay one thing and do gpothe.arecent more likely 10 atta fastrack promotion, fe7nacele waih cqereaiarc roscoe lio UUK:based report claims. (0) fl. Addressing. career development, training and. fancial is required ‘there are skills shortages, and companies are loyal. (11), ‘want, rather than just relying on an H_ This will come as no surprise to anyone and keeps them, and wh they say are priorities, strats the best talento they doin cresting 8 “The fepor found thal, although there are consumer band that builds ctor loyalty Aiferenes in preferences, depending on age, That is all the more important for major home county and gender, all age groups say companies, who, increasingly these days re no they rate the Worklife bulance as an extremely” longer viewed asthe employer of ehoice by top Jmportant consideration for staying with their gradates. (13... This involves both corporate parucular company. (9)... This is followed by _stitides and. individ encoaragement.. AL J sccrity and finan rewards, corporate level, there i «need fora lear anc However, despite their procmations about convincing ststesy for te business, and an wanting @ worklife balance twas established innovative environment low in bureaucracy. ‘hat this does not have a positive effct on One level down from that, thee shoo be tasks reteaion fr any subgroup. Similay, people hat interest and challenge employees, and profess o identify moe closely with acompany sharpen ther skills, At individual level, prot ‘which has clear strate for sicess but in fact related bonuses go down well. (14) that doesnot resutin improved retention ether. Above all, companies should remeber that 10) since the requirements are diferent forthe Another Finding was thatitisthehighyersin young, midle-aged and elderly, as well for ‘company who ae most key to he ungraefil men and women, the package hast he eating and leave. This is despite the fact that they ae othe ight target age and gender oo “ Test3 PART THREE Questions 15-20 ‘¢ Read the following article about James Linton, CEO of RoCom, and the questions ‘on the opposite page. ‘* For each quostion (15-20), mark one letter (A, In he world of big business, James int presi the exe. Just to Yeas ino the jod of revving one ofthe mast usous ames in ei Grace, RaCo, be ta fond inet Key payer Sa ‘ome he ces and ceany mest eacioos eal in the indy PILL iheover o RCo, PTL is paying 28 2 share for Room ~appoimately 0p cent ‘hare ~ ad i ofer document | teased it “PTL athe pet pnt ny eaplyees tng prota, perfomance ‘emt’ nay wary above ego a bandroff agreement Sith PTL, tsk conti tis own devices o conti buding ‘he bois Al this and wil nt Altough Liston is creed with ‘uming Room around iss more mater of work im progres han fetal tchlevereet, Yet he dost Seer bavi the bigest ear sry, promated Some Big fiers amongst keys and traormed RoComs way of dong a Lionas however wed ht he ‘of fie scene, dior ing market colton sogest that the way frvand we anything Bt ste Linton eed vemurd the hypothesis that ees ‘onned tin went ye ep etude hat he ‘estor sexes of ral ake recaly puted pcormance of val orgasaons So as Maen tat ig corporations ae happy homes for experienced sal and Independence that made Lion dss RoC 990 sf onthe tae taa din hah poe ea intervene on what wa medi ald. He is sculy aware of he reed 1 nara his naff ifthe ‘which wa st oa the. Tiss ot ‘mangement dm. Sa has ond he Grand osbled i 0 ot £19 blo fom PIL_Oter CEOs he arog ths proba eet he ft hat ison ay find king them Cor D) on your Answer Sheet. iit, He alo fecioutly fnliget an, whe a eters hic ek! apa iimiiing i Linon Joyal employes. They ey do ot feet they fave grovel in foe of {his asemsind, and chim hat ‘Sting he nly deed 2 is work, hasan ale moe Limon toasts tht waft tmover Forte dusty. cabot 12 pec ott sine ok overs CEO wo 8% RoCom, nd tha sight ough the ofc ere. They all want ws 0 ofthe pss that be caleate fos he has worked so bad 10 inks tush of RoCon's sucess ich of the following is said about Linton’s management syle? wi ‘A He involves others in the decision-making process. Hi staf find him approachable, © Ho expects his staff to work as hard as he does. D__ His style differs from that of other CEOs. How does Linton feal about the takeover, according to the sixth paragraph? pleased that staff turnover finally started to fall two years ag0 ‘afraid thet he will axe his job to Susan Marshall worried that the company culture might change happy that employees have been so supportive of his work poe Which of the following would be the best title forthe article? “The Linton way of getting the best from staff A thin line between success and fallure for James Linton, ‘James Linton — a man who will go fo How a good ides went wrong for James Linton com> “ Test 3 PART FOUR. Questions 21-20 «© Read the extract below from a book about corporate planning. «© Choose the correct word to fill each gap from A, B, © or Don the opposite page. « For each question (21-30), mark one letter (A,B, Cor D) on your Answer Sheet. «© There is an example atthe beginning (0) 64 Corporate panning may be (0) 5 the careful and systematic taking of strategic decisions. In comtas 4 a shorter plan ike & budget a corporate plan is concerned with taking longtenm au ‘of fue developments snd with designing a srategy 50 thatthe organisation can achieve its chosen objectives, Many large companies now recognise the importance of (22) formal approach to developing a corporate plan. They prepare “scenarios or forecast of future development in he (28) ni Which they Wish to operat in order to examine whether decisions taken inthe present illest in succes in the future In rcent years, companies hav bos developing moe sophisticated (28). With which to analyse the risks involved in such decisions es) for example, noi company deciding if should invest ina new refinery. Faced with this decision, involving the (26) of milions of pounds on somethin which might have ale of 15 years or more, the company must have a sound basi forts decision. In this ‘ease it eed to know whether cap be (2M) a market fr the ‘eta volume ofits refined products, anit needs wo know wheter they ‘ean be produced profitably. In addition, itis nocessary to sly the (28) nn fered ther supplies needed inthe process. ‘Corporat panning, therefore, volves thee min aes: (29). the Tong-term objectives of an organisation, deciding what market (30) there may’ be and formulating prot policy t sity then, accounted a 8 cy 26 a 28 A sight A conving A clement A techniques A Rotor ‘A outlay A assured A utility A guiding A. chance picture practising coneltion idoas Consider output insured availabilty loading potential Indicated placing environment styles Think outset confirmed atainabilty determining Reading reported adopting atmosphere ways Suppose outcome ascertained Usebilty concluding scope 65 Test 3 PART FIVE ‘Questions 31-40 ‘2 Read the newspaper anicle below about entrepreneurs. «© For each question (31-40), write one word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer Sheet ‘© There is an example atthe beginning (0). JOO exemple: [0] [7] [2] [ Can anyone | Serine Se iy teeme th date thes of enoeprenciip| se taled” eerpere be an a S Score en gsm nome rm Gardrcome ot lsc Exropenec are eh ENEPTENEUr? _ | sstretrue weath creator andas the iidators of change ‘They sre often crestve and. always sei-drven, and (33) eat hey andthe companies hey Dead possess 2 sense of vaion which larger more amorphous ‘rganisntions often aim for but arly ever achive So how ‘do you become one! The received wisdom that fenerepreneurs with talents (84) snvnns a5 these 2F@ 2 breed apare They areborn not formed trough education Wea (35) ..- eag then Is dere any poli ging to business school to. learn how 10 become. an ‘entrepreneurs many d0?There are trainers who thinkies perfcty feasible. They compare t to eraining an opera Singer (38) ann Oe sense MAC fOr singers, natural talents essndal bucthen wainers instruct and develop. The (371 {goes for would:be enraprencis. TTainers develop their ails and impart knowledge. In (98) ns Words, 50 the argument goes, be trained you must be the right kind of person to start with Whats uch a person's esencal character! Ie che ality to ‘sings between aecepeable and unacceptable levels of sk and ace accordingly. That more than (9B) eee marks entrepreneurs oxt from others (40) preference is for the safer option of a salaried and Structured creer 66 Reading PART SIX ‘Questions 41-52 « Read the advertisement below about a service for small businesses. ¢ In most of the lines (41-52), there is one extra word. I either is grammatically Incorrect or does not fit in withthe sense ofthe text. Some lines, however, are correct. «fa line is correct, write CORRECT on your Answer Sheet. « If thore is an extra word in the line, write the extra word in CAPITAL LETTERS on ‘your Answer Sheet. ‘© The exercise begins with two exampl (and 00), examples: [0] [¢] [0] [R] [R] [2] [e] [7 © tis never going to be easy running a business, soit is good to know that sound 0 financial help and advice are close at your hand with MaxtonBank. With acustomer 41. base of half @ million, our reputation has been built on years of experience of 42. dealing with small businesses lke yours. We have a commitment helping you can 43 achieve your goals by offering a special service for elther alt and new customers, 44 This sorvice provides with expert guidance and support, as our busiiess 45 managers have extensive experience in working with companies and too have 46 valuable local knowledge and connections. All them have undergone specialist 447 training, and many have successfully completed an externely accredited training 48 course. Their aim is to understand you and your business as fully as possible, so | 49 that they can supply you the best possible assistance. Ths is all supported by & 150 pack of free material which covering all aspects of running a business, such as ‘51 understanding cashflow and identity break-even point. In addition, if you have ‘52 _ any special requirements, our business managers will pu youin touch withthe most Fight people. o Test3 WRITING — 1 hour 10 minutes PART ONE Question 1 ‘© The graph below shows passenger revenue jin Em) and the percentage of trains artiving an time fora train company, Cruiseline, for each quarter ofa two-year period, 2005-2006. {¢ Using the information from the graph, write a short report describing the passenger revenue and the percentage of train arriving on time during the two- year period. 18 Weite 120-140 words. Cruise train company tar ear vor eon Man” ear gor OF 68 Writing PART TWO Write an answer to one of the questions 2-4 inthis part. Write your answer in 200-250 words, Question 2 ‘© The Managing Director of the company you work for has decided to review {raining in the company. You have been asked to submit a report about the training provided. «© Write your report for the Managing Director ‘= summarising the content ofthe current training ‘© describing the strengths of tha training provided ‘explaining the weaknesses ofthe training provided ‘suggesting how the company’s training could be improved. Question 3 ‘* Your company employs an office cleaning serviee to clean its offces every evening. Your company is dissatisfied with the service, and you have been asked to write a letter to tho office cleaning sorvice. ‘¢ Write your letter tothe office cleaning service «explaining why you are writing * describing ways in which the cleaning service is unsatisfactory «= saying what effect this has on clients visiting the office + outlining what action you intend to take i the service does notimprove. Question 4 ‘© Your organisation has recently had some bad publicity, and the Chief Executive has asked you to propose ways to improve the organisation's public image, ‘© Write 2 proposal for your Chief Executive, including the following information ‘© what the bad publicity was ‘* whet problems it presents for your organisation «ideas for improving the organisation's image «any possible disadvantages ofthese ideas. Test3 LISTENING — Approximately 40 minutes (including 10 minutes’ transfer time) PART ONE ‘Questions 1-12 ‘© You will har an adviser giving a talk to @ group of purchasing managers about hhow to make good use of visits to trade fairs. ‘© As you listen, for questions 1-12, complete the notes using up to thres words or ‘number ‘¢ Aftor you have listened once, replay the recording, GTRADE FAIRS Before booking 1 Trytoobuan the sachs ree Study he carey. Use - to help you find suitable accommodaton. From the Information Pack retain vitor names and the. Remember to pack Take plenty of. Tike se “lof your ‘On aval at the fart vt the Ue then ‘ohelp you cose appropriate stands to vist Sands belonging to salen compares often Slay ‘Ask about ich are not always adverse Dstt wat longer than ‘tobe contacted ater aade a: oy Listening PART TWO Questions 12-22, ‘© You will hear five differant people talking about a project they carried out at work, and their experience while carrying it out. ‘2 For each extract, there are two tasks. For Task One, choose the purpose of the project from thelist AH, For Task Two, choose the person's experience from the Hist AH. ‘© After you have listoned once, replay the recording, ‘Task One - Purpose of project ‘2 For questions 13-17, match the extracts withthe purpose ofthe aroject, listed ACH, «2 For gach extract choose the purpose of the project thatthe perscn carried out, ‘2 Write one letter (A-H) next to the number ofthe extract, 3 ‘A tomake changes tothe Marketing Department B to propose changes in managers responsbities G © to implementa programme of edundancies 6 D__toautomate the production process to introduce a stat development systom 0 F to improve the company’s cstrbution system G to attract other domestic market sagments ” to expand the company’s geoy-aphical coverage ‘Task Two ~ Experience of project «For questions 18-22, match the extracte withthe experience, listed A-H. «For cach extract, choose the experience that the person had while doing the project. {© Write one letter (A-H) next to the number ofthe extract, 8 ‘A. elt that other employees dln co-operate with me. The documents | wanted didnt exst. ie © Mytorms of reference wore undoar 2». The timescale was inadequate, E The project was not adequately funded. a F Managers underestimated the sificules ofthe project. G My colleagues objected to my being given the 2 project. HI wanted to broaden the focus ofthe project ” Test3 Listening PART THREE 29 What does Duncan want to be introduced? ‘Questions 23-30 A. anin-company newsletter ‘2 You will hear a discussion between two managers, Kathy and Duncan, who work Pepe cnet suacoerorecrene in the Human Resources department of a company. ae ‘¢ For each question (23-80), mark one letter (A, B or C) forthe correct answer ‘after you have listened once, replay the recording, 30 Kathy thinks that inthe future company strategy willbe driven by ‘A image building 23 Duncan thinks that a new employee is needed to B export initiatives A assist in marketing activities. © online transactions B deal with customer enquiries. © _ implement database changes. _— You now have ten minutes to transfer your answers to your Answer Sheet. 24 Kathy suggests that the new employee will have to ¥ a ‘A work for several departments, B_ undergo further training © delegate various dutios. 25 Kathy criticises the way in which A vacancies are advertised. B interviews are conducted © _job specifications are changed, 26 Duncan thinks many ofthe company’s staff are dissatisfied with their A salaries. B workloads. © holidays. 27 In which area does Duncan believe proposals for change will be accepted? act B finance © production 28 Kathy says she is concerned about the A _make-up of teams. B meeting of deadlines. © lack of information, n | a Test 3 SPEAKING — 16 minutes Rien PART ONE ln this part, the interlocutor asks questions to each of the candidates in tur. You have to give information about yourself and express personal opinions. PART TWO In this part of the test, you are asked to give a short tak on a business topic. You hhave to choose one of the topics from the three below and then talk for about one ‘minute, You have one minute to prepare your ideas. Product promotion: how to make effective use of the media when promoting @ new product or service B Information management: the importance of an effective internal communication system in a company © Technology: the factors involved in assessing the cost-effectiven technology of new PART THREE In this part of the test, you are given a discussion topic. You have 30 seconds to ook atthe task prompt, an example of which is bolow, and then about three ‘minutes to discuss the topic with your partner. After that, the examiner will ask you ‘more questions rolated to re top For two candidates International Business Conference ‘The pharmaceutical company you wor for is keen to participate in an international conference abroad. You have been asked to make ‘recommendations about the company’s participation. Discuss and decide together: ‘© how to select members of staff to represent the company atthe conference (© what practical arrangements would need to be made by the company before the conference. Speaking For three candidates International Business Conference ‘The pharmaceutical company you work for is keen to participate inan iterational conference abroad. You have been asked to make recommendations about the company’s participation Discuss and decide together: €# how to select members of staf to represent the company atthe eenference «© what practical arrangements would need to be made by the company before the conference «@ how the company should respond afer the conference to interest shown in its products Follow-on questions ‘® Would you like to take part in an international business conference? (hynny not?) ‘¢ In what ways do you think international conferences benefit 3 ‘company? ‘¢ What are the benefits for staf of attending international conferences? ‘¢ What advantages are therefor the city where an international conference is held? ‘¢ Do you think conferences will continue tobe an effective means of ‘making business contacts? (Why?/Why not?) 75 Test 4 READING — 1 hour PART ONE. Questions 1-8 ‘© Look atthe statements below and the five extracts from company reports on the ‘opposite page. ‘© Which extract (A, B,C, D or E) does each statement (1-8) refer to? «For each statement (1-8), mark one lettor (A,B, ©, or E) on your Answer Sheet « You will ned to use some of these letters more than once. ‘© There is an example atthe beginning (0) Example: © Certain other firms are competing with this company forthe first time, 1. Some of this company’s outlets wore affected by competition from its own new outlets, 2 This company expects the numberof companies nits sector tobe reduced. 3 Nota of this company’s competitors are increasing their turnover. 4 This company hes had to allow for covering a loss made on a particular contract. 5 This company has paid off the money it owed. 6 tis kaly that this company will make more money on reduced sal 7 Some of this company’s outlets will be required to change their name. 8 This company has decided against going ahead with a plan. 76 Reading a COLEMAN'S [As wits widely reported, we closely examined the possiblity of merging with food-dsuibtion business ‘uring the year However, whilstthe strategic rationale for combination was ound, it bcame clear that it ‘vould not be in our sharcholer” best interest to poceed with the deal, wih is kof imcreasing debe. Instead, we intend to concentrate on our cove activity. Neveteless, the make within which we operate is fiercely competitive and the advent of new entra is cteting market cadtions in which comtinied famings growth wil become increasingly challenging SHERIFF ‘This is «momentos period forthe pharmaceutical industy. Against the nackground of scenic and conomie change, we are seeing inevitable Tarther consolidation of Whit remains one of the most Fragmented of the great plobal industries. Sherif wil not shrink {fom priiating i this process if ‘reumsances necessitate ch action inthe interest of tre sucess, However, oy the over eling ‘presccupation of your Board, executive management and stalls withthe pb at had which isto grow fe basnes nd deliver the promises We have made in terms of trang around our losses of recent yeas c av. Profit before taxation was £20m, i compsrison with the £32 achieve in the previous year. This ‘isappoining result includes «provision of £26m on oe project, de to cess excoding the guaanteed taimutn price quoted to the cient. One rest that the Canstaction Division has Bee se targets 10 Increase the level of partnering atd fer work. Tumover, aeady stagnant may decline, But pois are ‘expected to rosover In ation, moverents wil be made to he contr! processes relating to tendering, nd t the quality of project management > MARTIN'S. ‘Martins has developed a distinctive retail format based on convenient loztions forthe shopper: Last years merger of Martin's and Hoyle has provided us with te opportunity o build on our leaerstip in itis neighbourtood retail market. Building aareness ofthe Martin's rap continues and visits sta famulaity wil grow as we conver Hoye stores into Matin’ operations. Tb ine with our Vision, we fi to set the pace in developing new shopping series and channels suchas home and ace shopping ‘TAYLOR'S, Despite downturm in consumer confidence during the pid we continual to experience positive lke forike sles growth forthe financial yar, unlike many’ others in our pee group. Eneoachment by our now openings on 3 of our established restaurants had a 3% negative effctom like-for-like sles, but this peoentage is cettin to be reduced. Since the yearend, our ike-forike sales wend continues to be Pestve. We have change et debt postion of £11 2m hime last year net cash of £1.Tthis yar Test 4 PART TWO ‘Questions 9-14 ‘¢ Read this text about business schools, ‘© Choose the best sentence from the opposite page to fill each ofthe gaps. « For each gap ($-14), mark one lettar (A-H) on your Answer Sheet. # Do not use any letter more than ance. © Thera is an example atthe beginning (0). Basins choos ar fain ineresing compton from ake providers of management anne soch as consultancies. The key to their fue bose 3s Ianigersrainers isin the gua both of tie ‘esearch and of their partership withthe bosness ‘wor Tn th mos general sense being «good manager Js a mater of bring marginally bette fan and dierent tom yourcompeor. (0 saa These ane the clemems which make the difference between a sucessful and Les socesfel manager. This marin edge may be based on talent ir rata ede) nn Ad this is where business schools come it her “The education of managers shoul! iacde on se job tung, Wonshops, conferences and trning cones, (10) am Tratonally bsness schools have hee major differentiating ‘haraterisics. itty offera complete package Fanging fom basic to very sopisted taining Next they cable managers to benefit fom the research hey cay out (11) In contast to other provides of management cation, busines sehols often oer a compete pontoio of edveasonal programmes, MBA programmes exist alngsie general management programms, as well specialised programmes 8 BUSINESS SCHOOLS HAVE THE EDGE forexperenceé managers. For the busines schoo, this has the advantage tha teachers ca se the information they ae rom one programme cro ferlise with their eaching on another (a2) ‘This in turn offers subtotal ‘vantages othe companies covered. meats ‘hat managers and executives at diferent levels of ‘he rgnisaton canbe confronted withthe same once expesed inthe same Ings. Un this way, close parersip With a business school Enables" company to crete sme coherence betwee te education andthe developmest of #8 sitfrent management levels. People inthe company ‘wil communicate mor efectvely ecamse ey ‘use the stm teminology (AB) cvs In Shore, tanks 10 conte wih he busines school, more people within the same company willbe embracing similar iss, ‘Obviously, the value of thee concepts fo the company increases if hey are ste-ofthe-at once. (14) Only thencan the company eouinely improve is management paste ahd competitive performance. Working With ies schol is for man companies privileged math of accessing the Inest management thinking ‘before itis published in wade joumals or poplar books. come [OT EESEE Diferent departments wil be able to lscuss internal issues witha considerable ‘amount of mutual understanding Yet good management is also essonta to the competitive performance of companies, ‘And no less important, they are able to preserve an independant culook towards the world of business, However, acquired knowledge of ‘management can also prove this decisive advantage, Reading Forthem in facto be 0, a business schools teaching must be supported by first-class research ‘Thus insights gained from top exscutves right impact pestvely on what they cover In a graduate programme. Business schodis have a special rola to {ulin the delvary of this portioto. He or she needs tobe ait faster, able to ‘spot opportunities earlier and react more auiety ~ Test 4 PART THREE ‘Questions 15-20, «© Read the following extract from an article about brand stretching (using an ‘existing brand name on new types of products) and the questions on the ‘opposite page, ‘¢ For each question (15-20), mark one letter (A,B, C or D) on your Answer Sheet. A manuacter of poms shes Sars sling conser lets. ‘soft nk ends its nae fo 4 range of ban cling. What omg on? In singer ties, you new where you were with rads. One band name teat goo! ‘quality spor shoes, another oft ‘kinks 'No™ confston, Today, however bigcompanies ty toed fine brings as not so. mich a oduct, more Way of le, and Succ them tone res Inthe ly year of theconsomersoity, brand-name on 8 tox sing Saenied at was ini. People vee Tooting for prods that ‘routing tial fife, find chose rads ros ily 10 Achieve that purpose Bats people ‘a indasalived nations bese ‘more aflent an fufled the ase nods, brands aeguied er mutes. The nena ofthe Product wa al petty bo People also stat sing tn to Sy somthing about themslis, for example, choosing «brand of conmetic whic woul sugast at they were sophisticated jet sete. Nov, we have ered tid age ‘of branding, in which $0 aay ‘ompanies te aking roughly the Se prod tought the same Price that functionality rarely si fd a pont of iferentiaion. Instead, companies are ying to 80 rake ther brands stand out by phasing their emotional ‘pets, hoping consumers vill ie with te seo vals te ‘brand present One disadvaniage of « pros sed brand eta if the pode nes ot of fashion te bsnd goes ‘vith I. This isa serious cone foe manufactures of breakfast cereals, who are struggling {0 fount weak demand forthe products that barter names. So far, thie marking eos sem to te having ile effec, The advantage tor emetions ras ‘hat companies can transfer tet and seth ito oer aes, increasing reves and edcing ther exposure othe espn of Single product ‘The easy of beans seams 10 tbe eluted t thei positon on secrum fanging rom tose rooted i sol tangible asset to ‘hose wih igh intangible emo ional slits, At the on end youhave an companies hat tend toassociaethemalves with inf tracted thei ability Yo gt You trom Ato Band at the oer {nd would be a esr brand that onions elf on deans sod aking people have fun 1s the Inter which asthe maim psc for sua, Buteven emotions brands ave Timit to thei elaticy. The merchandise has 9 be consistent ‘vance band promis, ast oe ‘merchandite with your logo oni IS a shorter, mistaken idea From tis viewpoint, the decision to move from sorts shoes into onsumereleconis. makes Sense. Most item in the rings, Sch as the tworway radio fo hikes, are spor foeused, even Though “the products may. be ‘doped 26 fshion aecewores, nd the spots shoe ester ll ‘rbably sap them op. ‘When the move was made from Soft inks into cling, however, 4 at the branding constants cold Tews ificat ment esp Imo clothing from the dik s0 losly associated with that Paretlar band name On the Sher baad. the emevinal ‘bts hat youngsters seem to find appealing nthe dink ike its heinge and global appeal, are feshomabe atthe momen, and in fact espose to the clothes with the “same name fis boon ‘overelming” Maybe this just Showsthat an inside and by all accounts a snap decison sometimes pays off against the fds, caving the manafacarer Tauging ll the way tthe nk, 6 16 ” ® 0 Reading What led toa change in attitudes to brands? ‘A the influence of consumers on each other B the personal circumstances of consumers © more sophisticated marketing D greater choice of products ‘According to the writer, an atribute ofthe third age of branding is that ‘A competing products may serve their purpose equally well. B the range of products available is too large for allo survive. © consumers are becoming confused about the products evailabe, D price has become a key factor in consumers’ choice of products ‘The writer mentions manufacturers of breakfast cereals to illistrate how A competition can have an impact on a product. 8 abrand can lose its popularity despite a strong market forthe product. © advertising can affect sales of a product. D changes in the popularity of products can cause difcultes. The writer rofers to railways to show that brands like this, pour The writer argues thatthe stretch from sports shoes into consumer 0 not recognise the value of stretching ‘suffer from having an unattractive image. ‘are unlikely to land themselves to stretching, are notoriously dificult to advertise. is lkoly to be successful because A existing customers have demanded the new products B thoy willbe sold in the same outlets. € the new lines will expand the manufacturer's market. D there is connection in the way thatthe goods can be used. The writer argues that the stetch from soft drinks into clothing A was a gamble which succeeded. 8 built on the popularity of certain types of clothing, © showed the value of careful planning D created production problems for the manufacturer. 81 Test 4 PART FOUR Questions 21-30 ‘¢ Read the article below about teamwork and stress. ‘2 Choose the correct word or words to fill each gap from A, B, Cor Don the opposite page. «For each question (21-80), mark one letter (A,B, Cor D} on your Answer Shoot ‘© There is an example atthe beginning (0) Sesful working conditions led toa breakdown in group co-operation hich ean (0)... efetiveness and productivity stay has Fund, Psychologists have discovered that when employees work in crisis (21) nnn they ae less willing to Work tgether. The sty shoved that when workers are under stress they have a sto (2H ‘concentrate on tei own personal (23)... t0 the detriment oftheir colleagues. Inthe study 100 naval personnel worked in groups of tee, ad each roup was give 4 computer (24) ov oF mal decision making task. Under igh 25) von oF se they dt monitor a radar sereen with their own ship atthe ceaue and numerous unidentified conte around the sip ‘As (26) participants operating in this highly stssfo Situation performed woese than those operating under normal circumstances. But the resus also showed that under tes, the WORK 127 on fatention shifted from sroup involvement toa ‘more narow individual perspective, which edo a severe breakdown i ‘eam performance. ‘The author af the study concludes that ts possible that, for many ‘eam asks, the portance of eamwork behaviour sich as co-inaton and communication may be (28) 1s secondary 10 basic individual demands. In bis opinion, the 129) 1 achieve efficiency under sues is by delegation, Simplifying tasks by delegating pars of them, making them less demanding, sone ofthe best ways of (30) te effectiveness ofthe group, 82 Example: A beat B damage ABC D 2 2 moments likelihood intentions impression supposed focus perceived persisting B states B probability B goals B conception B degree wondered B area B estimated Bway B holding © lose D defeat © conditions © king © purposes © imitation © standard © expected © direction © determined © procedure © maintaining Reading positions tendency objects rate ‘questioned point calculated confirming 83 Test 4 PART FIVE ‘Questions 31-40 ‘¢ Road the article below about the problem of ageism «For each question (31-80), write one word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer Sheet. ‘© There is an example atthe beginning (0) cote (0) (4) [8] [21_| Recruonan pokes In Brain businesses favour the young Maureen an women 0. bing margabsed nd ter considerable sas losen the economy Costewting pole sich 2 deayeingae downsng now widely ertd (3. Causing los of vausleInowsdge ad expanence, ar rere (on more mati sf Younger Does Not Always Mean Better ‘Alaround sea (82) nnn Sn th lees of gsm Mihy palit aged people with excaere CV apy for fb, bu donot get them Because younger apa are preferred (93) non the Base of ag lone. Sir; when ie comes (24) coon promotion, younger erployes are on more succesful Uan thie oder coleagus, becuse (38) former are sean ss more dani and ambi, (Our research, however, uggs others: the mature manager whe sconsieaby (38) nn» epble of taning the complex dni of fice sd creating an lve tea. ‘The dalerge of working tod Maer orator x bert, andl (29) nv enperened lier managers provided ‘hey hae pote parsons, (Our research demonsrats that (38 managers ne younger exeeave, who tke he more tlanced view (9). raged tate decisons and ae more Waly than younger cofeagies to eva poste reltonships wih ope rom other deparonents and from ouside the oranisaton. Snir. the elecoveness of stg deciion: (40) vn=-the presence of lr sei managers nto op 4 84 Reading PART Six Questions 41-52 ‘¢ Read the text below about an advertisement for information systems trainees. ¢ ln most of the lines (41-52, there is one extra word. It either is grammatically incorrect or does not fit in withthe sense ofthe text. Some lines, however, are «# Ifa line is corract, write CORRECT on your Answer Sheet. «If there is an extra word in the line, write the extra word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer Sheet. ‘¢ The exercise begins with two examples (0 and 00) DN eee iene Tee ee et © You are graduate with @ good degree which proves you have the capacity for to 00 learn, Your degree course probably included plenty of Information Technology, 41. which you really enjoyed yourself, or you have a ret interest in this exciting area. 42. tis a career you would like to follow, but how do you go about getting into it? 43 Median Life is currently recruiting graduates for entry up to the Information 44. Systems division. Ater eight weeks! intensive training, you wil be all equipped 45 with the skills to start making such a real contribution to the running of Europe's 48 largest life-assurance company. You wil join a smallteam and work onthe projects 47 of varying size and complexity or using some ofthe most up-to-date technology in 48 existence. you show the necessary enthusiasm and determination, thatwe willgive_| 49. you every opportunity to work your way up to the very lop. While trainees will 50 be based at our head offices, which are in the centre of -he lively and beautiful 51 city of Edinburgh. If you are interested in applying us for one of these exciting positions, should email us at the address below to request an information pack 85 Test $ WRITING — 1 hour 10 minutes PART ONE Question 1 ‘¢ The bar charts below show the figures for a train operators reliability {percentage cof timetabled trains actually running), punctuality and complaints received during {8 Y2.week period ‘© Using the information from the charts, write short report summarising th changos that took place in reliability, punctuality and the number of complaints, 1 Write 120-140 words, ‘SUPATRAINS: Quarterty report Flbity ana punctual scores 6 BPunctualiy ‘Complains per 100,000 passongorjoumoys 200 18De0- soda 7 Feb oun "treo eer 86 Writing PART TWO Write an answer to one of the questions 2-4 jin this part. Write your answer in 200-250 words. ‘Question 2 ¢¢ Sales of one of your company’s products have beon very low for the past six ‘months. You have been asked to prepare a report on why this has happened. ‘© Weite your report for your Managing Director « detaling the product’ recent sales pattern {describing factors that may have contributed to this {suggesting what can be done to improve the situation. Question 3 + The company you work for has racently been experiencing problems. Your line manager has asked you to contact firm of consultants with a view to ‘contracting them to assist your company. Write a lettar to the firm of consultants «= giving some information about your company '¢ describing the strengths of your company ‘outlining the problems your company has been experiencing ‘suggesting arrangements for a vist to your company by the consultants. Question 4 « Following complaints from visitors, your Chief Executive has asked you to write proposal suggesting how visitors can be given a better impression of your organisation. ‘Write your proposal for the Chief Executive, including the following information: why complaints have been made * citferent ways of ereating a better impression ‘= how your proposal might affect staff «any disadvantages of your proposal 87 Test 4 LISTENING — Approximately 40 minutes (including 10 minutes’ transfer time) PART ONE Questions 1-12 ‘2 You will hear the Chiet Executive of a steel company talking to shareholders ‘about the company's performance over the last year. ‘¢ As you listen, for questions 1-12, complete the notes, using up to three words or ‘number, ‘8 Aftor you have listened once, replay the recording. ‘The year’s results 1 Thisyenrs and st ears are the same. 2 Inthe Uk several new have been achieved 3 The was reduced resting in lower labour cost Problems experienced 4 Boort business made cific by the level ofthe 5 Performance of subsidy sufered becauee of low - 8 American joint venture currently rang blow is Messures taken 7 The reurn on assets now targeted at 8 Team set upto eamine 8 Te ‘tobe made more dependable Technology being used more creative ‘The outlook at home and abroad 10 Particular ius expected for he 11 Inthe us, | 12 Good prospecs for expansion of business in sectors inthe UK is expected o remain hgh 88 Listening PART TWO. ‘Questions 13-22 ‘© You will hear five senior managers talking about why their companies salected ‘naw locations, and about a difficulty that affected the move. ‘© For each extract, there are two tasks. For Task One, choose the reason for selecting the particular location from the lst A-H, For Task Two, choose the difficulty that each company had from the list A-H, ‘© Aftor you have listened once, replay the recording, ‘Task One ~ Reason for selecting the location ‘¢ For questions 12-17, match the extracts withthe reason why the company selected a particular location, listed ACH, ‘¢ For each extract, choose the reason thatthe speaker gives, ‘¢ Write one letter (A-H) next to the number ofthe extract, 2 A. tow overheads help om the government “ presence of suppliers fl custom-built storage capaciy E homes that stat cous atford 16 F easy recruitment of skiled labour G convenient for staf o travel ” opportunities for networking ‘Task Two - Difficulty that affected the move «© For questions 18-22, match the extracts with dificulties, listed A-H, '* For each extract, choose the difficulty that affected each company’s move. ‘# Write one letter (A-H) next tothe numbar of the extract. 8 ‘A. The building work was not completed on tie, ‘The company was taken oves, ‘The bailing plans met with opposition in the area, ‘The orginal construction cortractor went out of business, ‘The company re-assessed its needs. ‘Transporation costs soared ‘The charge for using the promises ose, “oo fow staff agreed to move 1B nn coe 8 zomm 89 Test 4 PART THREE ‘Questions 23-30 «You will hear 8 conversation between two Human Resources managers, Maria and David, about how to reduce staff turnover in their company. «© For each question (23-90), mark one letter (A,B or C) for the correct answer. «After you have listened once, replay the recording. 23 Why does Maria think that staff turnover isso high in their company? ‘A Staff are dissatisfied with their workload B The company pays lower salaries than its competitors. © Staf feel unimportant to the company. 24 Which of the following did the consultants identify a¢ a problem? ‘A New employees feel that their training is inadequate. B The wrong people are chosen for promotion © Senior managers fee! their job responsibilities are un 25 Maria is concerned that the newspaper article on the company will A. discourage potential recruits from applying to the company. B cause skilled staff to consider leaving the company. © make many staff anxious about the company’s future 26 How does David think the staff turnover problem should be resolved? A People should be made aware of ther role in achieving company goals B_Abonus scheme should be set up for staff who reach targets. © Management structure should be altered to improve communication. a ‘ay that one of their competitors has resolved a similar problem by conducting regular performance reviews with all staf. Using offsite locations for staff meetings ‘amending its mentoring scheme for new recruits. ompez 28 When discussing training courses, David recommends that, A. there should be input from staf into the planning of the courses. staff should be more carefully selected for them, € _more care should be taken in the choice of issues to address. Listening 29 What does Maria say about offering bonus payments? ‘A Itwould be less popular than offering stock options. B It may have limited impact on staff loyalty. © Devising a fair system for it might prove dificut. 30 Atthe end of the meeting, David and Maria agree ‘A topresent their proposals to the Board B to produce a draft action plan for the Managing Director. © to incorporate some of the suggestions made by the consultants. You now have ten minutes to transfer your answers to your Answer Sheet. 91 ‘Test 4 SPEAKING — 16 minutes PART ONE In this par, the interlocutor asks questions to each ofthe candidates in turn. You have to give information about yourself and express personal opinions. PART TWO In this part of the test, you are asked to give a shor talk on a business topic. You hhave to choose one ofthe topics from the three below and then talk for about one. ‘minute, You have one minute to prepare your ideas, Personal sills: how to motivate employees to achieve ther full potential B Project management: the importance of teamwork for the effective management of projects © Health and safety: how to develop a responsible attitude among staff to Health {and Safety requirements in a company PART THREE In this part ofthe test, you are given a discussion topic, You have 30 seconds to look at the task prompt, an example of which is below, and then about three ‘minutes to discuss the topic with your partner. After that, the examiner will ask you more quostione relat to the tople. For two candidates Attending Trade Fairs ‘Your company has been invited to takepart in a tade fir which wil take place during the busiest time ofthe year. You have been asked to decide ‘whether staff should be sen to this rade fai, Discuss and decide together: ‘© what the advantages and disdvantages are of attending trade furs ‘© which: members of stafT would most usefully representa company ata rade fair. | 2 For three candidates Attending Trade Fai has been invited to take part ina trade fair, which will take the busiest ime of the yeat. You have been asked to decide trade fai Your compat place duis ‘whether staff shouldbe sent oth Discuss and decide together: vvhat the advantages and disadvantages are of attending trade fairs «© ‘which members of staff would most usefully representa company at teade fair ‘how the company should evaluate the suecess of a trade fai Follow-on questions ‘# Do you think it would be interesting to attend a trade fair? (Why? Why not?) ‘¢ How can companies make ther stand ata trade fair attractive to visitors? 's most suitable for? ‘# What kinds of products or services are trade f (wny?) ‘¢ What other ways are there for companies to promote thelr preducts internationally? ‘¢ How important are trade fairs for oreating work opportunities locally? (Why2Why not?) Speaking 93 KEY Test 1 Part 1 1p 2 6D 7 Reading 3 BA Part2 SE 0G MB RA wF we Parts 8B 6D 7A A 19 20 B Parts ub RD BD wA ase 2c WB ®A BD HC Parts BITHAN 321533 as 34 IEWHENWHENEVER 35 THE 36 PASTILAST 37 DO 38 OF 39 INTONUNDER 40 ATFOR Parts 41 CORRECT 42 UP 43 CORRECT 44 AND 4ST 46 UNLESS 47 THE 43 DONE 49 ON 50 MUCH SI'CORRECT 52 COMES 94 Test 1 Question 1 ‘Sample A Writing ‘The aim of his repor isco summarise changes in sales forecasts forthe three main product of Taller Electric Lid forthe four garters in leis clearly showed that TVs wil consbute ost wo the company forthe sales forecasts ae the highest in nee products every quartet It wil stand at 10 chotsands in Ltt Qt Then it oll havea steady increase ro 15 thousands in 28 er, Before wl ise to he peak of 20 thousands in 4® Qe, twill level off in 3% Que In conta the sales forcast of fides trend is tosaly diferent. Irs § thousands in 1 Que Unfortunedy remains constancin next 3 ‘quarters, while, the cooker sales forecast i$ thousands in 7 Que he same as fridges loweter,the cooker wil inereae stench and seach the peak of 10 thogsands in 2 Qe. Then ‘twill has no changin 3° Qre followings drop 05 thousands the orginal poston in Qe Ieisclerly conclded that tends of sales forecasts for next year ofthese products are different. eis good time ro wake measures to ‘ioc the tends im much Brig way. Band2 “Ths iS closer a band 3, bu there ae a namber of nom-impeding eros. Alb, theze a lck of ‘onerol inthe third paragraph, which would have 1 negative effect on the erge eader Therefore, ‘sawarded an upper band 2 Sample 8 Report on sles forecasts for Taller Fletrial Ld ‘The aim ofthis eporis to compare the sles forecast for tree product areas for next yar Unisales of fridges ar likely o seman at 5,000 duting all four quartets of next yea ‘TV sales, onthe other hand, wil signifcanly increase ding the second quarter from 10,000 eo 15,000. Uni sles wil remain at 15,000 during the hid quarter an soar once again v0 20,000 ding che fourch quart Unitsles of cookers, howeve, ae likely co Auctute, starting off t 5,000 sales will increase fo 10,000 during the second and third quarter of next yeas omy to decrease ro 5,000 unit sales during the fourth quarter Ie wos concaed chat TVs wil be Toler Eletial Led’ strongest produce area inthe following year XXXXXXX 25 November 2006 Band 5 ‘A very good answer, but ali lescal Swkorardness prevent this being an upper bond S. ‘Question 2 Sample C ‘Report on dese nie of safasing our sompny sane kd This repo ais at examining the ey reasons ‘why our eiployespelroter lunch vena 8 in compcien tour company canteen, Finns Ee sometine i becare evident hat mos of thecompny aff choc og ode in ‘nde to hae the lant, Although moxestion tordo so might he very deen here were 9 ‘nai factors coneiburing to wich devon making procs. Fast here are ple of oer options vale, Our company lose nthe Beart ‘ofthe iy wth my restaaramt fring wide fangs of seracive lunch menue Alf hse flocs are tina Snues wang dance om ou promises | second reason, often mentioned, was that the twa fred fv ur eaten ate much 00 txpensve and ofa clasnely por ua Akionaly, many employes poned out hat the mena dcr nol ay are “hind iecame o ou stoion tha the sevice zat wi very sow and noses fen 0 ‘After closely sresing the sation itis recommended ro take the fllotng blow Test 1 highlighted sep in onder co motivate ou tall oat in ove company ‘We will need to lok into appointing new catering company. Preferably one with a wide ‘ange of "healthy fool” on thei offer, such as ‘lad, fusion fond orbio-drinks, We can antact our employeesby introducing anew oneept of good qual fod (i.e. sandwiches custom made” for exch emplayce fom the components heshe chooses] Fora easonable prices (Our canteen nec to become trendy so that staf wil nce again choose 1 stay indoors Instead of going foe alunch in the city We shoud also refurish the interior of our canen,Pethaps few appealing accesories and 2 Trndiy colours combined with modern design would make the desired difeence, ‘Wershould ser up a meting to discuss viable ‘options. Choice of rew entering company ‘Should be Based onthe ability eo deliver the desired “cose-qualiy” equasin, so that our temployses ae conned that our canteen the ‘ea place for thei aac brea Band 3 [Natural use of language although nr err fee. A ‘good range of stuctures and vocabulary. Wel ‘organised: Linguistica, his is an upper band 4, however she st coaere point hasbeen omied sind one task penalty relues it band 3. Sample D pore The repor of why one aa dot go locos Ae requested bythe Managing Dirton, 1 Sabepotie enone! iar suber of al Ching he company cate at meaiine folowing Badge. Findings Fist as our company change she workhous the lh ne for ou af iid, Soa the Dinner Halls anobe bulding Thy donot rant to speat ine or this Secondly he teen dearement hasbeen nde this 9s Key Yeas The cos of one mel is much higher than before, meant, there are alot of cheap restuats open around. Last bat not the least fur canteen offered afew kind of food tobe ‘shoosen, In conlusions & Recommendations From che 5 Findings, there ate a lot of space to be promored: 1. Surges he canteen sector offer delivery works Open thee numb, sos to our staf an ede a ext in thei a 8 cafee soon, 2. Our company can spend some aonty onthe anten in order to giving ou sta some ‘iscoun, Or huy some IC cards snd to ou sate bene, 3. Tall he Human Resource department ro fd anew ci. Band2 limited range of teuctures and vocabulary and some errors which obscure communsation. This ‘would have a negative effect om the tree reader 8nd resale a lower band 2 In addition, the fest. Content point has been omitted. However, hie already 2 Tower band 2, there i 2 penalty for Question Sample E Dear Sim {am writing on heal of my company Kolon Intenatonsl Crporton, 4 Keven ang hows, who spcaze ingore sn export of Stainless eet ond tine. West vy Success Far East Due othe fact hat we woud he expand ‘ur business etry in Eater Earope we wih {o nesta the pony of openings ew branch in Poland. We ae aware of th fat that Poland in parti developing county ‘nd the demand for pradct soc ts snes Stel ad mpage ‘We hope that by opening a ew branch we have fetter chances ining ctstomer an for sre wl give creat and rare in nex Stage o our poreniel customer that me are om 96 the spor and thar we ean deal wih al inguires efcenty and quickly. ‘Therefore, would you please advise in which past of Poland, which cy we should open our Dtce? Where are the mos appropriate ‘xstomers located? Please indicate whether in your opinion i's 8 ‘ood idea foe us co open this ranch nfs, place? What aze the advantages and isadvancages ofthis project? Moreover, we would ike to areange a mecting with your compaay in order for ue to discs furthe: Would you please advise the date you sre avilable fora meeting. Teasing Rand 4 Please refer to and 4 descriptors onthe General Impression Mark Scheme, this s 200d example ofa band 4 scripe Sample F Deae Sie ‘My name is XXXXXN, Lam 9 manage of Poli frnicie company YVV¥. Tam ring yo wth rust forsome adie how fo invest byour marker efccvel ‘ur company exists on he Polish market for tver 20 year and we have hee deveoping | Hiowabowr thi period costa. We prodace Famine ofthe higher snd, a aly fo Some interiors bat also foros, ih appropiate design and fanconay. Last sime we have dvided to open anew branch in Romani tat sa new ie a ccologa friar prodacion, We find i couaging tha yous comneys resource are pure and of high quality, which the reston of Howoser we stil esd o obtain lows information sbout yur mart concerning the legal sation regarding opening nw buses the marker sractr, hat spy snd demand {or rntre produc posse wall he busines ae Ase sec for further contact wth your company, we would ike to propose you a0 sppointment ro discuss some topics concerning ‘nr future work, I vould suggest the 13 of December this year in your company offi, i hope ox cooperation wil be uifl. If you equte any farther information, please don’ Fhestate ro call me ~ 0088 501 79 $58 also close some documents and brochures about fr company. “Yours fihully XXAXXXK Band 3 All conentpoins covered. This welhonganised fn iri ambitions response, hut with 2 amber ‘of nomimpeding errors Questions Sample G “Tor The Head of Human Resources Subject The permission othe Busines English Course BACKGROUND, (ne of the employees of my Section, Me Davos, has Found an offer ofa month Busines English Course in London and he asking for permission to go cere. The course tart on 1 fantary 2007, Obviously Me Dovwhor will be abyent fom workin this ane "THE COURSE CONTENTS “The participants ofthe course wil get an ‘opportuni to learn awe ange of usinss rested vocabulary aswell as ehey wil be aught how co dea wit busines coerespondence ‘professionally. Whats more several crus nd workshops concerning new business methods ate incdd in the contents ofthe SKILLED EMPLOYEES AS A FACTOR OF DEVELOPMENT Mr Dowbor is a young employe, but he has already proved be very determined and 0 have oustanding interpersonal sil He has been working fore for wo years. At present swe da not have employers witha knowledge of Trsines English i our company. An employee Test 1 ith such sks wil give usa chance wo develop fur contacts with foign customer and supplies PROBLEMS TO BE OVERCOME Me Dowrbor wil be ebset from work for 3 ‘montis. Te way to ole this problem can be employing someone 3 replacement for this Period. We ae looking or people in other "estons in the compan, so the person is food at his jb, we ca twansfer him to another Section later, Pleas, be prepared to give feedback on this proposal atthe meeting next Tuesday. Band 4 Allconent points covered. Natural us of language with ocasional awkwardness. A good ange of vocabulary. Cverall, it has a pose ‘let on the erg reader Sample # The proposal ofthe course “Tor Me White From: Mr Black Dae: 139 May Subject course (Course Contents With more and more transaction with foreigner, the aim of he course improving stalls English sil We meted 2 Englth educational ‘rpanisation, which own a good reputation in ths led e provide fre oral practise lesson and ‘Se wating sl lesen. rcoatai the business ‘communication in oul and writen, Every alt ust be divided intosix group, and they practise business English atthe rel stage Employees All staff mst join the course, uc avoiding the waste of time and money. We divide into Sereval steps It begin with the sale depaetment, then the tats of management enter the second period training, The production departments the Tas one Benefit OF Course ‘The course provide s chance to pacts the oral English and the skill of writen The staff can 7 Key ‘knowledge about not only the sanguage sil, buralso the culeare and busines practise among difeent counties. hen ovr company to expand aboard market snd study management skill and rchnolege fom other ‘countries The course also lps to build an Intemational brand Recommend Avoiding the problem caused by the employee’ absence, our company can implement the Aexsble work ime. We let someone ark though the internet, who ener the couse. The stascan do the work anytime and anyplace It Save the ne and money spendin twin to fhe company. The wit lesson proce VED thar sate can wate them in howe, they must work-If we push these policy, we mast ensue al staffs have good quality interne and build supervision system to check every salt work pertorment. “Thank you fr reading Band? Errors are base and numerous, and communicatio is obscure; therefore, this is tvarded a lower band 2 In addition; coment Points are omitted (0 individuals specified but fo penalty sven s this is aleady 9 lower band Panewer Test 1 Lister Pare HEADQUARTERS /H1Q 2 BANKRUPTCY 3 IAN) ENGINEER 4 MAILORDER 5 FEATURES ‘ 5 LOANS STOCK ‘TWELVE MONTHS /12 MONTHS / ONE. ‘YEAR/A YEAR DEALERS 10 BRAND. 11 CORE COMPETENCIES / COMPETENCES 12 {OPTICAL} COMPONENTS Part2 BE MP IH 6G 178 BE DB ar ac mA 38 Part BC MB 2A 2B 2B wR BC WC Tapescript Listening Test 1 This is the Business English Ceifcate Higher 4, Listening Test 1 Part One. Questions 140 12 You will eor Jack Lester, founder of Hinde Instrumente Corporation a telescope manufacture, gong tall about the devslopment of bis company As you iste, for questions 11012, complete the totes, using up to nee words ora mumber Afier you bave listened once, replay the recording You mow bave 45 seconds to read through the [pause Now listen, and complete the notes. laws] My names Jack Lester and 'm re otk about thecompany logins founded in inten seventy two Hind Insraments: Today the company, with factors n Nevada an esas and is headguarers in California, ine of he words Ingest manufacrrers of elscopes Saks have sown aa eate of thre per cone for th ost ‘Enyeas Sa Sn wo tous dy reached ‘ne hundied and went ic mln Sls Bat {his aso’ always Been the ae Ia fact nineteen niney-one the thea of baapcy was ranging over the compan. The sbraye been am snc astronnne aad seated building my own telescopes whe wa {fer workings a engineer t WAC, steed que atral to stare my own telescope company, Hinde nstramens, Tort with th compny Inport lsc nd sold hey by al ord, Bat by since event seven te company wan alg own lseapes Almost overnight took shige portion of the marker, smaear Ssronomers ing he to uy eo ieeats ofthe features they offered By niecen City he, sale raced wo lion dlrs In inten eghey si Iso the company for six pun Bre llon dollars tothe Amex Group, staying on as President. From che star dlsageeed ‘vith the new owners, and things didnot go wel “Then the sky felln In February nner mney ‘one, the bank eal in the company’s loans, There ‘vas no cash athe time. fac the company’s balance shot gave a net woth of mins 0 pon five milion dollars for nineteen ninety-one, the company having lost thar much the previous eae fon sales of eleven point ve milion dolar Trades personal loan to the company of iy fve thousand dollars to stave ofthe bank Tor one week 50 I could start to negoriate wih thre senior ‘manages at Hinde nterstd in buying the Company. I worked, and Amtex agreed to sll fe hundred percent af the company’s tok, along ‘with alli ables, fr one thousand dollars. AS the key invesiog I purchased Bify-one pe cee of| the company for ve hundred and wen dollar “The four of us managed vo put cogether two milion dollars, and we decided this was tobe wed toxallyon produc development. Amtex bade ‘moved on any new product, so we had de sary Of engincering and of proof-ofconeept waiting for ts. We published a now catalogue of high-tech. Prodvts and took oat advering in leading $Seronomy magazines, Just ewelve months ate fur purchase, we managed to get the company ito the black, For the frst wo years, weall ook very modest salaries. Bue twas an exciting time, std Progress was being made ‘We develop product the market wants 0 bay We rely on our instincts and have frank discussions with dealers We docs athe haa run macketing Seudies, because we chink they cam bea waste of, time, I sounds simple, and i works for us. And ‘while the advanced telescopes are cleat the ‘company’ brand strength, a major teason for our Sscees with consumers i our ability to app Sophisticated technology to mass-marker model {Wotier 4 range of slescopes costing from eighty: sine dollars to fifteen thoasand dolas, ut ity per cent of sales are generated by telescopes sold for under five handed dollars a the fur, see Hinde creating ore telescopes for amateur astonomers: But the ‘company is alo looking for ways to Broaden inco ‘new markets, We believe that our core ‘competencies ae in detmand and will achive hat breakthrough for, For the las yea for example, the company as supplied opial component 0 HINT Networks in Seat wireless communications company “Thank yo. I yo have any [pause] Test 1 [Now lito to the recoding apn. Ipawse That isthe end of Part One. You now have 20 seconds ro check your inser. [pause art Two. Questions 134022. You wil ber five differen people talking about the Master of Business Adminstration conse MBAS) wbich they hae taken. For each extract, thereare two tasks, Look at Task One. For each qustion, 13-17, decide why each person decided to take tha particular course, rom the fist A-1. Now lok at Task Two. For each ‘question, 18-22, decd what the main benefit of. the conse has Bor foreach speaker, from the st wi ‘After you have listenea once replay the recording You now have 30 seconde to read the welts [pause] Now listn, and do the nwo tasks Ipausel Speaker One ‘Woman: Pm glad {ic the course I did, and I ‘Would, taken a a whole, commend ito thes! The prospects went oa about the fact thatthe university had wodd-las computer and library facies and so forth bu hat’ not ‘what really aerated meso much asthe big- ‘ame lecturers: And have ony, they were ory {00d thovgh when lok back on ie now, Fealse hat che peop [leaned most from were ty fellow stdents. They came from all ver the ‘worl, and I've eal waked the insights they fave me into henge the receiving end of mu ational markesing. twas chose insights tae feel have been of veal value since T came back into the workplace Speaker Teo ‘Man: Doing the MBA has made me much more ‘marketable think. My particular area of fates e-commerce management was becoming very popuar, but | wasn likely to gee 2 good job without the added value ofthe higher ‘qualification. The reson for choosing this ours is obvious: with my family commiement, Told’ have been able eo doa masters ifthe college had wn mile away, but T38 9 = Key pleasantly surprised when I stated just how trong the course ws onthe legal sie of business, which helped mein the work L now do inseaff recruitment and suppor. And think a ‘ood geounding in lave iso gent hence to most people, ar whatever level of management they Find themselves Speaker Three ‘Woman: Inthe fist rem of my MBA, Twas bit lsapponted by the number of general leetres rather chan smaller scale seminars, even though Td een warmed in advance that this would be the ese. hada choice heeween 3 course Specialising n lw and one which offered los of Modales om france opted for the late. Ie was realy a mater of self-discipline I was slays fad ait so thought Td better do smeshing about chat. We spent fr less tine om personnel ‘mater, bur tonizlly, ve gota lot more out of those sessions. suppose what Fm saying i that the course fas helped me to be more realistic about where my strengths and weaknesses li T seldom have anything to do withthe financial Side of thingy now. Speaker Four ‘Man: I emember Las feng rather under. ‘challenged at hat me — lowly admin officer ~ fn I as fascinated by all the opposites ‘pening up wth inemet busines you know, so Tehose an MBA which wa offering lots of innovative sessions in that aes, And T have 1 $y the course dl mea great dal of good all Found. sways ben something of onet, but nce coming olf the comeyPve dived ar Imore co-operative environment dont think ‘would ever have managed that without having Alone the couse thinking of changing jobs gain ~ moving from purchasing ito customer Service management and T' loking forward to another challenge. The MBA has given me the confidence to do thie without worrying Speater Five ‘Womans I decided against ding the MBA a the college down the rsd, beens although they had an excllentrepuaton, hey seemed tome to betoo tational for my partial ness, [plumed fora course st UCDA, eventhough it ‘was uch along way away, beause iad» ood track record dealing wih changes tothe Sate book: And don’ eet i thik the fact that | id my thesis on this European 100 Bsines Regulation helped me to get my cere jb. I sigaicane, though, hat Iver’ actually had vo apply much of my legal Knowledge inthe ob. stead, ve ended up ‘working in product standardisation and ‘monitoring which, of course, my MBA studies helped with, coo [pause] [Now Histon othe recording again. [pause] That i the ond of Par Two. Pare Three. Quetions 232030. You will ear a Busines Studies tutor and a tent, Martin, discussing Role, @ UK-based fofedrinks company. For each question, 23-30, markome letter (A, Bor OG) forthe correct answer: Alfer you have listened once, replay the recording, Yow now have 45 second to ead through the suction {pause} [Now listen, ad mark A B or (pause) ‘Woman: OK, Matin, asked you to prepare the ‘ise study of Raleoa, the softdrinks manufacturer Lets work through the main issues together. Now, asume you've looked atthe background? Can you give me a ‘Man’ Erm, yeah r~ well um Raleona age a UK. ‘company who had one very famous dink — Sint which wae sling well world vie, But ‘sto yeaes ago, when the new Chaitman arrived he decided to exploit shat popularity to expand the produc ange, Ralcona fad ierosie sta into markets in Japan, Australia and vverl South-East Asin counties, But here's recently een aside in sales, despite the fac tha sta is sei holding up reasonay well against some Seif competion from other multinationals Woman: Ok, stop there, because | want til you ‘von the dcisions tht took place nthe planning ofthis new product range they were ‘ey interesting. Inevitably the various intrested parties in che company all had vey ferent ‘Has but they al advocated cation So, for example, the nance department wanted to test the markets close to home fst, while the marketing team were woried any new drinks would iu the image ofthe cove brand and so were looking at new names. Bur acros the hardy the people at the op favoured launching cach product separately at ifferent imes to get ‘maximum impact for etch prot 0 that what happened Al igh, go on ‘Man: Wall they then had to decide which marker to aim foe Did they just replicate other dias fn the marker and wy to ext int those mark ‘Should they focus solely onthe youth market, Which was rapidly expanding? Or should they be daving and go for an older, more sophisticated age group wich more expensive Provdcts? Risky chey plump for the late. ‘Then, having deeded swhere they were ging, the Rand D department began developing the products ‘Womans Right, and a key factor hee was deciding ‘on the allinportan design ofthe packaging Nowy designers tend vo have a tack record of successor tao the safest option would have ben o employ a team of consultants who specialised in this, Bu, driven by the focus on innovation from the new chairman, they tawled ‘the marke for reent graduates, hiking thee ‘enthusiasm would make up fr thet lack of experience. They were also approached by “designers from other compantes but thowght they'd be wo set in their way. So the indastry ‘vas waiting eager tose what Ralcona had to ‘offer, bur atthe as minute, she eospany halted the lunch for ehree months, Why ws hat? Man: Unt. an overworked marketing ‘Woman: Hin, Pete, ts no dhe easiest, thas foe ‘ure! Bur this course was never going tobe 2 holiday, was “Man: Definitely not! Anyway; the ob this time Seems to be pretty detaied, analytical Woman: Mm. Bur we have ob loking tthe ‘eer pte dont wes ian, he serateis these organisations putin place Mani Yes how they stuctre employees Womans And ts hat aspect of organs ‘wee supposed ta he renewing Mans Yup. most Ishin the coarse in gener Voom eh he cas np pee high sander, satin ee Pe Manz No beter than Lexpected. though ts ‘probably it tpped in favour ofthe theoretical $e, say wharves Io fel everyones Prcula station tke account of co we all Felis enor made for somehow you sce shat ean, ‘Womans Mit do, shough can say Tm emily happy ane Oi ‘Woman Well we do all de reading and ve Team Tor fo that sella then et nto ‘our respective grup, but thea Td wee al sot ditferem concerns ns Contes ‘Woman Yeah, ab tacit docs’ eal sh even inthe rorhoue lcs thy give us wich ought to be enough, surely. Mans Bat don you tha’ tue in any work ‘Woman: Not aces, no, Welle perhaps 'm ‘oc at ny best in teams il stop. My ‘tivation comes from secing step, you know? ‘line particular projets coming up, and the Shallenge of koockng each one into chpe and ‘hen going onthe next sh that’ te best sway o besatnyng cent demand, whether Jo dealing drew hem eno. ed tobe more facet fac, ut have keno tha Mans That's ntersting, ‘ese where ike to be farther on down te nes desing ith bul up brand mage for my company You know seing what seats eam ep n place o increase the perceived quality of what You've gor on offer. so that sma fo what oui saying in some ways ‘Woman: Insome ways ys. couse the ueston i how da you gt thee? Man: Tote dream oh ‘Woman: expect we Bo aed to alk oa rerun content he net Btu Mine They are the ones wth she contaca ‘Womans mm, yeah, but often in spied Bld. Team more tha hy ea poston Test2 to make you se whi employers actualy require 'oU know take ou Out of our dream world Man Yea Womans» and ge you into the busines of octsing the vale of what you offer more prev onto whats company’ looking fo. Though thir comsmasin an be sky-high Man: Yes Do you know, another thing be Tooking fri the cance to work rom home ‘Woman: Escape comming? Would’ we all Manz Seriously, dont you felt would do ‘wonders for your oct that you'd fs get more done day? Hal the me, sl Exhausted before even gto the ofce ‘Woman: Ob, know what ou mean» Buc what bout the nergy you get fom colleagues? ‘Man: Well, nothing ca replace the creative buzt ‘yu ge ff ineracting with the, realy {Exchanging Hess only whether he price ofthat worth =~ ‘Woman: Mm we who knows what the fore wl oi for? Peple are ying computer appications will mean moce and more Sccrac in messing elvan at, Mane Fv nt convine'd «+s Tern think specialisation’ going b the key, knowing ‘our owa region, a that comes from hands-on experience ‘Woman: What's speci about i, yeaby re, so ow to focus your sles efor according Mani, Min, because customers will always spond to foc marketing ‘Woman: Oh, abvoluey. Anyway, what your Ipsos] [Now listen to the recording again tps] ‘That ie the end of Part Three. You now bave ton meso raver oar art your Aner pause Note: Teacher, stop che recovding here andi trenminotes Remind sdents whe there 8 one inate remaining ‘That she nd of he tt 109 Pare 1D 2C 3B 4E SA 6c 7A 8B Part2 SE WC NF RA BG wD Part SA 16D A BC 2c rea | 21D 2D BC MA 2B BA A WR WC 3B 5 i 3180 32 FROM 33.484 SUCH 4 SS THE "36 IN 37 SAME 38 OTHER "39 ANYTHINGEVERYTHING i 40 WHOSE ! Parts i 41 CORRECT 42 CAN. 43 EITHER 4 44.WITH "45 TOO 46 THEM i 47 CORRECT 48 CORRECT 49 YOU i S0 WHICH SI IDENTIFY” 52 MOST i ' , 110 The following repor will describe the changes inthe passenger revenue and the percentage of ean deriving on time For bth 1¥ and 2°! quarts the passenger revenue has increased in compacoon with lst year resus. The se two guar" pasengee Fevenues have decreased desstilly sesling in Tess than 25% ofthe oignal revenue AAs we can observe he punctuality of he tains hae fallen doen. In 2008 did oe go under 85% when 2006 fel less than 70% (Quarter by guacter the punctuality is worst in 2006 then in 3005. We ean appreciate the eduction of serving on tne observing the 34 ‘quarter eeu, In 2005 the company had ‘worst eesul (85%) and ac the sate period of 200 ill down t9 69% In conchsion, the percentage of rains asving late has ncresed and the passenger revenue oe fet o end up falling, Band 1 ‘Thissript has notable content omissions. From ‘the Gst paragraph, is imposible wo visualise the hur chart for passenger revenue. In addition, the confusion cased bythe second paragraph has a ‘very negative effec onthe target reader Sample 8 Report: Cusine ain company “The graph shows the passenger revenue andthe pentane of trsne arriving on time ding he Years 2005 and 2006 af rain company ealed Cristie Regarding the passenger eevenue during 2005 it started around £m 280 inthe fst quate, increased siowely ton 300 inthe 3 quarter And then fel around £m 290 3 he ond of the year In 2006 the reve increased steady {o £m 330 during the 2" quarter betore falling ‘apy to around fn 230'n the 8 quarter nding at £m 225 a the end of 2006 “The percentage of trans arriving on time stayed stables around 88% doring the 1" and 2" ‘guater in 2005 then decreased 0 83% in the 5 quart before recovering st around 879% a¢ ‘the end of 2008. Tl ee 2 quarter im 2006 the percentage decreased steadily to 85% belore falling eapily to 68% (3 quater) and recovering 10 75% at the en of 2008. Test 3 uestion2 Sample C Reports Training Ceres ia the Bank Jlas Baer Incodction currency Juli Baer >ovids several eaining ‘enters. The main ceteris locited inthe head office facility in Zach. Around 5 small training centers abroad are in place inorder ro Sap thee tesning programme according to. Toca nee, Every cee is headed by 2 local Manager reporting dey tothe Managing Director in Zari, Sengths of he sing proved Dosing te ast 5 year a very professional training depatacnt tas been eablished ‘Asa esul of high investments, many programa has been launched ve ae til in planning, The matury of chem are adapted 10 Bank intrnee procedures, That means ~ae i line with JB processes and are in general noc Insel on a generic apoeoach ‘Weaknesses ofthe traning provided Band 4 All content points incided. Netra ws of language whichis virally eror fe. Howeves, the cange of language we nt salient fo band 5 ‘Many programms are held in several locations. ‘Asa result some couse were performed with only one a wo eranes. Sometimes this could bea dnadvantagehecnose the knowiedge transfer betwen candidates is ot so efectve Ss when more member ake par. An other points that more the one infasracare hast [eensuzed and provied: In some ening eres it cory iol ogame rns ana ‘echnical matte. Recomm However inorder to eduse the adainistation sal fore n he cations, some taining Drogramnms shold beperiormed in one single eter. This wl also improve the tansier of Knowidge Between staff members of diferent pir of the ou, Band? ‘Aeasonabe elisation of che tsk se however, the ist content point hs bee inappropriately ‘eal with, For this eons given one task enaly 50s awarded band 2. Key ‘Sample D Band 3 ‘This serpr uses an adequate range of steuctres and Tntrodeeton The report i concluding the general information of the taining provided in our company, which includes a summary ofthe Srrent taining the strengths and weaknesses Df che raining provided and some suggestions fon che taining. Findings: Since we are a Customer service company dealing withthe dtvery of lowers to ifeent Imarkes he current taining includes the Following steps. =the trang of time value ‘of our aff by forming a gond timetable For ‘our staff and making ules of rewards and punishment for staff 2s che raining of the team work spite through the activity eld by ‘thecompany sich as climbing or ball games To analyse the traning povided, ist le’ come to the strengths ofthe waiting, Through the training, The company suceed to oft ll of fur dilieryon me and won the reputation ‘which inereasd our busines ones and our company’s pros. Due co the taining of eam ‘work spirit sa ge to know each other beter hich make them cooperate wel with each ther ad finish the jo more efit. However there are stil some shortcoming in the traning. the ersning takes too ach, nergy and capital than necessary. Each period bf ening takes employees too much ine ‘which reduced the income of gor company “luring the raining perio 2° che rang taf ‘vn al come from the company are not 0 ‘ualified sometimes Recommendation In order to impeove the curent weakness of the traning, is bere foe the company to consider to oursource the waning pare othe spec traning Cente, ln this case, not only ‘save the energy of our own staff bur also. ‘guarantee the quality ofthe training. ‘Conclusion “The eainng has succesfully incteased the profits of our company although i has its own Shortcoming. Chanees ae for che improvements as long asthe company take the suggestions ‘mentioned above ‘vocabulary, although there area few aon-inpeding, rors. Allcontene pints are covered, andthe ‘organisation and cohesion are satisfactory Irmeets Iban $ descriptors onthe genersl mark scheme, Question Sample E Dest Mi/Madam: am weting to you about your dissed sermce your company offered ‘Yesterday, got 0 my company very cary only {ond ewo people ae more interes in Shang than cleaning. Catching sight of me, hough they didnot op talking, event alk loudly. However when Featee my own oe, wana nude wos thing rivate gods AT tht tne, tas 30 angry hour itand made them stop their rok a fads then tell he manager of yor company. Finally Twas old he was s0 busy tat frecoulda' answer me An hou later some clients et immediately when they Tel the dirty and mess environment ‘four company Toa certain extent, ruins he image of our company. Moreover, iia los of the company. reso difeut ro make up for the potential business opportunity. AAsto the unfortunate things happening to my ‘company, Ithink you should beter take | reasonable and winswin measures to | Gompensate the lone we have mae, First ofall ‘three unqualifed workers are supposed to make Apology foe what have done; secondly ny ‘pinion, your company should make a {compensation for ou Tos eink they ace the ese ways to solve the problems we are fed ‘wth. Aa we know everyone as iso her own Fah Theres o exes for you “invading” my right. If your company doesn make any {action wo this, ou company wl send leer {6 Consumer Right Protection Commie, We all hope for your answer ‘Yours thlly Band 2 Allthe content points ae covered: howere, there ivalack of control anda numberof lexical iors, ‘These, combined with use of some inappropriate a2 register, would have a native elec on the target reader Sample F Robust & Co 728 Maple Street, 25870 New York ‘Ms Joan Spack Director of Ceaner's Word 22 Maine Square 23750 New York 19 May 2007 Dear Madam, Tam writing to express my concern about the ‘ual level of cleaning services povided by Your company to Robust & Co, There have been merous events which resulted in our dsappoinamentin Cleaner’ ‘World evel of qualey so Allow me to name a few First of al she tine is oe bing picked up from allthe garbage bins in Our bung, Ths esl in having an unbearable amount of waste paper in our oom In adion, oeidor foes ae swept only once 2 month and we ind inact: Moro ‘ne of your sa was reported leaning LCD, computer monitor wih igus completly inappropriate for that parpose, OF course this has ete many of ovr LED monitors Badly lamaged “The most important sue f would like ro discus with you ae numerous report of ‘misng documents Apparat an not oineentlly thet is always a notable increase nthe numberof sch reports after the weekly clean-up of our ote. Allthe abe issues have very dep impact on our cents and vistors, who ste making femarks about dst in out waiting room Asa conclusion, I would like 19 waen you that ifwedo nt sea drastic ipromen ate ‘ual of your servic, we wl forced ro Took for another cleaning company. Yours sincerely Band § ‘Aline aeewardness keep his from being a perfect realisation ofthe task. Ths prevents this being an upper band 5 Test 3 Question ¢ Sample G Satis to improve he oegansation’s public itsage Based on some bad publicity of our ‘organisation recent this propolis eaegeted to propose statin 0 adres this problem lnder the zequremere ofthe Chief Executive ‘The bad publicity = vertnement the advertisement words of ‘ur organisation contains some dradvamage specs of our rv. Although ches ze tu Conditions forthe, is nota sit way 9 Include them in ou advertisement, oe this may affect out eepetation in publ ~ sbi, as world fend company inthis Fc itis critical ce ws to keep our website upto date. However some phone numbers addreses, a5 well sone new produce could rot been pu into aur website dine The following problems = advertisement the ysl of our advertisement ito increase dur rand inthe public and the leads toa growth of ur sales, I tht are some words concer our rival ot ustomers may comider us a mal ‘ompanies wo arealways wing some bad competitive weys in chi markerng. ~ website convey iustaes chat up f0 ‘dee wei wl rac its customer Searching om ts new products peiody as ‘well as some pote uses inthe fare Therefore, oar ongensxoon’s website oe active enough te oar customers and Potential users if i til cut of dae, ways to improve the enganisition image ““havertnement.tisnecessty for our “organisation to make an mosiation ofthe Words in our adveriement An effective advertisement worcs should ince the characteristic of ox major product, the feature aswell 5 te convinen for users = svete loading the new products, phone ‘number and addresses onthe organination's ‘webs inte ithe step The nei 2hding an FAQ (fequently asked question) Section and online purchase saction to the ‘website. Al ofthese impeovements have the pote to increse cr sls inthe lature 13 Key Ang posible diadvamages ose the change of advertisement words feaires a investment on the public Bld. furthermore, the miestons ofthe wb ineresen the costa wel = human resource: The FAQ section and ow line purchase need sone experts in T, which ‘meats the organisation have io recruit an new employee for his, Although this statis egies «new Svestment of ox and human resource, all of them wil irene the sles forthe ‘organisation. Therefore, ics wort to carry out these improvements Band 2 ‘This sri is clearly a band 2, Al the content has been covered (sme candidates may interpret “puta -adverssings however erors eihin se gut frequent, an some ae impeding nd fbschte communication. Foe tis aso swasded Tower rather than higher, band 2 4 Sample # Inxoduction| “The aim ofthis proposal ito examine how we «ould enhance our company’s reputation. The Proposal wl also nce 3 deseription af the eure sitation and the disadvantages of the improvements recommended, Description af the bad publicity Unfortunately a whistle-blower eecently provided the local newspaper with information out the production of our newest product ‘They aeased our organisation of using chemical ingoeients which could damage the health of out cient, Prsseted problems Now we hae to fac che problem that we ould lose the trust of oar customers Conscsuent, we could Raves sharp decrease Insales and prof. Improvements Ieis recommended that we approach the problem by hiring some external specialists, ‘who wil prove that ou products are omplerey re of any unealehy chemical Furthermore its suggested that we launch 2 new advertising campaign which should include ‘ur curse studies. Disuvantages All hese improvements wil certainly cost huge amount of money, and itis advisable that ‘Werdontwaste any time and Sc up the new ‘uveres as soon a posible, Conclusion “To sum up, iis recommended that we we adver and studies to improve our company’s ppblic image and to Keep our marketshare in he retail market Band S “Ths serie fllyealiss the task with good «contol, natural use of language and tone. eis frror fee and has «postive effect onthe target reader Test3 Listening Part 1 PUBLICITY FOLDER 2 EXHIBITOR LIST / EXHIBITORS LIST 3 INTERNET 4 FLOOR PLAN 5 LARGE/BIG NOTE(JPAD 6 (YOUR) BUSINESS CARDS 7 (OWN) (COMPANY'S) BROCHURES 5 PRESS OFFICE 9 FASTCITRACK SERVICE 10 INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS. 11 INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNTS 12 ONEIA WEEK / ZSEVEN DAYS Part 2 BH ME SF 6B 176 BO BA ah mb DE Part BC MA we wR we Be BA JON Tapescript LUstening Test3 This isthe Business English Cotifate Higher 4, Listening Test 3 Part Ome, Questions Ito 12. You will hear am adviser giving a talk toa group of purchasing managers about bow 10 make ood wse fasts trade fs ‘As you listen, for questions 1 to 12, complete the notes using up to tee words a rumber Affer you have listened once, replay the recording. You now have 45 seconde ro rad through the questions [pause] Now lst, and complete the nots. [pause] ‘Woman: Good afternoon. My shor ell today is abou eae faire not how to exhibit at thes, bhurhow to ake best advantage of being a cstomer vst tothe fait How can you ‘make your visi ely cost- and sime-fcient? ist an sue which often overtooked is Test 3 pre-eshibition pepstatin. Iemay be thatthe Er won't be bepf,so find out as much a yon ‘an before you conde booking. As soon a8 you know is taking place, end off foe the Publicity folder, for which thee sno charge It ‘Contains information which cv save you time find money. One paricular thing Lalvays advise ‘iets to doit lok over the exhibitor st ‘rth ret care anda to ine manager ad Colesies abot This wil give you the best, insight ito whether his pari Fie ight foryour company. Iii sgn up fori “Then if you thinc the fairs for you do take time to look ito hal arangements. My advice is that you should wy wo choose a hotel yourselt fom the interne exer than selecting one from the trade fairs recommended lst. Trade firs fn exhibitions tend to use large chins because they're easier o dea wih, ather than ones with the most suitable fies Inde course, yo wil receive an enormous amount of trade fi information lot of you can throw sway immediately. Bat not Everything =the hard-outs to hang onto are the Fnalsed ist of vistors, and i also wore Keeping the loor pla. Organisers seldom remember to supply exta copies, and you'll be stuck if you don't hve one. “Then take lilecare with your packing — don’ forget to take large notepad [firs tend to supply ny ones hese days, and your juings a get lost on sal scraps of paper) and, ‘whatever you do, don forge to take a good apply of business eds, There surely nothing ‘more embarrassing-haa not beng able to prado one on reguse- One othe thing eat packs a smal pe of my own company brochures ~ ot too many, they be to hesyy — but to give out to sdeced pesonsel Obviously you're there with 2 rew to buying, but an xchange of information helps everyone. ‘So now you've arived and youve standing in the exhibicon all with is bewildering aeray of people and exhibis. Where do you start Wel, ny advice iso jgnoce the people at reception and 0 straight to the prs office They’ be a good four of information sbout the relly important vents ofthe day and what the itereting ew Drodoct and servis ars After thi i's worth faking advantage of whats sometimes aed "the FastTrack Servi’ canbe coy, but itis personalised andincependent~ an adviser disses you company prfle and dies youo t Key After thai’ just a case of wandesing round seeing what ateets your eye, And & key piece of advice ~ havea good look ae the stands {fsa companies. These ae often us staring fut, and thei ean frequently exhibit Innovative products ’Ar you go around, lok, listen, discuss, ask questions, Doa' he afraid to enquire about Ineroducrory discounts. You may be suprised at ‘what companies are prepared 0 offer when they're trying co setup a deal ‘Now obviously, youl be aiming to make plenty of contacts and you should keep an eve fa how long ees the ciferent companies co tet back to you sending the request Trerature, quotations and so fore, With day's ‘communication techigues, you should hese From them within two or tte days a even twwenyfour hours. Aay company that takes Temgee than a week x noe worth pursing, in sy ‘opinion. 0, next Pike [pause [Now listen othe recording again. [pause That isthe end of Part One. You now have 20 seconds 10 check your asses [pause] Part Too. Questions 13 10 2. You will hea ive different people talking about project they cavied out at work and ier {sperionce while carving tt. or each extrac, dere are to tasks, Look at Task One. For each question, 13-17, chooce the purpose ofthe proje fom belt A-HL Now look at Task Two, For each question, 18-22, choose the person’ experience ofthe projet rom thelist A. Aer you have listened once, replay the recording. You ow have 30 seconds to read thet ls [pause] [Now listen, amd do the two tks, {passe Speater One ‘Womans I worked for 3 tool manafacuces, which had always targeted the domestic marke, bu then the Managing Director realised one product, Ties would do well abroad, to, an he asked 16 ‘me to look into how best achieve this, Well this eas 2 grest opportanty for me. thought it ‘was vealyinportaet vo send our oven salt bverseas, 50 they could devote al heir me to {etn our product into the markets. But it fumed out the boss actly met I should investigate lca companies to use as out agents: hes they would already have information, host potential customers. wish hed spt this ‘out at the beginning, because a east we could have disused eA it was, he ignored most of what I proposed, 50 Pd simply waste my tne Speaer Two ‘Man: My boss gave me responsibil for this big roject once, where I ad to plan a tategy for Improving the amoune of fexbliy in out ‘radaction section, You se, here were people ‘who could operate specie machine, oF doa parciclar pat ofthe process, bur if someone twas off ck oron holiday nobody els could ‘ake aver Te alo meant that when people ot ‘are! with chee joby they tended t leave, 80 1 as supposed to work out ov ro ge everyone {aml with several machines, Wel didnt Know the deparament very well so T wanted to discuss my ideas with the shopflooe wosker, but ‘morale had got so bad, most of chem coulda be bothered, and in the end, Tean' claim Thad rich sucess, Speater Three ‘Woman: We make loxury bags and we're never shoe of customers. We don have oar own Stoves: he bags ate sold by retailers, and we ‘work closely wich ther, They generally have ey limited storage space, So they ea’ earry Inuch stock, which means we have to make lots ‘of imal deliveries, So had todo a comparative Study ofthe alternatives, Te thing was, chough, thac I was told justo look at geting our Finished product rom the factory tothe outlets, sthich was straightforward enough, but 1 s00n reals that t would make more snes took atthe whole ofthe supply chin. Anyway, 1 managed to solve the immediate problem Spear Four Man: The company I wocked forged wit Soe oo and arenes of Grutor psn a efing ‘Torn ite Sree ft new Compan an pet ad cs poe ‘read hey Un tab she stmosphere was afl Butt alo proved very “lfc wo ind our exactly how the other ompany had been opersting Hews sal, and the dirctors were basically 2 group of finds ‘who'd se up the business togethet Everything ‘yas done verbally and they hadn't bothered to draw up orsanograms o ob descriptions. had to spend ages ealking to all of them, so took Ime Tong ee eo each the pon where Tet ‘Confident enough fo present my epor. Speaker Fve Woman: We'e asl manufacturer of fashion ‘fothing, targeted at people in thir twenses ‘wth igh disposable incomes. We compete with Imported clothing, and only use outlets close by, ‘which keeps distribution costs down. And then ‘management decided we were too dependent on these customers, and We should am ata broader ‘ge range, and as soon ss possible They considered designing new ranges for other age {roups, but we jst dd have the production apaciny, so they deided ta change he pode, image, # brosden is appeal. The ask of ‘aking this happen fell to me. Well wish Pd Felused, because they simply dda realise that itva very complicated process, and that lots of ‘ompanis have tried and failed. Instead they Blamed me for noe being bold enough. [pause] [Now list tothe recording again pause ‘That she end of Part To. (pause) Part Thee. Questions 231030. Yow wil ear a discussion benoven 10 managers Kathy and Dioxcan, who work nthe Hioman Resources department of company. For each question, 23-30, mark one eter (A, B or (Ci for the corect answer After you bave listened once, replay the recording. Yow wow have 45 seconds tread trough the questions, [pause] [Now titer, and mark A,B or [pause] Test 3 ‘Woman: Well, Duncas, sink we ca often get 2 Toe out ofthese informal talks. Man: Teoulda' agreemore, Kathy the ‘gendas in seandard mectings are wsally 00 Fig eo allow for rel discussion Woman: OK, now, yeu'd like to appoint «new Mans Yes [think i mportane ‘Woman: because you're wanting to lok at agents aad consulates. (Man Yeah ~chey ell teed on computes, but ‘ot ina useful way. T wane the whole ching ‘vised, so char we can access information in a Wie range of lear stegores. ‘woman: And tha a separate job, “Mane Quite ~ and a fg one. We needa setup like ‘the Marketing Deperment has for sents ses Frenly \Worman: I can certainly se your case. My only ‘though i that hi esons role likely 40 ecome maze compes Man: Ob, sure these ave just ny inal thoughts ‘Womans So, you'll have to make sure you get Someone wi’ gor the ight qualifications ‘Man: Mm “the ight diplomas ‘Womans And will they be going to many mecings ‘Man: Yeah, but not ving eo travel there Tinea the'l be inhouse Woman: Tee ie asa cos departmental ole ‘Man: T guess that depends onthe Directors. TU rather keep witht HI ‘Womans Fim, ifs alwys an sue, sit, how the Fst idea ofthe ob 3 tansformed, often neglecting the origal need. Tve sa On plenty bfincervew panels ete, whese we all doing ‘our utmost ler th andidate give thee best, hot Man: Oh'sure. Woman: and found myself sinking hang on, ‘too many people have gor their hands on this find changed the requirements or desirable ‘ales since te tne we pu ou he AUvereement «just don’ ehink all he ‘etailsshoull be pased around as they ‘Man: T suppose everyone's abi desperate and looking for any opporeuniy to delegate, soi someone new’ comin, they think ob, that ‘igh help me Woman: Only natu “Man: The new salary cles, welome though the ‘creases ar, don adres the real problem 47 EY Key And the exible holiday system has’ done anything to reduce the day-to-day pressure. ‘Woman: Tknow what you mean, but T do have faith in chings geting betes, fhe current initiatives go ahead ‘Man: Him, icheve them when Ice chem, ‘speci these glamorous neve systems IT ae proposing, Woman. Well, ‘Man: st wish everthing could be as Straightforward asthe production tam manage tomake it~ what theyre proposing i 30 practical tha its bound ro go through, while the Fest of us ae siting around, considering every possible aspect and application, and drawing up Endless finance projections Woman Time will ll T mas 9m not ently happy about the way thingy are going. Man: No? ‘Womans, Well, just dont chink information is Tring handled very well~ is asl thes neglected hee. We hae, in theory at least, 3 good team system, bur we stil end up eunning [ive at crucial stages on many project simply die to our own overclaborate processes ‘hic, in terms of quality and efficiency, esl fe fom ea. Mane Yeah, well» I think lot of ito do ‘wth eaptaring and disseminating information, fd whether we do tat ellectvely or not We're not alone in encouraging employee to come up ‘with ideas for improvereats in procedures, ‘rceer,pariculrly those aimed at eabancing ‘istomer service level. ‘Woman: No Mans butt’ ike tose che outcomes ofthat publiced internally.» we could havea kindof ‘magazin ro supplement the ennval report, and it coul come ou several mes 3 yea, ‘Womans I gues that could help ‘Man: eal ues up with where the company thinks Fe nghe be going. ‘Woman, Yeah ha’ the big issue. Pd sy that boils down t ideniy ‘Man: which we ned to work on developing ‘over the inert ‘Woman: Hi, [think chat probably comes later ‘What we nee o ask is~ and tis surely inne we're hein is how to Build Fecogation- Ifyou lok at who ssseds in seling globally Man: vs sou ole odes ‘Womans --- being realy idemiable helps ‘companics co sellin on and offline 18 ‘envionment and cross ol-fshioned national boundaries. Man: Irs certainly quite a challenge ‘Woman: and one we need to meet Mans Anyway, so [pause] [Now liston to the recording again [pause] “Thats the ond of Part Thre. You now have tom minutes to taser your ansters to your Aner Shoe. [pause] Note: Teacher, stop che recording ad time ten ‘minutes, Remind students when there one ‘inate remaining “That ith end of th tt Test 4 Reading 3E 4€ SE 6c 9D WG uC BP IA A 17D CD uc 2D 2B uD 2B we OA Parts 22 FOWAS 32 BE 33 0N 34 TO SS THE 36 MORE “37 BY 3818 38 WHENIF 40 FROM. Parts 41 YOURSELF 42 CORRECT 43. UP 44 ALL 45 SUCH 46 THE 47 OR 48 THAT "49 WHILE 50 CORRECT 51 US 52 SHOULD Test 4 Writing vostion 1 Sample A REPORT: Changes in Supatain’ reliably, punctuality and numberof complains. “The study often relabily, punctual and numberof complains has covered the tie Span lve weeks divided further into tee sul-perids In regards esns’ reliability there was sige increae inthe second period, eaching the level ff 10 percent. Ths high score has emained level for the rest of pesto studied Conversely interns of puntvality afer fecording high score of 95% in the fs period, ‘edelined steadily in he two subsequent periods ‘Number of complaints per 100,000 pasanger Journeys has reached the level of 200 the fist |P ek studied Inthe following petiod it has slightly plummeted. During the as 4 weeks of fhe study number of complaints rose sharps, peaking a level around 225. ‘Ta conclude itis lea that increased number of complaints recorded inthe last period, could be used by consandly decreasing punctuality of Band 3 2 reasonable achievement ofthe task All content Points are covered. An adequate ange of stucre 8nd vocabulary. Organisation and cohesion are ‘good, and register and format ae easonable Flower there are ess of controle the weiter roves berween present perfor nd past simple, fd there nasa omission of aries. Overall, e ‘Sa higher hand 3 for mon ofthe General Impression Mark Scheme esti, Test 4 Panctualisy and amber of Complaints, Relsbiliy In general, whilst about 98% beeween Dec 13, and Jan 9, he relly of his tea operator made an upward moverpent to 100% inthe ext eight week, fom Jan 10 to Mar 6. Pnetualiy ‘The fgures of punctuality were always fewer than the relist the sae pio. 12 weoks ea fling een Form 95% 0 92%. Complains As numbers per 100000 passenger journeys there were 190 comain in second four ‘weeks, from Jan 1010 Feb 6, which were tlighty doen on the fst week's figure about 200 complains. Conclusion: Inthe 12 weeks, the percentage of timetabled stains atally running at his tain operator is Upto 100%. The punctuality took a down towards 92 ‘Bat complains hada growth so that the ‘operator should take more care the passengers Band 2 [Nicely organised with headings, Al content points axe covered, Howeves there isa certain amount of !twkoward phrasing, which obscures ‘communication and kas «negative effec onthe target reader 19