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International Full Time MBA starting September 2016

Class Profile

Deadlines to apply for September 2016

Application Components

Tuition Fee, cost of attendance

Contact Address and Email

Important Web links for the program/application

Class Profile:
Average Age: 28

Work Experience : 5.4 years

GMAT Scores 669

Undergraduate GPA (average): 3.34

International Students: 71%

Deadlines for September 2016:
Application deadlines for our upcoming 2015-2016 admissions
season. The deadlines are:

Round1: 1; Oct; 2015

Round2: 5; Jan; 2016

Round3: 1; Apr; 2016

Application Components:
Application Fees: application fee $175, Non-refundable.

GMAT or GRE: The average GMAT score for the class entering
in the fall of 2013 is 688. However, the mid-80 percent
range is 640 to 730 and is a useful benchmark. GMAT program
Code Full-time MBA Program JT7-G0-20

TOEFL or IELTS: The minimum required score is 250

(computer-based), 600 (paper-based), or 100 (internet-
based). Your test result must not be more than two years

Letters of recommendation: Only one recommendation is

required for the Georgetown MBA application.

Reco Questions: (Online)-

1. Describe the applicant's strengths. How does this
applicant's professional performance compare with his/her
peers? 750 Characters

2. Describe the applicant's main areas in need of

development. Provide specific examples. * 750 Characters

3. Describe the applicant's interpersonal skills. Is the

applicant effective when working on a team? 750 Characters

4. Describe the applicant's professional poise, his/her

ability to handle him/herself in a business setting. 750

5. How does the applicant typically handle him/herself

under pressure? Provide a specific example. 750 Characters

Essays: All essays should be double-spaced using 12pt.


Essay1:- Why You? (Hint: we are looking for an answer that

cannot be found from research on our website) 750 words
or fewer.

Optional Essay One:- If you are not currently employed

full-time, use this space to provide information about your
current activities. (250 words or fewer)

Optional Essay Two: Please provide any information you

would like to add to your application that you have not
otherwise included. (500 words or fewer)

Short-Term and Long-Term Goal

1. What is your short-term goal following graduation from
the Georgetown McDonough School of Business? (response must
fit in space provided)* 250 Characters

2. What is your long-term goal following graduation from

the Georgetown McDonough School of Business? (response must
fit in space provided)* 250 Characters

Transcripts: (Upload) To complete your application, you must

upload unofficial transcripts for all academic coursework
you've taken directly into the online application.

A copy of your passport photo page

Current resume: - Applicants typically have an average of five

years of post-undergraduate, professional work experience.
However, the mid-80 percent range of years of work
experience is three to nine years. Resume should be between
10pt and 12pt font

Interview: Interviews are offered by invitation only.

Invitations to interview are extended following each
application deadline and will continue up until the decision
release date. Additionally, waitlist candidates may be
invited to interview after initial decisions are released

Tuition Fee and Other Costs:

Full-Time MBA program These are estimated expenses for the 2015-2016
academic year. $85,320

Contact Details:

Georgetown University
McDonough School of Business
MBA Admissions Rafik B. Hariri Building,
Suite 390 37th and O Streets,
NW Washington, DC 20057 USA
Phone: 202-687-4200
Email: GeorgetownMBA@georgetown.edu

Important Web Links:

1. Online Application Link

2. Program Link

3. Admission Checklist Link

4. Contact Address Link