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Supplemental Gardenburger Information

Front Row Agency

Valerie Roa-Baez, Ashlin Gomez, Mackenzie Magrath, Maurrio Brown, Kyle Carter

The Challenge
Front Row Agencys challenge is to create a fresh and modern marketing
communications campaign for Gardenburger utilizing a $5 million dollar budget. Millennials are
becoming more aware of the adverse effects of unhealthy eating leading to a trend in the health
food market. We believe that this is the perfect opportunity for to market to millennials.
Millennials are constantly searching for new ways to enjoy easily prepared foods that can also be
tailored to the individual. We want to demonstrate that Gardenburger is unique from its
competitors because customers use their creativity to customize their own burger.

Objectives of Campaign
1. We aim to increase Gardenburgers brand awareness by 10% by the end of the 6-month
campaign ending in November 2017.
2. We also aim to increase trial usage by 5% as measured by the Gardenburger app.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths Weaknesses
Quick and easy to prepare The stigma that vegetarian patties are
Nutritious boring
Available at major stores nationwide Unappetizing appearance when frozen
Vegetarian Gardenburger is not present in the
vegan health market

Opportunities Threats
Increase in vegetarian consumers in Competition such as Boca Burger,
the millennial demographic MorningStar, and Amys Garden
Expanding the product line to Burgers
accommodate vegans

Some of the strengths that make the Gardenburger patty unique is that it is quick and easy
to prepare, healthy and nutritious, available at major stores for nationwide availability and is a
unique vegetarian alternative opposed to most alternatives that are completely vegan. The
preparation time and nutrition are key strengths , especially to Millennials because they are
constantly on the move.
Some of the weaknesses that may limit Gardenburger is the stigma that vegetarian/vegan
options are boring or less flavorful than meat options. This notion can keep potentially new and
curious customers away, sticking to their routine diet. Also to some when frozen the patty looks
unappetizing which can leave a poor image of the product on the consumer
Some exciting new opportunities have changed the landscape of the market. Theres an
increase in vegetarian consumers in the millennial demographic for multiple reasons (moral,
health, ethical, or purely experimental). A key opportunity that we discovered that wasnt being
taken advantage of is the vegan market. Gardenburger patties contain cheese which exclude it
from the vegan dietary restrictions. We think at some point Gardenburger should look into
expanding to the vegan market. Overall there are opportunities that are ready to be capitalized to
push the Gardenburger brand forward.
Finally we assessed the threats that face Gardenburger and their products. The
competition such as Boca Burger, MorningStar, and Amys Garden Burgers primarily appeal to
the vegan market which seems to be growing exponentially in comparison to the vegetarian
consumer. This allows the competition to target vegetarians and vegans because of the diet
restrictions for vegans are more strict but still can be consumed by a vegetarian; unfortunately it
is not vice versa with Gardenburger patties because they contain cheese, a bi-product of an

Key Consumer Insights

According to Portland Press Herald, 45 percent of younger consumers either regularly
eat vegetarian and vegan food or follow a vegetarian diet. This suggests an opportunity for
Gardenburger to attract the millennial demographic since they demonstrate an increased interest
in vegetarian meals.

Target Market
Millennials; 18-34 years old
College-educated, young professionals
Have a desire to improve their health
On the go, with a busy schedule
Value honest, clean ingredients in their food
Care about the environment and want to create awareness about sustainability efforts
Open-minded, willing to try new things
From an urban area
Values time with friends and family

Major Selling Idea

Gardenburger is a healthy, easy to prepare, veggie burger that allows for creativity through
customization. We want to make customizing a Gardenburger with veggies and other toppings an
imaginative experience that goes beyond simply preparation and consumption among
The Gardenburger Campaign
Theme: Gardenburger is more than just a veggie patty, it is a delicious culinary canvas
that can be customized in an infinite number of ways, unique to each person and each
meal. By highlighting the convenience and versatility of this delicious patty, we will
inspire and appeal to the creativity and individualism that Millennials crave.
Tagline: Our Gardenburger, Your Creation
Tone: A feeling of excitement, happiness, inventiveness, and creativity.
Visuals: We want to emphasize the garden in Gardenburger through showing all the
possibilities of customization with veggies and other toppings.
Execution: We are going to execute this campaign through a combination of a straight
sell and demonstration techniques.

The Promotion Mix

We plan to use a combination of social media, event marketing, and a TV ad in order to execute
this campaign. These ads will occur during specific TV shows that target millennials such as
Bobs Burgers and Masterchef. Our social media tactics include a Gardenburger App and a
Youtube contest in order to raise awareness about our brand. Lastly, our event marketing plan
involves having 4 Gardenburger Food Trucks on college campuses across the nation in order to
help us increase Gardenburgers awareness as well as promote trial.

Gardenburger App
What is it?
Provides location updates of our Gardenburger food trucks
Provides link to our website
Provides a list of recipes using our products
Allows users to purchase gardenburger products on the app
People can rate/review gardenburgers products and offer suggestions for
Provides original videos about how to cook gardenburgers, how theyre made, etc.
Provides a platform in which we can assess awareness and trial before campaign
and after the campaign. In other words, we will ask consumers to take a survey
prior to getting a free trial of Gardenburger to measure just how aware they are of
the brand and whether they have tried it before. Additionally, through the app we
can measure the success of the campaign via the online purchases.
Live map of where the food truck is
Shows list of products
Videos of recipes
Green theme to the app
App icon is picture of the Gardenburger icon
Why does it matter?
Perfect for our target market of millennials because they are very social media driven
Love customization and personalization so being able to make an account on the app and
upload and look at other people's creative recipes will entice them to purchase
85% own a cell phone in the US ("Millennials: Tips for Marketing to the Ever-Evolving
According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the average millennial checks their phone 43 times
and spends about 5.4 hours on social media a day (Taylor).
What happens next?
We continue to make updated video content for our Gardenburger app as well as monitor
customer downloads and all in-app purchases.
Typical cost of an app with all of the features we want is $77,900
This is based off the following criteria:
Available for Android and IOS
People can link their social media to the app
People can create personal profiles
The app makes money through in-app purchases
People can rate/review things
The app is connected to the Gardenburger website
The app has a modest, but put together look (not extremely fancy)
The app has an icon
Labor to make
Source: "How Much Does It Cost to Make an App? - App Cost Calculator."

Youtube Channel and Contest

What is it?
Recipe videos on YouTube that emphasize how versatile Gardenburger can be and how
quick it is to prepare
A contest to engage our consumers and give them an opportunity to be more involved in
the Gardenburger campaign.
Why does it matter?
Research has shown that YouTube has become the preferred provider for any form of
video content among millennials (Heltai). Because of this, we plan on increasing brand
awareness by uploading recipe videos on YouTube that emphasize the customizability of
In order to engage our consumers, we will also have a contest in which consumers will
upload their own recipes using Gardenburger.
The top three most creative recipes will receive prizes. Third place will receive
Gardenburger merchandize, second place will receive a tour of Gardenburgers
headquarters and first prize will receive a prize of $5,000 and will get to be our
spokesperson for the remainder of the campaign.
What happens next?
The first prize winner will be present at large Gardenburger events and will be featured in
future commercials.
The cost to produce each YouTube video is $600. Given the fact that we will be
uploading 5 videos, the total production cost will be $3,000.
Additionally costs include the $5,000 prize and $100 worth of Gardenburger merchandise
for the third place prize.

Food Truck
What is it?
Gardenburger will implement a Food Truck program in which there will be four food
trucks in different regions of the U.S. The regions are West, Midwest, South and East.
The food trucks will be serving Gardenburger patties in a variety of ways to emphasize
how customizable it can be.
Each food truck will visit college campuses within its designated region for six months
and offer the target market the opportunity to try Gardenburger for free.
Why does it matter?
The food truck allows Gardenburger access to the target audience. It also allows
Gardenburger to interact directly with their consumer and hear firsthand what they think
about the brand.
Because our target demographic are Millennials the food trucks allow the mobility to
travel to many colleges and universities throughout the country where the demographic is
primarily centered and accessible. We hoped to take advantage of the hungry college
student filled campuses to ultimately boost trial and awareness of the Gardenburger
brand. If you look in the media schedule for the food truck we wanted to have the trucks
running strong on campuses during the final months and beginning months of college
What happens next?
If successful enough, the food truck can become a part of a larger event marketing plan.
In other words, Gardenburger can be present at larger events that target the same
audience such as Coachella. This could give Gardenburger the opportunity to reach the
target audience and make a profit.
We will be placing one food truck at each of the four regions. Each food truck will cost
$100,000 therefore the total cost will be $400,000. The cost of gas for all food trucks for
six months is estimated at $12,000. Additionally, the cost of employee wages will amount
to $108, 000 for the six month period. Additional costs such as inventory, employee
uniform, kitchen tools and more can be seen in detail in appendix 2. In total, the costs of
running all four food trucks for six months is $566, 900.

What is it?
A 30 second advertisement that will air on television during prime time 35 times using a
flighting schedule for each show throughout the duration of the campaign.
The commercial will feature a millennial woman enjoying the process of preparing a
Gardenburger, emphasizing the choices she has to customize the burger using creativity.
For the buying method we will buy from networks to reach millennials across the United
States, and we are using the participation method so our commercials will be viewed,
however we are not sponsors of the shows.
We will be running the commercial on FOX network through two of their shows that are
popular among millennials. These shows include MasterChef and Bobs Burgers.
Why does it matter?
Television is still a popular method for entertainment among millennials (Lynch).
We chose to air the commercial during Bobs Burger and Masterchef are shows that
millennials are familiar with and have many viewers in the millennial demographic. Both
of these shows also get customers thinking about food.
Through the portrayal of food on the shows we hope to attain a halo effect from the good
food portrayed on these shows.
What Next?
If the commercial is successful the next campaign could include commercials with
similar themes.
The production cost for a national commercial is 350,000, while the cost for a 30 second
commercial during prime time shows such as Bobs Burgers and MasterChef are around
112,000 per commercial.
To fit in with the 5 million dollar budget we will air the commercials throughout both
shows 35 times.
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Appendix 1- Budget
Channel Item Description Cost
Video Production 5 Recipe Videos ($600 each) 3,000
Contest Prizes for Contest 5,100
Total Youtube Channel 8,100
Food Truck

Purchase of Food Truck 4 Trucks and Designs ($100,000 each) 400,000

Inventory 4 Trucks Inventory ($8,000 each) 32,000

Permits and Licenses Permits for 4 Trucks ($300 each) 1,200

T-Shirts and Uniforms All employees a T-shirt Uniform 500

Paper Products Paper Products for 4 Trucks ($1,200 each) 4,800
Cooking Utensils 4 Sets of Utensils ($2,000) 8,000
Fire Extinguishers Fire Extinguisher per Truck ($100 each) 400

Fuel and Maintenance 6 Months of Fuel per Truck ($3,000 each) 12,000
5 Hours/Day, 20 Days/Month, 6 Months
Employee Wages ($15 hour) 108,000
Total Food Truck 566,900
GB App
Creation of App Cost to Produce App 70,900
App Maintenance Maintenance for 6 months 5,000
Total GB App 83,900
Production Cost Cost for Producing Commercial 350,000
Prime Time Commercials ($112,000 each
Commercial Air-time x 35 commercials) 3,920,000
Commercial Total 4,270,000

Grand Total 4,927,900

Appendix 2- Media Schedule
Contribution Statement

1. Ashlin
a. The Challenge
b. Major Selling Idea
c. The Campaign
d. Commercial
e. The Budget
f. Media Schedule
g. SWOT Analysis
2. Valerie
a. Objectives
b. Key Consumer Insights
c. Target Market
d. Gardenburger App-Benchmark
e. YouTube channel/contest
f. Food Truck
g. Slideshow
3. Mackenzie
a. Execution
b. Target Market
c. Target Market Visual
d. Gardenburger App
e. The Promotion Mix
4. Kyle
a. SWOT Analysis Description
b. Food truck concept, design
c. Tagline/Slogan
5. Maurrio