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Operating Instructions

Brief Introduction 2 Dear Customer,

If you have not received a security code for
your radio, it means that your car is fitted with
comfort coding system, which does not
Important Precautions 3 require a code. In case of disconnection and
reconnection of car battery, first switch on
the power by the starting key, then switch on
Operation of the Radio 4 the radio. If you need a code, contact your
koda service F
Operation of CD player 9
Operation of external I
CD changer* 11
User Settings 12
Cautions and Instructions,
Warranty 15

Brief Technical Description 17

The device complies with the protective
requirements of EMV (Directive EG 89/336 EWG
and Directive 93/68 EWG) according toEN
55013 and EN 55020 standards.

Brief introduction

Section............................................................. page Section ............................................................page Section ............................................................page

1.Button................................................................. 4 7.7 8 Buttons ...............................................5,10 13. EJECT button ................................................10

- radio on/off (by pressing) - fast station search: SEEK - ejects the disc from the built- in changer
- volume control (by turning) - fast forward/rewind F.FWD / F.RWD within a
- other setting functions in various menus track 14. Slot for loading CD discs............................... 9
- allows loading and subsequent playback of
2.CD button.....................................................9,11 8. Sound settings button AUDIO..................... 12 CD- DA/CD- R/RW discs
- CD- DA/CD- R/RW disc playback activation - activates the sound setting menu
- select a disc using the preset button 12 - activation of menu for sound balance 15. Display
- displays operating information
3.FM button.................................................... 4,10 9.AM button....................................................4,10 - displays the meaning of preset buttons in
- FM radio activation - MW/LW radio activation various modes

4. AS button............................................................5 10. INFO button .................................................. 7 16.TP button......................................................... 8

- stores 6 most powerful stations into presets - tuner mode: displays Radio Text information - activates the traffic message mode (TP, EON)
in each band - activates automatic switching to traffic
11. MENU button ..................................... 6,10,11 messages
5. SCAN button.............................................7,8,10 - activates a menu for radio or CD parameters - initiates the search for transmitters with
- fast search through the selected radio band setting traffic information
- search through the CD
12. Preset buttons ......................................... 5,11
6. 3 4 Buttons...............................................5,10 - tuner mode: recalls stored presets
- tuner mode: manual tuning - tuner mode: stores presets
- CD mode: selects a track - selects user setting parameter section

Important Precautions
Operating the Radio when driving
Current road traffic is more and more Always concentrate primarily on driving! Note: the texts marked with * are applicable
demanding on a driver's attention. only to selected car models, or to cars with
If you are uncertain about some functions of extra (optional) equipment
Modern car radios offer extensive and the radio, or if unexpected behaviour appears,
sophisticated functions, offering both fun and always consult the manual after stopping the
various traffic information. car at a safe location, or contact your koda

You should only operate the radio and its

features when the traffic situation allows you to
do so.

For example: changing the discs, reading the GB

booklets etc. when driving has resulted in
many critical situations.

Always set the volume at a level which does not

prevent you from hearing outside sounds.

Operation of the Radio
Switching the radio on/off Switching the Bands

A Current station (name or frequency). Selection of a band and of a memory level

The radio has FM and AM bands. These are
B Names or frequencies of reset stations. divided into 6 memory layers, 3 for the FM
B G A D F E C B band and 3 for the AM band. Each memory
C A pointer showing which station or layer has 6 presets.
frequency are currently tuned.
Push of the 3 FM button activates the FM wave
D Indicator - traffic messages active. band. Second push switches among memory
levels FM 1 - FM 2 - FM AS.
Switching the radio on/off E Current time.
Switch the radio on or off by pressing button 1 . Push of the 9 AM button activates the AM wave
F Current exterior temperature. band. Second push switches among memory
If you switch the radio off by switching off the levels AM 1 - AM 2 - AM AS.
ignition, the radio will be switched on G Indication of the selected wave band
automatically when the ignition is switched on The display indicates the currently selected
again Volume control wave band.
You can set the volume by turning button 1 .
If the radio is switched on by pressing button 1 The display always shows the current volume
when the ignition is switched off, the radio will setting.
remain switched on for 60 minutes.

After switching the radio on, e.g. to the tuner

(FM) mode, a display similar to the following
picture will appear:

Operation of the Radio
Tuning and Storing the Stations
If you select the FM band, FM- AS memory
layer will include 6 stations with the strongest
signal in the FM band. As soon as the process is
complete, the FM- AS memory layer is
selected, and preset 1 is chosen. You can switch
to other presets by pressing one of the preset
Manual tuning Storing the stations to presets buttons 12 .
You can set the frequency of a requested Use buttons 6 or 7 to tune the station you want
station by pressing button 6 3or 4. The to store. Press and hold (for approx. 2s) If you select the AM band, AM- AS memory
frequency keeps changing when you keep selected preset button 12 to memorise the layer will include 6 stations with the strongest
button 6 3or 4 pressed. Release the button station. (The sound volume is lowered signal in the AM band. As soon as the process is
to stop tuning. The display will show the set
temporarily and a beep sounds; then the
station is stored.) You can use 6 x 6 presets.
complete, the AM- AS memory layer is GB
selected, and preset 1 is chosen. You can switch
to other presets by pressing one of the preset
Automatic tuning - SEEK Recalling the presets buttons 12 .
You can skip to the next available station in the Having stored the stations using the preset
currently selected band by pressing button 7 buttons 12 , you can press any of the buttons 12 Each use of the AS function updates and
7 or 8 The tuner will automatically stop briefly to recall the respective station. rewrites the presets in the currently selected
when the next station is found in the desired band (FM- AS or AM- AS).
direction. Automatic tuning and storing of stations
The automatic tuning and storage system seeks
all stations within a selected band, selects 6
stations with the strongest signal, and stores
them as presets. Press 4 AS (AutoStore) button
to start the process. The display shows a
message STORING and the sound is muted
(see picture).

Operation of the Radio
RDS System
Your radio includes a RDS (Radio Data System) The tuner continuously tunes, updates and
decoder, which receives additional data sorts all available signals, thus updating the
transmitted by the majority of FM transmitters. LEARN memory, for the area where you are
currently driving. This process causes very
Station Name display (PS) short dropouts; and this is not a malfunction.
Your radio displays the names of the stations it REGIONAL OFF
is tuned to. LEARN OFF The tuner will tune to alternative frequencies
Under certain circumstances, operation of the with stronger signals, regardless of local
Alternative Frequency network (AF) LEARN function can be annoying. You can content. The received programme can change.
Nationwide stations use a network of switch off the function, and the tuner then has
transmitters operating on different frequencies to check any frequency that you want it to tune SEEK
to cover the whole country without to. Tuning sensitivity.
interference between transmitters.
Tuner parameters setting Some stations offer nationwide programming
Press 11 MODE button to display the tuner and also local programmes with modified SEEK stops at local stations with stronger
menu. Use preset buttons 12 to select and to content. signal.
change the options. You can listen to local content to get
information about local traffic situation and SEEK DX
LEARN local events.
Your radio offers a function which reduces drop SEEK stops at all available stations.
outs, allows for better reception and faster REGIONAL ON
tuning. The radio creates a list of available If this function is active, the tuner will not switch Press one of the preset buttons 12 to select.
signals sorted by program identifier (PI) and to an alternative frequency of a nationwide
signal strength. This allows the radio to tune to station whenever a regional programme has
other frequency with the same program, using been tuned; even if the alternative frequency
a list of alternative frequencies used by has stronger signal.
nationwide stations.

Operation of the Radio

A network of transmitters is used to cover a
broader area. Your radio automatically tunes
to a stronger transmitter, based on received
information about alternative frequencies.

AF ON Radiotext SCAN function

If this function is activated, the tuner Some stations transmit additional text Press button 5 SCAN to activate an automatic
automatically tunes to a stronger transmitter. information, called Radiotext. Press 10 INFO search for all stations in the selected band.
button to review the radiotext information. Press button 12 3 or 4 to switch to other
AF OFF stations. 10 second sample of each station is
If this function is deactivated, the tuner stays This text information may not be available at all
stations, even if a particular station transmits
played, and then the radio tunes to the next GB
tuned to a set frequency. station. Press button 12 OK to end automatic
RDS data. Depending on the quality of received scanning. The last station found is played.
4 Move to Special functions setting (see signal, the radio may need some time to
chapter Special functions). receive all characters correctly before dis- Press button 12 CANCEL to return to the
playing them. station which was playing before activating the
The displayed data disappear after 10 seconds SCAN feature.
of inactivity. The selected values remain stored. If the selected station does not transmit
radiotext, or the text is still being read, the TEXT
UNAVAILABLE message appears.

Operation of the Radio
Programme Type (PTY) Traffic Information
NONE unspecified
NEWS news
AFFAIRS current affairs
INFO information
SPORT sport broadcasts
EDUCATE education
DRAMA drama Use of Programme Type (PTY) selection Some stations transmit traffic messages,
CULTURE culture Press button 5 SCAN and use preset button 12 describing the current traffic situation, besides
SCIENCE science to select PTY. Turn button 1 to select the standard RDS data. This information is
VARIED various music desired programme type on the display. displayed when button 16 TP is pressed. If the
POP popular music Confirm your selection by pressing the preset radio is tuned to a station which does not
ROCK rock music transmit traffic information, it will search for
button 12 OK. Press one of the preset buttons
EASY easy listening
LIGHT light music 12 3 or 4 to activate the search for the one, displaying TP SEEK.
CLASSICS classical music requested programme type. During the search,
OTHER other genres the sound is muted. If no station transmitting traffic information is
WEATHER weather forecast If you select NONE, the tuner stops at each found, NO INFO is displayed. The radio stays
FINANCE financial programmes station found.The display remains active until tuned to the original station.
CHILDREN children programmes you press either preset button 12 OK or preset
SOCIAL social programmes button CANCEL . You can change the Incoming traffic messages automatically
RELIGION religious programme programme type selection while the search is interrupt the sound of a CD or other station
PHONE IN phone in programmes active. Press preset button 12 OK to end the broadcasts. TRAFFIC is displayed.
TRAVEL travel programmes search and to listen to a newly found station, or
LEISURE leisure press preset button 12 CANCEL to return back Trafic information within the RDS- EON
JAZZ jazz music to the original station network RDS- EON (Enhanced Other
COUNTRY country music Networks) links certain stations so that the
NATION national music If no station with the desired programme type traffic information transmitted by one station
OLDIES oldies music is found, the tuner returns to the original can be received while another station is tuned
FOLK folk music station. in. If any problems prevent the traffic
DOCUMENT Documentaries
information from being received, the sound
Programme type selection is not available in will be muted and the NO INFO message is
Program type ALARM is used for nationwide or
MW and LW bands. displayed.
local emergency broadcasts.

Operating of CD player
Replaying CD
Traffic information end Display indications in the CD mode
After the traffic information ends, the sound of
the original station, or of a CD, will be Restored. A Current track number
You can press button 16 TP at any time to
cancel the playback of traffic information. The B Play time indication
TP symbol will disappear. C D A B E C C Area reserved for preset buttons 12 .
Recording trafic information
Your radio has a special memory which allows 3 4 Previous/next track.
the recording of traffic information for 7 8 Fast forward / rewind within a track.
subsequent replay. Recording is only possible
in the FM band. Recording works even when D Icon - REPEAT mode active See chapter GB
you are listening to a CD. Disc loading slot Optional functions in the CD mode
Your radio is fitted with a built- in CD player. To
Listen to a CD, insert the disc into the slot 14 E Icon - MIX mode active See chapter
with printed side up. Disc contents will be read Optional functions in the CD mode
and playback begins.

Activation of CD playback mode

While listening to the radio, press button 2 CD.
If a CD has been inserted, playback starts from
the point where it has been interrupted the last
time. If no CD is inserted, you will be notified of
the fact by NO CD message.

Operating of CD player
Optional functions in the CD mode
MENU setting button
Press button 11 MENU in the CD playback
mode to display the following picture:

Playback in random order.
SCAN function Seek buttons
Press button 5 SCAN to start searching through Press and hold button 7 7 or 8 for fast rewind Press preset button 12 MIX to set required
the disc. A 10- second sample of the beginning or fast forward within a track of the CD. Normal parameter:
of each track is played. The sequence number playback resumes after you release the button.
of the track on the disc is displayed at the same OFF playback in normal order
time. Disc ejection button (EJECT) TRACK playback in random order
Press preset button 12 OK to end the scan Press button 13 EJECT to eject the disc. If disc is
mode. Current track will be played normally. currently being played, playback stops and MIX appears on the display when random
radio is switched on. If no disc is in the drive, playback is active.
Stopping playback NO CD is displayed.
To stop disc playback and to switch on the REPEAT
radio, press button 3 FM or 9 AM. If you do not remove ejected disc from the unit, Select repeat mode. Press preset button 12
it will be drawn back to the unit automatically REPEAT to select:
The last selectedstation will play. for safety reasons.
OFF playback in normal order
Track select buttons TRACK repeated playback of current track
During CD playback, press button 6 3 to skip
to previous track. When REPEAT mode is active, top line of the
Press button 6 4 to skip to next track. Playback display shows RPT.
starts from the beginning of selected track.
By pushing the preset button 12 4you will
move to the second level, see chapter Special

Operating of external CD changer*
Playback of discs Optional functions
Your radio offers comfortable control of
original originlnho CD changer, if your car is
fitted with one (optional extra). The operation
of the changer is described in a separate
instruction manual.
C D A B E C MENU setting button
CD playback mode activation button
Press button 2 CD while operating the builtin Press button 11 MENU in the CD playback
CD player to operate external CD changer, if mode to display the following picture:
your car is fitted with one. Press the button
again to play a CD in the built- in player. If no MIX
CD changer is connected, NO CDC appears on Playback in random order. GB
the display. Display in the external CD changer mode
Press preset button 12 MIX to set required
Preset buttons A Current track number parameter:
When playing a CD from the external changer,
press preset buttons 12 to select the disc for B Elapsed play time indication OFF playback in normal order
playback. After selection, the CD is played. TRACK playback in random order
When position with no CD inserted is selected, C Area reserved for preset buttons 12; press
NO CD appears on the display. a button to select the disc to be played MIX appears on the display when random
back playback is active.

D Currently played disc indication By pushing the preset button 12 4you will
move to the second level, see chapter Special
E Icon - MIX mode active; See chapter features.
Optional functions in the CD mode

User Settings
AUDIO settings
Your radio has an external input allowing
playback from other audio sources.

AUX VOL sets sensitivity of the external input.

Setting tone MONO OFF 4 Passage to the next level of settings

Press button 8 and user preset button 12 to The stereo decoder is activated whenever the
select a parameter; an indicator will mark the input signal is strong enough. Third level of AUDIO settings
parameter and you can then set the value by
turning button 1 . MONO ON GALA
Under certain circumstances, stereo sound is Your radio automatically increases the volume
TREBLE treble setting interrupted and in low- quality, even if the with increasing drive speed so that perceived
MIDTONE mid setting input signal is strong. This occurs for example volume does not change. The rate of increase
BASS bass setting when driving in urban areas. You can turn off can be set by pressing preset button 12 GALA
the stereo decoder and listen to mono sound and turning of button 1. Higher numbers mean
Additional audio parameters with increased quality. sharper increase. When 0 is set, the volume
does not change.
LOUD 4 Passage to the next level of settings
At lower volume, LOUDNESS function boosts PDC VOL*
the bass and treble. Pressing preset button 12 Second level of AUDIO settings Sometimes, excess volume can distract you
LOUD and selecting ON activates this function. By pushing the 8 button and passing to the when parking your car. If your car is fitted with
Selecting OFF deactivates it. second level of AUDIO settings by the preset parking aid device, the radio will lower the
button 4 these settings are available: volume to preset level when the parking aid
MONO unit is active. Press preset button 12 PDC VOL
The stereo decoder is activated whenever the BALANCE and turn button 1 to set the volume level, to
input signal is strong enough. The decoder is Setting the balance between the right and the which the volume will be reduced auto-
switched off when the tuner receives weak left speakers. matically during parking.
Setting the balance between the front and the
rear speakers.
User Settings

Use TA VOL function to set minimum volume

of traffic messages. Set this function by
pressing preset button 12 TA VOL and then
turning button 1.

PHVOL* Your radio remembers the volume, which was MENU button
Original handsfree set (if installed) can play set before switching the radio off. Higher Press button 11 MENU and then button 12 4
telephone sound through the radio and its volume will be lowered to the value set by ON to display the setting of special functions:
speakers. Set the desired phone call volume by VOL parameter when the radio is turned on.
pressing preset button 12 PHVOL and turning PDC*
button 1. Set this function by pressing preset button 12 If your car is fitted with parking aid device, the
display of your radio can display the distance
ON VOL and then turning button 1 .
TA VOL from an obstacle; the number of displayed
If volume is turned down for normal listening, BACK columns increases if the parking aid unit is
important traffic message could be missed. It is By pressing preset button 12 BACK you return active. Press preset button 12 PDC and then
therefore advisable to set minimum volume for to previous menu level. set ON to activate this function.
traffic messages. If current volume is lower, it
will be increased to a value set by this BEEP
parameter. If current volume is higher, it will When storing tuned frequencies into presets,
not change. the radio beeps. Pressing preset button 12
BEEP and selecting ON activates this function.
Selecting OFF deactivates it.

The displayed data disappear after 10 seconds

of inactivity. Push of any button except for the
preset button closes the setting and the
selected values remain stored

User Settings
Ext. Amplifier control*
Press preset button 12 ILLUM to set 1 if you
want the radio backlight switched off when the
headlights are off. If you set 2, the volume knob
ring will be illuminated whenever the ignition is
PHONE If you have external amplifier connected, your
If your car is fitted with a handsfree set, the AC* radio can be used to select sound effects
radio can be muted automatically during If your car is fitted with CLIMATRONIC unit, the suitable to particular programs you listen to.
incoming or outgoing call. Activate this display of your radio will display any manual Press button 8 to view a display with
function by pressing preset button 12 PHONE change of the settings. This you can check available sound effects. External amplifier has
ON. When OFF is set, incoming calls will have whether the change you performed was 6 implemented sound effect, divided into the
no effect on the radio. accepted by the unit. If you want this following menus:
confirmation, press preset button 12 AC and
TIME set to ON. LINEAR Standard linear frequency response,
Press preset button 12 TIME ON/OFF to switch suitable for all types of music or
on/off the time display on the display of your Note: the display is only a setting aid. The radio speech.
radio. has no effect on climate unit control, and the
climate unit cannot be controlled from the SPEECH A sound effect which boosts the
TEMP radio. speech and reduces other sounds,
Press preset button 12 TEMP ON/OFF to thus improving the clarity of speech.
switch on/off the exterior temperature display AUX
on the display of your radio. Your radio has an external input allowing ROCK A sound effect most appropriate for
playback from other audio sources. The input is rock music.
Another push of the preset button 12 4 active, if AUX ON. If AUX OFF, the input is
displays the last level of special features deactivated. 4 To move to other display with
settings: available sound effects.
Press preset button 12 BACK to return to
previous menu level.

The display clears after 10s of inactivity.

Cautions and Instructions
Comfort Coding Information about disc playback
Comfort Coding Care and maintenance
our radio uses special security code so called Your radio requires no special maintenance,
comfort coding - which prevents theft. After but it can be damaged when foreign objects,
installing the radio in the car, the security code e.g. credit cards or coins, are inserted into the
is entered and the radio is ready for operation. CD slot.
The code needs not be entered ever again.
Press preset button 12 to view the following This procedure has been performed by the Information about disc playback
display: dealer before presenting your new car to you. For the best possible playback quality, use only
In case of disconnection and reconnection of clean and undamaged discs. The drive is
CLASSIC A sound effect most appropriate or car battery, first switch on the power by the designed for ordinary 12 cm discs.
classical music. starting key, then switch on the radio. If you
want to move the radio to other vehicle, or Your radio can also play recordable CD- R discs GB
POP A sound effect most appropriate for when the radio requests the code, contact your and re- recordable CD- RW discs as long as
pop music. koda service. They will provide you with the each writing session is properly finalized. Full
code. compatibility with international standard for
LIVE A sound effect most appropriate for As the radio can only be operated after having CD- DA discs, so- called Red Book is
listening to concerts, live broadcasts entered the code, it is unusable when stolen. guaranteed. Some copy protected discs do not
or recorded events. conform to this standard and cannot be played.
Procedure for entering the security code:
4 To move to the sound settings Switch on the ignition and then switch on the Do not play irregularly shaped discs (heart-
display (see chapter User Settings). radio. The display shows SAFE and then 0000. shaped, etc.) or discs fitted with scratch
Press preset buttons 12 to enter the code. protection. Do not insert discs to which labels
Effects are selected by pressing preset buttons Check the code for correctness and then press are attached.
12. Press appropriated button and the external Button 6 4.
amplifier will be automatically switched to the
desired mode. Wrong code
If you make mistake when entering the code,
you can try again. Third entry of wrong code
will block the controls from operation for
1hour. In case of any problems, please contact
your koda service.

Cautions and Instructions
Useful tips Warranty
Discs, when not used, should be returned to Distance from transmitter Signal losses
the box. Always hold the disc by the edges or by FM transmitters are usually located at elevated FM signals behave like light and cannot
an edge and the centre hole, and never touch locations, e.g. tall buildings, hills, or in the penetrate through buildings, hills, obstacles
the active surface. Fingerprints or scratches mountains. There is a reason for this - FM etc. Thus places may appear with no signal
reduce sound quality and may render the disc signals are affected by line of sight issues and coverage, which causes a crackly sound
unreadable. their coverage is inherently limited. Usually, the when going through these areas
higher and more powerful the transmitter, the
CDs exposed to direct sunlight or extreme bigger area is covered. Some local transmitters Warranty
temperatures can warp and lock in the player. or repeaters are low powered and can only be This car radio is backed up by the same
Legislation differs from country to country. tuned to within a few kilometers' area. More warranty as a new car. Warranty is void in case
When recording from copyrighted media, powerful transmitters (usually operated by of improper handling, operation, or
check for applicable local legislation. networked stations) can be received at a unauthorized repair. Warranty is void in case of
distance of up to 100 km. Anyway, when exterior damage.
Signal spread exceeding a particular distance from the
Your radio provides you with quality sound transmitter, you have to tune your radio to
under normal conditions. The following text alternative frequency. When listening to
will help you to maximize your listening stations with weak signal, nearby stronger
pleasure with ever increasing number of stations can interfere with the reception. Such
available stations interference usually occurs as you are nearing
the limit of the area covered by the particular
LW/MW reception (AM) transmitter you are tuned to.
In most cases, LW and MW signals are
unaffected by tall buildings or natural Signal echoes (multi- way reception)
obstacles. Some interference can be caused by FM signals reflect off buildings, hills and other
high voltage lines, bridges or lighting storms. objects and these echoes may interfere with
These disturbances are only temporary. direct signals. This may happen to any signal,
either strong or weak. Multi- way reception
FM reception impair the signal, which causes minor audible
FM transmitters offer higher signal quality than faults or even strongly disturbed signal.
LW or MW transmitters. Moreover, stereo Hi- Fi
signal is transmitted.

Brief Technical Description

Output power RDS Car integration

4 x 20 W at 14.4 V; 25C; 10% THD, Station name (PS) display Comfort coding
4 x 35 W peak power Optional automatic tuning to alternative Diagnostics
Digital audio processor with equalization set frequency (AF) Optional control from multi- function
according to car type Optional preference of local stations steering wheel (if the car is fitted with one)
LOUDNESS function Regional traffic messages Optional use of external display
Traffic messages in the EON network Automatic volume change according to
Tuner Search by program type (PTY) driving speed
FM, AM (MW, LW) bands Receipt of PTY31 (alarm) Auxiliary audio inputs
18 FM presets, of which 6 for Autostore Traffic program (TP) Phone interface for automatic mute,
function Station names are stored to presets loudspeaker output
18 AM presets, of which 6 for Autostore Independent volume setting for traffic External CD changer GB
function messages Parking aid unit connection
Automatic/manual tuning Update of preset in the EON network Display of instructions
Variable bandwidth Recording of traffic messages
Automatic storage
Automatic switching MONO/STEREO Built- in CD player
SCAN function CD- R, CD- RW, multi session, auto CD reload
after 10s inactivity when disk has been
Display ejected
Positive FSTN Playback of copy- protected discs
Graphic display, 200 x 47 pixels Track repeat
Green backlight Random playback
Tracks SCAN
User interface Skip to next/previous track
Volume knob, push to turn on/off FF/REW seek within a track
Independent volume setting and balance for
Green backlight of buttons
Access to user settings



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