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Unit Overview Topic Student Name: Jamie-Louise Gury

(Discipline) HASS (History) (Topic) The Ancient to the Modern World Year Level: 8
Week Knowledge & Understanding Topics and Content/Knowledge Specific Skills Resources Assessment
(SCSA) directly linked to
Content descriptors Topic
Key features of the medieval - Define Key Terms: Medieval, - IU: identifying the - Oxford 8 p. Informal Assessment: Have students
world (feudalism, trade routes, Feudalism, Contact and Conflict. differences between 192-205, p. play the Matching Middle Ages game on
1 voyages of discovery, contact - Historical Skills: Questioning life now and then. 206-217, p. Quia 2 assessing through
and conflict). and Researching, Analysing, - L: defining key 218-223. observation.
Evaluating and Communicating terminology. - YouTube 1.
and Reflecting. - ICT: interactive - Splash 3.
- Mapping the medieval world online learning tools. - AHE 1.
Depth Study 1: Investigating - Define Key Terms: Empathy, - L: providing - Oxford 8 p. Informal Assessment: Have students
Medieval Europe (c. 590- c. Perspective, Middle Ages, Social definitions for key 184, 188, partake in Kahoot, and similar interactive
1500) History, and Lifestyles. terminology. 224-238, activities, to informally assess their
The way of life - Exploration of different medieval - IU: explaining the 244-245, knowledge absorption and incorporation.
2 in medieval Europe (e.g. social groups, their daily lives and daily life of members 256-263.
social, cultural, economic and social, cultural, economic and of medieval society. - Splash 1.
political features) and the roles political roles and how the - PSC: effective - Splash 6.
and relationships of different medieval feudal system functions participation in group - MM 1/PP 1
groups in society. as a hierarchy. work/learning. - Prezi 4.
Significant developments - Define Key Terms: Crusades, - N: production of - Oxford 8 p. Due Class 12: Graphic Timeline of
and/or cultural achievements, Manuscript, International timelines. 214-215, p. Artistic Depictions of their elected social
such as changing relations Relations, Religious Conflict, - L: key term 220-221, group (For the Inquiry) from the 6th to the
between Islam and the West Medieval Art and Music. definition and 240-241, 13th century with annotations of their
3 (including the Crusades), - Describe architectural features artefact analysis. 246-255, observations of how depictions
architecture, medieval of the period. Researching, - CCT: examination 264-265. change/stay the same.
manuscripts and music. examining, and recognising of cultural artefacts. - Khan 1. Weighting = 15%
cultural artefacts. - AHE 1.
Continuity and change in - Define Key Terms: Continuity, - L: key term - Oxford 8 p. Informal Assessment: Have students
society in crime and Change, Fiefdoms, Armed definition. 185, p. 248- complete informal work sheets and
punishment. Forces, Security, Sentencing - IU/CCT: examining 249, 254- group brainstorming activities in
4 and Law. punishment and 255. response to terminology definition and
- Investigating different types of questioning them in - Splash 2. key questions in order to maintain
crime and punishment across the relation to their own - Prezi 3. observation of student progress.
middle ages. social values. - Prezi 5.
The role of significant - Define Key Terms: - L: key term - Oxford 8 p. Due Class 20: Historical Inquiry Essay
individuals in Significance, Religious History, definition and essay 189, p. 238- investigating the lives of either Nobles,
5 the medieval period (e.g. and Christianity. construction. 243. Knights or Serfs and how they changed
Charlemagne). - Explaining why Charlemagne - IU: essay response - Khan 2. or stayed the same from the 6th to the
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5 was a significant figure in Medieval - ICT: interactive - Khan 3. 13th century, explaining their place in the
Europe. online learning tools. feudal system. Weighting = 30%
Depth Study 2: Investigating - Define Key Terms: Life - PSC/EB: effective - Oxford 8 p. Due Class 24: (5min) Group
the Black Death in Asia, Expectancy, Living Standards, collaboration and 266-271, Presentation (3-4 students) about a
Europe and Africa Medicine, and Theism. communication 274-275, significant person from the social group
6 Living conditions and religious - Investigating 14th c. living group presentations. 282-285. they investigated, the presentation can
beliefs in the 14th century, conditions (rural vs. urban), types - CCT/IU: - BBC 1. be a short bio, role play, or a recital of
including life expectancy, of medicine and cures, and presentation - Splash 4. primary sources from the individual.
medical knowledge and beliefs exploring the beliefs of God and research. - Splash 6. Weighting = 10%
about the power of God plague as a punishment. - L: oral presentation - Prezi 1. - Assessment Check: 1 source for folio.
The role of - Define Key Terms: Black - L: key term - Oxford 8 p. - Assessment Check: Students will
expanding trade between Death, Cause and Effect, definition. 186, 272- have collected 2 primary and secondary
Europe and Asia during the International Trade, Bubonic - N: the creation and 273, 280- sources for portfolio assessment and
7 Black Death, including the Plague and Disease reading of disease 281 begun annotations.
origin and spread of the Transmission. spread maps. - Quia 2.
disease - Mapping the spread of the Black - CCT/ICT: source - Splash 5.
Death. research, analysis. - YouTube 2,
- PSC: group work. 3 and 4.
The causes and symptoms of - Define Key Terms: Flagellants, - L: key term - Oxford 8 p. Due Class 32: Small Group Mind
the Black Death and the Monastery, and Plague. definition. 276-279, Mapping. How different groups (poor,
responses of different groups - Identifying and Investigating the - IU: identification of 286-287. flagellants, or nobles) in society were
8 in society to the spread of the causes/symptoms, explaining social responses to - Splash 7. affected by the beliefs of the time
disease, such as the reactions to the plague, in terms of historical events. - Prezi 2. concerning the black death.
flagellants and monasteries religion, persecutions and blame. - PSC/EB: group - Prezi 6. Weighting = 5%
work. - PP 2 & 3.
The effects of the Black Death - Define Key Terms: Evidence, - L: key term - Oxford 8 p. Due Class 40: Students will submit a
on Asian, European and Contestability, Death Rate, definition and source 187, 190- portfolio focussed on the analysis and
African populations, and Populations, and Society. analysis. 191,192-205 evaluation of 8 (4 each) primary and
9 conflicting theories about the - Considering the reliability of - CCT: source - SM UK 1. secondary sources, in a variety of
impact of the plague. medieval church records to analysis. - Splash 6. mediums and text forms (i.e. artwork,
determine plague impacts on - PSC/ICT: personal - Syllabus diaries, church records, etc.), which
medieval populations. historical research Bite 1. show how the black death changed
- Overview of historical skills. for assessment. - BL 1. medieval concepts of medicine, god, and
The effects of the Black Death - Investigating the effects of the - IU: identification of - Oxford 8 p. other peoples. Gathering evidence that
on Asian, European and black death on medieval social responses to 288-295. supports different thinking about the
African populations, and populations (i.e. shifts in the historical events. - BBC 2. period, analysing and exploring through
10 conflicting theories about the feudal system due to labour - N/CCT: ability to - Splash 6. annotations. Finally students will write a
impact of the plague. demands and peasant categorise effects of - Edsitement 2 A4 pg. essay answering the question
uprisings), gaining the ability to a historical event. 1. Can we as historians really understand
categorise those effects in terms - ICT: interactive - TES 1. the perspective of past peoples?
on the short and the long term. online learning tools. - Prezi 7. Weighting = 40%
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Unit Overview Resource References Student Name: Jamie-Louise Gury

(Discipline) HASS (History) (Topic) The Ancient to the Modern World Year Level: 8

Video/Interactive Sources
Resource Abbreviation Link/Video Description URL
in Unit Overview
YouTube 1 The Middle Ages in 3 Minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EAMqKUimr8
YouTube 2 The Black Death Interactive History Map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wUJbjGmv9w
YouTube 3 Revival of Medieval Trade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFdzH60mcBk
YouTube 4 The Silk Road and Ancient Trade: Crash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfe-eNq-Qyg
Course World History # 9
Splash 1 Working for a Living in Medieval England http://splash.abc.net.au/home#!/media/1608408/
Splash 2 Rough Justice in Medieval Europe http://splash.abc.net.au/home#!/media/1608496/
Splash 3 Trading for Food in Medieval Europe http://splash.abc.net.au/home#!/media/1608430/trading-for-food-in-
Splash 4 Good and Bad Medicine http://splash.abc.net.au/home#!/media/1608474/good-and-bad-medicine-in-
Splash 5 How the Black Death Arrived in London http://splash.abc.net.au/home#!/media/1604853/
Splash 6 Moments in Time Interactive Timeline http://splash.abc.net.au/moments-game/#/home
Splash 7 When the Bubonic Plague goes Nuemonic http://splash.abc.net.au/home#!/media/1604875/
Quia 1 Middle Ages Matching Game Interactive
Quia 2 Asian Middle Ages People, Places and Things https://www.quia.com/jg/480517.html
Interactive Game
Khan 1 Golden Age of Islam https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/world-history/medieval-
Khan 2 Charlemagne: an Introduction https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/world-history/medieval-
Khan 3 Charlemagne and the Carolingian Revival https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/world-history/medieval-
SM UK 1 The Black Death Interactive Game http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/broughttolife/themes/diseases/black_dea
Edsitement 1 Interactive Map of the Black Death http://edsitement.neh.gov/sites/edsitement.neh.gov/files/Black_Death.swf
Prezi 1 The Black Death 1320-1352 https://prezi.com/jciuhnbjed0e/copy-of-the-black-death-1320-1352/
Prezi 2 The Flagellant Movement https://prezi.com/edhy9ssq5x3k/flagellant-movement/
Prezi 3 Medieval Crime and Punishment https://prezi.com/0w2kp2kaqsuu/medieval-crime-and-punishment/
Prezi 4 Medieval: Styles of the Middle Ages https://prezi.com/ksvtk_eiddc1/medieval/
Prezi 5 Continuity and Change in Medieval Europe https://prezi.com/djwucubrwbr6/change-and-continuity-in-the-middle-ages/
Prezi 6 Black Death Survival Kit https://prezi.com/ysxnafen5zlj/black-death-survival-kit/
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Unit Overview Resource References Continued Student Name: Jamie-Louise Gury

(Discipline) HASS (History) (Topic) The Ancient to the Modern World
Year Level: 8

Prezi 7 The Long and Short Term Effects of the Black https://prezi.com/nhuri53shwgf/the-long-and-short-term-effects-from-the-
Death black-death/
Prezi 8 World History Medieval Trade Routes https://prezi.com/zwpdoskd6gds/world-history-medieval-trade-routes-
PP 1 PowerPoint Depth Study 1 Week 2 Class 1 https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14ZGHKjkK0bBG26YxroagdzMMfX7
PP 2 PowerPoint Causes and Symptoms of the Black https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1GHw-bOjUdC0F-
Death Week 8 Class 1 GNuvCB5ekTZa7XmgQi-4V_9MLVQjkI/edit?usp=sharing
PP 3 PowerPoint Religious Reactions to the Black https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1aTC6nBuwtZ2hkK587yIQT4lqlmZN
Death Week 8 Class 3 RWkSX4GS9uvKYQg/edit?usp=sharing

Text Sources
Resource Abbreviation in Unit Overview APA Reference
Oxford 8 Conti, L, Easton, M, Saldais, M, Smith, R & Dumovic, V. (2016). Oxford Big Ideas Humanities and Social
Sciences 8 Western Australian Curriculum. South Melbourne: VIC: Oxford.
BBC 1 Ibeji, Dr. M. (2011, February 2). Black Death: The Disease. Retrieved from
BBC 2 Ibeji, Dr. M. (2011, February 2). Black Death: The Effect of the Plague. Retrieved from
Syllabus Bite 1 NSW Government. (Unknown). Exploring a Source. Retrieved from
AHE 1 Ancient History Encyclopaedia. (Unknown). Timeline Search: 600-1500 CE. Retrieved from
TES 1 TES. (Unknown). Consequences of the Black Death. Retrieved from https://www.tes.com/teaching-
BL 1 British Library. (Unknown). Illuminated Manuscripts. Retrieved from
MM 1 Mostly Medieval. (Unknown). Exploring the Middle Ages. Retrieved from http://www.mostly-

Specific Skills/General Capabilities Abbreviations

L = Literacy N = Numeracy ICT = ICT CCT = Critical and EB = Ethical PSC = Personal and IU = Intercultural
Creative Thinking Behaviour Social Competence Understanding

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TEACHING METHODS HaSS Student Name: Jamie-Louise Gury ID No.: 20172170


Year Level: 8 Learning Area Discipline / Topic: HASS - History/Depth Study 2: Investigating the Black Death in
Asia, Europe and Africa

Weeks: 7 and 8

General Capabilities:

Critical and Creative Intercultural

Literacy Numeracy ICT Ethical Behaviour Personal and Social Competence
Thinking Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australias engagement with Asia Sustainability

General Capabilities Abbreviations:

L = Literacy N = Numeracy ICT = ICT CCT = Critical and Creative EB = Ethical PSC = Personal and Social IU = Intercultural
Thinking Behaviour Competence Understanding
Other Abbreviations:
M/I = Motivation/ LS = Lesson Steps LC = Lesson Closure T = Transition TPS = Think Pair Share WS = Welcome and
Introduction Settle Students
PU = Have Students EC = End Class H/W = Home Work W/L = Week/Lesson K & U = Knowledge and SLO = Specific
Pack Up Understanding Lesson Objectives

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Week/ Knowledge & Concepts & Specific Lesson Specific Skills Teaching & Learning Experiences (include Focus/Key Resources and
Lesson Understandings Objectives questions) Assessments
Overview: - Students will be able to - L: Definition of M/I: [5 min] WS running through any housekeeping - Oxford 8 p. 280-
Week The role of define the following key Key Terminology, and the class aims. [5 min] YouTube work through 281 10.6 The
7 expanding trade terms: Black Death, Disease self-directed the video time map with the students explaining key Spread of the
between Europe Transmission. reading and dates and disease movements introducing the class Black Death.
and Asia during the - Students will be able to guided video concept of Mapping the Black Death. LS: [5 min] - YouTube The
Black Death, create colour-coded maps viewing. Have students independently read 10.6. [15 min] Black Death
Lesson including the origin showing the spread of the - N: Reading and Have students work in small groups working on a Interactive History
1 and spread of the Black Death. creating maps handout to create a map of the spread on the Black Map.
disease - Students will be able to showing the Death using different colours to differentiate time - Splash Video
actively watch documentary spread of disease periods and disease direction. [5 mins] Show Splash How the Black
Focus: Mapping videos to gain knowledge. over time. Video asking students to take note of disease Death Arrived in
the Origin and - Students will be able to - PSC: Effective transmission and role of trade. [10 min] Have London.
Spread of the apply their content learning and appropriate students participate in Kahoot Quiz, running through - Kahoot Quiz The
Black Death regarding the spread of the communication the answers with the class after each question. LC: Spread of the
Black Death in Quiz and participation [5 min] TPS Activity asking, How do you think Black Death
conditions. in the creation of Trade helped spread the Black Death? T: [5 min] https://play.kahoot.
- Students will be able to maps as a group. Outline Portfolio Assessment expectations due at it/#/k/20b9ba21-
assimilate their knowledge to - ICT: Participation the end of semester and encourage students to start 0654-47b7-97f2-
hypothesize roles of trade. in a Kahoot Quiz. looking for sources. PU/EC 166532afa2ca
Overview: - Students will be able to - ICT: Participation M/I: [5 min] WS class running through any - Oxford 8 p. 272-
Week The role of define International Trade as in Plicker Activity. housekeeping and the class aims. [5 min] Plickers 273 10.3 Growth
7 expanding trade a key term. - L: Definition of Activity, working through the Black Death of Trade and
between Europe - Students will be able to Key Terminology, questions (students will have received their plicker at Cities.
and Asia during the recall information from reading aloud and the beginning of the term) this will work as an - Plickers
Black Death, previous weeks through guided video informal assessment opportunity. LS: [5 min] Questions
Lesson including the origin interactive questioning. viewing. YouTube 1, having students making notes while https://www.plickers.com/li
2 and spread of the - Students will be able to - PSC: Students watching. [10 min] Group read 10.3 pausing after
disease actively watch documentary will be able to each paragraph to ask directed questions. [10 min] - YouTube 1
videos to gain knowledge. process YouTube 2, having students making notes while Revival of
Focus: How was - Students will be able to information watching. [10 min] Have students work through a Medieval Trade
Trade Expanding demonstrate their ability to independently and definition match up work sheet in a TPS style, https://www.youtube.com/
prior to, and during, read text aloud. then discuss with working Independently, with shoulder partner, finally watch?v=FFdzH60mcBk

the outbreak and - Students will be able to other students, go through the answers as a class. LC: [5 min] 5-5-1 - YouTube 2 The
spread of the Black synthesis class content, and and the whole Activity. Have students summarise the classes topic Silk Road and
Death? break down concepts class. in 5 sentences, reduce to 5 words, and reduce to 1 Ancient Trade
through questioning and by - CCT: Synthesis word. To be written independently then voluntarily watch?v=vfe-eNq-Qyg
rewriting content in a of class content shared. T: [5 min] Allow time for students to question - Definition Match
shorthand form and and breaking regarding the folio assessment and what kind of Up Work Sheet
simplification. down ideas. sources to use and where to find them. PU/EC x32.

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W/L K&U Concepts & SLO Specific Skills Teaching & Learning Experiences Resources/Asses.
Overview: - Students will be able to - L: Definition of M/I: [5 min] WS class running through any - Oxford 8 p. 186
Week The role of define cause and effect as a Key Terminology, housekeeping and the class aims. [5 min] Interactive Cause and
7 expanding trade historical concept and apply and identification Word Cloud Activity. Have students respond to the Effect.
between Europe it to their own knowledge of of relevant concept Cause and Effect on their own devices to - Word Cloud Link
and Asia during the the spread of the Black content. create a word cloud. LS: [10 min] Have students PollEv.com/JAMIE
Black Death, Death. - ICT: Navigation independently read Cause and Effect responding LOUISEG372
Lesson including the origin - Students will be able to of and effective using the Fill the Gap work sheet. [15 min] Present - Fill the Gap Work
3 and spread of the explore the concepts of use of interactive to the class content responding to Medieval Trade sheet for guided
disease cause and effect by learning tools. and how it plays into the concept of Cause and content reading/32.
producing associated - PSC/EB: Effect in the spread of the Black Death. [10 min] - PowerPoint of
Focus: How did definitions. Effective Have students produce small group (3-4 students) class content
trade during the - Students will be able to communication mind maps exploring the concepts Medieval Trade, - Prezi World
medieval period apply historical concepts to a and participation Spread of Disease, Cause, and Effect. LC: [5 History Medieval
allow for the specific event in history to in group mind min] PLTS Plenary, students independently and Trade Routes
spread of the Black analyse and investigate the mapping and idea privately state how they have used, improved and https://prezi.com/zwp
Death? complexity of the Black discussion. will improve the following skills: Independent doskd6gds/world-
Death. - CCT: Critical Inquirer, Team Worker, Creative Thinker, Effective history-medieval-
- Students will be able to analysis of Participator, Reflective Learner Self Manager). T: [5 trade-routes-
explore their own, and students own min] Remind students of the assessment check in
- 10 Sheets of
collaborate with others, ideas achievement and the next class regarding source collection and
Butchers Paper for
regarding focussed topics the applicability of annotation taking any questions from students.
group mind
through mind mapping. concepts. PU/EC.
mapping activity.
Overview: - Students will be identify - ICT: Use of M/I: [5 min] WS class running through any - Oxford 8 p. 270-
Week The role of how different societies where interactive housekeeping and the class aims. [5 min] Have 271 10.2 Life in
7 expanding trade affected by the Black Death. learning tools. students complete 2 rounds of Matching and 1 Asia, Europe and
between Europe - Students will be able to - L/PSC: Guided round of Concentration on Asian Middle Ages Quia Africa Before the
and Asia during the describe how different reading with group Interactive Games. LS: [10 min] Have student work Black Death.
Black Death, societies were before and collaboration/ through a word fill work sheet while reading 10.2 - Quia.com Asian
Lesson including the origin after exposure to the Black conference and having students compare work in small groups once Middle Ages
4 and spread of the Death. guided video completed. [20 min] Show YouTube Origins of the People, Places
disease - Students will be able to documentary Black Death The Black Death Comes to Europe and Things
critically view video viewing. and The Past, Present, and Future of the Bubonic Interactive Game
Focus: What was resources in order to expand - CCT: Critical Plague having students actively watch to the - YouTube
the damage content and raise new reflection of self- question How did the plague affect non-European https://www.youtube.com/
caused by the questions. performance. populations? LC: [10 min] Have students gather https://www.youtube.com/
Black Death in - Students will have - IU: Identification their work to date for folio assessment to be checked watch?v=ySClB6-OH-Q
Asia, Africa, and developed personal historical and definition of individually by the teacher, while students complete - Assessment
Europe? Life source research and show ways other a Objectives Traffic Light about the lesson. T: [5 Check: 4 sources
before/after the an analysis and evaluation of societies where min] Provide students with directed questions for and annotations for
Black Death? sources through annotation. affected by plague revising Medieval social groups for H/W. PU/EC. folio assessment.

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W/L K&U Concepts & SLO Specific Skills Teaching & Learning Experiences Resources/Assess.
Overview: - Students will be able to - L: Definition of M/I: [5 min] WS class running through any - PowerPoint
Week The causes and define the Black Death in key terminology, housekeeping and the class aims. [5 min] Show ntation/d/1GHw-bOjUdC0F-
8 symptoms of the terms of Bubonic and active viewing of students YouTube video of causes and symptoms of GNuvCB5ekTZa7XmgQi-
Black Death and Pneumonic Plague. documentary the Black Death asking students to make notes as ng
the responses of - Students will be able to video and they view. LS: [5 min] Have students independently - YouTube
different groups in critically view and read independent read 10.5 using the guided reading worksheet. [5 https://www.youtube.com/watc
Lesson society to the content to gain knowledge reading. min] Teach content on Prezi slides
1 - Oxford 8 p. 278-
spread of the and assimilate that - ICT: Use of Prevention/Protection and Treatment asking
279 10.5 Causes
disease, such as knowledge through interactive students to think about differences between
and Symptoms of
the flagellants and questioning. learning tools. prevention/treatment then/now. [10 min] Kahoot
the Black Death.
monasteries. - Students will be able to - PSC/EB/IU: Quiz, run through the answers with the class after
- Prezi Black
work collaboratively and Through group each question. [15 min] Black Death Game.
Death Survival Kit
Focus: independently to gain and activities students Students will take part in a whole class game to https://prezi.com/ysxnafen5zlj/
Exploring the utilise learnt content. will effectively survive the black death using chance and strategy black-death-survival-kit/.

transmission and - Students will be able to work together to as students explore different social reactions. LC: [5 - Guided Reading
identification of the assimilate learnt information establish different min] TPS What is one interesting thing you have Worksheet x32.
disease. in a process of role-play to medieval social learnt today? T: [5 min] Outline assessment - Kahoot Quiz
determine how different perspectives. expectations for Group Mind Map in class 32 and by?quizId=51d8014f-
social groups reacted to the -CCT: Assimilating remind students to continue working on source 55ee-4dd3-b19a-
black death. and Questioning. collection for folio assessment due class 40. PU/EC. 2096867c3e50.

Overview: - Students will be able to - L: Active viewing M/I: [5 min] WS class running through any - Word Cloud Link
Week The causes and define the key terms of video content housekeeping and the class aims. [5 min] Interactive
symptoms of the flagellant and monastery. and group oral Word Cloud Activity. Have students respond to the - YouTube
8 https://www.youtube.com/watc
Black Death and - Students will be able to reading. question What would medieval people have thought h?v=rZy6XilXDZQ.
the responses of assimilate prior knowledge to - ICT: Use of about the Black Death in relation to god? on their - Oxford 8 p. 286
different groups in answer questions regarding interactive own devices. LS: [5 min] Show YouTube Black 10.8 The
Lesson society to the intercultural understanding learning tools. Death Song, asking students to make note of how Flagellants, p.
2 spread of the and different viewpoints. PSC/EB: Effective people reacted to the plague. [5 min] Group read as 288-289 10.9
disease, such as - Students will be able to participation in- a class passages from 10.8 & 10.9. [10 min] Impact on Religion
the flagellants and navigate interactive learning group work to Teach PowerPoint on how Medieval Christianity & Burial of the
monasteries. tools and actively view video complete work reacted. [10 min] Have students work in small Dead.
documentary. sheets and groups completing a worksheet to visually identify - Prezi The
Focus: - Students will be able to discuss and flagellants and religious people and explain how Flagellant
Religious reactions work in small groups to debate opinion of they reacted to the black death. LC: [5 min] Whats Movement
to the disease, assimilate learnt information class content. your opinion? Discussion on class topics. Have k/flagellant-movement/.
flagellants, in order to visually recognise - CCT: Critical students continue to work on this as the teacher - Group Work
monasteries, and medieval figures and through reflection of class checks assessment progress. T: [5 min] Sheet.
the punishment discussion and writing be content through Assessment Check and reminder of upcoming - PowerPoint
from God. able to explain how these the development & assessment expectations Students will have 3 https://docs.google.com/prese
people reacted to the Black expression of primary and 3 secondary sources, ranging in 87yIQT4lqlmZNRWkSX4GS9
Death. opinion. medium (written, visual etc.) for folio. PU/EC. uvKYQg/edit?usp=sharing.

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W/L K&U Concepts & SLO Specific Skills Teaching & Learning Experiences Resources/Assess.
Overview: - Students will have - ICT: use of M/I: [5 min] WS class running through any - Oxford 8 p. 286
Week The causes and developed a broader interactive housekeeping and the class aims. [5 min] Quia 10.8 Persecution
8 symptoms of the knowledge of medieval learning tools. game Europe in the Middle Ages. LS: [5 min] Set of the Jews, p.
Black Death and perspectives of causes of the - L: Independent the scene for the persecution of others during the 289 10.9
the responses of Black Death. reading and use of Black Death, reading 10.8 passage to the class. [5 Evidence, p. 284-
different groups in - Students will be able to word fill sheets. min] Introduce the importance of evidence analysis 285 10B Rich
Lesson society to the effectively evaluate and - L/CCT/PSC: and historical inquiry reading through 10B as a Task, p. 198-200
3 spread of the analyse historical sources Historical source class. [10 min] Have students in small groups work 7.4 & 7.5
disease, such as using both pre-created analysis and through the 10B using the Source Evaluation Chart Analysing and
the flagellants and frameworks and through evaluation both handout. Get the activity going by working through Evaluating.
monasteries. independent investigation. independently and source 1 as a class. [10 min] Have students work - Quia Game
- Students will be able to in small groups, independently to create their own source evaluation https://www.quia.c
Focus: recognise appropriate using both pre chart for 10.9 Evidence task. LC: [5 min] Have om/rr/93721.html.
The Blame Game: historical sources and created rubrics of students independently read 7.4 & 7.5 using a - Source
Persecution of categorise them accordingly. evaluation charts guided reading word fill handout. Have students then Evaluation Charts
Jews and - Students will be able to and through an discuss with their shoulder partner about how they Handout.
Analysing explore analytical independent would use this in their own assignments. T: [5 min] - Guided Reading
Historical Sources. understandings both in original analysis Outline assessment expectations for the Group Word Fill Work
groups and independently. processes. Mind Map taking place in the next class. PU/EC. Sheet.
Overview: - Students will be able to - L: Active viewing M/I: [5 min] WS class running through any - Oxford 8 p. 290-
Week The causes and actively watch documentary of video material, housekeeping and the class aims. [5 min] Have 291 10.10 The
8 symptoms of the video to formulate questions verbal reading, students actively watch Splash video When End of the
Black Death and and assimilate historical point and the effective Bubonic Plague goes Pneumonic. Ask students to world, p. 286
the responses of of views to the Black Death. creation of mind take notes on How might the physical changes in 10.8 The Sinners.
different groups in - Students will be able to maps. the presentation of disease symptoms affected - Splash Video
Lesson society to the effectively work in small - PSC/CCT: Medieval Peoples?. LS: [5 min] Group read with the http://splash.abc.net.au/ho
4 spread of the groups to respond to a given Participation in whole class 10.10 and The Sinners passage from
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disease, such as question and criterion in group idea 10.8. [20 min] Small Group Mind Map In Class
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the flagellants and multiple perspectives. expression and Assessment. Have students in groups of 3-4 in the
Group Mind Map.
monasteries. - Students will be able to development. form of a mind map answer How were different
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progressively utilise content - EB: Effective and social groups (poor, flagellants, nobles) affected by
in groups of 3-4 as
Focus: and opinions from class and appropriate the beliefs (religion, medicine) of the time
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People reacting to peers to analyse and collaboration with concerning the black death? LC: [5 min] Ask a
teacher to
the end of the evaluate historical sources. peers through the Question. Have students write down 3 questions
creatively respond
world and the - Students will be able to take sharing and they would like to ask the other students about the
to a given question
sinners. on a questioning role, developing of weeks lessons. Students will ask their shoulder
Weighting = 5%
developing and conducting ideas. partners and their small groups these questions
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lines of query amongst their - IU: Exploration of while the teacher moves through the transition. T: [5
Butchers Paper for
peers as an activity to different medieval min] Assessment Check for folio. Students will
group mind
synthesise class content and social responses have 3 primary and 3 secondary sources gathered
mapping activity.
unit learning. to the Black Death and have developed annotations. PU/EC.
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