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OUTSIDE BROADCAST: HENLEY ON THAMES SKATEPARK INITIATIVE ‘SAM Henley on Thames, home of the Royal Regatla, a beautiful market Lown in Uhe south of Oxfordshize. The Lown is very popular for its large recreational areas surrounding the Thanes and is home Lo the Henley College. Bul what can Lhe college students do in their free Line? VOX POP INTERVIEWS - COMPILATION OF ANSWERS TO QUESTION 1 SAM Well that is all about to change. AfLer 6 years, the District Council, approved planning permission for the renovation of Henley’s skate park. Chairman of the Henley skate park Initiative, Colin Bradwaite had unis ko say: conn As with any large-scale project, there are a number of things we need to finalize; every detail needs to be discussed and agreed upon. We have a new landscaping plan, which will involve the planting of semi mature silver birch trees in the area. Environmentally they are the right choice because they are particularly good at absorbing are pollution. We have also had council approval for our path layout around the skate park and the choice placing bins and benches. We are extremely pleased with the result, and feel that the design provides something for all abilities and disciplines. We have complete confidence in our supplier Maverick Industries in providing us with a very well constructed, world-class Olympic level skate park. This will be a fabulous facility that will serve for decades to come. Construction of the park is due to start by the end of the month, but what to the people of Henley think? VOX POP INTERVIEWS - A COMPILATION OF ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS 2-4 sam The public seem quite excited and Henley is just months away from having 2 professional, safe skate park for everyone in the community to enjoy. Sam Sporie, Henley on Thames, Paradise Radio. VOX POP QUESTIONS: What can young people doin Henley? Are you aware Henley is getting a new skate park? ‘What impact do you think the park will have onthe community? 1. Do you think it should have taken this long?