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Cao, Hang

Dr. Carlisi
Final Draft Research Paper
30 May 2017
Thesis Statement

Although many Americans complain that undocumented immigrants destroying the economy of

the United States, the reality is that undocumented immigrants have positive effects on the

economy of the United States.

Detail outline:

I. Introduction:

A. History about undocumented immigrants and the economy of the United States:

1. The number of illegal immigrants were increasing and they

worked not only in agriculture but also in other jobs, the US government

pass the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act to prevent

their immigration ( Nadadur, 1039-1040).

2. The reason why people try to immigrate to the US. is that they

want to search the good opportunities for works, education and living

condition (Marietta 2).

B. Thesis Statement: Americans should be aware of the positive impacts of

undocumented immigrants on the United States economy.

II. The negative effects of undocumented immigrants on the economy of the United States.
A. The United States government pay a lot of money for children who are born in

illegal immigrants every year for education( Nadadur 1047) .

B. Illegal women and children are larger users of health care than illegal males (

Nadadur 1047) .

C. Tax return: illegal immigrants do pay taxes on their wages , however, they can get

tax return from the government if they have low income and children ( Orrentus


III. Although undocumented immigrants causes more fiscal cost for the government, they

bring more benefits to the United States economy than those costs:

A. They have large contribution to the Social Security fund because the native born

American are reducing now( Marietta, 5)

B. They also contribute to the United State economy by purchasing the American

goods and reducing the wages that they are paid ( Marietta 4)

C. Illegal immigrants make the consumer cost down because paying them with low

wages lead to the decreasing of the products costs ( Nadadur 1045)

IV. The positive effects of undocumented immigrants on the economy of the United States:

A. The economy of the United States:

1. Productivity has slowed down markedly in the past 15 years (

Schwartz 2)

2. Undocumented immigrants have contributed in the United States

population growth to provide a great deal of young workers for the

economy (Schwartz 2)
B. Undocumented immigrants are taking the jobs that most Native Americans do not

want to do

1. Secondary jobs with low wages, unsafe and bad working condition

a. Undocumented immigrants need jobs so they are easy to accept the

job with poor working condition, which means secondary job (

Nadadur 1042)

b. Because of their low education , they are usually paid with low

wages than Americans and legal immigrants (Nadadur 1043)

2. Undocumented immigrants much easier acceptable the job than


a. Natives who are unskilled still work in secondary jobs but they has

smaller per cent if we compare them with illegal immigrants (

Nadadur 1041)

b. Native dont need to work these jobs . As a result, undocumented

immigrants are important for secondary job labor ( Nadadur 1041)

C. Discouraging people from entering our country will cause bad effects on the


1. Our new presidents plan

a. President Trump want to build the roads , sewers and infrastructure

(Schwartz 3)

b. He wants to deport million illegal immigrants to their country

(Schwartz 3)
2. The United States economy will not have enough workers for

secondary jobs in the future:

a. 40 percent of undocumented immigrants has been in service

occupation like retail, hospitality, home care and health care.(

Schwartz 2)

b. In order to making our now presidents plan we need many

construction workers to build the roads, however, it will not be

enough if he deport illegal immigrants( Schwartz 2)

c. Example on the agriculture: the owner of Tim Dunns farm said

that he has to pay the fee to find enough people to work on his

farm ( Madrano )

V. Conclusion:

The undocumented immigrants have more positive impacts than negative impacts on the

economy of the United States. Although many Americans continue to claim that undocumented

immigrants are destroy the economy, people need to look the situation on both faces before they

judge them and acknowledge that they undocumented immigrants are important for the economy

of the United States.


Undocumented immigrants has become a controversy in the United States for many years.

Before 1964, the government encouraged people from other countries to enter their country

because they needed a great deal of workers for agriculture (Nadadur 1039,1040). As a result,

America became country of immigrants.Unfortunately, people came to America increased fast

and was out of control. The government had to pass the Immigration Reform and Control Act to

reduce them from entering the country(Nadadur 1039,1040). Because America is known as the

land of opportunities, the more tighter law, the more people wanted to come. People try to cross

the border illegally to search for job, education and better lives( Marietta 2).There are 11.2

million undocumented immigrants are living in the United States ( Marietta 2). It is not a small

number and they do cause a lot of problem for the economy of the United States and affect on

Americans' live. Many Americans people think that undocumented has negative effects for the

United States, especially on the economy. However, many economist has proved that they has

brought to America more benefits than fiscal costs. As a result, Americans should be aware of

the positive impacts of undocumented immigrants on the United States economy.


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Undocumented immigrants are taking the secondary jobs that most Americans do not want to do.

The majority of undocumented immigrants are working in the jobs with lower-skilled, low

wages, unsafe and bad working condition. The reason why they have to do these kind of jobs is

that they have low education and they need money to provide for their family. Critics of

undocumented immigrants believe that they are taking Americans workers' job away by working

with low wages. Is that true?.The question is answers by Passel and Cohn in the article " Size of

US Unauthorized Immigrants Workforce Stable after the Great Recession" in the data from

Figure 1.
Fig 1. Unauthorized immigrants and US.-born workers' occupation

This is the chart about the comparison between unauthorized immigrants' occupation and U.S-

born workers' occupation. According to Pew research center, half of unauthorized immigrants are

employed in services and construction occupation. Production, farming and transportation jobs

employed 26 % of undocumented immigrants , but 16% of US-born worker. In the field that

higher education are required, there is 62% of US born workers are employed in sale, office

support, professional and management, comparing with 27 % of undocumented immigrants. The

data has shown that Americans do not need to do secondary jobs and undocumented immigrants

are important on the secondary workforce.

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