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Toddlers Goal and/or other skills to IELG Outcome(s) Put only the Name of center and how the

the Name of center and how the What the teacher will do to
Name be practiced (Specific, that relate(s) to the goal interests or activity will help the child support the child at the
observable, and Reference the domain, observations of work on their goal or skill activity (be specific, yet
measurable with goal, age range, and child child that connect development. What will they brief)
criteria/conditions) indicator to how you are be doing as they practice
planning for them their goal? (Be specific, yet
today. brief)

Londyn Londyn will verbalize her IELG D5 G41 I planned for Londyn Dramatic Play: Post office will Teachers will be able to prompt
needs and wants by pointing Ages 16-38 months in the dramatic play give Londyn a great opportunity Londyn on how to say
to an object or saying 2 CI1: Vocalizes wants and area because she to be able to express her wants something to express her needs
words to describe her needs. likes dress up. and needs to other toddlers and in the dramatic play area
feelings. teachers as she plays with them. instead of just taking the toy
and saying mine. Teachers can
use the scripts we learned in
Emerson Emerson will be able to use IELG D5 G52 I planned for Flop and Drop: Emerson will be Teachers will be able to say
three descriptive words each Age 16-38 Months Emerson in the flop able to practice his descriptive descriptive words while reading
day in lab. CI11: Uses attributes and drop area words here with a teacher as books with Emerson to expose
(descriptive words- big boy, because he likes they read books together and him to more kinds of descriptive
red ball). books. point out different items on the words. We can ask him to say
walls and in the books. some but avoid the drill and kill.
Candland Candland will be able to use IELG D5 G50 I planned for Rolling Balls: This activity will be Teachers must model the signs
one sign (please, all done, or Age 16-38 months Candland outside able to help Candland start for Candland more. Once
more) one time during lab. CI 9: Makes a formal verbal or with the activity of using his signs more. When he Candland is exposed to the signs
sign request or response (e.g. rolling the balls up wants the ball he can say please more than he will be able to use
"Milk please," "More," "Up"). and down the slide and more with his signs. them more easily. When rolling
because Candland the ball up and down the slide
loves balls. teachers can sign the more sign
for him to do it again.
Lilly Lilly will correctly identify and IELG D5 G52 I planned for Lilly in Gross Motor: Lilly will be able to Teachers will be able to use self-
label one to two objects Age 16-38 Months the gross motor area be exposed to more colors when talk around Lilly in the area by
colors, emphasizing on red or CI11: Uses attributes with walking on the she walks the different designs noting the colors as she walks
blue, each day in lab. (descriptive words- big boy, different colored taped to the ground. on each design. You can prompt
red ball). lines because Lilly Lilly with what colors to say but
likes to walk around. avoid the kill and drill.