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Post-Observation Reflection

1. In general, how successful was the lesson? Did the students learn what you intended them to learn?
What is the evidence of this? (4a)

I thought that this lesson went very well, the students were on task and engaged throughout the entire
lesson. Students transitioned smoothly from the main task into an extension task as they waited for the
other group to finish working. Students asked each other great questions and helped to coach their
group members through their thinking rather than giving them the answers. The students were well
behaved throughout the lesson and they actively participated in the discussion following the simulation
activity. My TA and I transitioned smoothly between groups and she was a great contributor to the

2. If you were able to bring samples of student work, what do those samples reveal about those
students' levels of engagement and understanding? (4a)

All 5 of the students who were present completed the task in a timely manner with great group
cooperation. The students contributed positively to the group discussion and each student was able to
correctly respond to my discussion questions. The students were given a homework worksheet that
related to the task and their success on this was evident. The students were able to make many great
inferences about unknown vocabulary and will be assessed on this at a later time.

3. Comment on the classroom environment (procedures, student conduct, and use of physical space).
To what extent did these contribute to student learning? (4a)

The students are all aware of the daily procedure which involves them picking up the days materials.
The students are very aware of where things are kept in the room and were able to locate and setup the
laptops for this lesson. Students in this class were great about choosing where to sit and one group even
moved to a larger table in order for them to all see the computer better. The students in this class all
remained on task and engaged throughout the entire period.

4. Did you depart from your plan during the lesson? If so, how and why? (4a)

Initially I intended to go through more discussion questions but the simulation took longer than
expected because one student had a long bathroom break. Luckily I had prepared an extension activity
so the students partner and the other group who finished early could further explore the simulation. By
having this extension activity prepared it ensured that all students were on task and engaged even when
they were at different paces.

5. Comment on different aspects of your instructional delivery (directions, activities, grouping of

students, use of materials and resources). To what extent were they effective? (4a)

Students in this class were already familiar with the gizmo simulation activities and as such they were
able to quickly log on and access the gizmo with little verbal directions. The simulation activity was
broken up into a few parts and the directions were given orally as well as visually by modeling on the
smart board. The directions were also given on their assignment sheet. The sections of the activity
allowed for an extra check for understanding as well as a mini discussion.
I feel that the grouping of students was extremely effective for this class. The students coached each
other and discussed the questions together in order to hear everyones view. The students waited
patiently for their group members and everyone was well behaved and on task.

6. If you had a chance to teach this lesson again to the same group of students, what would you do
differently? (4a)

If I had to teach this lesson again I would move some of the notes to the previous day and focus on a few
discussion questions that were vital to the students understanding of the activity and that deepened
student learning. This would have allowed time to ask the students what they thought of the lesson and
give a reflection of how well they understood the material.

7. How can the District support your professional growth?

The district could support my professional growth through continued observations and feedback on
what works and what doesnt. I also received some great advice before teaching this lesson that I think
helped the lesson to be a success. I have received great support by many members of the district despite
being a brand new teacher who started 4 weeks late and I think that that is a contributor to all of my
successes with my students.

8. Review progress towards meeting Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) or State Provided Growth
Measures (SGMs).

I do not have any personal SLOs or SGMs. Students will continue to work towards the goal of passing
scores for the regents exam.