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About Orange Payroll & HRMS

Welcome to Orange Payroll & HRMS Software, a simple and effective solution with
highly evolved methodology which addresses an organization's needs more relevant.
By Orange Payroll & HRMS we strive to deliver significant advantages and value to our
client and partners through innovative service and flexible solution
We provide the complete suite of solution to design/develop Hr policies and improve
effectiveness by organizational restructuring
We help our client to:
Developing Manpower Planning
Job Description
Performance Management
Competency Requirement
Identifying Skill gap
Appropriate Reward System
Orange Payroll & HRMS Software the simple and effective online system that provides
employer everything for accurately and confidently track every aspect of employees Or
contract workers.
Online payroll & HRMS Software will reduce the work load of HR, employees of company
and other staff.
In addition to that it also facilitate faster access of HR related information of various
It manages the entire information of the Employees from the time they are recruited till
the time they leave the company.
Detail Dashboard and graphical reports show all scenario of the system to HR and

Our Payroll ,Your process,

Everyone wins
Reporting and analysis tools to know get HR information to take business decisions.

Online Payroll & HRMS Provide the features mentioned below.

Easy to Install, Implement & Use.
Facility to create multiple company and multiple branches by using one Database for all
There will be three login penal
Main Administrator
Branch Administrator
Employee self service
Security of data & Rights management : Permission to create bulk users at a time
and give rights to users for manage modules. Exp. HR Manager, Supervisor ,account manager.
Objective of Software
Main objective to handle Online browser based application that automates
processes Employee life-cycle
Multi branches can use it from anywhere and main admin can manage data.
Human Resource Management System that helps organizations to manage employee
Employee Self Service : Employee online attendance and late mark detail and effected in
salary as per company rule
Recruitment/ Applicant Tracking System by Web based System
Goal Setting and Tracking System , 360 Degree Feedback, Compensations Planning
Training and Development ,Leave on line and the summary should be considered for salary
Employees Loan, claim , reimbursement details and all other calculation done online and
updated in Salary Calculation Package by Payroll software.
Key Module
Recruitment/ Application Tracking
Employee Information Management
Employee Self Service (ESS)
Training Management
Goal Setting and Tracking System
Appraisal /Transfer / Promotion track
Leave Management
Loan Management
Claim Management
Employee In/out Summary
Salary Details
Online Payroll & HRMS Process Cycle
Key Features
All HR processes from candidate entry till employee exit are fully automated
Do HR & Payroll activities and employee self service functions from wherever, whenever in a
few clicks
Flexible Form Design
Multi branch & multi user Login supported
Security and Rights Management.
Configurable Automated Workflow
Simple to learn & Operate by non-Computer background Users
Attendance Records ,Salary Structure Management
Relationships and Organization Chart
SMS & Email alerts of late mark, interview, joining, leave cancellation as customize by
Key Features
Various alerts & graphical analysis of various data are also provided Dash board when user or
admin logs into system.
Attendance device (RF / Biometric) can be integrated for getting attendance records of employee
Employee Performance Tracking
Goal Setting and Tracking System with 360 Degree Feedback
Manpower Planning & Training and Development
System also provides generation of various reports and allows export & Import via excel / third
party software.
MIS-effective decision making Reports
Audit trail management for data security , record history and lost data with Reports

made to meet each clients

unique needs
Login Screen
Employee Dashboard
HRMS Dashboard
Daily Attendance Analysis
Organization Structure By Chart *New
web-based automated system for recruitment process. It helps your recruiters and recruitment
Managers to easily manage the candidate resumes, posts jobs to various sources, shortlist eligible
candidates, manage candidate Interviews and send offer letters

Data handle by software for Recruitment Process :

Staffing Request form for new vacancy (request send by manager only)
Approval of Vacancies from HR and post it throw Email for job opening
Embedded resume form website for particular job opening
Import data of shortlisted candidate from other job websites.
Send resume for approval by recruiter
Approve candidates for interview and hiring manager for each stages of interview.
Monitor all stages of the recruitment process.
Send Email Remainder foe schedules
Get quick and easy access to internal and external candidate details.
Multiply the number & quality of rsums through collaborative job-site
Measure the candidate ad equation to the job.
Analyze the effectiveness of the recruitment process according to the budget defined.
Import data of shortlisted candidate from other job we sides.
Appointment Letter Printing / Email
Automatically generates acknowledgment letters, interview invitations etc.
Selected candidate get appointment letter and HR/admin get reminder and branch admin if
authority of branch manager, HR
Tracks all CVs including "Reject" cases.
Provides a dashboard to track efficiency of the recruitment process.

Employee Profile Competency Metric
Contact Training Detail
Emergency Contacts Goal Setting Detail
Dependants Language
Immigration Attachment
Jobs & Assets Allowance
Reporting Salary
Experience Insurance
Education Staff accommodation module

Conquer your mountain of

HR spend significant time in managing employee Data by typically paper based. This is
an extremely expensive, time consuming. Automation is done here by employee self
login and results in savings in time, effort and a qualitative improvement , speedy
decision making, enhanced employee satisfaction
It keeps tracks of all necessary details of employee such as Employee Code, Grade,
Designation, Joining Date, Contact Details, Immigration Information, Job task, Skills, Basic
In addition to that it also maintains record of Week off, Probation period, Shift & Late
mark of every employee.
Tracking past employee information : It also takes into
consideration of Notice period, Asset issue, Pending Loans & Leaves
and prepares Full & Final settlement, Feed Back for company, Salary
History & Reason of leaving the company.
Employee Self Service Module
Employee self service is a powerful tool providing employees of the company with the
ability to view relevant information such as personal information. updating personal
information with web- enabled PC without having to hassle the HR staff.
The functionality of this module spans through the entire system, making information
available anywhere, anytime. Of course all information is subject to company defined
security policy, where everyone can only view the information he/she is authorized to.
Employee can view his/her load, leave , claim , salary , appraisal.
Employee can post all application of leave, load, claim, advance, appraisal feedback
also employee can approve all detail of other employee detail if he is superior employee.
Employee can get his pay sleep with all detail in his login
Employee can get company news , remainders , attendance and late mark summary.
Identification of training needs and developing skills & competencies of employees is an important
part of Talent Management.
All competencies can link to development planning and training
training needs identification of key positions in the organization and their mapping
to required skills, job descriptions, qualifications and experience profiles ,workflow
Training Request from Employee/ Department and Approval
Creating a Training Schedule for all employees.
Trainer Database Management and comprehensive analytics &
budget spends & other parameters.
Informing Trainer and Trainee on mail
360 feedback Training Performance Tracking (Trainer and Trainee, manager)
Training History maintenance and analytics & dashboards to monitor training effectiveness
Employee Appraisal & Transfer
Employee Appraisal is all about creating happy and productive work force.
Which are points consider for complete and accurate appraisal cycle for employee?
The promotions in the organization are usually governed by the following factors:
How well an employee performed in his / her present job.
How much potential an employee has for future responsibilities.
How much additional knowledge he / she have acquired for further advancement.
Work habits, attitude towards self and others, ability to work along and with the team,
leadership qualities, personal contribution to the success of the company determines
his / her competence.
Feedback given by all those who work with the employee such as his / her superiors,
subordinates, peers and the customers.

faster, easier & more accurate than

manual systems
Employee Appraisal & Transfer
Appraisal process is done by Online web-based platform to make it accurately, effectively and

quickly. Online HRMS & Payroll is all about to maintain complete and accurate appraisal cycle
and to make it easy process for employees ,managers ,reviewers, HR Managers, CEO.
It also increases employee satisfaction level by ensuring objectivity and transparency in your
appraisal process.
Data handle by software for complete and accurate Cycle are :
All employee relevant data (such as job descriptions, past appraisals, self appraisals, third-party
assessments, Rolls & Responsibility etc.) are accessible through a single, secure, convenient portal.
Details of Employee Completing Probation period, Maximum grade limit
Goals / Competency / Warning letters details
User defined Competencies for different levels of appraisal
User defined appraisal reasons and ratings
Employee Appraisal & Transfer

360 feedback Tracking leads to dramatically more useful and actionable feedback for the
appraise, with resultant hugely enhanced behavior and Performance improvement.
PEERS: feedback about teamwork (and related).
CUSTOMERS: feedback about customer service (and related).
MANAGER/S: feedback about the employee's job competency and behaviors
Managed employee data for Post Salary, grade, Effective Date ,new designation,% increase in
salary, Reason for Promotion - Demotion
Promotion / Transfer Details / Next revision date & email reminders and notification
Appraiser can post comments and set objectives for those appraised. Follow up on these
objectives can be done through the system.
Graphical presentation and dashboard remainders
Reporting and ,analytics tools help management to identify top performers vs. non-performers,
Online Payroll & HRMS

For growing businesses

360 Feed Back Of Employee
Payroll Management
Orange Payroll &HRMS Software to calculate employee salaries. Our payroll software
supports complex taxation requirements for various countries especially India, Middle East,
Africa and some regions in Asia.
Integrated with HRMS and Employee Self Services consideration all payment variables like
leaves, Loan, Claim, advances ,overtime, Late mark , Salary, bonus, Multi currency support for
salary, Final settlement, Statuary reports
Leave Management
Company wise Leave Policy user define leave Grade-wise Paid / Unpaid.
Leave Application: Employee can apply for leave online & HR/Authorized user will get alert
notification for same.
Employee Leave Approval : it can be approved by the Supervisor or admin or hr manager
on the basis of leave balance of employee and availability of alternate employee
Employee Leave Carry Forward: leave carry forward process done automatically as defined
period in leave master.
Leave Cancellation: if leave is approved incase if employee remain present on that day then
admin can cancel the leave.
Leave Encashment: employee can put request of leave Encashment after define period of
that leave and admin get alert for that and also save all records.
Leave Module Detail
Advance/Loan Management

Loan Master: Here admin or any authorized person can define the type of loan/Advance
and define the maximum limit that is to be approved for that particular Grade of Employee.
Loan Application: Employee can apply for loan through loan application and the
authorized user or admin will get alert for new application.
Loan Approval: Admin has rights to approve the loan requested by any employee.
Loan Payment: Admin will maintain the record and make the entry of loan installment or
loan payment by the employee and can be directly deducted from salary in installment.
Claim Management
Claim Master: Here admin or any authorized person can define the type of claim and the
maximum limit that is to be approved for that particular claim like travel expense, Medical
expense, Mobile bills or Accommodation.
Claim Application: Employee can make a request for claim and can also attach the required
document for claim application and the authorized user or admin will get alert for new
application. Admin can also make the entry for the claim application on the behalf of any
Claim Approval: Admin has rights to approve the claim requested by any employee by
verifying the document attached by employee at the time of request.
Claim Payment: Admin will manage the record of claim payment.
OT Approve Daily: It will calculate and display the working hours and OT (Over Time) hours of
selected employee on the daily basis. Admin can modify the OT hours that is to be approved and
save the details which will calculated in the salary.
OT Approve Monthly: It will calculate and display the working hours and OT (Over Time) hours
of selected employee as per selected dates. Admin can modify the OT hours and can approve the
details which will effect on salary.
Bonus Details: Admin can give bonus amount to any employee as per company norms. Admin
can set the criteria on the basis of Basic Salary, Gross, Consolidated and Fix. Bonus can
also be effective in salary by selecting month and year. Bonus can be given in Fix amount or on
basis of percentage.
Advance Detail: Admin can manage the advance details of any employee based on Monthly
Attendance present / absent salary is process.
Salary Management
Monthly Salary: System will automatically calculate salary of employee on basis of In/Out
entries, approved OTs, Loan, Leave Details, Arrears, Deduction, IT Tax and Advance of that
employee for selected month and year. After saving the record, it will display the net amount of
salary that is to be paid to employee.
Manual Salary: System will calculate the salary of selected employee on selected month and
year on the basis of details entered by admin. Auto emailing facility to each employee.
Salary Settlements: Admin will make the salary settlements if required after the appraisal of
the employee.
Full and Final Settlements: System will automatically calculate pending dues, leaves, loan,
assets and any outstanding salary in the case of employee leaving the company or organization.

System will generate the various reports that

can be viewed and export in different formats like
PDF, Word, Excel, XML, and Editable RTF.
Reports can also be generated by selecting
branch, grade, department, designation, status
In addition to that it also provides the facility
of grouping the records.
Following are the some of the important Reports of the system:
Employee Reports
Employee List
Employee CTC Detail
Employee Shift change Report
Left Employee History

Increment Reports- to view increment due list, increment details and Increment
amount reports.
Promotion -to view Promotion details of Employees. Facility to select date
Re-designation Reports of re-designation of employees.
Transfer Reports on Employee transfers.
Attendance Report
Employee In/Out summary
Late Mark summary Details
Attendance Register
Leave Reports
Leave Approval Report
Leave Balance Report
Yearly Leave Summary Report
Loan / Advance and Salary Report
Loan Reports
Salary Slip
Salary Register with Allowance/Deduction
Yearly Salary summary
Employee Overtime Report
Employee Advance Report
Settlement Report
Statutory Report which contains PF, ESIC, PT, IT reports and Gratuity and
Bonus Report
MIS Reports
Recruitment Detail Reports
Recruitment- applicant wise
Extensive Recruitment Related summary
Training Reports
Training Calendar Report on Training calendar - list of trainings scheduled date wise.
Training Record Report on Training Details - date, number of employees attended,
cost Involved, employee details etc.
Training Feedback Report on Employee feedback of trainings attended.
Supervisor Feedback
Employee skill
These are various letters that a company issues to its Employees Offer letters,
Appointment letters, Increment Letter, Disciplinary Letters, warning letters , Exit letters
Graphical Reports
Graphical Reports
Graphical Reports
View Reports
View Reports
View Reports
View Reports
View Reports
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