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Inspiring leaders from the front, taking initiative.

Saurabh joined my team immediately after graduating from his college. Due
to the nature of our project he was one of the few freshers we had ever
inducted into our team. His outstanding performance during his training
programme gave me the confidence to put him directly into interaction with
the client. I was always impressed by his demeanor which far exceeded his
experience, and I believe he would ideal for your course of choice.

His most outstanding trait is his sense of initiative. If there was something
that he believed in, he was not afraid to say it. Not caring if what he was
saying was popular or not, he would always be honest with his beliefs. He
would back up his arguments with reason and logic, along with a lot of
research. There was this one time when he presented to me a case of why
we should move away from a particular technological framework as it would
help reduce our costs and improve productivity. Even though his
suggestions could not be implemented, I was impressed by the effort he
had put in.

He should try and be more open with his colleagues. Asking for help should
not be perceived as a sign of weakness, but of strength. I hope going
forward he learns this and implement it in his life.

I have known Saurabh for over two years now. We met each other when
we were working on our Research paper during our final year in
Engineering. The project spanned a period of 6 months, and we met each
other at least once a week for this purpose, and frequently on a less formal

We both put our diligent efforts for the project and later we published it as a
research paper in Cogent Engineering, Taylor and Francis Journal. In spite
of his busy schedule, he always made time for the project evincing passion
and strong motivation to utilize what he had learnt. In addition to his strong
analytical skills, his work with managing team dynamics was critical to the
success of our project.
Managerial, Great negotiation skills, Tremendous sense of initiative, highly
organized, great team-player and able to handle a complex process from
above, delegating when necessary and always keeping his finger on the
pulse of things.

However, I feel that in some occasions in the past he has been somewhat overconfident in his abilities to deliver
coverage on certain stories and events at times stories and interviews would cancel at the last moment.
Although our line of work is very dynamic and last minute changes are part of the operation, there have been
instances where he conveyed confidence and even promises that coverage would turn out a certain way, when in
the end the result was different. I believe that Joe needs to temper expectations in order to minimize last minute
changes. I have raised these issues with him and while commending him on his ideas, I suggested that he not be
blinded to the details by the broader picture. Joe was very responsive and welcoming of my comments and I
believe he has taken this to heart as I have not seen evidence of such a tendency since. Overall, Joe is very
thorough in his work and his confidence is central to the challenges he seeks. A recent story he produced was
met with skepticism when first proposed, but he convinced us of its importance. The final report was powerful
and had massive impact.

I have known Saurabh since he joined our team at TCS as a Software

Engineer, post completing his initial training with TCS. During our stint
together, I served as his immediate mentor within the team. Unlike others
who liked being spoon fed, Saurabh enjoyed learning new concepts and
implementing them. I observed this quality in him and found his dedication
and assiduity commendable. As a result he was eventually selected as a
single Point of Contact for one of the key initiatives for our Client, which is
one the largest Fortune 500 Companies associated with TCS.

As Joes superior, one thing that struck me about him was that when he believed in something, he was not afraid
to say it. Even though it may have been viewed in his superiors eyes as not nice, or not popular, he was honest
about his beliefs. Joe and I sometimes thought differently about things and we would argue for hours with
enthusiasms and passion. His arguments were always backed up with reason and logic, as well as research.
Although I was his superior and more experienced then him, more then once I was convinced that he was right
and changed my decision. When reason was on my side, Joe accepted it without having any ego issues about
being wrong.

His innate intellectual curiosity impressed me, when he joined our team. He
has genuine desire to learn new concepts, which combined with his out of
the box thinking allows him to come up with innovative solutions to
problems. He excelled during his Initial training within the team, where he
was awarded as the Star of the Learning Group among new associates.
Over time I found enough confidence in his ability, to allow him to take the
bulk of the responsibility within the project. Towards the end of his time with
the organization, he also started delivering knowledge sessions to new
joiners, which is usually not expected of fresh associates.

At my current job I'm working as a business developer/growth hacker for a

Startup that works in the gaming and entertainment industry. Prior to this
I've worked as a Software Developer for TCS. Over the stints that I've had
with both these organisations, I've had the opportunity to work both on the
technical and the business side of the Industry.

Outside of my work I enjoying following football as a sport. Being an

impassioned supporter, I like to blog about the game in my free time. I've
also worked as a member of the Social Welfare Club at my School.

As an individual I've always been a person who doesn't shy away from
taking initiative. Throughout my education I've held differing Positions of
Responsibility that have allowed me to mature not only on a professional
but also on a personal note. Also something that I've consciously tried to
build on over the years has been my response to stress, which has helped
me immensely over my career.

Sharing responsibility in a group setting is something that I have been

trying to improve in my life.

During my under-graduation degree I got the opportunity to work as a

member of Placement Cell. Serving as a representative of our batch, my
responsibility extended to fostering corporate alliances with institutions,
which helped in achieving one of the best placements for the batch.
We are an early-stage startup wanting to make a difference in the multi-
billion dollar home services industry. Our customers love our product. We
want your help to get more customers and to keep them happy.
Advanced Marketing Program-Niel Patel

Customer Acquisition

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Work directly with Founder
Collaborate with designer to develop marketing campaigns
Execute campaigns and monitor their success
Identify and follow up on leads
Passion for being out in the field with those we are trying to reach
Assist in building a brand voice and personality

Having been part of a number of committees at my Undergraduate University and during my

formative years in school, I would like to be given an opportunity to continue on that journey at DMS
IIT Delhi as well.

Being in a B-School isnt just about the academics; its about the overall personality development
that a person achieves over the time one spends there. The network that one fosters over the time
they spend in a B-School serves as ripe fodder for their careers ahead. I feel that, the Industry
Interaction Committee being one of the most active in the campus would help me greatly in this
regard. Serving as the face of DMS IIT, the IIC is responsible for maintaining synergy with the outside
industry and the campus. Thus, it would be a privilege for me to be a part of such an initiative0

Among the top 10% during Graduation Course

1) Was among the top 15 people during my graduation among 130 students.

2) Was always among the top 3 students overall and topper in Mathematics during my school.

Grabbed 2nd prize in National level Paper presentation competition at NIT Patna

Do some case study Competition

Writing competitions

Student of The Year Award by The Times of India (TOI)


1) Timely delivery of business orders leading to cost saving.

2) Bridging the gap in communication between the blue collar and white collar employees.

3) Responsible for ensuring prompt communication with the clients and keeping them apprised of
the order status.


1) Acheived a target of selling more than 200 products within two months of establishing a new
business unit in Sitarganj, Uttarakhand.

2) Accomplished cost savings through suggestion of replacing 3PL with in house transportation

3) Interacted with more than 26 clients during my tenure

1. National Stock Exchange of India certified capital markets professional course

2. Predictive Analytics Course - IIT Hyderabad

1. Conduct primary and secondary research for global corporations and consultancies to aid
them in decision making

2. Comprehend and analyze the data/information available from a 360 view to offer insights
about the industry/market/product

3. Work on procurement and strategy-related projects that involved supplier identification,

industry analysis, competitor analysis and company profiling.


1. Worked across a diverse range of industries such as legal services, toy manufacturing,
financial services, pharmaceuticals, and FMCG

2. Successfully delivered projects for consulting firms within crunched deadlines and on niche
markets for which secondary data isnt easily available.

3. Delivered a competitor analysis for a leading investment bank that aided them in devising a
strategy to market their service offering

School Scholar for 6 years for exceptional performance

National Literacy Mission

Requirements gathering from Business, identifying Project scope and preparing GAP Analysis

Supervising teams daily activities and analyzing test cases prepared by the team.

Co-ordination of testing activities between all stakeholders of the project (Client, Business
and Vendors)

Daily defect meetings with Business & vendor.

Preparation of Daily Status / Weekly Status Reports.

Responsible for testing any production issues.


Quickly gained knowledge about the new processes at workplace leading to becoming an
Subject Matter Expert for payments process.

Handled a 3-member team of freshers to successfully complete Go Live within given

deadlines resulting in client appreciation.

Successfully moving across different domains & completing Go Live of implementations for
multiple clients.

1. Ensuring timely supply of material to assembly lines as per production plans

2. Proper receipt and storage of material & maintaing optimal line-side inventory level

3. Accounting for all material and recording all discrepencies with respect to data on SAP- MM

4. Eliminating obsolescence through FIFO for shelf-life materials

5. Application of 5S method of organisation in stores

1. Volunteered as an Educator with a youth-led non-profit organization, Becoming I Foundation, for

6 months

2. Volunteered with a parallel school, 'Umang', to teach the underprivileged children for 7 days in

3. Volunteered with an NGO, 'Pravah', for a rural exposure camp to Rajasthan for 7 days in 2010.
1) Research volunteer for National Food Security Act under Jean Dreze and Reetika khera (June

2) Volunteer for "Scholars for change associate" -IIM Ahemdabad initiative and Best in social service
for teaching illiterate adults

3) Emceed for various cultural programs for Ladakh students Welfare Association Delhi in JLN
stadium Delhi.

4) Emceed for cultural programs in Druk Amitabha Mountain Kathmandu's Nepal.

5) Intermediate Tibetan language knowledge learned from Tibet House Cultural centre of His
Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

1) Project Manager - Lamstan ,Ladakh based NGO for teaching and providing best information about
education to the children from very remote areas of the country (2015- present)

2) Core Member, PROJEKT (Film and Photography Society), LSR (2013)

Data analytics

1) Application/ software development, testing and maintenance using Agile Development Model.

2) Database Administration (Oracle, SQL)

3)Created PL/SQL Scripts for a UK-based telecom client to automate processes that were being run

4)Client SPOC, assuring on-time availability of Business Critical Analysis and Reports using Big Data
Analytics tool SPLUNK

5)Organized classroom trainings to equip employees with the understanding of Big Data Analytics
tool SPLUNK.


Appreciated by client for reducing the log analysis time by introducing Big Data Analytics tool
SPLUNK in the project after extensive research and training.
1. Gathering all the requirements from the clients and analyzing them.

2. Responsible for ensuring high quality delivery of the product with minimal defects.

3. Designing use cases based on the client requirements and validation through performing unit

4. Solving issues that arise during QA testing and providing Warranty support post implementation.

5. Coordinating with various teams from Input to Print for the purpose of document automation


1. Received Multiple appreciation mails directly from Top level management and Clients Senior
Management for the Successful implementation of multiple critical projects on time.