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SECTION 6 Upper Limb Study Guide


Nerve supply: branches of suprascapular, axillary, and

lateral pectoral nerves BURSAE (IMPORTANT ONES)
Ligaments of glenohumeral joint Contain thin layer of synovial fluid
Glenohumeral ligamentsstrengthen capsule Located where tendons rub against bone, ligaments,
anteriorly or tendons and when skin moves over bone directly
Coracohumeral ligamentstrengthens joint beneath
superiorly Subscapular bursa
Transverse humeral ligamentbridges gap between Between tendon of subscapularis muscle and neck of
greater and lesser tubercle and holds tendon of scapula
biceps brachii in place Communicates with cavity of shoulder joint
Coraco-acromial ligamentfrom acromion to cora- Subacromial (subdeltoid) bursa
coid process, prevents displacement of humeral Between deltoid, supraspinatus tendon, and glenohu-
head superiorly meral capsule
Does not communicate with cavity of shoulder
Facilitates movement of deltoid over joint capsule
Ligament Attachments Comment
and supraspinatus tendon under coraco-acromial
Joint capsule Margin of glenoid Loose fibrous arch
cavity anatomical capsule
neck of humerus Weakest inferiorly
Glenohumeral Supraglenoid tubercle Reinforce anterior MUSCLES OF THE SCAPULA
blend with capsule Superficial extrinsic (join axial skeleton to appendicular
fibrous capsule
(superior, middle
and inferior bands)
Coracohumeral Coracoid process Strong Latissimus dorsi
greater tubercle of
Transverse Bridges intertubercular Holds tendon of
humeral groove between biceps brachii in
greater and lesser intertubercular
tubercles groove
Coraco- Coracoid process Completes
acromial acromion coraco-acromial
arch protecting
humeral head

Attachment Distal Attachment
Muscle (Origin) (Insertion) Innervation Main Actions Blood Supply

Trapezius Superior nuchal Lateral third of clavicle, Spinal root of Elevates, retracts, Transverse
line, external acromion, spine of accessory nerve and rotates cervical
occipital scapula (CN XI) and C3 scapula; lower artery, dorsal
protuberance, and C4 fibers depress perforating
nuchal scapula branches of
ligament, and posterior
spinous intercostal
processes of arteries
Latissimus dorsi Spinous Humerus Thoracodorsal Extends, adducts, Thoracodorsal
processes of (intertubercular nerve (C6C7) and medially artery, dorsal
T7L5, sulcus) rotates perforating
thoracolumbar humerus at branches of
fascia, iliac shoulder 9th, 10th,
crest, and last and 11th
three ribs posterior
and first
three lumbar