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Reading Response Journal Assignment

Reading Response Journals (RRJs) are an informal space for you to explore the

readings as well as your own reading process. The first step to writing an RRJ is to

read carefully, taking notes on the text as you go. RRJs should include the following:

1. A brief summary of the chapters (5-8 sentences) including major events,

characters, and important information about setting (place and time).

In this section of reading, Dana is forced to deal with the pain of the beating by

herself. However, she is later drawn back in time to the scene of a fight between

Isaac and Rufus. Isaac leaves Rufus bruised and bleeding for the actions that he

took against Alice, Isaacs wife. When Dana stumbles upon this scene, she

immediately hopes to get Isaac and Alice to freedom, despite Rufus protests. The

remainder of the reading focuses on Danas attempts to help Rufus, despite her

protests against the traditions of the society that she has wandered back to. In

addition to these conflicts, she is reintroduced to some of the characters, as time has

passed since her beating. These reintroductions allows her to realize the changes

that occurred as time has passed.

2. Your response to the reading (5-8 sentences) including your opinions about

and reaction to the assigned chapters. This section is a place to think deeply

about the book and the emotions and complex ideas it brings up for you.
This particular reading was interesting in that it allowed readers to peer more into

the lives of the characters. From the start, it appealed to ones emotion from the

very start in that readers learned about how Dana had to deal with the aftermath of

her beating alone. Additionally, it was difficult to swallow the mere fact that she

was completely alone, with no sign of Kevin throughout the entire reading.

Although it is already clear that slaves and African Americans were treated harshly,

it is still difficult to hear the perspectives that they offer up. Additionally, this book

offers up a very interesting perspective with Dana. She is forced to understand the

harsh reality of society in the past.

3. An explanation of your reading process. How did this weeks reading go for

you? Discuss specific sections that made you confused or questions that you have

about the text. Point out strategies that helped you overcome challenges in your

reading. Respond to the following prompts to develop your ideas:

This reading went well for me because ______

The most challenging thing or parts were __________ because _________

The strategies I used to figure things out included __________

I remembered that earlier in the book __________

This part of the text made me think of _________ from my other class or

other text/reading.
This reading went well for me because it was clear and to the point about the

changing lives of the characters. The most challenging thing or parts involved

reading about the pain that Dana and the others felt in their lives because of the way

society treated them. The strategies I used to figure things out included taking small

moments to relate to these characters and empathize with their pain. I remembered

that earlier in the book I also felt saddened by the troubles that they faced. This part

of the text made me think of other stories from the perspectives of slaves from other


4. 35 significant words from this particular readingwords that you feel are

important or give meaning to the chapter, or that you have decided to learn to develop

your academic vocabulary explain the significance of these words to you or the text.

Type the words that you found significant here with your explanations

pain: This word is significant because Dana is forced to face immense pain from

her beating alone, without the help of Kevin or another other support.

trauma: Trauma is evident in the lives of many of the characters, and Dana is forced

to fface the trauma of her beating.

tolerance: Many of the white characters are only mildly tolerant of Dana because

she appears knowledgeable. However, it becomes clear that they are willing to turn

on her easily.
5. 2 discussion questions. These should be openended questions that could lead to

an interesting conversation, not factbased yes or no questions.

Type your discussion questions in the box

How will Isaac and Alice survive being separated?

How will Dana come to find Kevin?

You will receive complete credit on every RRJ (20 points) by thoughtfully

completing the 5 sections as described above, looking at the rubric to check

completeness, and by turning your RRJ in on time. The RRJs are a space for you to

think through the readings without having to worry too much about grammar,

organization, and the other requirements of more formal writing assignments.

However, do follow basic rules such as capitalizing I and using appropriate language.