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We, graduating class of Ilaya National High School as we continue our journey, do hereby bequeath and

proclaim that:

The creative thinkers, John Kenneth Liguit hope to hand down his scholastic achievements to Lance
Laurence Labog

The science enthusiasts, Bernadette Magaling, John Kenneth Liguit and Sarina Andrea Malinao would
like to pollinate their scientific excellence to Anjel Wendelline Maigting Shienalyn Jinahon and Jake
Vincent Montiano

The conquerors of the x-axis, Sarina Andrea Malinao, Bernadette Magaling and Gennit Natal extend
their prowess in numeracy to Anjel Wendelline Maigting, Shienalyn Jinahon Joyce Ann Madrino and
Marjorette Mascarenas.

The capturers of great ideas in words, Berna Jean Fellizar, Angelica Malco, and Gennit Natal would like
Zarren Keithly Malarayap and John Mark Larracas to capsulate great thoughts and condense great
meanings in syntax and discourse.

The keepers of the dance floor Christy Magcamit, Sharilou Luci, Danica Joy Malabana, Dynes
Constantino, John Kenneth Liguit, Piolo Linga and Kimberly Malarayap hope that Marjune Matimtim,
Riza Mampusti, Marnel Garcia, Cyril Nardo, Joeffrey Jinang John Paul Malapajo, Jake Vincent Montiano,
Hazel Logatoc and Cesar Macunat will continue to share blessings in music and grace.

The wide-ranged note interpreters, Patricia Mae Garcia, Christy Magcamit, Alona Mae Mayacyac, Mark
Lester Lincallo wish that their rhyme and rhythm be given to Mark Angelo Sambilay, Marnel Garcia,
Hazel Montiano, Florizah Lane Marticio, and Princess Matimtim

The communicatively competent, Gennit Natal, Berna Jean Fellizar, Mark Hernandez, and Rhea Jinang
share their fluency in the use of our National Language, Filipino, to Hazel Montiano Riza Mampusti and
Leonel Montiano
The sketchers of beauty and color, John Kenneth Liguit, Crezel Maderazo, Celestino Hernandez and
Sherwin Mantala passes their paints and brush to Cesar Macunat, Butch Jinang, John Mark Larrcas, and
Daisy Rae Lazo to be glowing with harmony and dimensions.

The icons of glitz and glamour, Jenelyn Madrino, Patricia Mae Garcia, Bjay Maquimot, John Reiner
Lincallo and Christy Magcamit long to share corner and style to Marjorette Mascarenas, Roan Jaum,
Santina De leon, Marjune Matimtim, and Riza Mampusti.

The clown prince, Celestino Hernandez and Berwin Rivera passes their book of spontaneous laughter
and practical Jokes to Cesar Macunat and Aerold Labay

The story tellers Mayril Ann Mandia and Sarina Andrea Malinao passes their colorful story books to
Shyrel Jimena and Rona Marang

The Olympians, Joy Magcamit, Darlene Masculino, Mary Mae Malco and Prince Lowel Malco passes the
athletic torch to Marjune Matimtim, and Mejico Senoc

And lastly, we the Graduating Class , heartily and soulfully bequeath to You our Beloved Grade 9
brothers and sisters the most invaluable treasures that we are at grip for the last four years; treasures
that we will always remember from our Junior High SSchool existence. For that, we thank our mentors
that have been our source of guidance.

Mr. Yolando M. Mendoza who served as our principal and our father, kept the peace and order of Ilaya
National High School

Mr. Sonny L. Cruzado, Mrs. Eva Siena and Mrs. Maria Lourdes R. Cezar who guided us along in reaching
our dreams.

Mrs. Teofila C. Manahan, Mrs Marjorie Ann Calda and Mr. Jimmy Romasanta who paved our way to our
scientific understanding.
Mrs. Alma M. Magpantay, Mrs Marjorie Ann Calda and Mrs Rebecca L. Siena who allowed us to learn
and to love our own language.

Mrs. Rona N. Villavicencio and Mrs Eva L. Siena who kept us aware of the past and present events of our
country and the whole world.

Mrs. Maria Lourdes R. Cezar and Mr. Rolando Togonon who taught us to appreciate numbers and

Mrs. Pauline C Jalos who taught us to be globally competitive.

Miss Madonna Makiplanta who taught us the simplicity of life.

Mrs. Marilou Orilla and Mrs Concepcion Mambil the ultimate craftswomen, who taught us how to make
a living.

Mr. Sonny Cruzado who taught us to appreciate music, to be physically fit and how to be graceful and

Miss Kathrina J. Bonode who taught us the convenience and efficiency of the modern world.

Mrs. Maria Rosette L. Fabian and Miss Kathrina J. Bonode who have provided words and sound to
unspoken thoughts.

And to significant others whose name may have not been mentioned yet their contributions will be
always remembered.

Finally, we the Grade 10, with all our honor and integrity bequeath to the Grade 9 the blessings and
graces that the Divine Providence had given us for the last four, wonderful, and rewarding years.
As parting words, we, the grade 10 Students would like to encourage the Grade 9 Students to strive
harder and excel more in most aspects as we did, and to continue to give glory to our alma mater,

In witness thereof, we, the affiliates of the Graduating class of Ilaya National High School have here set
unto our hands the class will and testament this 23rd day of February in the year of our Lord, Twenty

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