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G.R. No. L-26317
January 29, 1927

Previously, Francisco Gago filed a petition for the probate of a will of Miguel Mamuyac
executed on July 27, 1918. The oppositors alleged that the said will was already annulled and
revoked. It appeared that on April 16, 1919, the deceased executed another will. The lower court
denied the probate of the first will on the ground of the existence of the second will.

Another petition was filed to seek the probate of the second will. The oppositors alleged
that the second will presented was merely a copy. According to the witnesses, the said will was
allegedly revoked as per the testimony of Jose Tenoy, one of the witnesses who typed the
document. Another witness testified that on December 1920 the original will was actually
cancelled by the testator.

The lower court denied the probate and held that the same has been annulled and

Whether or not there was a valid revocation of the will.

Yes. The will was already cancelled in 1920. This was inferred when after due search, the
original will cannot be found. When the will which cannot be found is shown to be in the
possession of the testator when last seen, the presumption is that in the absence of other
competent evidence, the same was deemed cancelled or destroyed. The same presumption
applies when it is shown that the testator has ready access to the will and it can no longer be
found after his death.