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SM3040 Mini type - Mach3 controller with USB port

Main configuration
spindle power 1.5kw water-cooling spindle
rail type SBR20 round rails
control system Mach3 controller USB port
drive type Stepper motor and Yako driver
Transmit TBI Ball Screw from Taiwan
Table type aluminum table with T slot clamping
Main parameters
max travel speed 4000mm/min
working precision 0.05mm
Repeatability precision 0.01mm
Other information
power AC220V10% / 50~60Hz
Compatible Software Type3/Artcam/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/Ucancam V8 etc
command code HPGL, G code
Size and weight
X Y Z axis travel distance 300x400x50mm
feeding height 90mm
table size 320x580mm
Machine / packing size 0.68*0.58*0.48m/ 0.82*0.66*0.55m
Net / Gross weight 55kg / 75kg
Machine parts we use

Shun tong water- cooling spindle TBI Ball Screw from Taiwan
Stepper motor and Yako driver
+ Fulling VFD And SBR20 rails

Limit switches on each axis Calibratorgreat for tool setting LED light

Mach3 controller USB port Inside of Control box details

water tank ( 1PCS ) Tool box (1 PCS) Spare switches 1 PCS)

Wrench for spindle ( 2 PCS) CD include free design software and

Power cable ( 1PCS)
operate software, machine manual

Collet 3 PCS
Bending kit 6 PCS) Water pump ( 1PCS )
( ER113.175 4 6mm )

this is the free tool bits we offer

for machine working ,
and if you want to buy more bits.
you can contact us to get price
Upgrade part that you can choose

4th axis
Water tank and spray system (Rich Auto) DSP controller

Air-cooling spindle Servo motor Double head

vacuum absorption table with vacuum pump


advertising Aluminum cutting Acrylic cutting

MDF cutting wodoworking Rotary work

This aluminum part is made by one customer using our machine Brass(copper) engraving

Router bits you can add to your order to save shipping fee

Flat bottom bits: Pyramid bits : PCB bits : Single flute:

wood.acrylic,PCB etc.. metal engraving such as brass for PCB board engraving for acrylic cutting

Double flute: Ballnose : V shape Coat four flute

for wood, acrylic for wood, acrylic engraving For stone glass engraving Milling aluminum

We have many other kinds of router bits.

If you are interested in it . Please ask our salesman to get price list.
More pictures of machine