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Questions And Responses

1:K.E For A Body Of Mass M And Momentum P

2: A Child Done 0.20j Work To Lift A Toy Hanging With Spring Of Mass 0.010kg. How
Much The Lift Upword
Some Questions From Current Electicity & Nuclear Physics

1. Kinetic Energy In Terms Of P And M?

2. Angular Momentum With Frequency W And Moment Of Inertia I Is..?
3. When Beta Particle Is Emitted, What Happens To Atomic Mass And Atomic Number..?
4. Momentum And Kinetic Energy Is Given.. Find Mass..?
5. If Power Of 1st Bulb Is More Than Power Of 2nd Bulb.. Than Current And Resistance
Of 2nd Bulb Is More Or Less Than 1st Bulb..?
6. Centripetal Acceleration Is Given By..? Does It Depends On Mass..?
7. Equation For Absorption Of A Neutron And Emission Of 2 Electrons Is Given.. Find The
Element Formed..?
8. If Velocity Is V, Wavelength Is (Lambda).. Then T Is Given By..?
9. Find Maximum Amplitude When Force And Mass Is Given..?
10. Resistance 6 Is Given And Voltage Is Decreased From 12 To 6. New Power Is ___ Of
Previous Power..?
11. Two Concentric Circles Enclose A Charge. Inner Circle Has Radius 1/2 Of Outer Circle
If Electric Intensity Of Inner Circle Is E.Then Electric Intensity Of Outer Circle Is..?
12. Speed1 And Wavelength1 Of Sound Is Given.. Find Wavelength1 At Give Speed2..?
13. Mass Defect Is Given. Find Energy..?

Easy Just F.Sc Rata Maro No Tension.

Conics Equations
Tengent Lines.
Area Related.
Prism Area.
RLC Ciruit.
Power Voltage. Given Calculate Energy.
1 Was Power. 0.64watt
V=5v Calculate Energy.
Dissipation K.E Into Heat Etc.
English Idioms And Antonym/Syno.
Overall Was Easy.

1...Formula For Centripetal Acceleration...
2...Two Beta Particles Eject From Atom Results A,Z Of Atom
3...One Alpha Particle Emit From Atom Resultant A,Z Of Atom Is
Phy Potion Was Easy ... All From Fsc Physics ...Basic Formulas

1.Which Process Is Used To Slow Down Neutrons Ans Moderator.

2) V=IR Numerical
3) When Neutron And Proton Is Combined They Release Energy.
4)Calculate Energy Current Voltage And Time Is Given.
5) Alpha Particles Emits Increase In Mass Number To 4.
6) Binding Energy Formula Numerical 931.5 Mev.
7)Linear Momentum And K.E Numerical.
8) Linear Momentum And Mass Numerical
9) Angular Momentum And Inertia Numerical.
10) Compare The Current And Resistance Of Two Components Connected With The
Same Supply Of 10 V.

100V Bulb Give Higher Power Than 65V Bulb, Relation Of Current I And Resistance R Of
65V Bulb In Terms Of Increase Or Decease?
Power Given Is Allowed To Do Work To Lift Stone Of Mass M In 10 Sec, Find Height?
2 Neutron And 1proton Are Fused To Form Helium. Energy Released?
Potential Varies From 12V To 6V .. Resistance And Power Given, Find Current I?
2 Neutrons And 1protons Combine To Form An Isotope. Experimental Mass Is Less Than
Calculated, Find Energy Change?
Phase Difference B/W Two Curves?

Ohm's Law Questions (2-3) ,

- Momentum Of An Object Was Given And Kinetic Energy Was Given , Find The
Velocity Of That Object. Which Can Be Calculated By Multiplying K.E With 2 And
Dividing It By Momentum.

- Momentum Change Was Given . And Force. We Had To Find The Time.Rate Of
Change Of Momentum Is Equals To Force.

- One Bulb Of 100Watt Is Brighter Than Other Bulb Of 60 Watt Power. Choose The
Correct Answer. A) 100Watt Bulb Is Having More Resistance B) 60watt Bulb Is Having
More Resistance C) D)

- Solvay Process Is Used For The Manufacturing Of ?

- Answer Was Soda Ash. In Options Answer Was Also Available. But Question Was
Not Correctly Stated . It Was Stated Like " Solvay Process Is Used For The
Manufacturing Of Caustic Soda " And Then Options Were Given. Technically It Is Not
A Question.

- 1kg Water At 5C And 5kg Hot Water At 70C . Mix These Samples. At What Temp This
Mixture Would Achieve Thermal Equlibrium.

- Half Life Of An Element ..Question

- P.E =Mgh Numerical


Q. B.E Of Lithium(Masses Of Proton N Neutron Were Not Given,So Memorize Them)

Q. At What Point Slope Of Tangent To Curve (Equation Of Curve Was Given) Is Zero?
Q. Time Period For Periodic Sound Wave:
Q. Period T Of Planet Is Proportional To Having Distance ;A':
T Directly Proportional To A^(3/2)
Q. If Electric Field Of Two Spheres Is ...What Would Be If Two Are..(Dont Remember
Exactly,Just To Give Idea
Q. Momentum Is P,Kinetic Energy Is Given By:
Q. A Bulb Is 100 Watt,Second 200 Watt...Compare There Currents And Resistances..(F.Sc
Part2 Electricity Wale Chapter Ke End Per Istra Ka Question Hai Aik )
Q. If Potential Is Decreased By 6 Volts From 5 Ohm Resistor (That Follows Ohm
Law),Current Is: Halved,Quadrupled,Doubled..
Q. A Motor Is Having Power =6watt(Value Was Given)...How Much Time It Takes To Take
Water To Height H...Either Height Aur Time Was To Be Determined(G~10)
Q. Power Of Fone Circuit Is (),,Fone Runs For Time(Was Given),What Is Energy...(Aesa
Kuch Tha Easy Tha)
Q. When Nucleus Is Formed Energy Is :Released,Absorbed,Nothing Happens,Either
Increases Or Decreases..
Q. A Rod And Cylinder Started Rolling From Plane At Same Time,Which Would Of
Following Is Correct?
Cylinder Reaches First But Doesn't Depend Upon Mass,Depends On Masses Of
Both,Sphere But Depends On Mass(Dont Know What Is Correct)

1-Difference In Mass Of Proton And Neutrons While Forming Tritium Was Given And B.E
Was Asked?

2-A Kid Puts 0.12 J Of Energy In Compressing A Toy.To Which Height Will The Toy Rise If The
Mass Of The Toy Is 0.012kg.

3-Amount Of Change Of Momentum Was Given.Applied Force Was Given.Find The Time For
Which The Force Acts?

4-Battery Supplied Some Given Watts Of Power At Given Volts.Find The Current?

5-Two Waveforms Were Drawn And The Phase Difference Between Them Was Asked?

6-KE In Terms Of Momentum?

8- KE Was Given.Momentum Was Given And Mass Was Asked For?

9- 1kg Of Water At 5*C Is Added To 5kg Of Water At 65*C.The Final Temperature Is?Believe
Me It Was The Toughest Mcq There.Phy Portion Was So Easy...

10-When Neautrons And Protons Combine To Form A Nucleus Energy Is?



Unpredicatbly Released Or Absorbed...

11-A Charge Is Located At The Center Of Two Concentric Spheres.The Radius Of The Bigger
One Is Double Than The Other And The Value Of E At Surface Of Smaller One Is E.The Value
Of E At Surface Of Bigger One Is?
12-Velocity And Wavelength Of Sound Wave Was Given In Air At STP,And The Wavelength
Of Sound In "Another Medium" Was Asked Given Its Speed In That Medium?


1) Determine The X-Ray Diffraction Wavelength?? Only Angle Was Angle..

2) Wavelength Of Sound Wave Is 1.2m At 340 M/S. What Is The Wavelength When Speed
Becomes 3240 M/S.

3) Two Concentric Spheres, Radius Twice Of Other..If The Electric Intensity At The Inner
Sphere Is "E", Then What Will Be Its Value At The Outer Sphere Radius.

4) Relation Between Momentum And Energy.

5) Centripetal Acceleration Formation.

6) When Two Small Nuclie Combine Then What Happens To The Heat...? Absorb Or

7) 120 Watt Bulb And 60 Watt Bulb ...What Is Characteristics Of The Resistance And Current
In 60 Watt Bulb With Respect To 120 Watt Bulb..

Low Resistance Low Current

High Resistance High Current

Low Resistance High Current

High Resistance Low Current