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Bank Job Examination Syllabus

Bank Job Examination Syllabus

Bangla-Essay= Official Letter, Correction, Sentence Making.

English-Essay= Short Notes/Paragraph, Correction, Idioms, (Sentence Making) Express in single word,
Synonyms, Antonyms, Precise, Fill in Gaps, Matching.

Math- BAT PAT+ others (Boat, Age, Time, Percentage, Average, Train)

General Knowledge- Current Affairs and basic Knowledge related.

Short Notes- Bank Rate, Clg, House, BACH (Bangladesh Automated Clearing House), Bankrupt,
International Bank, Unit Banking (American Banking), Lender of the last resort, Risk Bank, Open Market
Operation, Moral Persuasion, Money Market Vs Capital Market, Money Policy Vs Fiscal Policy, Tax Vs Fee,
ACU, L/C, Acid Test, Authorized Capital, Balloon Payment, Bill of Lading, Blue Chip, Contingent Liability,
Dumping, LIBOR (London Inter Bank Offer Rate), DIBOR, NOSTRO, VOSTRO, LORO Account, SWIFT
(Society for World-wide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunication), Opportunity Cost, Yo-Yo Stock, CDBL
(Central Depository Bangladesh Ltd), Zero coupon Bond and so forth.

CRR= Cash Reserve Requirements (6%), SLR= Statutory Liquidity Requirements (19%), SLR for Islamic
Banks-10%, SLR for specialized bank-no SLR (Exempted), Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh Bank Order 1972
(Presidential Order-127), EEF-Equity and Entrepreneurship Fund, MOU- Memorandum of Understanding,
CIB-Credit information Bureau, CAMELS- Capital Adequacy, Asset, Asset Quality, Management, Liquidity
and Sensitivity to Market Risk, EWS-Early Warning System, AB Bank-1st Private com. Bank, IMF, WB, ADB.

Marks Distribution:

1. Preliminary Test

(100marks: 1hour)

Bangla= 25

English= 25

Math= 25

General Knowledge= 25

Total= 100marks
2. Written Test

(100marks: 2hours)


English= 20

Math= (25+10) =35

(K.G Short notes, Puzzling, Critical Reasoning,)

Comprehension, Dialogue, Report Writing= 25

Total= 100marks.