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1 GRAMMAR can / can't

a Write a sentence for each picture with can I can't.

They can't sing

2 She can paint

3 He can't swim.

4 He can cook.

5 She can't take photos.

b Write a question with you for each picture. Then

write your answer: Yes, I can. or No, I can't.
Your answer
Can you sing ?
2 Can, you paint?
3 Can, you swim ?
4 Can, you cook?
5 Can, you take photos?
c Match sentences 1-6 to a-f.
1 Can you help me with my homework?
can't do it.
2 Can you give me my glasses?
can't see.
3 Can you call my mum?
can't find my mobile.
4 Can you speak more slowly?
can't understand you
5 Can you make dinner for 8.30?
can't come before then
6 Can you tell me your name again?
can't remember it.
d Write a sentence with can or can't for each picture.
You can cross now.

I can't talk! speak now.

Dr Atkins can see

we can't turn right here!

VOCABULARY verb phrases
a Complete the crossword with the correct verb.
a Across: 4 remember 6 wait 8 paint
9 use 12 dance 14 take
Down: 2 meet 3 see 5 swim 7 give
10 sing 11 tell 12 drive 13 draw

b Complete the sentences.

He can't find any parking spaces. There are a lot of cars.
I often play chess with my nephew. He's very good.
Please help me. I can't open the door.
I buy most of my clothes from Zara.
I want to 5 run in the London Marathon this year.
Hi, this is Paul. Can you hear me?
[don't understand this. I need talk to to the teacher.
Where are my keys? Can you look for them?
b Write the words in the chart.

: can, fat, have, tamp

: can't, class, dance, start


Learn these wor ds and p hrase s.
audience "):ul,'n~
concerts knnsJIS
entrance 'cnlrJn~
judges d") \U")II
late (opposite early) 11:11
nervous 'n3:\Js.
a hit record ;'I hll 'rcL1:d
car park kll: pu:k
Good luck! ljUU" \k
It's your turn now. Ih j:'l: lJ:n n:tu
VOCABULARY verb phrases
Complete the text with these verbs in the
present simple.
My neighbours ry noisy. A young couple
with a baby and a dog live upstairs. They aren't
happy together so they 1 shout all the time. Their
dog barks when they aren't at home, and
their baby cries when they are. An old
couple live downstairs. They can't hear so they
always 4 have the TV on very loud. They
talk loudly because the TV is loud, and
they 6 argue a lot about which programmes
to watch. Some students live next door. They all
play ____ musical instruments and they aren't
very good! Every night, they 8 have noisy
parties and 9 play very loud music. I want
a new flat or some new neighbours!

b 2 pink 310ng 4 uncle 5 drink
6 Hungary 7 young 8 think
Speaker 1 B, Speaker 2 C, Speaker 3 F,
Speaker 4 E
2 GRAMMAR present continuous
a Order the words to make sentences.
1 sister's' My , exams' for, tudying, her.
My sister's studyingfor her exams
2 with, staying, week, her, friends, this, are' Sarah's
Sarah's friends are staying with her
this week.
3 tonight , party, We' a' aren't' having
3 We aren't having a party tonight.
4 I'm' cup' coffee, drinking' a' the, of, kitchen' in
4 I'm drinking a cup of coffee in the kitchen.
5 for 'looking' job' is , a , George, Why
Why is George looking for a job?
6 because' aren't' They' jogging' today, cold, it's' too
6 They aren't jogging because it's too
cold today.! They aren't jogging today
because it 's too cold.
7 computer, Are' using' you, the
They aren't jogging because it's too
8 football, Is , park, Adam, playing' in , the
8 [s Adam playing football in the park?
b Complete the dialogue.

A What 1 are you doing ,(you / do) Andy?

B 2 1'm making (I / make) the coffee. Why?
A I can hear a noise. It's people's voices.
B I know. That's the couple upstairs.
A 3 Are they arguing (they / argue)?
B No, 4 they're not shouting (they / not shout). It's the TV. They're very
old, so they can't hear it. 5 they're watching (they / wat ch) a film.
A Oh. What's that music? Is it a party?
B It's the boy next door. 6 He's not having (he / not have) a party!
7 He's listening (he / listen) to music. He likes heavy metal.
A Your flat is very noisy, Andy.
B I know. 8 I 'm looking for (I / look for) a new one!
c Look at the picture on page 33. What are the people doing?
Complete 1-9 with a verb or verb phrase in the present continuous.
1 The woman's talking on her mobile.
2 The couple 're arguing
3 The children are playing foOtball
4 The woman 's listening to music
5 The baby 's crying
6 The dog's barking
7 The boy 's playing the guitar
8 The girl 's singing


Listen and repeat the words.

arguing barking crying having
playing shouting studying talking
the word with lUi in each pair.
pink brown
thin long
aunt uncle
drink find
France Hungar
young blonde
think want
b 2 pink 310ng 4 uncle 5 drink
6 Hungary 7 young 8 think
GRAMMAR present simple or present
a 0the correct form.
1 A What are you doing here?
B I'm on holiday. I sightsee /~sightse~ .
2 A Can you talk?
B No. I have dinner I I'm having dinner at t he moment.
3 A Where do they usually go I are they usually going
on holiday?
B To Ibiza.
4 A How often does your boyfriend go abroad?
B He travels I He's travelling to Asia four times a year.
S A What does your girlfriend do I is your girlfriend doing?
B She's a travel guide.
6 A Do you work I Are you working this week?
B No. I'm on holiday.
7 A What time does the museum close?
B It closes l it's closing at 6 p.m., I think.
S A Does it rain / is it raining t oday?
B No. It's hot and sunny.
1 My parents don't like (not like) their hotel.
2 They 're arguing (argue) about money all the time.
3 I'm 18 now so I'm learning 's (learn) to drive. My father
teaching (teach) me.
4 When do you usually go (go) to the
5 My brother goes out (go out) nearly every night.
6 The sun isn't shining (not shine) today. It's quite cold.
7 Are you (use) using your computer at the
moment? I want (want) to check something on
the internet.
8 My sister loves (love) ice skating but she doesn't do (not do) it very often.

a 21'm baving dinner 3 do they usually go
4 He travels 5 does your girlfriend do
6 Are you working 7 It closes 8 [s it raining

2 VOCABULARY the weather and seasons

a Write the seasons in the correct order.
winter , spring, summer, autumn
b Complete the sentences with words in the box. What's
the weather like?
1 It's hot . 51t's foggy

2 It's windy 6 It's sunny

3 It 's cloudy 71t's cold

4 It 's raining 8 It's snowing

Write the words.
1 ajacket 2 a shirt 3 a skirt 4 shoes 5 a sweater
6 jeans 7 a T-shirt 8 trousers

Complete the missing words in the dialogue.
A Can I help you?
B Yes. What Size is this T-shirt?
A It's a medium. What size do you need?
B I need a large
A Here you are
B Thanks. Where can I try it on?
A The changing rooms are over there.
B Thank you.
A How is it?
B It's fine. How 7 much is it?
A It's 15.99.
Match the words to make Social English phrases.
It's so d a way!
2 Right f b wrong?
3 Don't c c be silly!
4 Wait h d rooH
5 I have to g e fun!
6 Have e f now.
7 What's b g go.
8 No
a h a minute.
GRAMMAR object pronouns
a Complete the chart.
Subject pronouns Object pronouns
I me
you 2 you
he him
she her
it it
we us
you you
they them

b Complete the sentences with object pronouns.

My sister has a new boyfriend. She's on holiday
with him at the moment.
2 Can you hear me ,or do I need to shout?
3 This book is very exciting. I'm really enjoying it
4 He works near his wife's office. He has lunch with
Her every day.
S Are you at home? Can I call you later?
6 Harry doesn't live with his parents, but he speaks
To them once a week.
7 Excuse me, we have a problem. Can you help us?
8 I can't find my bag. Can you see it?
9 These shoes are new. Do you like them?
10 Where's Charlie? I want to talk to him
c CQmplete the text with these words.
he her her Atm him she them they
Lily is worried about her boyfriend, Jamie. She calls
him every day, but he doesn't call 2 her
When she wants to talk to Jamie 3 he always says
he's busy. She waits for 4 him after work, but he's
often with some friends. Jamie's friends don't like Lily,
and she doesn't like 5 them Lily says hello, but
they don't look at her. Now she knows that Jamie
doesn't love 7 her But she's happy because she
- - ~at s she can find a new boyfriend.
2 VOCABULARY phone language
Complete the dialogues with these words.
answer It's message
Press t.fteFe this wrong
1 A Hello. Is Millie there ?
B No, I'm sorry. She isn't.
2 A What number is that?
B it 07723 9832.
3 A The phone's ringing.
B Can you answer it, please?
4 A Hello, is that Sophie?
B No, I'm sorry, this is Grace.
5 A How do I finish this call?
B Press the red button.
6 A This is 0454 93822.
B I'm very sorry. It's the wrong number.
7 A I'm sorry, the manager is in a meeting.
B Oh. Can you give him a message?
PRONUNCIATION Iml, /II, and li:1
a Listen and repeat the sentences. Stress the
bold words.
1 Call me tonight.
2 Can you help us?
3 Don't listen to her.
4 See you later.
S I don't like them.
6 Don't think about it.
7 Give it to him.

b 1 nice 2 this 3 me 4 these 5 it 6 niece

Read some more of Sally's Phone and answer the questions.
1 Who's Katharine? 1 Katherine is Paul's sister.
2 What does Louise suggest to Sally?
Louise suggests that Sally puts on her red
skirt, goes to the parry, and forgets Andrew.
3 Why doesn't Paul know his phone number?
Paul doesn't know his phone number
because he never calls it.
4 Who tells him what his number is?
His mum tells him what his number is.
GRAMMAR like (+ verb + -ing)
a Write the verb + -in8 form of the verbs in the box in the
correct column.
buy come draw find get have give run stop
swim take wait
verb +-ing e +-ing double consonant+-ing
buy ing coming, getting,
drawing, having running,
finding, giving, stopping,
waiting taking swimming

Look at the chart and complete the sentences.

William hates dancing at parties.

Amanda b 1 loves dancing at parties.
2 William 2 doesn't mind doing, housework.
bates doing
Amanda 3 likes driving, housework.
3 William doesn't like driving at night.
Amanda 4 doesn't mind sitting, at night.
4 William likes sitting in cafes.
Amanda 5 loves swimming, in cafes.
doesn't like swimming
S William in the sea.
6 doesn't like watching,
Amanda loves watching in the sea.
6 William football.
Amanda football

VOCABULARY the date; ordinal numbers

a Continue the series.
1 September, October, November , December
2 May, June, July, August
3 January, February, March, April
4 spring, summer, autumn, winter
S first, second, third, fourth
6 sixth, seventh,eighth, ninth
7 eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-first
Complete the chart.
Day Date You say
Christmas Day 25/12 the twenty-jjjJh
of Dec ember
Halloween 31/10 the thirty-first of October
New Year's Day 1/1 the first of January
US Independence Day 4/7, the fourth of July
Valentine's Day 14/2 the fourteenth of February

:, GRAMMAR revision: be or do?
a Complete the sentences with the correct form
of be or do.
1 What are you Listening to?
2 Which instrument doyou play?
3 The singer isn't Spanish. She's Argentinian.
4 I don't buy CDs. All my music is
on my iPod.
S We 're not aren't watching a film. We're
watching the news.
6 Does your boyfriend like reggae?
7 Which song is your brother
8 He doesn't sing in a group. He's a
solo artist.
9 They don't go to concerts
because it's too expensive.
10 Are you a member of a fan club?
b Rewrite the sentences as questions.
1 They listen to music online.
Do the;}'. listen to music online ?
2 Adam sings karaoke.?
Does Adam sing karaoke?
3 She's singing in the shower?
Is she singing in the shower?
4 That guitar'S expensive.?
[s that guitar expensive?
S They go to a lot of musicals.?
Do they go to a lot of musicals?
6 I'm waiting in the right place.?
6 Am 1 waiting in the right place?
7 Kathy likes reggae.?
7 Does Kathy like reggae?
8 You go dancing at the weekend.?
8 Do you go dancing at the weekend?
9 He listens to classical music when he's stressed.?
9 Does he listen to classical music when
he's stressed?
10 They're in an orchestra.?
10 Are they in an orchestra?
Complete the sentences with the words in
the box.
My friends and I often go dancing on a
Saturday night.
2 My sister loves Green Day and she's a member of their fan club
3 download new music aura my MP3 player nearly every day.
4 My children love watching music channels especially MTV
S When she's using her laptop, she often listens to music online
6 I like the song, but I don't understand the lyrics
7 Many Japanese people love singing7 karaoke
8 Would you like to come to a concert
tonight? I have two tickets for Leonard Cohen.