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Curriculum Vitae

Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s) Vladislav B. Sotirovi
Address(es) Gerosios Vilties g. 24-48, LT-03144 Vilnius, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Telephone(s) (+370 5) 213 6787 Mobile: +370 67 664 317 (LTU)

E-mail sotirovic@global-politics.eu
Nationality Citizen of Republic of Serbia; Permanent resident of Republic of Lithuania
Date of birth 1967-01-14
Gender Male

Desired employment/ Teaching and researching at the university/institute

Occupational field Dealing with the records at the archives (data specialist; cataloguing/processing procedures specialist)
Work experience
Dates 2016-onward, University of Applied Social Sciences, Vilnius, Lithuania
2007-onward, Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009-2011, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania
2006-2010, European Humanities University, Vilnius, Lithuania
2000-2008, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania
1999-2000, Central European University, Open Societies Archives, Budapest, Hungary
Occupation or position held 2007-onward Associate University Professor/University Professor
2009-2011 Associate University Professor
2006-2010 Associate University Professor
2000-2008 Associate University Professor/Lector/Assistant
1999-2000 Research Room Coordinator
Main activities and responsibilities Teaching and researching
Name and address of employer Mykolas Romeris University
Faculty of Politics and Management
Institute of Political Sciences
Office I-57
Valakupi g. 5
LT-10101 Vilnius, Lithuania (Lietuva)
phone (+370 5) 2740 611, fax (+370 5) 274 06 24, e-mail pmi@mruni.eu
Type of business or sector Education and research

Education and training

Dates 2002, Vilnius University, Faculty of Philology, Slavic Philology Department, Vilnius, Lithuania
1997, Central European University, Budapest College, Budapest, Hungary
1996, Central European University, Budapest College, Budapest, Hungary
1991, Belgrade University, Faculty of Philosophy, History Department, Belgrade, Serbia
Title of qualification awarded Ph.D. in Humanitarian Sciences (Philology)
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Sotirovi B. Vladislav
M.A. in South East European Studies
M.A. in Central European History
B.A. in History
Principal subjects/occupational skills History, Political Science, Philology
Name and type of organisation Vilnius University, Central European University, Belgrade University
providing education and training

Personal skills and

Mother tongue(s) Serbian

Other language(s) English, Lithuanian, Croat, Russian

Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing
European level (*) Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English C2 C2 C2 C2 C2
Lithuanian C1 C1 C1 C1 C1
Croatian C2 C2 C2 C2 C2
Russian B1 B1 B1 B1 B1
(*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Computer skills and competences

Microsoft Office programa Windows system, Word Processors, Wind Word, Word Perfect, Excel,
Access, Databases, Electronic Mail Program, CCMAIL for Windows, JSTOR, Internet

Driving licence B category

Additional information
Reference persons:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Algirdas Monkeviius, Rector of Mykolas Romeris University, Office I-217, Ateities
g. 20, LT-08303 Vilnius, Lithuania (Lietuva), E-mail: roffice@mruni.eu, Phone: (+3705) 271 4625; Fax:
(+3705) 267 6000

Prof. Dr. arunas Liekis, Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Diplomacy, Vytautas Magnus
University, Office 102, Gedimino g. 44, LT-44246 Kaunas, Lithuania (Lietuva), E-mails:
dek@pmdf.vdu.lt, s.liekis@pmdf.vdu.lt, Phone: (837) 206 702, Fax: (837) 206 709

Annexes Comprehensive Academic Curriculum Vitae (with Publication list)

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Sotirovi B. Vladislav