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New features and process changes in RUP_MAY30:

1. Tax Rule processing changes:

New Rule Determinant 'Bill To' is added
IN operator for determinants 'Ship From, 'Ship To, 'Bill To, which will
enable to select multiple values.

2. Receipt Processing Changes:

Taxes will be re determined till TPB is reached:

Taxes will be re determined for the below flows:

PO Created From Requisition.
Quotations Created From RFQ.
BPA Created From Quotations.
Receipt Created from PO
PO Matched Invoice If Encumbrance Is Not Enabled At
RTV Transactions
Order Shipment

Taxes will be copied from the source document for below:

Receipt to Receipt matched invoice
Receipt to ERS Invoice
ISO shipment to ISO receipt

Taxes on the receipt will be determined based on the receipt transaction

In case the receipt transaction date is different from the supplier invoice
date ,then provided an option to capture the supplier invoice number (i.e.
tax invoice number) and supplier invoice date(i.e. tax invoice date) in India
tax details UI of the receipt.

Oracle Confidential
Patch supports WMS receipts creation, receipts created from mobile

Recommendation: RCV processing mode to be either "Immediate" or


During Return to Supplier event taxes will be re determined based on the

supplier invoice date entered. There will not be any tax invoice number
generation in case of RTV.

3. Fixes related to AR/AP open interface

4. IRISO flow

5. BOE flow
Able to apply the BOE from PO receipt
Navigation path (Receipts >India Tax Details >Tools >Receipt header/line

Able to create the receipt from BOE invoice

6. Reverse Charge Processing flow:

Recommendation: Run the Period ending process only in Final mode
though the CP shows all Modes (Save, Review, and Ready to File).

7. Tax invoice number generation :

Ability to generate the tax invoice number on Manual AR Credit note (to
support the requirement of GST post supply adjustments).
Mandatory setup for tax invoice number generation:

Oracle Confidential
Shipping parameters > Raise business events has to be checked.

8. RMA/RTV Flow:
Existing India Localization:
Reporting the deficiency of good/ Rejection of the goods was considered
Via RTV route triggered by the customer.

Debit note issued by the customer (P2P) to supplier
Account the liability on RTV
RMA, RMA CM by the supplier (O2C).

Intended functionality:
AR Credit note to be issued by the supplier (O2C)
Tax Invoice number has to be generated on AR Credit Note.
Once the credit note from supplier is received (i.e. Debit note in P2P),then
Only the customer will be eligible to do the RTV.
While creating the RTV, supplier invoice number is the (AR credit note
invoice number issued by the supplier).
Provision has been provided for the same.

Oracle Confidential