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Ricky Jay C.

2013102338 / Mapua University
CHE 70-1
Essay on Relativism

The definition of the political correctness nowadays is over-defined. In social media, the
suppression-driven mob mentality of the people is dominating through their irrational and
emotional-based opinions, which are sometimes irrelevant at all. Today, people get easily offended
at everything. This is seen especially when they are expressing their political views about a certain
topic in social media. The danger of over defining political correctness is that this could be just an
excuse for the people to do something, whether what we perceive today as right or wrong, just so
as not to offend their feelings and viewpoint. There might come a time that all the opinions and
decisions will be based on someones emotional inclination and not on logical basis. Also, this
might destroy the definition of what we know today as common morality, which has an idea that
all morally serious human at least possesses intuitive moral norms, and will be just replaced by the
over-defined political correctness, which compromise the true meaning of moral rightness, just for
the sake of peoples emotional viewpoint.
In the past, there are things that were seen to be morally unacceptable. Such of these things
are same sex marriage, drinking alcohol, premarital sexual activities such as premarital sex and
masturbation, etc. Today, the society has somehow or totally diverted these morally wrong
things into something socially accepted. The concept of relativism has given opportunity the
society to view things to be correct based on an individuals concept of truth. Relativism has a
concept of having no absolute truth, and the truth is equally weighed based on ones perspective
relative to others.
Same sex marriage is currently accepted in various countries. This allows the concept that
people can love, regardless of his gender, social status, race, etc. Also, it has given the people of
the same sex the right to love and to be married with no discrimination. Before, drinking alcohol
is only allowed for adults. However, today even minorities are already allowed to drink alcohol at
some areas. Masturbation was formerly seen to be a disgusting thing to do. However, there are
some studies today that promotes doing the masturbation because it was said to have positive
effects on the health. These things are somehow considerate to some groups of people these days,
however, their relativistic view inclined them into concept that feelings are more important than
facts, whether relevant or not. Although the people who promote these things have ethical concept,
their morality was corrupted by self-deception, meaning they make themselves believe that their
standpoints are morally right and that they should be respected by the others.
The danger of relativism is also related to the teleological philosophical concept, wherein
the righteous thing to do is based on the concept that disregards the rule as long as the desired
outcome is achieved. Having no absolute truth or standard is sometimes risky, because people will
just tend to believe that what they believe is right and that there will be no basis for what is actually
right or wrong. In the future, this might make the people look like cats left astray at streets, walking
endlessly but with no direction.