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Matthew 13:44-46 Luke 12:32

Genesis 22:1 John 1:12-13

John 3:16 John 15:1-8

John 8:44 Romans 8:14-17

Galatians 4:1-7 Luke 15:11-24


The Fathers Love

June 18-June 24

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Tier #1: Complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in 1st quarter
Connectors are invited to a Rewards Party during the beginning of regular service.
The Fathers heart is to extend mercy and compassion to His children.

Tier #2: Complete Tier #1 + complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in the 2nd quarter
Connectors attend the Rewards Party and receive a Wordless Book gift bag.

Tier #3: Complete Tier #1, #2, + complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in the 3rd quarter
Connectors attend the Rewards Party and receive a T-shirt.
Romans 8:15, For we did not receive a spirit of bondage again to fear,
Tier #4: Complete Tiers #1, #2, #3, + complete 8 out of 12 Power Cords in the 4th quarter but we received the Spirit of adoption by Whom we cry, Abba
Connectors attend the Rewards Party and receive a Bible Father.
**Children are notified one-week prior of the Rewards Party invitation by receiving a Golden

Father God, God is our heavenly Father and loves us with a perfect love. That means that Father
Thank you for loving me and taking care of me. Bless my church, Pastor Ron and his God will never yell at us out of frustration or forget about a special event in our lives.
family. Bless my teachers for teaching me Your Word. I believe your love is flowing Father God is perfect, but we live on earth with earthly fathers who may not live up to
through me to other people. Help me to obey my parents so things will go well with our ideas of how we want to be treated. Even if we have a dad who we know loves us
me and I will live a long life on the earth. I will tell how great You are and how much I and is always there for us, we have to remember that he is not perfect and is loving us
love You. I thank You that by Jesus stripes I am healed in my body and my soul. the best way he knows how to love.

In Jesus name, We get our ideas about God as a father from our earthly father. If we are afraid of not
Amen living up to the expectations of our earthly father and we worry that he will reject us,
we may feel like God is going to be disappointed in us too. Maybe, though, we have a
great dad that we are unthankful for and this becomes the way we treat God too.
Having the ungrateful heart causes us to block Father Gods perfect love for us.

In the story of the Prodigal Son, the father is a good father, but his son only wants
I have not recieved a spirit of bondage and fear, but I have recieved a more and more; never being thankful for the good life he has. Eventually he leaves
spirit of adoption and cry out, Abba Father. home which breaks his fathers heart. His father would not make him stay and he
didnt go looking for him. He knew his son would have to want to love him and be
I have been set free by the perfect blood of Jesus. with him. When at last, his son returned home his father was quick to welcome him
with open arms.
Matthew 5:48
This is a picture of how Father God loves us. The heart of our heavenly father is to be
In all my ways I will acknowledge Him. with His sons and His daughters. If a child of God chooses to sin and run away from
Proverbs 3:6 God, the Father will not chase after him. He will wait for him to come back to himself.
The heart of our Father God is not judgement but it is to pour out mercy. When we
repent from our sin He is there to receive us with open arms, no questions asked. We
are still His children and He loves us.