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The Vestergaard Water Service Unit range provides exceptional flexibility

based on operational needs in demanding airport environments. The benefits


of Vestergaard engineering is ensured through the entire product line due

to common design philosophy and interchangeability of parts.

2900mm 1442mm Customers with a mixed fleet of Vestergaard Water Service Units can

(96) (49) customize each unit based on their needs retaining standardization of
(172) basic system design.




2769mm 1593mm Vestergaard Company A/S

(91) (53)
5565mm Skullebjerg 31 Gevninge
(183) DK-4000 Roskilde Denmark
Tel: +45 4642 2222
Fax: +45 4642 2232
WS www.g-vestergaard.dk

Vestergaard Company Inc.

P.O. Box 280
McHenry IL 60051-0280 USA
Tel: +1 815 759-9102
1520mm 4220mm 2500 mm Fax +1 815 759-9103
(411) (139) (82)
Toll free: +1 888 759-9118
8240 mm
(274) usa@g-vestergaard.com


2125mm 3400mm 2075mm

(612") (118") (610")


Size Large Large Medium Small
Max tank capacity 2500 or 4200 liter 2000, 3000 or 4000 liter 1500 or 2000 liter 500 or 1000 liter
655 or 1100 gal (US) 530 or 800 gal (US) 400 or 530 gal (US) 135 or 265 gal (US)
Optional 1700 liter drain tank Optional 1000 liter drain tank Optional 500 liter drain tank Optional 200 liter drain tank
Characteristics Forward driving towards a/c Handling of all aircraft sizes High manoeuvrability Versatile and efficient
Platform operation Front lift Optional rear lift Rear operation Rear operation
Optional rear lift
Programmable Standard Standard Standard Optional
Chassis Low profile, custom made Standard 10-11 ton truck Standard 6-7,5 ton truck Standard 3,5 ton truck. Trailer
or Skid mount
Corrosion protection by making doors and lifting basket in stainless steel, protecting hollow frame members internally, sandblasting and metallizing
exposed areas before painting with primer, undercoat and top enamel. Optional features include steam generator, coupling heater, winter protection,
anti-collision sensors.
Please request more information about each Vestergaard WSU
Caution: Specifications are advisory only, and will vary. Please request exact data. 24.02.2011/03

Water Service
WS electrical truck SWS with optional platforms for higher reach MWS with optional elevating platform
The Vestergaard Water Service System provides the customer with
hygienic and safe handling of aircraft water systems.
The Vestergaard Water Service System offers:
Unsurpassed quality
Outstanding documentation & support
Technical hotline/customer service
Low operational costs
Long unit lifetime

Based on well proven technology, QUALITIES The reflux function return suction of THE RANGE M A J O R A D V A N TA G E S
unsurpassed quality and a vast array The WSUs high quality has proven to be excess water in the flush line prevents Vestergaard Company A/S offers a wide WS saves costs for large airport opera-
Unit tanks with rounded corners for
of options, the Vestergaard Water extremely cost-effective. spillage on ground and formation of ice range of aircraft WSUs, all of which have tors with its swift working procedure and easy cleansing and hygienic environ-
Service Unit (WSU) range covers Low maintenance costs and long unit at aircraft connections and in unit hoses. proven their advantages in actual opera- large tank capacity on a standard chassis. ment
any customer demand for ultimate lifetime are achieved by implementing the Tanks and piping are approved for tion at airports all over the world. MWS combines efficient and compact
flexibility in ser vicing aircraft all Full winter protection
highest quality in components and the drinking water. The acid resistant stainless WSU-F serves as an efficient low-profile, handling with high maneuverability.
over the world. manufacturing process of the Vestergaard steel tanks are constructed with rounded front-operated vehicle being a very im- SWS is perfect for commuter aircraft Reflux function to avoid still water in
WSU. corners and have surfacetreated welding portant tool in the busiest airports with and for larger operations as backup equip- hose
THE WSU CONCEPT Fluid system and tank sections are fully in- seams for easy cleansing and disinfection. its fast operation, small turning radius and ment.
Optional immobilizing and anti-
The core concept of all Vestergaard Water sulated for winter protection. Optional An optional drain tank is available for large tank capacity. Due to its elevating
collision systems
Service Units is to provide safe and clean anti-freeze heating systems are available. collecting drained water - using active platform, the WSU-F has the reach to
water supply and hygienic handling of the To protect the couplings from freezing, a suction - from aircraft. The aircraft tanks service any type of aircraft. Unsurpassed unit life time and low
aircraft potable water system. The WSUs coupling heater can be installed. The op- and pipes can be flushed with air to avoid maintenance costs
are customized to meet the specific re- tional steam generator can remove any formation of ice. All major components of Optional large, operator basket
quirements and preferences of individual ice deposits from the aircraft panel and the systems are standard and thoroughly
customers.The winter protection of the piping. tested. Parts and cables are marked ac- Optional drain water collection
WSU ensures reliable operation in all cording to the diagrams to facilitate easy system
weather conditions. maintenance.