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Indian Institute of Management Rohtak

Course Outline

Course Title : Models and Frameworks of Strategic Analysis

Credits : 3
Type : Elective
Session Duration : 75 minutes
Term : IV
Year : 2017
Faculty : Dr. Mahua Guha
This course has been designed to provide a solid foundation to the PGP students in order
to equip them to become better strategic decision makers. After going through the course,
they should be able to identify problems that need solutions, collect relevant information
around the problem, use appropriate strategic management concepts, tools and methods
to analyze the problem and then arrive at suitable implementable solutions to those

Course Objectives
The specific objectives of this course are:
1. To offer a basket of strategic management concepts, models, tools and frameworks
to the PGP students that will aid their strategic decision making.
2. To explain
a. Which strategic management tool to use when;
b. What are the limitations of each tool;
c. How to use a combination of strategic management tools to overcome the
limitation of an individual tool; and
d. How not to blindly apply tools without understanding how they work.

The pedagogy would be a mix of Lecture, Discussion, Group exercises in class, Case
Analysis, Short teaching assignments and Project Work.

Evaluation Scheme
Short teaching assignments 20%
Project work & Presentation 20%
Mid Term Exam 30%
Final Exam 30%

Brief Outline
Here are the main modules of the course Introduction; Environmental scanning; Industry
Analysis; Market Dynamics and Competitor Analysis; Strategic Action Framework; Stakeholder
Management; Internal Analysis; Situation Analysis and Business Strategy; Strategy Analysis and
Choice; Creating new markets; Managing Innovation; Staffing and Directing; Evaluation and

Control; Strategy Process; Strategy for the Future; and Strategic frameworks for companies in
emerging markets.

1. Reference Books (To be arranged by students)
a. Key Strategy Tools The 80+ tools for every manager to build a winning
strategy, By Vaughan Evans.
b. Supporting strategy: Frameworks, methods and models, By Frances A.
OBrien, Robert G. Dyson.
c. Strategy in practice: A practitioners guide to strategic thinking, By George
d. Key Management Models The 75+ models every manager needs to know,
By Gerben Van Den Berg.

Special Instructions
Please read and prepare well in advance for case presentation & discussion in the class.
Case for each session is indicated in the Session Plan. The sessions will be of 75 minutes
duration. R indicates additional readings. C indicates cases.

Session Plan
Topic Session Topic and Sub-topics Reference Case / Exercise / Instructor
No. No. (Book Assignment
chapter /
from the
1 Introduction Strategic Plan, Dr. Mahua
Strategic Audit of a Guha
2-3 Environmental scanning R1 Meakin Enterprises Dr. Mahua
STEEP Analysis, SCP Model (C1) Guha
4-5 Industry Analysis Porters Netflix in India (C2) Dr. Mahua
Five Forces Model, Industry Guha
Matrix, EFE Matrix / EFAS
6-7 Market Dynamics and SpiceJets Dr. Mahua
Competitor Analysis CPM, Perspective (C3) Guha
SPACE Matrix
8 Stakeholder Management - Dr. Mahua
Stakeholder Priority Matrix Guha
9 Internal Analysis IFE Group Exercise Dr. Mahua
Matrix or IFAS Guha
10-11 Situation Analysis and The Renault KWID Dr. Mahua
Business Strategy SFAS (C4) Guha
Matrix, ARC Analysis
12 Strategy Analysis and Choice iFlytek: Leading Dr. Mahua

IE Matrix, Grand Strategy Chinese Speech Guha
Matrix, QSPM, The Ashridge Technology (C5)
Portfolio Display, Proposed
Outsourcing Matrix
13 Creating new markets Blue R2; R3 Group exercise Dr. Mahua
Ocean Strategy Guha
14-15 Managing Innovation R4 Patient room of the Dr. Mahua
CHAIN Framework, STORM future: User-oriented Guha
Framework, Innovation innovation (C6)
Process Benefits
16 Staffing and Directing UCO Bank Dr. Mahua
Assessing Strategy-Culture Strategic Renewal Guha
Compatibility, McKinsey (C7)
Restructuring Pentagon
17 Evaluation and Control Joneja Bright Steel Dr. Mahua
ERM, Benchmarking, (C8) Guha
Strategic Incentive
18 Strategy Process Dr. Mahua
McKinsey-GE Investment Guha
Priority Screen, The BCG
Typology for Assessing
Investment Opportunities
facing a Diversified Firm
19 Strategy for the Future R5 Amorim (C9) Dr. Mahua
Scenario Analysis Guha
20-21 Strategic frameworks for R6 After the BRICS: Dr. Mahua
companies in emerging Choosing from other Guha
markets emerging markets
22-24 Project Presentation by Dr. Mahua
Students Guha

Table of Contents
Sl. No. Reading/ Reading / Case Title Session
Case No. No.
1 R1 A note on scanning and appraisal of the external 2
2 R2 Blue ocean strategy 13
3 R3 Analytical tools and frameworks (Excerpted from: 13
Blue ocean strategy: How to create uncontested
market space and make the competition irrelevant)
4 R4 Learning to manage global innovation projects 14
5 R5 Beyond forecasting: Creating new strategic 19
6 R6 How to win in emerging markets 20
7 C1 Meakin Enterprises 2
8 C2 Netflix in India 5

9 C3 SpiceJets Perspective 7
10 C4 The Renault KWID 11
11 C5 iFlytek: Leading Chinese Speech Technology 12
12 C6 Patient room of the future: User-oriented 15
13 C7 UCO Bank Strategic Renewal 16
14 C8 Joneja Bright Steel 17
15 C9 Amorim 19
16 C10 After the BRICS: Choosing from other emerging 21

Note: R and C in the second column stand for Reading and Case respectively.