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Media Number -SEBD1972-00 Publication Date -26/06/1989 Date Updated -26/06/1989

Stronger Screened Modulation Orifices Used In Transmission

Hydraulic Controls{3152}

D3B ( 27Y, 28Y ),

D3C ( 5KG, 1PJ),
D4B, D4C, D4H, D5H, D6H, D7H, D8L, D8N, D9L, D9N, D10, D10N, D11N, 613C, 615, 615C,
814B, 824C, 834B Tractors;
589, 591 Pipelayers;
815B, 816B, 825C, 826C Compactors;
910( 41Y ),
G910( 8GD ),
916, G916, 926, G926, 926E, 930( 17B ),
931B ( 29Y, 30Y ),
931C ( 2BJ, 6RF),
935B, 935C, 936, G936, 936E, 950B, 950E, 966C ( 18B, 9KC ),
966D, 966E, 966R, 980C, 983B, 988B, 992C Loaders;
IT12 ( 4NC ),
IT18, IT18B, IT28, IT28B Toolcarriers;
D25C, D30C, D35C, D35HP, D44B, D250B, D300B, D350C, D400, D550B Trucks

Description of Change: New, stronger screened modulation orifices are used in the hydraulic
controls of power shift transmissions in current models of the above machines. The main
improvement to the new orifices is that there is more bond area between the cap and body. This will
give the new orifices a longer service life.

The new orifices (9W9830 and 9W9831) can be distinguished from the former orifices (3T7726 and
3T7727) because the outside diameter at the screen cage end of the new orifices is the same diameter
as the orifice end. These two diameters are different sizes on the former orifices.

Some of the earlier new orifices were subject to internal failures. The failure could cause intermittent
or constant restriction of the orifice and delay or prevent a pressure rise in the transmission clutches.
The new orifices have been improved to eliminate the possibility of this failure. The lug on the cap,
and the mating notch at the top of the screen cage, are on the improved orifices. The earlier new
orifices did not have the locator lug between the cap and body. See illustrations for comparison of two
types of new orifices.

Earlier 9W9830 and 9W9831 Orifices without the locator lug (discard).

Improved 9W9830 and 9W9831 Orifices with the locator lug (use).

Adaptable To: The new 9W9830 and 9W9831 Orifices are direct replacements for the former
3T7726 and 3T7727 Orifices in the above models. If the new 9W9830 and 9W9831 Orifices are not
available, the appropriate 3T7726 and 3T7727 Orifices can be used. The orifice sizes and colors are
shown in the chart. As hydraulic controls (or transmissions) are repaired or rebuilt, be sure to replace
any of the earlier 9W9830 and 9W9831 Orifices that do not have the locator lug on the cover.