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ISIS AUMF Drafts/Bills in 115th Congress (2017-18)

Just Security
[As of June 19, 2017]

Provision H.Res. ___ [Rep. S.J.Res.43 H.J.Res.100 S.J. Res. 31 H.Con.Res.2 H.J.Res.63
Eliot Engel
Discussion Draft] H.J. Res. 89
1. Short Title ISIL Amendment to Authorization for Use Consolidated Authorization for Use Authorization for Authorization for U
the 2001 of Military Force Authorization for Use of Military Force Use of Military Force of Military Force
Authorization for Use Against al-Qaeda, the of Military Force Against al-Qaeda, the Against against
of Military Force Taliban, and the Resolution of 2017 Taliban, and the Islamic State of the Islamic State o
Islamic State of Iraq the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the Levant
and Syria Iraq and Syria and its Associated
2. Sponsors Rep. Engel, Eliot [D- Sen. Flake, Jeff [R- Rep. Schiff, Adam B. Sen. Young, Todd C. Rep. Cole, Tom [R- Rep. Kinzinger, A
NY] AZ] [D-CA-28] [R-IN] OK-4] [R-IL-16]
T.B.A. Sen. Kaine, Tim [D- Rep. Carson, Andre Rep. Taylor, Scott Rep. Hice, Jody B.
VA]* [D-IN-7]* Rep. Banks, Jim [R- [R-VA-2] GA-10]*
Rep. Castor, Kathy IN-3] Rep. Hunter, Dunc
[D-FL-14]* Rep. Jones, Walter D. [R-CA-50]*
Rep. Evans, Dwight B., Jr. [R-NC-3]* Rep. Roby, Martha
[D-PA-2]* Rep. Cole, Tom [R- AL-2]*
Rep. Hanabusa, OK-4] Rep. Byrne, Bradle
Colleen [D-HI-1]* Rep. Bacon, Don [R- AL-1]*
Rep. Hastings, Alcee NE-2] Rep. Wenstrup, Br
L. [D-FL-20]* Rep. Knight, Stephen [R-OH-2]*
Rep. Lowenthal, Alan [R-CA-25] Rep. Curbelo, Carl
S. [D-CA-47]* [R-FL-26]
Rep. Moulton, Seth
Rep. Pocan, Mark [D-
*original co- Rep. Walz, Timothy
sponsor J. [D-MN-1]*
Rep. Sanford, Mark
3. Target of the Islamic State (1) al-Qaeda and the (1) Al Qaeda, the al-Qaeda, the Islamic State of the Islamic Stat
use of of Iraq and the Taliban; Islamic State of Taliban, Iraq and the Iraq and the Lev
military force Levant (ISIL) and Iraq and the the Islamic State of Levant, its (ISIL) or associ
associated forces (2) the Islamic State Levant (ISIL), and Iraq and Syria, associated forces, persons or forces
of ISIL. of Iraq and Syria (also the Afghan successor organizations, and defined in section
known as the Islamic Taliban. organizations, and persons, and any
State of Iraq and the associated forces. successor
Levant, the Islamic (2) Any organized organizations.
State, Daesh, ISIS, and armed group
and ISIL); and that is associated
with an entity
(3) associated described in
persons or forces paragraph (1) if such
group is a co-
belligerent with such
entity in hostilities
against the United
4. Associated an organized, any person or force, organized and None specified. None specified. SEC 4 In this jo
forces armed group that other than a armed group that is resolution, the term
definition has and continues to sovereign nation, associated with an associated person
be engaged in active that entity described in forces means
hostilities against paragraph (1) if such individuals and
the United States (1) is a part of, or group is a co- organizations fight
alongside al-Qaeda, substantially belligerent with for, on behalf of
the Taliban, or ISIL, supports al-Qaeda, such entity in alongside ISIL or
respectively, as a the Taliban, or the hostilities against the any closely relat
party to an Islamic State of Iraq United States. successor entity
ongoing armed and Syria; and hostilities against t
conflict with the United States or it
United States. coalition partne
(2) is engaged in
hostilities against
the United States,
its Armed Forces, or
its other personnel

agreement with
determination of
associated forces
including al-Nusra
Front, Khorasan
Group, al-Qaeda in
the Arabian
Peninsula, and al-
5. Purpose Sec. 3: to protect the In order to prevent to protect the To enable the None specified. None specified.
national security of any future acts of national security of United States [to]
the United States international the United States exercise its rights to
against the Islamic terrorism against against the identified self-defense and to
State of Iraq and the the United States entities and protect the citizens of
Levant (ISIL) and associated groups the United States
associated forces of both at home and
ISIL abroad.

6. Scope of Sec. 2-3: the the President is the President is the President is The President is The President is
authorized President is authorized to use all authorized to use all authorized to use all authorized to use all authorized to use t
force authorized to use necessary and necessary and necessary and necessary and Armed Forces of th
necessary and appropriate force appropriate force appropriate force appropriate force United States as th
appropriate force President
determines to be
Sec. 4: authorities necessary and
granted shall not be appropriate
exercised in any way
that is inconsistent
with the obligations
of the United States
international law

7. Types of None specified. None specified. None specified. SEC 3 None specified. None specified.
military (a) IN GENERAL.
action The authority of the
explicitly President to use all
authorized necessary and
appropriate force
pursuant to section
2(a) includes the
authority for the
Armed Forces of the
United States to
detain, pending
disposition under
the law of war,
persons who are a
part of or
supported al-
Qaeda, the Taliban,
the Islamic State of
Iraq and Syria, any
organization, or any
associated force of
those organizations.
8. Military Limitations on Requires Requires None specified. None specified. None specified.
unit/action ground combat congressional congressional
limitation operations: notification notification if the
President exercises
Category 1: Sec. 4 Upon a the authority granted
determination of a in section 2(a) to
does not authorize new associated deploy ground
ground combat person or force, forces in a combat
operations except as President shall report role
necessary: to Congress
Option for a joint
(A) to rescue Sec. 5 the use of resolution that
members of the force may take
provides for the
Armed Forces of the place in a country modification or
United States or (other than repeal of the
United States Afghanistan, Iraq, authority provided in
citizens; Syria, Somalia, Libya, section 2(a) with
(B) to conduct or Yemen) if the respect to the
limited operations President submits to
deployment of
against high-value Congress a report ground forces in a
individuals; detailing country combat role in
(C) to enable air specifics and accordance with the
operations; justification why the
procedures described
(D) to collect or share use of force in the in section 6 of the
intelligence; or country is necessary War Powers
(E) to provide and appropriate Resolution that are
operational planning, applicable to a joint
advice, supplies, or Provides for resolution or bill
similar assistance to expedited
introduced pursuant
forces fighting ISIL procedure for to section 5(b) of the
or associated forces Congress to pass a
War Powers
of ISIL joint resolution Resolution.
disapproving either
Category 2: a new associated
person or force or
provides use of force in any
authorization of new country
ground combat
operations in
addition to the above
if (a) the President
determines such use
of armed forces is
vital to the national
security interests of
the US, and notifies
Congress with
justifications; and (b)
Congress passes a
joint resolution,
the specific text of
which is detailed in
the draft AUMF;
includes mechanism
for expedited

9. Sunset 3 years after the date 5 years after the date 3 years after the date None. None. None.
of the enactment. of the enactment of the enactment
10. SEC. 5 SEC 12. Not later SEC 3(a) SEC 5(a) Not less SEC 3(a) The SEC 3 The Presi
Reporting/ than 90 days after the (1) IN GENERAL frequently than once President shall, at shall report to Con
Notification On a six month basis, date of the enactment At least once every 90 every 60 days, the least once every 60 at least once every
the President shall of this joint days after the date of President shall days, submit to months on specific
submit reports with: resolution, the the enactment of this submit to Congress a Congress a report on actions taken purs
President shall joint resolution, the report on matters matters relevant to this authorizatio
1. a list of submit to the President shall relevant to this to this concurrent
associated forces appropriate submit to the joint resolution, resolution,
of al Qaeda, committees and appropriate including actions including actions
associated forces of leadership of congressional taken pursuant to the taken pursuant to
the Taliban, and Congress a report committees and exercise of authority the exercise of
associated force of setting forth a publish in the Federal granted by this joint authority granted in
ISIL and the legal comprehensive Register a list of resolution. section 2.
and factual basis strategy to defeat entities and
for those organized and
determinations (sec. al-Qaeda, the armed groups
(a)(1) and (b)(1)) Taliban, and ISIS against which such
authority has been
2. an intelligence Biannual reports exercised and the
assessment of the including: geographic location
risk to the United (A) a description of where such authority
States posed by al- the specific has been exercised.
Qaeda, the Taliban, authorities relied
ISIL and their upon for such (2) ADDITIONAL
associated force. actions; INFORMATION.In
the case in which the
3. a military (B) the persons and authority granted in
strategy to defeat forces targeted by section 2(a) has been
ISIL and associated such actions; exercised against an
forces of ISIL organized and armed
(C) the nature and group described in
4. the geographic location of such paragraph (2) of such
scope of operations actions; and section, the President
conducted pursuant shall submit to the
to the relevant (D) an evaluation of appropriate
authority (sec. (c)(1)) the effectiveness of congressional
such actions. committees a
summary of the
5. the number of
Quarterly reports factual predicate for
civilian casualties,
inlcuding: concluding that such
the number of
group meets the
(1) A list of the requirements of
casualties, and the
organizations, paragraph (2) of such
total number of all
persons, and section.
casualties (sec.
forces against which
operations were (3) FORM.Any part
conducted. of the list required by
6. the methods paragraph (1) or the
used to limit (2) A list of all additional
civilian casualties foreign countries information required
in which the United by paragraph (2) may
7. a description of States conducted be submitted in
humanitarian operations. classified form if the
assistance and President determines
support provided for it is necessary to
civilian populations Classified Annex. protect the national
displaced by events Any report submitted security of the United
related to the under this section States. Any such
exercise of the [sec. 12] may include information
relevant authority a classified annex. submitted in
(sec. (c)(4)) classified form shall
[see also row 8: be accompanied by
8. the actual and reporting unclassified written
proposed requirements for new findings to support
contributions, determinations of such a
including financing, associated persons determination.
equipment, training, and forces and for
troops, and logistical use of force in any
support, provided by new country]
coalition partners
of the United States
for operations
conducted pursuant
to the relevant

9. a diplomatic,
military, and
development strategy
for restoring
governance and
civil society to
territory secured in
operations related to
the relevant
authority granted

10. the
benchmarks for
assessing progress
toward political,
diplomatic, and
military objectives

11. a description of
the lessons
learned from
diplomatic, military,
and development
activities conducted
in areas in which
military operations
were conducted
pursuant to the
authority granted

Form: The
information required
under subsections
(a)(1), (b)(1), and
(c)(1), (2), and (4)
shall be submitted in
unclassified form.

In a sub-section
entitled Other
Reports: If the
President uses force
against any non-state
terrorist actor
pursuant to
authorities other
than authorities
under section 2 or 3
of this joint
resolution [see
rows 5 and 6 above],
the President shall
comply with the
described in this
section to the same
extent and in the
same manner

11. AUMF Repeals 2002 AUMF. Repeals 2001 and Repeals 2001 and Repeals 2001 and N/A Repeals 2001 AUM
Repeal/ Amends 2001 AUMF. 2002 AUMFs 2002 AUMFs 2002 AUMFs
Supersession effective 60 days
after the date of the
enactment of this
joint resolution