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Trimble Business Center

A Powerful Geospatial Data Office Software Suite

Trimble Business Center provides users with the capability to efficiently edit, process,
and adjust geospatial data and create deliverables with confidence.
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Features introduced in Trimble Business Center include:

o Support for SX10 with new and improved scanning workflows
o Support for 3rd party Total Station, RTK and UAS data for full survey data
o Customized reporting for more project flexibility, communication and automation
o Workflows supporting more survey data flexibility through ability to insert grid
o CAD and Drafting enhancements including COGO creation tools and misclosure
o The optional Scanning Module adds point cloud registration and automation
Point cloud Registration, Refinement and Georeferencing
Automatic classification and ground extraction
Point Cloud Sampling
Converting Scan points to CAD points
Virtual DR

o The ability to merge edited survey data from multiple TBC projects in a single
master project
o New Feature Definition Manager options to automatically skip above ground
objects when creating surfaces
o Easy toggling between Global and Local coordinates to simplify site calibration
and more
o GIS Module enhancements including the ability to get data along with schema
from a geodatabase
o CAD and Drafting enhancements including dynamic scale bars, new labelling
options, and easy filet and chamfer operations
o Automatic ground extraction from point clouds to get results faster
o Spatial and random point cloud sampling for greater efficiency

o New GIS Module for integrating Survey and GIS data
o Improved processing algorithms to the Aerial Photogrammetry module to ensure
successful adjustment and reduced processing times and a more descriptive
o In addition to keying in level data now you can import digital level data and
integrate it with your GNSS and conventional data for improved vertical accuracy
o New Layer Manager and other improvements to the Feature Definition Manager
enable more efficient feature coding and attribution
o Support for the VRS derived base station data in GNSS post-processing

v3.50 (64-bit) includes over 50 new features and enhancements including:

o New Data Prep Module for creating 3D models from 2D data by allowing you to:
Import, Place and Georeference Raster and Vector PDF data
Automatically extract linework data from Adobe PDF vector files
Digitize your Raster PDF and images using streamlined workflows
Elevate your 2D data into 3D using automated command
Standardize your layers to streamline your deliverables and for easier project
Use Project Cleanup to remove any unwanted CAD objects and cleanup up your
o New Automated Dynamic Labeling and Dimensioning commands for creating your
plotting deliverables
o New Total Station Editor for efficient review and keying-in your observations by
o Expanded Level Editor allowing you to key-in your non-digital level observations
o Create point clouds from images captured by V10 and Trimble Vision instruments
o Supporting exciting new features in S5, S7 and S9 total station instruments
o New baseline processor with support for individual constellation processing and
better outlier detection for higher accuracy as well as support for the new R8s

o Smooth Contours and Contour Labelling
o Export Processed Data to RINEX
o Save and Reuse Corridor Templates
o Create Dynaview Boundary Collections
o Large number of Trimble Vision and V10 improvements
o Traverse Adjustment
o Shapefile Import
o Autodesk Fonts and Line Weights
o Data Marketplace

o Support for Bentley-Trimble Design to Construct Workflows
o Support for Bentley i-model
o Direct connection from TBC to ProjectWise