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MK5PFC-II Power Supply Block Diagram

AC Input PFC Isolated DC

Mains Mains DC/DC Outputs
Input Filtering Conveter

AC Switched Primary Output

Mains Housekeeping Monitoring
Monitor Control Control and Control

Low Isolation
Power AC

Description of circuit operation

1. AC Mains Input : AC supply source, nominally 110Vac to 240Vac.
2. Input Mains Filtering : Provides current inrush surge limiting at power up, EMI filtering
between the mains input supply and high frquency switching components inside the
converter and protection against mains supply overvoltage surges.
3. Switched Mains Control : Isolated control circuitry for switching mains supply on and off
to the AC monitor output.
4. AC Monitor Output : Electronically switched mains output supply.
5. Low Power AC Signal : Isolated input signal for controlling the AC monitor supply.
6. PFC : Power factor correction converter for achieving near unity power factor loading on
the mains supply input.
7. Primary Housekeeping Control : Monitors the mains input voltage and output feedback
signals to control startup, shutdown and output regulation of the main converters.
8. Isolated DC/DC Converter : DC to DC power conversion stage incorporating safety
isolation between the mains input and DC output supplies. Provides fault protected
multiple output rails for the main load and auxilliary loads.
9. Output Monitoring and Control : Monitors overvoltage, undervoltage, current limit and
output voltage regulation and feeds back the information to the primary control circuits for
the control of shutdown and voltage regulation.
10. Isolation : Provides for safety isolation of the feedback control signals between primary
and secondary circuits.
11. DC Outputs : Fully protected and regulated DC output supply for powering the load as