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Giuffre Campaign News and Updates (Ballot & NY Uprising)

August 1, 2010 – (Morris Park, The Bronx)

Democratic candidate for State Assembly, Robert Giuffre, was vindicated Friday afternoon by the New York City Board of Elections Commissioners. Despite objections coming from incumbent Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera and her high-profile attorney, provided by the Bronx Democratic Party, the Commissioners unanimously voted to officially place Giuffre on the ballot for this fall's September 14th Democratic Primary Election. The Board of Elections ruled that Giuffre submitted 1,036 signatures, with 849 valid, and 500 required for placement on the ballot.

Despite the Clerks Report and unanimous approval from the Election Commissioners, Giuffre is ordered to appear in court Tuesday to respond to a judicial action to remove him from the ballot filed by the Assemblywoman's attorney, Stanley Schlein. Giuffre commented:

"I have learned way more than I ever wanted to about New York City's ballot access process over the last few months. It makes me so very discouraged about our government when I see how unaccessible and cumbersome the system is to any candidate not backed by party machines or who happen to be wealthy. Some simple, specific, technical adjustments to the State Election Law could make the system work better for every-day-people, so that they could engage the process and our democracy. If elected, I would consult with election attorneys and professors of law to introduce commonsense Election Law reform in my first term. It is unacceptable that there are no consequences for filing frivolous,"buckshot" objections just to force your challenger into wasting time and money tied up in court."

Robert Giuffre has personally reached out to Assemblywoman Rivera, her attorney, and the Bronx Democratic Party to plead with them to withdraw legal proceedings, but has not received any cooperation. Giuffre commented on this:

"I hate making the party look bad. I am a proud democrat and liberal. But they should do a better job ensuring fair elections, and decency within the process."

In addition, Giuffre has signed and submitted his NY Uprising pledges for good government. Mayor Ed Koch's project calls for ethics reform, campaign finance reform, and introduction of some basic budget regulations. While Robert Giuffre is happy to sign the pledges, he believes more reform issues deserve attention.