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Kevin Le

3 November 2016

Mrs. Stultz

English 1 P; Per. 6

United as We Stand, Divided as we Fall

J.K. Rowling, author, once stated, We are only as strong as we are united , as weak as we are

divided, The author wanted us to know when people agree with each other, people are more likely to

be more united. On the other hand if the human race was divided the general public will be weak and

can not function properly. It has been said that being like minded can make them grow and become

stronger rather than the ones that choose to become split. If people are united people would move past

a problem faster than the society that choose to be incomplete. Individuals can find common ground as

evidenced by Making the Future, Better Together, Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Address, and A

Raisin in the Sun.

Nations can have the power to be united with other in their civilization. In the blog,Making the

Future Better, Together, the author states, In his response, Washington put paper words that i still

define the essence of our Nation.(Patel 3). In this example, the audience learn that what our nation

should be and and how the citizens should respect each other. The evidence suggest that people have to

understand what to say and what to do when being united with others. Furthermore, people have to

agree with each other and help each other when going through hard times. In the speech, Oklahoma

Bombing Memorial Address the text explains, The anger you feel is valid, but you must not allow

yourself to be consumed by it. (Clinton 2). This shows the reader that people should not feel hate
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instead try to endure it and try not to feel loss at what happened. This demonstrate that being united

can be a useful tool when dealing with loss. The evidence suggest that everybody needs to have a

moment of silence in life to realize what we need to do for the better for the world .As a result people

should get an understanding of others and find what is common.

Society shows that people can be assembled and want to have equal power as everyone. Some

individuals that are above everyone else because of race but people want to be treated equally. In the

play, A Raisin in the Sun, the author states, I have come from five generations of people was slaves

and sharecroppers, but ain't nobody in my family let nobody pay no money that was a way of telling

us we ain't fit the walk the earth(Hansberry I.ii 19-23). This shows the viewers that when united

people can stand up to others and earn things in life. People can also show others that they can work

hard by earning it instead of getting it for free. The evidence shows that everybody has to work hard by

being linked to each other and achieve something great. A conclusion that can be drawn is that people

should work hard for something that they think that they earn instead of cheating and taking short cuts.

.Being cooperative can be applied to this because everybody has to understand each other and get

something great out of it. Additionally being united with others can help people can be achieved things

at great heights rather than being separated. In the play, A Raisin in the Sun, the text explains, Yes,

life can be a barrel of disappointments, some times Aint nothing can tear you like losin your

baby(Hansberry I.ii 20-22). By looking at this quote, readers will understand that when hard times

people have to try assist each other and find ways to get over the obstacles. The evidence suggest that

people have to work with each other and try to grow and expand in experience. The quote also

demonstrate how things can be tough in life but people have to get united and try to pursue the goal.

As a result everybody want to get along with each other and be familiar that people can live in unison

because we live under one human race.

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One should acknowledge that being united can help society improve instead of being ruined

can have an effect on large communities because when everyone understand each other and have a

positive atmosphere .It is clear that people should agree and want to live under one equal society where

nobody is treated badly because of who they are and their skin color. People need to accept people in

order to have peace with everyone and try to expand toward a better understanding. Also it is essential

that people should want diversity into the world and accept it with open arms. It is extremely important

that people should want differences in races where it would positively change the way how

communities will function and not have problems with racism and people ignoring the struggles of


Kevin, your hard work has paid off. You are challenging yourself to expand insight on your matters
sentences in the body of your essay. Feel free to ask me for help on how your paper can be even
better! I can give you scholar challenges to ready you if you are interested in going into the honors
track next year. Next time, you can continue to work on up-leveling your vocabulary or expanding on
ideas. Make sure to clean up some punctuation errors (commas inside quotes) and use 3rd person
Score: A/93

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