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Lesson 1: The Food Pyramid (Eating Right Everyday Day)

I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
a.) define Food Pyramid;

b.) Identify what we can do to keep our bodies healthy

c.) Analyze their dietary intake by separating foods eaten into the proper food groups


Topic: The Food Pyramid
Materials: pictures, printed materials, fruits and vegetables
Reference: Technology and Livelihood Education Book

A.) Preparation
1. Review
2. Setting of standard
3. Motivation

B.) Presentation

1. Discuss that the Food Pyramid is a graphical pyramid shaped nutrition guide, divided
into sections. Each section represents a specific food group and shows the recommended intake
for each food group.

2. Explain what is the importance of eating right food everyday. The purpose of this lesson
is to inform students about healthy eating options and the manner in which a healthy diet
contributes to a healthy mind and body.

3. Discuss with the students some examples of foods in the food pyramid.

C.) Practice
1. Board work activity
2. Individual activity ( worksheet )
3. Enrichment activity ( games )

D.) Generalization

Let the students discover, from the examples given, the meaning of Food Pyramid and on
how to identify and separating foods eaten into the proper food groups needed on a healthy body
and mind. The given activity will allow students to develop an understanding of the five food
groups as outlined in the food pyramid and how to use the pyramid as a guide in maintaining
good health and nutrition

E.) Evaluation
1. By group, identify some foods required in the food plate.

2. List atleast 10 benefits of eating right foods everyday.

1. You make a 1 week plan menu for your meals to eat.

Prepared By: Josephine N. Corre

Activity Sheet!!!!
Lesson Plan

Prepared By:
Josephine N. Corre