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Courtney Larkin

Edu 210 setion 3002

Cartoon #4

Cartoon #4
I think this cartoon they are talking about gays, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual
students getting bullied. The reason they get bullied is because some people look at
them as not being normal, or of being wrong. In my opinion they are no different then
me or anyone else we are all humans, the only difference is we either like guys, girls or
both, or we are guys who think we should be girls and visversa. We all have the right to
feel and certain way and like certain people and do or say whatever we want to. In the
case Nuxoll Nuxoll v. Indian prairie school district a sophomore at Neuqua Valley High
School brought a suit against the school district and school officials contending that they
are violating his right to free speech by forbidding him to make negative comments at
school about homosexuality, He moved for a preliminary injunction the court denied it
and he appealed the denial. There is a private group at the school called the Gay,
Lesbian, and Straight Education Network that promote an annual event called the day
of silence that is intended to draw attention to harassment of homosexualsThe idea
behind the name is that homosexuals are silenced by harassment and other
discrimination.The goal of the Day of Silence is not to advocate homosexuality but to
advocate tolerance for homosexuals.. The sophomore is one of many at that school that
disapprove of homosexuality and participates in a Day of Truth were everyone wears
t-shirts with derogatory comments that say things like be happy not gay. Wearing
shirts with derogatory comment on them to school is not ok. The sophomore feel the
First Amendment gives him the right to make negative comments inside or outside of
school but so called fighting words, are outside the protection of the First Amendment.

In conclusion not everyone feels that it is ok to be gay, lesbian, transgender, and

bisexual. I believe that in the court case above the plaintiff ( the sophomore) from the
school is wrong. I think the plaintiff needs to go back and reread the First Amendment
and he will see that it does not protect him from say mean, hateful, or derogatory
comment to others. I feel the court is right in denying the plaintiffs suit against the
school district. I agree with the purpose of the group that holds the day of silence
because we all need to see how homosexuals are treated and see that its not right.

No. 08-1050.

Argued April 4, 2008. -- April 23, 2008


No. 04-57037.

Argued and Submitted June 6, 2005. -- April 20, 2006