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None of paper content A small amount of paper Most of paper content is All of paper content is
is on topic or exhibits content is on topic and on topic and exhibits on topic and exhibits
evidence of an exhibits evidence of an evidence of an interview evidence of an interview
interview being interview being being done/lessons being done/lessons
done/lessons learned done/lessons learned learned from interview learned from interview
from interview from interview
0 5 15 25
Language, spelling, Paper is written in a Paper is written in a clear Student writing is lucid,
and relatively clear style, style and there is advanced, and free of
Grammatical errors with few grammatical evidence that student any grammatical,
inhibit or spelling errors. engaged in thorough spelling, or style errors.
comprehension proofreading
0 5 8 10
Paper is disorganized Organization/structure Organization/structure Organization/structure
Organization of paper is attempted of paper is coherent of paper is coherent,
but not consistent and logical sophisticated, and
throughout sustained throughout
the paper
0 3 6 10
Paper does not adhere A little long Paper adheres to page
to page limitations (2 limitations (2 pages
pages doublespaced) doublespaced)
0 1 5
Total 49
COMMENTS: Love this question - One of my questions included what would school
look like for N if they could design it with no limitations. What did you think about
her answer? Can school offer the same types of therapies? Co-teaching makes
sense! The moms observation that plans seem to be driven by resources the
school has rather than student needs is so important to hear!!!