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Amy D Diamond

Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction

Philosophy of Curriculum Final Paper

Assignment Purpose

The purpose of the Philosophy of Curriculum assignment was to analyze several theories

of curriculum, determine our own philosophy and apply our knowledge of curriculum theory to

current educational practice. The initial response paper analyzed two curriculum theorists. The

second response paper asked you to analyze a curriculum issue. The final portion of the

Philosophy of Curriculum expected the learner to synthesize the learning about curriculum

throughout the course and analyze my own beliefs regarding curriculum.

Assignment Requirements

The Philosophy of Curriculum was an ongoing project throughout the course. It was

broken down into three separate papers and then reviewed and reflected upon to generate a final

paper. In the first section, I was expected to analyze two theorists of curriculum. While

analyzing, I was determining where that particular curriculum was centered, on the learner or the

educator? Also, it was important to note if the theorist was of an independent nature or if the

theorist was speaking back to other ideologies. I selected the theorists, Montessori and Kliebard

for my analysis. I selected these theorists due to their opposite views of curriculum.

In the next section of the Philosophy of Curriculum, I was expected to select an issue

surrounding curriculum that based on the idea that critical pedagogy has action in the world

around it. It was also important to analyze my stance on the issue and my beliefs and attitudes

regarding the issue. I was also required to identify the ideologies that influence by beliefs and

attitudes regarding the issue I had selected. Finally, I needed to address how the issue relates to

diversity with the curriculum context. The issue I selected was the influence of politics on

curriculum in education.

Revision and Application

Amy D Diamond
Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction
Philosophy of Curriculum Final Paper

My revisions in this assignment were mainly structural. I needed to reword a few of my

sentences. When I first began this course, I assumed it would be uninteresting. As we moved

through the different theories of curriculum, I enjoyed discovering the basis for different

ideologies and seeing how curriculum has evolved over time. I also enjoyed the opportunity to

explore an issue of curriculum. I selected politics in curriculum because I had recently witnessed

several instances of politics influencing curriculum in a detrimental way. I also have been

discouraged by the continued emphasis on high stakes testing with no emphasis on using the data

from these tests to address curriculum issues.