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Amy D Diamond

C & T 807 Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction

Media Analysis Project


Assignment purpose

The purpose of the Media Analysis Project was to recognize stereotypes within a variety

of media and to analyze strategies for addressing them. The project itself required a familiarity

with a variety of stereotypes regarding a wide variety of cultures, sexual orientation, religion,

race and more. This project also required that students be able to realize their own stereotypes

and be able to recognize when those stereotypes were present within situations or interactions

with others.

Assignment requirements

This assignment began by asking students to select a focus with regard to stereotypical

media images. I selected the stereotypical depiction of homosexuality in sitcom television. We

were first expected to do a research review of literature that also analyzed our selected focus.

Next, I was expected to devise a method for analyzing my selected focus within the media I had

selected. My analysis led to my focus shifting away from looking for perceived stereotypes but

instead focused on the representation of homosexual characters compared to heterosexual

characters. I utilized a qualitative analysis by Fisher, Grube, Gruber, and Hill to help refine my

focus for the purposes of this project. In the analysis, the authors suggest that it is the lack of

representation of diverse characters that is more detrimental to the perception by viewers. They

describe the lack of representation of homosexual characters engaging in activities that

heterosexual counterparts are frequently represented in. The authors go further to state that by

not representing homosexual characters in the same way as heterosexual characters they only

strengthen the viewer's perception that there is something abnormal about that lifestyle. After

analyzing media and literature, I composed a review of the literature, a summary of my findings
Amy D Diamond
C & T 807 Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction
Media Analysis Project

and proposed strategies for addressing the issue within media. Finally, I presented an analysis of

my findings for my peers and reviewed and provided feedback on their presentations.

Revision and Application

My only revisions for this project were to revise my citations. I have reviewed them with

APA formatting to ensure accuracy. This particular course and assignment had significant

implications on my perceptions as a person and as an educator. My minimal experience with

diverse cultures often impacts my perception of other cultures or diverse groups. When this

course began and we were initially analyzing our experience with a variety of different cultures, I

was surprised and a little embarrassed by my limited exposure. After further analysis and study,

I was also embarrassed by many unrealized biases I had regarding several different groups. Our

text referred to this as dysconscious racism. Just by analyzing my own perceptions regarding

other groups helped me to realize stereotypes that I had unconsciously subscribed to simply due

to lack of exposure to those groups. Throughout my analysis during my project, the article I read

referred to the significant impact media has on viewers perception based on Gerbners

Cultivation Theory.

This course has helped me to be more aware of my actions and attitudes towards families

that I work with. I have always held the belief that all families love their children but just

maybe not it the way that I would or think they should. This course has helped me to analyze my

reactions and to respond with less bias in a variety of situations. Our district has only begun to

recently have a wider variety of cultures come into the district and I feel better prepared to

welcome them with fewer prejudice and hopefully, help others in my district to do the same.