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Title Information - Portrayal of Sexual Orientation in Television

II. Introduction
A. Introduce the project
B. Discuss the significance of how television portrays sexual orientation, how it
maintains stereotypes
C. Review related research literature (from 1990s to present)
1. Journal of Homosexuality
2. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media
III. Project Methodology
A. Data collection
1. Analyze several prime time sitcoms and anlyze depictions of characters
and their sexual orientation (This is Us, Modern Family, Scream Queens,
2. Compile a character analysis of one male and one female. Examine the
character analysis for stereotypes or anomalies.
B. Data Analysis
1. I will look for patterns across characters, sterotypes, etc.
IV. Findings
A. Describe my findings from each show and character
B. Discuss any patterns I found
C. Address what my analysis has meant to me and how the current coursework is
evident in my findings
V. Significance and Summary
A. Summarize my findings
1. What patterns did I discover across the television shows
2. Does the media continue to reinforce stereotypes?
3. Does the media make sexual orientation a focus of characters who are
homosexual? Does the media depict sexual orientation of characters who
are homosexual differently than heterosexual characters?
B. Recommendations
1. How can the media address these issues?
2. Is it possible to have characters in a show without depicting their