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Amy D Diamond

SPED 856
Running Project Parts 1 & 2


Assignment Purpose

The purpose of the Running Project in SPED 856 Transition Education and Services was

to identify the domains of transition services and evaluate your districts implementation of

evidence based services within each domain. High quality transition services have been

identified as key in the postsecondary success of students with disabilities. This assignment uses

a survey and checklist, available through the Transition Coalition, to identify areas in which the

district is providing high quality interventions and areas that are in need of improvement. Using

the quality indicators survey helps educators analyze services by examining the implementation

of specific indicators within the district. Educators can use the results to identify areas in

transition services that they may need to address through varied practices or address the fidelity

with which current practices are implemented. Finally, selecting one area of improvement for

the district, three articles from peer reviewed journals and 2 websites that addressed the selected

domain were identified, reviewed and summarized.

Assignment Requirements

This project was presented in two parts. It began by using the Quality Indicators Survey

available through the Transition Coalition to examine current practices within my district. I

actually used my district of residence as opposed to the district that I work in. I selected my

home district because I have lived in the district my entire life, my children attend this district

and my oldest son has just entered into the transition process of his special education services for

a specific learning disorder. I also have access to a number of employees within the district who

were willing to answer questions about transition services.

Amy D Diamond
SPED 856
Running Project Parts 1 & 2

Transition services were divided into 7 domains and were given a score of 1 (lowest) - 4

(highest). Domain averages helped to identify transition areas that may need to be addressed for

improvement. After completing the survey, the results were used to compose a paper that ranked

and discussed the domains of transition services, specifically indicating a strength and a

weakness within each domain. Finally, using the results of the survey, one specific domain was

selected that needed to be addressed. I selected the domain Student Involvement due to its low

score on the survey.

After identifying Student Involvement as a domain for improvement, the second part of

the Running Project was to select 3 peer reviewed articles and 2 web sites that addressed ways to

address the selected domain. In addition, one of the 3 articles was to specifically address

diversity within the selected domain. The articles and websites were to be reviewed and

summarized. Finally, strategies for addressing the selected domain were derived from the

articles and websites. Specific program changes and practices were identified as a result of the


The articles that I analyzed specifically addressed students roles and knowledge of the

IEP process. The articles highlighted the need for explicit instruction in knowledge of the

purpose of the IEP and how to participate in the process. In addition, students need explicit

instruction in self advocacy and self determination in order to be more active participants in the

IEP and transition process.

Revision and Application

My only revisions to this assignment pertained to accurate citations of the articles I had

reviewed and summarized for part two of the running project. Overall, this assignment stretched

my capabilities as a special education teacher. While I have been familiar with transition
Amy D Diamond
SPED 856
Running Project Parts 1 & 2

services and understand the need for them, I have had little experience with composing and

implementation of those services. I found this project, the course and the resources to be

invaluable, not only as an educator but as a parent. An issue that educators often face is

providing services that meet compliance but may not necessarily be the highest quality or

evidence based. Time, resources and manpower often prevent special educators from being able

to implement services with the highest fidelity as well. In my mind, this highlights the

importance of student and family involvement in the IEP and transition process. If student and

families are educated in their rights and responsibilities for their student, they will be able to

serve as better advocates for themselves. Families will also be more equipped to contribute to

students progress. Just the process of completing this course has educated me as a parent and

provided me with resources that I have been able to utilize with my child.