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Advertising and public relation

Scope of Advertising:
Marketer must know what different activities can be included in
the advertising and what are those activities should not be
included in it.
1. Activities in the scope of advertising
a) It can be selected an effective media with a view to
stimulate sales among the present and prospective
b) It must promote an effective and constant support to
dealers , distributors, wholesalers and retailers and
c) It also builds confidence of the buyer that they have
made the best purchase thus building brand loyalty.
d) Advertising must also provide full motivational
support and boost up the moral of the sales forces of
the organization.
e) An effective advertisement must project an image in
the minds of the people who are customers of the
companys product.
f) It must build the confidence in the mind of
shareholders, government, creditors, and general
g) An effective advertisement build the goodwill and
image of the company and its product in industrial
h) It facilitates large scale production because the
business firms know that it will be able to sell on large
scale with the help of advertisement.
i) It stimulates research and development as it is a
competitive market activity.
j) A good advertising campaign helps in wining new
customer both in the national as well as in the
international level

2. Activities not in the Scope of Advertising

a) All those types of activities which are design to deceive
the consumer cannot be said as advertisement.
b) It must always kept in mind that advertising is not a
game or toy which advertiser can play in any ways he
likes. He must play clean, honest, and transparent
c) A good advertisement should not be aimed to hurt the
feelings of any person or institution.
d) In advertisement there should not be any element of
vulgarity in its display.
e) It must provide all those benefit, features, durability,
and after sales service which is being mentioned in the
f) Advertisement should not include any unnecessary
offering of premium to stimulate the sales.
g) It should not corrupt the mind of youngsters.
h) Advertisement should not provoke the youth to commit
crime and undertake ventures at the risk of their lives.
Publicity Vs Advertising
Publicity is an effort to make available certain information
to the public.it is the sum total of all the activities that are
directed to the flow of information to the knowledge of
1. Both deals with conveying the information regarding
goods and services.
2. Both present the information impersonally.
3. Both component of mass communication
But every advertisement is publicity but all publicity is not
advertisement because of their difference
Basis Publicity Advertisement

Communication It may or may not Essentially a

be related with commercial
communication of communication of
commercial information to the
information public.
Sponsor May or may not be The media owner
paid for by the and the advertising
sponsor for use of
space and time agencies bill the
advertiser for the
message passed on
by the advertiser to
the audience
Control The message of the It is the sponsor
sponsor is who decides on
controlled by the these facts as he is
media owners in paying for the
respect of space and services of the
timing with other media owners and
dimensions such as agencies.
the style , the
format, couching
and the like.
Reliability Command respect, The audience will
prestige and esteem take advertisement
and is able to gain as high rate of
public acceptance as discount as they
it comes from desk come from office of
of an editor , a the sponsor
responsible and
dependable person
Clarity The idea of The promotion, the
promotion, the identity and the
identity and purpose purpose of the
of the sender of the sponsor are clearly
message are less known.
clear and self-
illustrative. That is
the sponsor is not
known in most of
the cases.

Ignored In case the message If the given

of the person giving advertisement is
publicity is ignored ignored by the
by the public, it is audience , it is the
the public which sponsor who suffer
going to suffer the most rather than
rather than media the media owner
owner and the and agencies
agencies and
Meaning Publicity is a Its only for
comprehensive publicity.
word and means and
included advertising
in its fold.

Propaganda Vs Advertising
Propaganda is the means of gaining support for a given cause
or a belief or an opinion or an attitude. It is to do with
dissemination of doctrines (belief or set of beliefs held and
taught by a Church, political party, or other group.), ideologies
or beliefs so as to promote or denote a cause. It implies
essentially a bias towards a particular view- point -good or bad.
For the propagandists advertising becomes a tool as they buy
space and time to propagate their message. In most cases,
propaganda works with damaging purposes of posing the mind
of the public and makes the public to believe in what it
disseminates. It is widely by the institution of government,
religion, philosophy and the like.
Difference between propaganda and Advertisement
Basis Propaganda Advertisement
Relation Propaganda is It is a deliberate attempt to
related with the spread commercial
spread of doctrine , information to the prospect
a principle or to influence their mind
promise to form favorably towards the
definite opinion or a product or a service or an
belief or a bias on idea to get desire action.
the message may
be political, social,
religious , cultural.
It is not definitely
related with product
or a services or an
idea of a firm
Aim It aims at positioning It never speak ill of others.
the mind of the It is frank , open and
people to get a avowed.( declared)
favorable acceptance
to their message. It
speak ill of others or
the competitors.
Identity Propagandist work Adverting is done by a
behind curtain, their sponsor where
identity may or may whereabouts can be known
not be known. and held responsible for
what he say.
Use It includes Broadly, advertising is a
advertisement as the form of propaganda as it
former makes use of concerned with
one or the other communication of
media of advertising. information to the public.
All advertising can
be propaganda.
Distinction No such distinction Much more directed
and applied to entire towards particular
society and audience with specific task
particular segment. and interest.
Analysis In this, its hard to Claim can easily tested by
analyze the claim customers.

Sales promotion Vs Advertising

Sales Promotion is made up of two words sales and
promotion. It implies special offer or efforts. Special in the
sense that they are extra as well as specific as to time and place.
Offers in the sense that they direct propositions the presence of
which forms the part of the deal.
It signifies all the activities that supplement coordination and
make more effective the efforts of personal seeking, advertising
and distributors to increase sales and stimulate the consumers in
buying more.
According to American Marketing Association:
It is set of those marketing activities other than personal selling,
advertising, and publicity that stimulate consumer purchasing
and dealer effectiveness such as display, shows and exhibition,
demonstration and various non-recurrent selling efforts in the
ordinary routine.
Difference between Sales Promotion and Advertising:
Sales promotion Basis Advertising
For promoting sales Approach Only impersonal
both personal and approach of
impersonal efforts contacting and
are done changing the
consumer behavior.
Play supporting Nature of status Purely independent
role, sales
attempted or
restored to fill in the
gap left over by the
personal and
Impersonal efforts
salesmanship and
Policies are long Achievement of Policies are long
term and strategies goals term which does not
are short term. They change very often.
keep on changing.
Restores consumers The means used Different media as
and dealer coupon, indoor, outdoor,
special prize, free direct and
sample etc.,. promotion.
It is mostly
impersonal- such as
newspaper , journal,
television , radio ,
video etc.
Less coverage Coverage More coverage
The efforts of Efforts involved It is one sided in
consumer, dealer, that it play to
and distributor are advertise by
must as it is a two advertising which
way approach. take consumer
efforts for granted.

Difference between advertising and personal selling

Personal selling Basis Advertising
One to one Coverage Mass coverage
It only aims at Purpose Both has common
increasing sales purpose to increase
sales but
advertisement aim
at enchasing
Activities mainly Control Activities controlled
controlled by by outer agencies
company such as radio , TV,
newspaper etc.
Direct method of Method Indirect as well as
selling the product impersonal method
Under this salesman Effectiveness Not possible to
removes any doubt convey the exact
while talking to message to illiterate
buyer whether is person and at the
educated or not same time there is
no direct feedback
Need big sale Cost Not so costly
forces, which is a
costly affair

Difference between Advertising and Public Relation

1. Paid Space or Free Coverage

Advertising: The Company pays for ad space. Company knows
exactly when that ad will air or be published.
Public Relations: Their job is to get free publicity for the
company. From news conferences to press releases, they focused
on getting free media exposure for the company and its
2. Creative Control Vs. No Control
Advertising: Since companies paying for the space, they have
creative control on what goes into that ad.
Public Relations: They have no control over how the media
presents your information, if they decide to use your info at all.
They're not obligated to cover your event or publish your press
release just because you sent something to them.
3. Shelf Life
Advertising: Since company pay for the space, ads can run over
and over for as long as your budget allows. An ad generally has
a longer shelf life than one press release.
Public Relations: You only submit a press release about a new
product once. You only submit a press release about a news
conference once. The PR exposure you receive is only circulated
once. An editor won't publish your same press release three or
four times in their magazine.
4. Wise Consumers
Advertising: Consumers know when they're reading an
advertisement they're trying to be sold a product or service.
Public Relations: When someone reads a third-party article
written about your product or views coverage of your event on
TV, they're seeing something you didn't pay for with ad dollars
and view it differently than they do paid advertising.
5. Creativity or a Nose for News
Advertising: In advertising, you get to exercise your creativity in
creating new ad campaigns and materials.
Public Relations: In public relations, you have to have a nose for
news and be able to generate buzz through that news. You
exercise your creativity, to an extent, in the way you search for
new news to release to the media.
6. In-House or Out on the Town
Advertising: In advertisement main contacts are your co-
workers and the agency's clients. If you buy and plan ad space
on behalf of the client like Media Director Barry
Lowenthal does, then you'll also interact with media sales
Public Relations: You interact with the media and public
develop a relationship with them. Your contact is not limited to
in-house communications. You're in constant touch with your
contacts at the print publications and broadcast media.
7. Target Audience or Hooked Editor
Advertising: looking for your target audience and advertising
accordingly. You wouldn't advertise a women's TV network in a
male-oriented sports magazine.
Public Relations: You must have an angle and hook editors to
get them to use info for an article, to run a press release or to
cover your event.
8. Limited or Unlimited Contact
Advertising: They have very limited contact with clients
Public Relations: In public relations, you are very visible to the
media. PR pros aren't always called on for the good news.
If there was an accident at your company, you may have to give
a statement or on-camera interview to journalists. You may
represent your company as a spokesperson at an event. Or you
may work within community relations to show your company is
actively involved in good work and is committed to the city and
its citizens.
9. Special Events
Advertising: If your company sponsors an event, you wouldn't
want to take out an ad giving yourself a pat on the back for
being such a great company. This is where your PR department
steps in.
Public Relations: If you're sponsoring an event, you can send out
a press release and the media might pick it up. They may publish
the information or cover the event.
10. Writing Style
Advertising: Buy this product! Act now! Call today! These are
all things you can say in an advertisement. You want to use
those buzz words to motivate people to buy your product
Public Relations: You're strictly writing in a no-nonsense news
format. Any blatant commercial messages in your
communications are disregarded by the media.
Components of advertising
Advertising can be describe as 5 stage business



1. Advertisers:
Advertising company owns its existence to advertisers.
These Advertisers may be business or non-business type.
Business advertisers are manufacturers and the dealers who
are keenly interested in disseminating the information
relating to product, services or idea with the intent of
popularizing their point of sale and offer. Details of such
information are: the availability of product in a particular
store or store in the area,
The non-business advertisers are the individuals and the
organizational interested in passing on the information to
individual or group of individuals. It may not relate to
product, service or idea of commercial nature. It may
release the information on item like birth and death,
ceremonies etc.

2. Advertising Agencies:
Independent business houses composed of creative and
business people who develop, prepare, and place
advertising in media for client. Who are seeking to find
customers for their goods and services
Recent components of advertising industry. Advertising
agencies act on behalf of the sender of the message -
Especially business firms. An agency is service
organization engaged in planning and executing the
advertising programmers for the advertiser. Among others
two key services that most of the agencies render for their
client , they are
a) The creation and development of advertisements
b) The selection and placement of advertisements in
media through which advertisements can be sent most
effectively and economically.
These two functions are the fundamentals to the success of
an advertisement or an entire advertising campaign. The
performance of these two function warrants fairly a high
level creativity , production skill, a vigilance as to what
competitors are doing , an awareness of the ever changing
preference of the consumer , a willingness to take the risk
and heavy dose of hard work.
3. Support organization
There are many support organizations which make
advertising a success other than a simple writer and an art
Modern Advertising specially television advertising often
call for higher complex cast specialist in
Casting, Cinematography, Film/ tape editing, Sound effect,
Music etc.
The full support and expert advice is must for a modern
4. Mass Media:
The media carry message from the sender to the audience
that the sender hope to reach. A medium is any object or a
device that carries or convey the advertising message . The
best way to classify these media is to classify them on the
basis of their technology used such as- print, broadcast,
telecast, direct mall, film , etc.
Each Medium has widest range of verities to suit the
requirements of both the advertiser and audience.
For example magazine as a part of technology- special
magazine for doctor, dentist etc
Whatever be the medium used the aim of ech advertisement
is to cover the maximum clientele or prospects for each
rupee spent by the advertiser. A fine combination of media
results in better rewards for the efforts of the advertiser. It
should be membered that these media owners are to be paid
by the user.
5. Consumer:
The seeker of advertising information are all the consumers
both individual and the organization. What is important is,
they seek the information aware or unaware of it. The
number of seekers is really large. In India 850 million
people may be manufacturer, dealer, service organization
etc. the decision to buy are made either for themselves or
for other on their behalf.
The key economic problem of advertising industry today is
not one conveying all the information to all the individual
and organization of all possible offerings available in the
market. Conversely, the challenges is to convey the
information about what is latest in the field may be
automobile, television, machinery etc. today so called
gracious living make it so if each consumer has distinct
pattern of consumption. That is why, people go in for not
just a car a scooter or pair of shoes but the latest that
matters them the greatest. Advertising therefor, struggles to
provide this match desired information to the prospects and
the consumers interested in studying and deciding.
6. Government:
Government act as a custodian of the people is playing an
significant role and become an integral part of advertising
industry. It may be the local or state or central government.
It is so because these governments manage the behavior of
the advertising industry. There are three ways in which they
influence the behavior of advertising industry.
1. The elected official at all these three level pass laws that
directly or indirectly have bearing on the industry.
Example essential commodity Act, M.R.T.P Act in India
affects manufacture and trading units and they are bent
to requirement of welfare state.
2. Appointed official issue rules and regulation that
influence the behavior of media, advertiser, agencies,-
directly and the consumer indirectly.
3. The court of law district, high and supreme
establishes the rules of behavior that will have bearing
on the industry through the cases of individual and
Earlier government manages the behavior of advertising
industry by directing what kinds of decision were not
allowed by the seller, buyer, and the agencies. But now
government directly influences the behavior by ordering
a specific behavior on the part of the industry. For
example: every product is to give certain information to
the consumer as a part of package.
Advertising Structure

Advertising Agencies

Mass media owner
We can say that advertising industry made up of five major
wheels. Among these, the wheels that regulate other wheels has
key role to play as it balance the entire machinery of advertising
industry. Such a balancing is a must as it results in protecting the
interest of all those who are influenced by it. Each wheel has its
role one supports another and not supplant. The growth of
advertising industry is because of all these components.
Effects of advertising on different section of society
Advertising is an integral part of social and economic System.
Advertising as a powerful technique of sales promotion has been
doing wonderful in the domain of distribution because, it is quite
capable of influencing the course of consumption, affecting
process of production, enlarging the exchange and diversity the
distribution. That is why, it is said that advertising is the
Archimedian lever that motivates the world of commerce and
industry. The role of advertising in modern world can be
analyzed from five distinct angles.
1. Significance to manufacturer:
The manufacture and the producer who make good
available with a clear intension on disposing them at profit
and satisfying to the consumer. They do take full advantage
of advertising as a major weapon to popularize their
product or service. Manufacturer is prepared to spend a lot
on advertising because it pays to do so. Advertising helps
the manufacturer to get three clear benefits.
1. It increase and stabilizes the sale turnover: the
product manufacturer cannot be sold at its own.
Information about product should reach those who
are interested in buying it. In a highly and sensitive
and competitive marketing mechanism, profit of
firm can be maximized not alone by reducing the
cost but multiplying the sales turnover rate. Sales of
firm can be multiplied by advertising that involve
additional expenditure. An effective advertising
programmer of a sponsor to cover additional
expenditure of advertising as it result in favorably
changing the consumer attitude. Quick turnover will
mean reduced lock up of capital, cost, wastage, and
losses as the stock on the shelves is held for shorter
period adversely affected ,
The rate of sales turnover once achieved is not only
to be maintained but also improved upon further.
Advertising does this by repeat sales. A regular,
effective and frequent advertising help to ensure a
more loyal clientele by keeping name, location, and
product of selling house constantly before the
consumer. Under the normal business condition
advertising help not only in maintaining but
extending the sales turnover. Even during the
period of the depression , the sales profile of the
firm advertising has not been , during the
depression period , the point lies in reducing the
loses as losses are common to all the firms where
advertising has its helping hand.
2. It maintain the existing market and explore new:
A forward looking company always has its eye on
the future business prospect through it cannot afford
to lose sight of current position. A company success
is reflected not only in creating a market but in its
maintenance and extension. When the advertising
campaign decreases, the natural assumption is the
business of the firm is falling off or else the product
are not measured up to expectation of the consumer
as the competitors are better serving their need.
Out of sight, out of mind that applies aptly to the
advertising houses. It is significant to bear in mind
that one of the functions of advertising is to hold up
to present market where it creates and diverts the
demand pattern for the further expansion for
sponsoring unit.
The current day business situation warrant a
forceful entry into new market. In such a newly
explored markets, advertising does the spade- work
and create a fertile ground for the sponsor to sow
seed of prosperity. Advertising imprints the image
of the product range and the producer on its
existing reputation. The sponsor can get increased
share in new market by creating strategy of
advertising which culminates into enjoyment of
leadership in the new market.
3. It control product price:
Through advertising it is possible to control the
product price with profit, particularly the retail
price. Very often the greedy retailers exploit the
needy consumer by charging higher price . If this
consumer exploitation is not bridled, both the
producer and the consumer are to suffer for no fault
of theirs. The manufacture can help him and help
the consumer by printing the consumer price on the
product package. Today, the package of the product
is not only protecting the content of it, but is serving
as a powerful promotional tool. That is why, each
product package does not miss to say clearly about
the price. Such a gesture not only protect
manufacturer but consumer pat for safeguarding the
economic interest of consumers.

2. Significance to middlemen:
In the chain of distribution, middlemen act as the essential
link between the producer and the consumer. Their
existence is justified by the function they perform and the
service they render to both producer and the consumer. We
have considered, here the benefits that the advertising has
bestowed upon the retailers as the last link in the channel of
distribution. Advertising come to their rescue in three ways.
1. It guarantees Quick sales: every retailer holding
the stock of different producers takes pride not in
warming the shelves but in quick turnover.
Advertising, by bringing the wide range of these
products to the notice of the consumer, quickens the
pace of sales. Faster sales imply the specific
advantage such as reduced capital lock-up ,
reduction in losses of holding stock over longer
period , increased profit even by reducing profit
margin per unit. Further, advertising gives much
leeway and freedom to better serve the need of the
consumer. Advertising gives him the goldern
opportunity of better earning through better saving.

2. It act as a salesman:
What a travelling salesmen done for the
organization is done by advertisement at least cost.
That is why, most of the retail organizations do not
employ large army of travelling salesman, and
instead they are willing to spend more on
advertising to attract more customers to the stores
where counter salesmen cater to their needs. In fact
, advertising has heralded as a boon to the retailers
who are saved from the problem of hiring, training,
remunerating, and controlling, the travelling
salesmen. In effect, the good are sold in advance as
advertising creates a favorable impression and
image of the firm and its product.
3. It make possible retail price maintenances:
The consumers are very keen on getting quality
product at stable price over a period of time. Each
consumer has his or her own family budget where
he or she strives hard to match the expenditure to
the disposable income for a socially acceptable
decent living. If the prices go on changing abruptly,
these individual budgets are likely to be distorted to
such an extent that the consumer ha to think of
substitutes for the products they are enjoying at
present. Budget tally may involve even shift in
brand preference. The advertised product publishes
the price of the product which are likely to be in
force at least three to six month and in some cases
for fiscal year. Consumers have a sigh of relief as
prices are more stable over period. Further, such a
printing gives to chance for the price high haggling.
3. Significance to sales man:
The sales wing of an organization has two major sections
whose functions are directed personally and impersonally.
That is to say, direct efforts by dales army and indirect
efforts by advertising. It is hard to say as to which is more
important as both are important and complimentary to one
another. Moreover, it would be partial attitude if we
undermine one at the cost of another. The success lies in
perfect dovetailing two to the requirement of the
organization to get best out of the two. The sale force
stands to benefit as under by advertising
1. It create colorful background:
A good salesman is nothing less than an actor who
by skill and mastery over the art of selling, tries to
win the hearts of consumers for the product of his
company. All such sales acumen and skill has value,
esteem and glamours only when he has a matching
back drop. He may be active, tactful and versatile
salesman but the extent of his success is resting
heavily on the colorful background created by
advertising. Salesmanship alone is like song without
music. It is the advertising that makes the customers
to come to him and then he prevails upon them. He
songs is likely to be more meaningful, purposive
and spell bound with matching music of advertising.
It creates a stage on which he can act with all stage
2. It lightens his burden of job:
Salesmen alone is called upon to accept the
challenge of selling, it goes much difficult. In
absence of advertising, he is forced to pay a double
role- the role of advertising and that of a salesmen
both rolled into one. His position is like village side
station master who is the boss and the subordinate
too. Advertising provoke the public interest, wins
the confidence, promote conviction. With such a
task already achieved, the salesmen are at ease to
tap the opportunity by his personal acumen and
efforts. That is why it is said that selling and
advertising are so closely knit that they are like cup
and saucer, lock and key. An advertising sell
between the calls, the work of salesmen is rendered
easier, cozier and dossier.
3. It instills self-confidence and initiative:
The victory of selling organization is conditioned
by the nature of sales force rather than the number.
A sales- force that is self-confident and drive
packed guarantees the firm self-starting than one
needing a push from seniors in the organization
arrangement. Advertising by education the sales
force act as a creative force as it instills self
confidence and initative in them . A salesman who
is trusting this powerful popularizing force , is more
determined , daring and aggressive as he handles his
delicate job with pumped in confidence and drive.
The task of gearing the salesman into action lies in
clutch- plate advertising.
4. Significance to consumer:
The ultimate aim of all marketing efforts is to satisfy the
need of consumer by transforming the benefits of
productive efficiency to final user. Advertising as an
essential concomitant of modern marketing mechanism
help consumer at least in three ways.
1. It act as a driving force in decision making:
Advertising through its variant , forms, disseminates
useful information about the relative merit and
special features of the product and service in term
of price, quality, utility, Quantity, durability,
convenience and the like thus getting the consumer
to go in for a particular product or a service of a
sponsor. The role of advertising cannot be under-
estimated in intelligent or selective buying. The
present day complex world of industry has been
able to provide with the largest possible verities of
product to such an extent that the consumers are at
sea to decide. Further, each producer claim that his
product ia far superior to other.
For example:
Toothpaste we use, all of them promise one or the
other benefits.
It is advertising that comes to the rescue of a
consumer to select the best by providing him with
comparative account of each where he is to decide
by his judgment. Thus, the process of decision
making is rendered much easier.
2. It ensures better Quality product at reasonable
Advertising stimulate sales of good product and
accelerate the destruction of bad product , by
imprinting the image of product on the mind of
consumer and earn a long standing reputation for
the manufacturer house. Such an image or
impression is possible by effective branding. Every
brand stands for quality, value, guarantee, price, and
service, Brand display the net worth of given
product. Taking patent examples of drugs and
chemicals, the label on each container give a
formula, effectiveness, caution, price and
manufacturing and expiry date. This speaks of
assuring quality for the price or the value of the
product or what rupee commands for its master in
return. Maintenance of quality and price of a
product is not only important objective of any
efficient unit, what is more important is the
improvement in the quality of the product and
reduction in the price by cutting cost. This approach
goes on a long way in making the product to move
from local to national and international markets.
3. It saves good deal of time:
The modern gracious living has made the member
of the family to put- forth their best to make both
the ends meet.in the past, the things were cheaper
and the requirement of the family were limited to
such an extent that single bread winner for entire
family was enough to manage the show. Today
craze for gracious living has shattered the
wonderful world of the past. Today people have
been so busy that they made their life and living so
mechanical. Every one racing against the time to
earn more and more to spend more and more for
less and less. For such people advertising is a great
time saver .as they know about product and services
of different producer through advertisements, these
goods and services are pre sold. The only thing that
is to be done to visit the prospective store and pick
the goods. Thus, they save good deal of valuable
time which otherwise would have been lost in
locating, identifying and deciding about product or
Social relevance of Advertising :
Advertising is not only a business activity but also social
institution and process as it affects everyone in the society by its
sweeping sway. Everyone in the society stand to benefit by this
magical world of advertising. Here are special benefits
1. Uplifts the living standards.
Rich experience of advanced nations has proved beyond
doubt that advertising is accountable for the improvement
in living standards of teeming millions. The standard of
living of society is conditioned by the amount of national
income and its distribution on one hand, and the
consumption pattern and disposable income on the other
hand. The generation of national income is deeply
influenced by the amount of advertising expenditure. It is
so because, effective and faithful advertising gives a start
and direct stimuli to consumers which in turn , lays
pressure on the wheel of production to produce not only
more but to produce better and cheaper products keeping
eye on the quality standards . Improvement in standard of
living implies increased production , better production and
cheaper production , thus making more and more people of
lower income brackets to enjoy the product that they did
and could not in the past.
2. It generates gainful employment opportunities:
Advertising is capable of generating gainful employment
opportunities both directly and indirectly for those who
have talent and courage. Direct employment opportunities
are wide open in the varied branches of this ever growing
field of advertising . it is highly specialized and challenging
area requiring the services of the experts specialists and the
talented person like artist , photographer message writer ,
singer etc. help in and handle meticulous and delicate tasks
in advertising process. Indirectly, it stimulates the
production of the good which become the input for this
thriving advertising industry. Today advertising industry is
banking heavily on paper, paints, color , dye and chemical
etc. the employment generation is of particular importance
to the developing countries like India in having attack on
the ghost of unemployment.
3. It provide new horizon of knowledge:
Advertising through used as a technique of popularizing the
product and services, is great educator. Advertising is really
a form of education. Advertiser as a purveyer of message,
has been utilized by different section of the society to make
know their ideas, opinions, thoughts, to others. Thus , an
employer fill the vacancies in his firm , an employer fills
the vacancies in his firm , an unemployment applies for the
job, parents hunt bride and bridegroom, film maker speak
about their film etc . such information is of vital importance
to the relevant section of the society on which they are
excepted to act upon.
Each meaning full advertisement is piece of information
because; each advertising copy has a definite theme behind
it. To convey the theme of advertising the sponsor tells a
story, give a statistical profile, narrates the history,
estimates the future of his product. Whether the reader act
on these advertisements or not, they are benefitted as they
are well informed in new style of a particular message.
Advertising enlightens the general public in delightful way,
thus it is an entertainer and educator.
4. It upholds the culture of a nation.
Culture stand for the values of life and living which ever
changing as needed and guided by the dynamic of social ,
political and ethical dimension. A cultural impact is quite
obvious when one imagines how a sari was perceived by a
woman some fifty year back and now and after fifty year
hence. One find change in the values of life and living
when the skirts of the past were just above ankle length,
now just above knee. It is time span that is to decide the
shape of the pant, skirt, hat to name few.
The culture function of advertising is to understand, reflect
and accept the value structure of society well before it
vanishes. Advertising within the limits set by culture is to
create new expectations for the consumers. The current
world is moving on the lever of advertising. With its
educative value, provoking force and invoking tinge, it
affects thoughts, gestures and behavior of the people caught
in the spot- light of advertising. Consumer attitude, habit ,
likes and dislikes , fashion actions in every walk of life are
deeply influenced by advertising.